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Stewart Best (5/22/2022): Pentecost – God’s Great Reset?

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Pentecost – God’s Great Reset?

Posted on May 22, 2022

Pentecost – God’s Great Reset?

As the World Economic Forum has their impending GREAT RESET that will forever change the world, so does THE LORD OF HOSTS, and His MEGA RESET is called the RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH, a global “vanishing” if you will! It is like a punch counter-punch operation! The question is, WHO STRIKES FIRST.

Inasmuch as we are not sure what calendar the Lord is actually using; we are only going to look at some very strange “events” that appear to be pointing to Pentecost as a day of interest.

Some are saying the real Pentecost is today, May 22nd, 2022. Others use the date when Israel will observe Pentecost on June 5/6th 2022. Who knows, as I have said, what calendar is God using? People are seeing several numbers all over the world, AND THEY ARE 44 (4-11 code) and 11:11. 11+11 = 22. The number 22 is important because today 5-22-2022 is a 22 DAY. Below is just an example:

I woke up this morning at the clock said 7:44. Seven is complete, and 44 is a 4×11 or a 411. Something very strange is going on as we approach Daniel’s 70th Week.

Then Google presented this, and this famous dude wrestler would be 144 as of TODAY.

From the last day of Passover (April 23rd to Pentecost is 44 days. Why would the Lord set this up unless He is pointing to something and Pentecost is THE CHURCH as we will see.  Is it all coincidence? You decide.

This 44 or 4-11 has been a mystery ever since those comets pointed out that number to the entire world. It may be tied directly to the FIRST DAY of Passover to Pentecost is 50 days and 50 is a huge number to the Lord.

There is a reason why this is a “constant” 50 days and 44 days. We are getting closer to this mystery, CALLED THE CHURCH and her removal from Earth. Let’s take a look at what 50 means first as a Jubilee:

What does 50 years mean in the Bible?

The Jubilee year – occurring after every seventh Sabbath year, thus, every 50 years – is an economic, cultural, environmental and communal reset, when the land and people rest, and all those who are in slavery are set free to return to their communities.

Notice the word RESET. Now just so we are on the same page, what does RESET mean:

What is another word for reset?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reset, like: , restart, re-enable, reboot, initialize, readjust, recalibrate, initialise, enable-disable, retry and reinitialize.

This has profound meaning when it comes to salvation, for the word “ready” as used by Jesus Christ means to be re-adjusted, that is to be RESET to another standard, that is to be BORN AGAIN in truth. I did a blog on that some time ago, a full study on the words READY and WORTHY, as Jesus warned all of us to be found worthy and ready.

“A jubilee in the Hebraic religion has a duration of 50 years where during this period a year had to be devoted to God and to the rest. The Hebraic law canceled all the debts and all the faults in this fiftieth year. The slaves were also released every 50 years, the agricultural work was suspended and the alienated plots of land returned to their primitive proprietors or to their descendants. One would want thus to avoid the definitive enslavement of the weak.

The Jubilee, insofar as Christians are concerned is a release from oppression and slavery under the power of Satan, the spirit of this world. Thus a jubilee means in essence to be RESCUED, to be RAPTURED out of this world.

From the FIRST DAY OF PASSOVER to Pentecost is 50 days, therefore pointing to A RESCUE. But does it point to Pentecost as the day of rescue or is it symbolic of a rapture/rescue? Good question and no one knows the answer, only God the Father and so far it is classified ULTRA TOP SECRET.

Now in Strong’s the number 50 Greek is most interesting”

50. agnoeó
Strong’s Concordance agnoeó: to be ignorant, not to know Original Word: ἀγνοέω
Definition: to be ignorant, not to know
Usage: I do not know, am ignorant of (a person, thing, or fact), sometimes with the idea of willful ignorance.
NASB Translation
have no knowledge (1), ignorance (1), ignorant (2), ignorantly (1), know (2), knowing (2), recognize (1), recognized (1), recognizing (1), unaware (4), understand (2), uninformed (2), unknown (2).

