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This Video Will Shock Even the Most Devout Catholics! Vatican Secret Chambers! A Must Watch Documentary

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This Video Will Shock Even The Most Devout Catholics! Vatican Secret Chambers! A Must Watch Documentary

Great documentary about the Mystery Babylon, the Jesuit Order & American history. Roman Babylonian Vatican is the city from where the Antichrist will rise into his power written in Revelation 17-18 KJV.

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    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      “where the Antichrist will rise into his power written in Revelation 17-18 KJV.”

      Ummm… NO

      The word Antichrist does not appear in Revelation at all.

      Revelation Chapter 17 verse 18 in the KJV bible says:

      And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

      KJV Revelation 22:19 says:
      And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

      KJV Revelation 21:8 says:
      “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

      • Tom Terrific

        The woman is the RCC and the city is Vatican City. Read carefully the woman is a city not a physical woman. The waters are people. The symbolism is explained for the most part. learn Matthew 24 as it is and outline of the tribulation and Christ return then go back to Revelation and it should be clearer. Forget what false preachers have said and only go by the word.
        Yep. if you fear you do not have real faith and will tread water in a lake of fire while eaten by worms forever.
        If you don’t obey every word that proceeds from the mouth of YHVH. You do not have real faith either. Christ said why call me Lord if you do not what I say and if you love me you would obey me. Not necessarily saying this to FN but Yahusha did not give us license to sin but gave us power through the Holy Spirit to successfully resist sin if you use it. people love to stop and Ro7 and not see that Paul did find power to resist sin through Christ and grace that he did not have in the law. Actually if you pay attention OT saved people had faith in Christ as their redeemer yet to come and not their own righteousness.

        • Fake News = The False Prophet

          Tom, lots of people who do not believe as you do will be around after the coming events unfold. The truth is going to come with difficulty to the fundamental and the zealous

      • Tom Terrific

        I hate to take issue with some things so far, Lincoln was a Rosicrucian of the Lily council of three and was no Christian and even sated he was not a Christian. His wife was not either and held seances in the WH. He was a Illuminati Bloodline product of two bloodlines. It was a rape in Lincolnton NC and that is where he got the name Lincoln.
        Chinaquy was said to have been preaching as a child which is not allowed. Every person preaching a false gospel is said to be ordained to condemnation and I see no ability to be delivered from that. I have seen catholic priest claim to come out but they go into another False religion.
        Chinaquy was a big pusher of women’s lib. The woman must be subject to her husband to be saved, he used women to take the unbiblical stance against all alcohol. It is a sin to be drunken but not to drink alcohol. And for idiots that want to say New wine is grape juice, please tell me if that is so why at Pentecost the people said they were drunk on New wine. Or at the marriage feast the wine Christ made was better and we are told old wine is better than new wine and also the governor of the feast said usually they serve the best wine first and after men have well drunk that which is worse. Why? Well I dated a woman that had been a bartender and she told me that if a customer orders top shelf (most expensive) booze they would serve the real stuff for 2=3 drinks and then the rot gut as the alcohol deadened their taste and they would know the…

        • Tom Terrific

          they wouldn’t know the difference. All that sound like real wine was drunk and it was not sin.
          Chinaquy has two big sins right there. you can not add to the word of YHVH and he many other false teacher do. Temperance movement in fact gave us a whole new level of crime and criminal just as making drugs illegal does. No reason to get people hooked on them if the can go get a fix for pocket change ate CVS. It fuels prostitution and many other crimes as well as abuses of people’s right by cops. Also much theft of all types are done for drug money.
          Once women got a taste for power they legitimized gays as being cool. the legitimized hookup culture as being empowering but now find men don’t want to marry a woman who has slept with half the town.
          No Chinaquy and Lincoln are not heroes to me. The Proclamation emancipation was rolled out for votes for reelection. Many very derogatory racist statements by Lincoln are recorded. You know them by their fruits.
          Read about Lincoln and his Illuminati ties and secret family and more here.

