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Monkey Human Girls Under The City By Satans Trading Faces Surgerys

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People are saying these pedo groups are allowed to take business mail from P O Boxes and mail boxes at houses and apartments and from Mail Boxes on streets and Post Offices because the people on the lists are going to prison and cannot have their mail and regular earnings because they are going to therapy in hotels by the CPS Secret Courthouse hearings done top secret and by being in a CPS DCFS or any type of Government agency case file and that they are under the secret service main L A mans jurisdiction who can do whatever he wants to anyone because he was assigned the Son of God authority job position with  the CIA top secret Northern California person and they can decide who’s mail they can take and get from everywhere including UPS Fed Ex packages that the crews take from trucks in streets who are called Secret CPS Courthouse in conjunction with DCFS and every type of CPS office in America. They say they can hack take paypal cash app venmo from any person who has been in any type of Government Agency case file, that is the law of the main Secret Service man in Los Angeles, California that he and the law office lady who was assigned the save life Son of God mission by taking that mail and by them bringing it to her house and by her filing liens at post offices for it have authority with the CIA top secret person in Northern California that they send orders that say this person was named a very bad individual for taking someone’s money without permission that they spent foolishly by the file the mortgage broker gal and law office lady did to frame the person at the CPS Secret Courthouse hearing done sneakily as the secret service main man tells those two women to make up anything to make people look bad, then they lie they have prison time underground when they did nothing wrong and the innocent framed people never hear of the framing done to them and they hand cuff them by false allegations they never heard of, black list them by false allegations to Child Protective Services and do fraud arrests with hand cuffs without reading them their rights to an attorney, and sneak them away to sex slavery this way and its all an evil game they play to capture humans for human sex slavery torturing gang raping trafficking kiddy porn snuff movies, and for FGM clitoral cutting gyno chair sex torture gang raping moves directed by the man who says hes a secret service investigator.

They tell people that person is named a very bad person who stole them money that was not theirs ever at all and bought  a house with it without much needed permission when it is the persons own money they bought a house with and they run American families out of their family homes they own that they worked hard for to buy and lie how they bought it, and they lie they are investigating the home life of troubled people, and they are not troubled people at all, they are nice, honest, hard working Americans who’s life they ruin on purpose to capture them to sex slavery underground after they are gang raped at hotels motels cabins etc.

People think they can take whatever they want from anyone named on the County Watch Lists City Hall Monitors brigade list because the hacker girls work for the City Hall where families were in any kind of Government agency case file and they are the ones in the beginning who say what a mom is doing, and make opinions on note pads, and see how hard they are working and how much time they spent having sex and they follow them wherever they run them out of town to and go where the people on the list move to and sit in computer hacker City Hall techy rooms taking their money and say they are covering disabled persons and that is why they did them all in and set up a not needed case file and they sit in City Hall Computer rooms hacking and stealing paypal cash app venmo from people they framed to be case files by lying about the people. They are really trouble making gang stalkers who steal mail from family homes and post offices, and they steal pets and they make trouble for families who had no troubles at all as they gossip all over town and make trouble in families live when they had no trouble at all, some call them the noisy busy bodies and some call them the screaming ninny’s and they spy on couples having sex in spy cam and see a boyfriend go to a divorced single moms house, and tell the whole town when the mom may tell no one at all , not a soul and no one would know she had sex with her boyfriend, and they tell the whole town and exploit them, as they rob their money and mail and steal ups fed exes and then lie the moms are lazy bums having too much sex and not working hard enough as they steal the moms earned jobs out of their mail box and from their emails by hacking, and the mom may have been with her live out two or three days a week for an hour or less which is nobody’s business and they ruin lives by gossiping and by telling everyone and by making up stories about how a person bought a home without getting facts, they just write down any liar note, and make assumptions and hack steal their work emails work calls and frame innocent nice people and lie they are troubled families with troubles when they had no trouble at all til they came around and made the trouble. The mortgage broker gal even goes in the family homes and digs through the mothers closets and makes lists of their clothes, and frames them to look bad as they may have camisoles they only wear under clothes, certain underwear so they do not have a line in their slacks, and a strapless bra for certain outfits and she lists them to make the mothers look slutty when they are not slutty at all in any way, they are only with the man they love and she lies she’s investigating moms to see what their personality is and lies about them and has a warped perverted perception and describes them all wrong, as they are nice moms who are only with one man they love a live out boyfriend or a unwed mom who is only with the dad she’s engaged to. They are gang stalkers who ruin lives and frame and set people up by lying in logs. they frame nice parents to the Secret CPS Hearing Courthouse, and call and lie to frame the nice parents to CPS DCFS etc to be a not needed case file, then they steal everything by hacking and robbing mail and people say they can do whatever they want because the mom was named to have mental health troubles in her life when they do not have mental health problems at all, they lie they need to be on a Watch List when they do not need to be on one as they are harmless nice honest innocent people who did nothing wrong, many they frame do not do any drugs and are over honest spiritual nice people, and many on the list are sober in AA, and they lie sober women who do not drink or do drugs who only have sex in love are wasted crack whore women, when they are having no sex for ages often do not do any drugs or drink at all for 10 20 30 40 years they are sober AA people that they frame and they are nothing the lying trouble makers are saying who take their mail from P O Boxes Mail Boxes Post Offices, Mail Boxes on the street and their paypal cash app venmo by hacking and Western Unions even and this obviously causes trouble in a persons life and they are robbed victims.