The Bible speaks of the WILLFUL IGNORANCE of humanity. They don’t want to know, they are total denial and have chosen the religion of Cain and have willfully rejected the truth of TRUE SALVATION.


You may remember the two huge and beautiful comets back in 1996 and 1997 that formed a perfect cross in the heavens whose center point was over Algol, Satan’s Head, telling humanity that the CHURCH AGE was going to close, and that Satan’s OPPRESSION was coming to close. We could say it signaled that the Church Age was ending in the near future.

Hale-Bopp was the comet in 1997 that finished the cross in the heavens, and that was 25 years ago now. The number 25 is DIVINE AGAPE LOVE who is JESUS CHRIST.  It was 20 years to the Revelation Star Sign and 20 means REDEMPTION. The year 2015 was a SEVEN YEAR WARNING. So now we know that REDEMPTION or the RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH was totally portrayed by that STAR SIGN.

It was pointed out that the LAST BLOOD MOON of the Luna Tetrad on 9-28-2015 on Feast of Tabernacles (God with us), to the STAR SIGN was 726 days. The number 726 means RAPTURE a violent snatching away by Jesus Christ who comes as a thief in the night to steal away His Bride. It was another 7 YEAR warning.

However, nothing has happened yet and so we wait and watch, but 2022 appears to be a GREAT YEAR OF CHANGE, a GREAT “RESET”. Just as the satanic RICH MEN have their GREAT RESET, so too does Jesus Christ when He takes His Church home.

We should not forget that 4-11 in code is 44 or 4×11=44. The number 411 in Strong’s has a very unusual definition we need to think about:

411. anekdiégétos
Strong’s Concordance anekdiégétos: inexpressible Definition: inexpressible
Usage: indescribable, that cannot be thoroughly related, inexpressible.   411 anekdiḗgētos (from 1 /A “not” and 1555 /ekdiēgéomai, “fully declare”) – properly, inexpressible (beyond words); indescribable (inexplicable), impossible to estimate (used only in 2 Cor 9:15).

What is the synonym of inexpressible?

indescribable, undefinable, unutterable, unspeakable, incommunicable, ineffable. beyond words, beyond description, beggaring description. unimaginable, inconceivable, unthinkable, untold, overwhelming, intense, profound.

There is only one event that the entire world would think was BEYOND ALL WORDS because of the SHOCK of such a GLOBAL EVENT – and that is the rapture of the Church. There are other reasons to suspect the rapture is the “sudden destruction” as the removal of the Church and the SNARE are tied directly. Our world leaders have been saying “peace and security” for some time now.

Something strange took place on the cover of the elite’s Economist Magazine issued in 2015, another 7 YEAR WARNING, and it had a picture related directly to 4-11 or 11-4. Notice that the missing arrow is 11:4 or 4:11 or 44. Why is that? Is this to come true 7 YEARS LATER as all the other signs in 2015 seem to indicate?

Does the fact that the 11-4 arrow is MISSING indicate a VANISHING OF THE CHURCH, they will go “missing”?

Notice Obama front and center. Is he to come to full power in 2022? You might notice Putin and Xi? Do you remember Obama and the Pope shaking hands on 9:23 at 9:23 in the morning in 2015? Obviously now with the WEF and UN/WHO meetings TODAY, 7 YEARS LATER the near take-over of America is now complete.

So what has all of this got to do with Pentecost?

If one looks at the Lord’s SEVEN FEAST DAYS, we find the Pentecost is IN THE MIDST with three Feasts Prior and three Feasts after. In other words, PENTECOST is SET APART from the others – just as the Church is SET APART from the world and Israel.


Does Christ in the midst of the SEVEN candlesticks point to Pentecost? Speaking of candlesticks, do you remember the earthquake that struck Candlestick Park during the beginning of the WORLD SERIES? That was in 1989 and a 6.9 struck San Francisco 33 years ago.  I will get to that soon.