        • jeremyfeit

          The real Lincoln and Lincoln unmasked by Tom dilorenzio… good reads

          • Tom Terrific

            Looks good. Not sure when I will read it as I know quite a bit about his action but I want to have it for future generations. Neither side was good in that war and both sere headed by Masons and Rosicrucians. He used too McClellan to get many Union troops killed as they need blood sacrifice to Satan. This is a wicked world with many wicked people.
            For others you can borrow this book on or Abebooks has it cheap. $8 free shipping if you don’t mind used and $12.64 new with shipping I added in.
            Do read Pandora’s Box. Much was discover by finding a big chunk of land in Huntsville AL by Payseur, his dad. Mary actually shot Abe and Booth was the patsy. All very intriguing. Little is as we hav been told. We are in the great deception and there is more to come.

    • John6:53

      More anti-Catholic drivel. “Upon this rock (Peter) I will build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” However, Satan will try. How often have you heard attacks on the Presbyterians? No, Satan concentrates his heavy attacks against his most feared enemy. That is why this, probably Freemason, attack was done. Yes, we are in the Tribulation period and yes, war is coming, but it is the spawn of Satan, the Communists, who are your enemy not Christian Catholics. Furthermore, it will probably be a Catholic in a foxhole with you shooting at Communists.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        Are Nazis Communists?

        • Patrick


        • Yochannan

          No, Nazis were extreme Nationalists. They were ant-communists.

          • jay lowell

            Nazis were National Socialists just another branch from the tree of communism.

          • Fake News = The False Prophet

            No, they are one and the same. Nationalists, Communists, left, right… anything to avoid ‘common sense’ becoming a uniting factor. It’s ALL BS. Politics is BS. The battle is in our minds and it is fought with words.

            • Fake News = The False Prophet

              The point being who was heavily involved in the nazi rat lines… the OBVIOUSLY satanic vatican.

      • Tom Terrific

        Peter was called a stone the rock spoke of was what peter had correctly staed that Yahusha is the Christ the son of the living Elohiym. Christ is the Rock and peter is a stone.
        The RCC is Mystery Babylon Religion and follows Kabbalah and worships graven images and not YHVH and most follower have graven images in there homes and so are cursed just as YHVH warned them they would. Deuteronomy 7:26 “Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.”
        RCC has always supported communism. In league with kabbalist Jews. Jesuits created and control Freemasonry. The jesuit General is their leader even if most of the “Profane” members don’t know it. The adepts certainly do.
        Yes I point out the evil of Jesuit spawn protestants that hold RCC theology though they say it is reformed they all retains RCC heresies and are not true to the word of YHVH. I won’t be in a foxhole but coming in a glorified body with Christ and his Holy Angels and true Saints.

        • Jonagelo

          The passage you ref does not make sense if Christ said to Peter, You are a stone and I will build my Church on Me.

          • Tom Terrific

            Peter had just said that Christ is the son of YHVH. Christ inferred the Holy Spirit had revealed that truth to him. Peter literally means a smaller stone. Strong’s #4074. Upon the Rock as in a larger stone. Strong’s #4074. the larger rock being the foundation on which Peter the stone and others would be placed to build his congregation. You need to understand the real meaning of these words. It makes a very big difference.
            Jo 2:23 Now when he was in Jerusalem at the passover, in the feast day, many believed in his name, when they saw the miracles which he did. 24But Yahusha did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men, 25And needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man.
            Here they used different words to translate the same thing. They used believe and the commit. They believed in Yahusha but he did not believe in them. It is obvious from the context but many read carelessly and miss the fact that they were not true believers and Yahusha knew it because he knew their hearts.
            The word church actually means the temple of Circe a heathen goddess. You sin every time you say it. Research more deeply into word meanings. Your salvation depends on it.

      • Sarika

        How could a “church” KILL others because they would not adhere to their teachings? That’s murder.

    • leahburchett

      The vatican was the head office of the kabal.