Human trafficking by robbing mail it is, as they make the people sitting ducks this way to kidnap them for human sex traffick and say they are covering disabled persons for the spy watch cam CPS Secret Courthouse along with DCFS Los Angeles CA who covers the whole world internationally by her relative old step dad her moms ex boyfriend the secret service main man L A County who pretends he got a son of God save life job position with authority with the CIA top secret Northern California person by them stealing Son Of God save life jobs and putting their names on them and saying they assigned them to themselves secret service cia top secret and he is the one directing  snuff films etc. and the other one hates orgasms and wants to cut off everybody’s clitoris as a Jack the Ripper, and they are sex torturing and killing many families they frame to be not needed case files, then take their mail to make them sitting ducks.

They lie they can take crime tip mail because no one can interfere with their Son of God Save Life Mission Investigation which is not their job position, they stole the jobs that are to investigate them.

The CIA Top Secret Northern California person says their mission is to take every stinken dam person moms underground that they hate so dam stinken much, for doin it in the daylight that they see in spy watch cams, that they put in to see them cum, then they take them away because they hate them so dam stinken much just for being like that ever at all even once, they hate passionate sentimental sensual women and the way they make love, they hate them so much they do them in because of the way they look in intercourse, and the way they look in the mirror trying on clothes, and they hate orgasmic women and say they take them away because they hate who they are, they cannot stand the way they flit around so happily it makes them so dam sick and they write fake liar logs to set them up and do not get the real facts, they say anything at all in logs and tiny note spiral pads when they gang stalk parked, if a mom is texting and emailing work appointments they write down the lazy bum very bad mom should be calling out instead of texting and emailing men and she’s not emailing men she’s texting work appointments and they say lazy mom is out watering the lawn and hosing off the patio and she may be on her cell with a work customer while she’s watering, as they are many single moms who are divorced who do many things at once, and they buy alot of household items and clothes all at once for a discount and to save time shopping as they are busy single moms they frame and take down by lying parked on streets gang stalking to set them up to be a not needed CPS DCFS etc case file and they do this to unwed mothers who are busy working online with babies and young children who are engaged to the dad and only with him, and they steal the hard working mothers business P O Box money and their paypal cash app venmo by hacking, and they steal their UPS Fed ex business packages and almost everything sent, they hack and steal online Internet orders and money sent, and rob thier earned prosperity that is for the nice young mothers and the dad and their babies and young children and toddlers to enjoy their family life.