There are many who believe that the rapture would occur on PENTECOST and have presented many a good argument concerning it, but remember that all of this is speculation, and we are commanded to WATCH continually. The primary reason no one knows the day or the hour many not be pointing to Feast of Trumpets, but rather that we DO NOT KNOW what calendar the Lord is using, and DO NOT KNOW when the Father say to Jesus NOW, AND IN AN INSTANT OF TIME, IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE the church age will be closed forever.

Along time ago now (33 years) I received a phone call very early one morning and an unknown woman called and said she had been in prayer and the Lord gave her my phone number and told her to call me with a message about a “coming event” that would begin a series of judgments upon the United States/Babylon. I still do not know to this day who she was, but everything she told me has come to pass. The judgments of God was going to begin with an “event” that the entire world would see and this judgment would continue to the end of America/Babylon. The judgments would fall in a “series” of judgments and then there would be quiet, and then another series would come, each time more severe and with less time in between them.

That very afternoon a huge earthquake struck the WORLD SERIES BASEBALL game at CANDLESTICK PART. I know instantly that the judgments HAD BEGUN AT THAT MOMENT AND EVERYTHING SHE SAID HAS COME TO PASS. I also remember in mainstream media CNN or NBC showed a man with a huge red sign about the RETURN OF Jesus Christ. None of this was coincidental.


As of 2022 that was 33 years ago. It ties directly to JUDGMENT of apostate Christians and the division of the wheat from the tares. How so? Remember the SON’S OF KORAH? They were the rebellious ones and a giant earthquake swallowed them all up. They were of the religion of Cain, full of rebellion. This World Series earthquake was a most serious warning to the whole world.

“Oakland-San Francisco World Series game postponed because of earthquake. On October 17, 1989, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake rocks northern California during Game 3 of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics at Candlestick Park, forcing postponement of the match-up.”

Sixty-seven people perished as a result of the quake, which lasted around 15 seconds, while more than 3,000 others were injured.”

A 6.9 quake is a powerful quake and the number 69 in Strong’s totally verifies what the lady said on the phone that humanity should WAKE-UP or God’s judgments will continue to fall:

69. agrupneó
Strong’s Concordanceagrupneó: to be sleepless, wakeful
Definition: to be sleepless, wakeful
Usage: I am not asleep, am awake; especially: I am watchful, careful., “sleep”) – properly, no sleeping; (figuratively) staying vigilant (alert, attentive), i.e. without any unnecessary “time off.”

Now this quake happened on October 17, or a 1017 number. In Strong’s it appears to mean that God is going to act as an UMPIRE from then to the end:

1017. brabeion
Strong’s a prize Original Word: βραβεῖον, ου, τ)
Definition: a prize
Usage: a prize.HELPS Word-studies1017 brabeíon(from 1018 /brabeúō, “act as an umpire“) – properly, the prize awarded to a victor, i.e. the reward (recognition) that follows triumph.

The number 33 is a huge number in the occult. And this MAJOR WARNING occurred 33 years ago. In Strong’s it refers to “AGE’ or to COME NOW.

Strong’s Concordance

age: come!

Original Word: ἄγε
Transliteration: age
Definition: come!
Definition – come!

ἄγε (properly, imperative of ἄγω), “Come! Come now!”

Thirty Three has a number of meanings, all very interesting to this discussion:

“33 is pretty unique. Number 33 is a Master Number (Master Teacher) and resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage. Number 33 tells us that ‘all things are possible‘. 33 is also the number that symbolizes ‘guidance’.

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 33

The meaning of the number 33 is connected to certain promises made by God. The 33rd time Noah’s name is used in Scripture is when God makes a special covenant or promise with him. The Eternal promises to not destroy the entire world again with a flood and seals His pledge with the sign of the rainbow (Genesis 9:12 – 16).