      • Ariana

        And so?

    • John6:53

      See, what did I tell you, lots of Satanic attacks against the Church Christ founded. Lots of anti-Catholic rhetoric in these posts. Sounds just like Nazis complaining about Jews and that didn’t work out well. Some are Satanists or Freemasons
      but many are fellow Christians who think they are on God’s side but really serve Satan.

      • Tom Terrific

        well for starters most that call themselves Jews follow Kabbalah and the Talmud and not the Bible just as the RCC does not follow the Bible. The masons are in effect Catholics as they to follow Kabbalah as Albert Pike proudly admitted. They were created by the Jesuits and are lead by the Jesuit General. I don’t care what your Blue lodge buddy tells you as they are considered profane by the Adepts and get lied to in order to make them think they understand what they really don’t. You know like you.
        The real regathering does not happen until after the 1000 year reign of Christ on earth and the battle of Armageddon and the destruction of earth and the new earth is formed and the New Yerusalem come down. Christ called the the Synagogue of Satan. go argue with him. I dare you. You I think you knowingly serve Satan. Typical no IQ name calling with no ability to make a real argument.
        Are you Daughter of the Church under an alias? I know you are a woman and women are not to teach.

    • jeremyfeit

      What’s a shock is it’s the 24th n no ww3 or ww4 whatever it is supposed to be… how unusual things not happening on predicted dates

    • Slimey

      If you red about Catholic History it’s a MAN’s Church and NOTHING to do with God. Hence, the fornication, the WAPES, the sodomy, the wars, and the sickening pedophilia with BOYS of all things.

      Even Yahuha mentions this church and what they will do. :cool:

      • Slimey

        Yahusha not “Yahuha”. :arrow: :???:

    • Will

      feudalism and the Kharzarian lies

    • Caz

      The World Economic Forum is a jesuit owned and operated abortion to humanity and our freedoms. When mankind is faced with a deadly virus, we kill it. These WEF members are the scum of the earth, the mental cripples will never accept the truth before them. Let’s send the popes and their minions to hell where they all belong.

    • Jen the pen

      The devil worshipping pope has no authority over me. That demon is a clout chaser like the rest of the celebrities my eyes is not focused on thr demon pope I’m focused on the salvation

    • JohnnyB

      Spot on! The Papacy IS the Anti-christ, and the first beast of Revelation 13 as Protestants formerly believed. The second beast of Revelation 13 is none other than the United States of America or Apostate Protestantism which is so deep in apostasy that it becomes AN IMAGE of the first beast. Babylon of Revelation 18 is Apostate Protestantism or the U.S. Protestants are in apostasy in re-unifying with Rome in the great Ecumenical movement and will wake up when it is too late to escape the snare. General Lafayette, aide to General George Washington wrote, “It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe.”

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Christians arguing about scripture has been one of the more entertaining aspects of this nonsense… :lol:

    • Geeios

      The king James version edited by Scollfield pushed the christian worship of jews and israel. How did this documentary miss that. The downfall of America started when church leaders started worshiping jews and israel.

    • Geeios

      The king James version edited by Scollfield pushed the christian worship of jews and israel. How did this documentary miss that? The downfall of America started when church leaders started worshiping jews and israel.


        …. They only use ” THAT WHICH SERVES THEM “

    • Daughter of the Church

      This “shocking” video inspires a shocking comment; shocking, not by abusive words, but shocking by its unhear approach, until to-day Monday October 17, 2022, feast day of St. Margaret Marie Alacoque.

      The Jesuits were founded upon the direct commission of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, for the sole purpose to serve Her divine Son Jesus’ interests on earth and upon His Church. St. Ignatius of Loyola directly receive the Spiritual Exercise from the Mother of Christ as its doctrine for both future combats and different engagements in a spiritual warfare. It occur in a mountain cave, while Ignatius was a penitent. The Virgin Mother was holding the Child Jesus on Her lap while dictating the Spiritual Exercises. That is the starting point of the Company of Jesus, a company which was based upon pure military doctrine encompassing all kind of military style missions, ranging from intelligence gatherings, to strategic coordinating efforts or up to extreme confrontations, and naturally conquest of souls living on vast province size territories. The name ‘Company’ was originally used to indicate its resolute military raison d’ être. It became ‘Society’ later after the Company of Jesus had lost it original pure combativity.