They tell people these people named on lists are named very bad persons by the secret service main very tall L A County man and the cia top secret Northern California person, and they lie they did something very wrong that was found out by their home life investigations that they do to see what is going on inside family houses of divorced moms and unwed moms and dads apartments and their family homes and they investigate how they live each day, how much time the moms spend cleaning the house, mopping, scrubbing, and if they use oven mitts pot holders, and if they Ajax the home, then they arrive shoot them up with an Ajax heroin speed ball mixture then often lie the kids babies tiny tots teens etc died from Ajax poisoning because of a very bad mom, and they order body bags by the secret service main man in advance before they kill the people, and drug coffee to kill the mom and older daughters and sons who drink coffee and have someone lie the mom is suicidal who is not and never has been, and they do this before the mom drinks the drugged coffee and set up many murders to look like suicides and park around the corner with body bags before the family is dead from the coffee they did to kill them, then they lie they are investigating the murders and that no one can interfere, they also show up and force shots randomly to kill people and have the coroner pick up the bodies of the people they murdered and say they are investigating the crimes. They do spy cam footage on moms and dads having sex and divorced moms with thier boyfriend and edit it exploit them and set up murders they commit to look like a  porn suicide when its murder and its ispy peeping tom exploation done without the moms ever knowing, and they also lie they have to take the lazy porn life moms to the underground medical facility’s, boot camps, community service, and its all sex slavery torture and human trafficking they take them for and they have ten out of one hundred mothers and daughters over 10 they human sex traffick that are in facility’s underground under Government Buildings with grassy parks around them and they do down stairs that says Private top secret no entry, and they take them down stairs in buildings behind the Department of Health and Welfare Services, after they rob them blind by stealing their mail from their houses and apartments,P O Boxes Business mail ups fed exs and mail from Mail Boxes on the streets by Secret Service CPS DCFS Keys then they take them away and lie they are a welfare bum they need to take to the Welfare way station as they sit there with their money they stole in bank accounts that they robbed from their paypal cash app venmo postal mail ups fed ex packages and by double atm cards etc. and they outright lie the victims they robbed are welfare bums, and also take them from Dentist appointment parking lots by hand cuffs and say old hag toothless grin bum woman on welfare is being taken down to the homeless shelter downtown and to the Department of Health and Welfare Services way station to check the mom and all her nasty rotten kids in and say get in our vehicle we labeled you a bad worthless person, we say you are a horny pussy pot key mom who had too many hot cumming pussy times as we saw you do nasty in and out in our spy cams that we put in to see how much you cum, and say that is a bad person who would cum from her pussy we are the CIA Northern California top secret persons brigade along with the main man L A Secret Service  and Watch Dogs with Department of Health Welfare Service  RN gals with shots in pockets, they are huge fat pedophile child molester women who are meth heroin drug addicts addicted to doing oral sex torturing to women and babies and kids, the fat women are naked doing oral sex to victims in gyno chairs and then they pinch off clitorises with thier fat hands and its filmed for the Secret Service main man movie director as he is running a sex torture operation, human sacrifice, kiddy porn, child molesting, snuff films, gyno chair sex torturing, human trafficking is 10 out of 100 who are trafficked for 10 years or so and some kids are kept for kiddy porn films for a year, and they are in houses being trafficked on the City Hall computer girls floors the ones who gang stalk and frame the moms parked and set them up to be a not needed CPS DCFS case file, and they do electronic harassment gang stalking by microchips they get in their food and drinks in houses apartments markets restaurants, and they sit pressing gang stalking clitoral invisible torture vibrator keys and lie the moms have mental health troubles as they sit causing the troubles and robbing the people and they are raping sex slaves in their apartments, and they are in hotel elevator freight shafts, and in dog cages under apartment buildings in the sewer lines, and say the sewer lines are very off limits, those areas underground malls, campgrounds, are private as they human sex traffick homeless people also, they take them from camping tents to the hotels motel 7s by sewer lines under tent areas and say they take them in cars to help them out, and to hose them off very fast and keep them in dog kennels large animal cages in drain pipes to rape them in tents by men who paid them money to rape them at every hour of the day or night in many homeless camp grounds, and keep the moms in apartment stairwells that are locked and say they cannot talk because