The thirty-third time Abraham’s name is used in the Bible is when Isaac, the child of promise, is born to him when he is ninety-nine years old (Genesis 21:1 – 2).

Thirty-three also derives some of its meaning from the total number of times ‘three’ or ‘third’ is used in the book of Revelation. It can represent, because it is the product of 3 times 11, God’s judgment. Thus, Revelation illustrates God’s complete, final judgment of the world, which is ultimately accomplished in the final three-and-one-half year (1,260 days) period leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Another aspect of the number 33 is that almost all so-called UFO crashes has been on the 33rd parallel included the arrival of the FALLEN ANGELS on Mt. Harmon in Israel to further the great evolutionary conspiracy that began in the days of Noah and the ARRIVAL, which will reach its apex with the soon to come UFO ARRIVAL to fool the human race. It is called the STRONG DELUSION in the Bible:


Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Is it possible that Christ would call His Church home ON PENTECOST, June 5/6th 2022? Or is the real Pentecost TODAY, May 22nd, as some claim?

“Pentecost, also known as Whit Sunday or Whitsunday, is observed on the seventh Sunday after Easter and 10 days after Ascension. The name comes from the Greek word “pentekoste” which means fiftieth as Pentecost Sunday takes place on the 50th day of Easter. As the date is based on Easter, this day is a movable feast.”

So the numbers 50 and 44 have been there right along, and are tied together, implying that PASSOVER and PENTECOST is all about Jesus Christ, the Church and the rapture event, crushing Satan’s head and his attempts to destroy the Church.

What is interesting about all of this is the FOUR SEVENS built into all of this beginning on Israel Independence Day on May 5th. However on the Lord’s calendar it was May 7/8th. Add 7 days we come to May 14/15th and the beginning of the SUPER BLOOD RED MOON. From the 15th we add SEVEN DAYS and we come to May 22nd, today, the date of the end of the 2nd Passover, a resurrection Sunday and the beginning of the UN/WHO and on the 22nd the World Economic Forum  begins their discussions on how to further enslave and destroy humanity.

From 22/23rd add SEVEN DAYS and we come to Jerusalem Day 29th May. Add SEVEN more days and we come to June 5 PENTECOST. So we have 7777. Four of them. Four means WORLD, and 7 means complete. We are close to TROUBLE. Very close. There is a saying that goes “Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.” Nothing could be truer for right now.

It is also interesting that June 6 is a 666 days, and Obama has taken great pains to make sure we identify him as Mr. 666:

At Mr. 666 60th birthday party one could donate $6.00 or $60.00 or $600.00 dollars! He also signed the top beam of the ONE WORLD trade tower with a 666 (WWW).

So we watch, we pray, we keep alert, and we occupy until Jesus comes for us be it May, June or December, be it 2023 or 2024. OCCUPY and pray always we be counted worthy to ESCAPE. Find Jesus, He is our ONLY HOPE…


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    • Twinflame1111

      I (for real) have countless times been abducted out of my physical body and taken onto their crafts by Alien Greys.

      I (for real) have countless times been Militarily Abducted out of my body to military bases. Including my being fitted with an astral tracking chip implant. They wanted me dead.

      I (for real) have battled alien greys on the Astral Realm.

      I (for real) was warned that the Aliens are incoming on the physical.

      No-one on Earth must trust the Aliens.

      Do not comply with the Aliens commands.

      Aliens are not your True Creators or Saviours.

      Jesus Christ and Almighty God The One True Most High Father Original Source Uncreated Creator God are really real and are your True Saviour and True Creator.

    • Twinflame1111

      August 1993: I had my own personal private “rapture” while conscious and walking to work.

      My soul was taken up by Jesus Christ to Heaven to stand before HIM.

      I was given a choice.

      HE spoke telepathically asking if I wished to stay in Heaven or return to Earth.

      I asked (and was allowed) to be returned to Earth to tell everyone that Heaven was real.