they are very bad naughty dirty filthy persons because they had in and out and were cumming, made love and had orgasms it means, and they have them in dog crates with dog muzzles on in stairwells of their apartments, the City Hall computer youth group geek squad girls who have 49 apartments in 10 miles square in many areas and some young women are trafficked from houses, and they are taken by vans hand cuffed under jackets to hotels and go in under parking lots and drive down secret ramps to rooms where they are raped by men who paid, and they say they are covering for The Safety of the Citizens of America by spy cam viewing that they are doing an utmost ever so important illuminati job position and that they have son of God Save Life Mission Authority and say they are not harming anybody ever at all, and say to each other they do this to get 800 mil each that is in bank accounts that they lie is their money, and its stolen money they hide in accounts, and they say their told that the mission is to off the ones who cum from their hot pussy and to get them all at once the whole entire family at one time at each and every location and even book plane flights if some family members live somewhere else is the whole point is to gang rapet them in front of each other as they want this breed they hate gone who cum from thier pussy in in and out that they view in spy cams installed and the mission is to off the red heads, blonds, all Americans, and the brown hair brown eyed ones, and they are white American families whos body type they hate, and to have a dark skinned world some of them doing this mission want and they have half monkey half human kids in cages under the dog parks in the sewer lines and subway station areas and under suburban streets under man holes they crawl in to molest the monkey human kids that they got and did animal  human surgery to by taking the faces off apes monkeys chimps they get from many Zoos, they place a medical warrant on the zoo animals and from private owners, and say they have to force medical attention on them and shoot them up with the heroin speed ball Ajax mixture shots, ten times as much as they shoot people up with, and calling it Trading Faces, and have many Zoo animal medical warrants CIA top secret Northern California and Secret Service main man L A County California with CPS Secret Courthouse Oxnard CPS Ventura County California with DCFS Los Angeles and they lie they need to get monkeys chimps apes etc to get organs to save CPS DCFS etc case file kids babies tots, and that they need the blood and hearts eyes etc. and Trade Faces, they slice off the animals face and the persons and switch it out underground in a medical facility underground by the Zoo entrance or in the parking lot by the entrance in their tall watch dog vans and they have thousands they Traded Faces on underground as caged wild animals half monkey half girl that they sex torture and film for the main man L A County secret service movie business as hes the director and the udder girls City Hall hackers say they have 9,000 to 10,000 monkey girls who are CPS DCFS case file kids they took, and they are so far down in the sewer line and  main line drain pipes to the City of Los Angeles and in other places in the USA or they plan for this, as the udder girls have sex with the underground main line sewer line plumbers, who are short fat bald men in coveralls and hard hats that they have coffee and donuts with at half past seven o’clock for years and sit down fifty dollar breakfasts with at coffee shops before they all rape and do oral sex to a newborn they murder in cold blood at 9 am after breakfast, and their leader takes the monkey girls down a crane to an area down below the City of Los Angeles County and says thats his science project, to have the world half ape humans is his plan and always has been that since he started taking mothers to remove clitorises when he was a kid in the old days, and they were told to take as many of the white people away as possible to make it an all dark world and to create a monster out of little girls and to cut their faces off and create a monster to mold the world into the satan realm to ruin Gods plan for humans to roam the world having fun in glee to live happily in harmony with loving thoughts and sentimental feelings within, the devil wants to destroy the human race that God created and turn into a dark world of satan.

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  • Anonymous

    just another whacked out stupid bullshit by someone who escaped the nut house…

  • Odysseus

    Reads worse than a 911/SWATted phonecall! One, giant run-on sentence, two steps to the hard-psychotic of ‘insane’…yep, this article OOZES…in a most ‘unnatural, sewer-like way’…fresh air. That’s what the OP needs…that, and maybe some Lithium.

  • 2QIK4U

    Must be using a Speech To text App that’s not good at all .. need to try and understand what he’s getting at here tho… ? And I’m not American which would help in understanding what he’s talking about here… ? If anyone has a real clue I’d love to hear it.

  • @OratorBlog Information Warrior

    Your lack of format makes this article practically unreadable.

    Run on sentences from hell.

    No speration of paragraphs.

    Jumbled thoughts without a clear focus or a rational structure or train logic


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