      The only place left for me to go to was to HELL itself.

      October 2003 – I successfully broke through into THE BLACK LIQUID GOO OF HELL – which I barely survived – and returned back again to Earth.

      DECEMBER 2003: GOD IN HIS DIVINE TIMING arranged that I met in the flesh with my (wife) ONE TRUE PERFECT LOVE (MY ETERNAL BELOVED TWINFLAME).


      My TWIN FLAME (wife) and I instantly “merged” souls AS ONE with each other – and then we “merged” souls AS ONE with GOD HIMSELF – and then GOD “ASCENDED” copies of our souls across in a tsunami wave of elation to GODS GOLDEN REALM “HOME” of Timeless Infinite Orgasmic Love Bliss Peace Happiness Joy Glory Ecstasy Forever!

      My wife and I today currently reside in TWO PLACES AT ONCE…

      (1) WE are with THE ONE TRUE MOST HIGH GOD HIMSELF in HIS Paradise Kingdom.

      (2) WE are here alive on Planet Earth.

      WE will FULLY “ASCEND” to GOD at the very END!

      True Story!

      Take care all!

      God bless all!

    • Twinflame1111

      There are two gods…

      (god #2) Satan The False god of this world.

      (God #1) Almighty God The One True Most High Father Original Source Uncreated Creator God of Timeless Infinite Unconditional Love and Happiness, Forever.

      (Almighty God keeps Satan the false god in line by kicking him occasionally).

      Almighty God created “The False god Satan” to temporarily rule over this “Dark Matrix Prison Planet Earth” until Jesus Christ very soon returns to “rapture” everyone home to the next world, to the real world, to an almost identical earth-like world the “ASTRAL REALM (DREAM WORLD) AFTERLIFE REALM” where your loved ones, family, relatives, pets, friends, neighbours and EVERYONE who ever lived on Earth including JESUS CHRIST and ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD and ALMIGHTY MOTHER GOD SOPHIA already exist in their immortal human astral body forms and in their eternal spirit forms!

      True story!

      Take care all!

      God bless all!

    • Twinflame1111

      This world is a satanic dark matrix prison planet simulation.

      Rapture by Jesus Christ and Ascension by Almighty Father God and by Almighty Mother God Sophia is very soon happening

      You will wake up in the real world (which is an almost identical earthlike world existing in the “Astral realm dream world afterlife realm”) in your real immortal body.

      You will be joyously reunited with your immortal loved ones, pets, family, relatives, friends and with everyone who ever lived.

      A very small few will “merge” spiritually “As One” with Almighty God Himself and then they will spiritually “Ascend” to The One True Most High Father Original Source Uncreated Creator GOD to live in GODS PURE GOLDEN SPIRITUAL PARADISE KINGDOM HOME in Timeless Infinite Eternal Multidimensional Universe Shattering Orgasmic Unconditional Love Bliss Peace Power Joy Glory Ecstasy Happiness and Contentment Forever!

      True story!

      Take care all!

      God bless all!

    • Twinflame1111

      2021: I met and spoke with (a white guy with brown hair and beard and wearing a white robe) “Jesus Christ Himself” in the Astral Realm in His human astral body form.

      I also met and spoke with “Almighty Father God Himself” in His human astral body form as a 100% male who held up His hand in the air showing me a tracking chip (which I knew that the “Satanic Deep State Swamp” had earlier placed in my neck).

      His words to me were “THEY WANTED YOU DEAD!”

      I then watched as GOD sat on the floor lowered His head and His features sagged and in just a couple of seconds He “shape-shifted” before my very eyes into His 100% female form of “Almighty Mother God Sophia Herself” a tanned topless dark haired girl in a black bikini.

      Almighty Mother God Sophia also appeared and spoke to me in the Astral Realm in Her Own True Gorgeous Divine Female Voice And In Her True Female Spirit Form as a “Brilliant White Light”!

      True story!

      Take care!

      God bless!

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