      The Blessed Virgin Mary is many and the same person through times: She is the foretold “woman who will crush the head of the serpent”. She is daughter of Abraham; daughter of Aaron; daughter of David, the virgin mother of the Emmanuel, and…

      • Daughter of the Church

        - – - continuation – - -

        She is daughter of Abraham; daughter of Aaron; daughter of David, the virgin mother of the Emmanuel, and the Virgin Mother of the Christ Jesus. She has crushed the head of Satan ever since, She acted as the priestess offering Her divine Son as a perfect sacrifice on the Cross for the Redemption of many, while Satan has “bruised Her at the ankle” ever since the beginning. There is a merciless confrontation between the Virgin and Satan until the end of time. The Company of Jesus, is just that: a special military force of Mary most Holy, created to serve Her divine Son Jesus. Simply put, a glorified creature in heaven using a temporal military company for the earthly services of the Son of God.

        On earth the Full of Grace, while a graceful and unassuming handmaid of the Lord, had already an angelic personal guard of 1,000 specially selected angels for various missions. The source of this information comes from the Spanish mystic Blessed Maria of Agreda who wrote ‘La Cuida de Dios’. When the Full of Grace became Mother of the Lord, this personal angelic guard was raised to 10,000 angels. Holy Mary, the humble and most loved creature of God hardly used this formidable force, but only on rare occasions, such as when She liberated St. James the major while the apostle and companions were about to be executed by the pagans, after the local Jews had denounced them to the authorities. This rescue by the BVM was done when She was transported from…

      • Daughter of the Church

        - – - continuation – - -

        This rescue by the BVM was done when She was transported from Jerusalem and back to Saragossa, Spain in an aerial chariot escorted by a guard of angels. She, later after this rescue mission in Spain, dispatched the angel who broke St. Peter’s chains, who was in prison and about to be executed. This second rescue came after the same St. James, upon his return from Spain, had been murdered by Herod Agrippa’s sicaires. Finally the Blessed Virgin was ordered by God to kill Herod Agrippa who was at one time becoming the causes of ravages upon the Primitive Church. The Blessed Virgin, expressed reservation at killing one of Her children, although Herod Agrippa was a murderer, but She obeyed God’s command, and dispatched a ‘hit-man’ angel who had Herod’s guts explode. Herod died a horrible death in front of a crowd of courtesans who adulated him “as a god” (Act of the Apostles). The Blessed Virgin Mary, as then Queen in heaven, was therefore no stranger to military special operations when She created the Jesuits in a mountain cave when dictating instruction to Ignatius of Loyola.

        The Blessed Virgin Mary is the enemy of Satan since the beginning, and She is consequently, while sweet & caring, nevertheless a redoutable foe to Satan’s servants. The first servant of Satan against Her divine Son Jesus was Judas Iscariot, the Sadducees infiltrator paid by the Pharisees to betray. The Blessed Virgin, although having disgust for the creepy…

      • Daughter of the Church

        - – - continuation – - -

        The Blessed Virgin, although having disgust for the creepy traitor, never condemn him, but on the contrary She tried to bring Judas back to Her son after Jesus Christ had been condemned to be crucified. This is the real face of the BVM, the one who tried to save the traitor to Her Son. Moment when She was about to be designated as the “Mother of all souls”, which means compassionate to the last at bringing Her children to God.

        The ‘Jews’ are the defined conventional enemies of Her Son and of His Church. We’ve seen before that the BVM is reluctant to kill Her opponents, and this is why She created the Jesuits, as a military company to be at par against the Jews, and more importantly as an efficient and selective force at redirecting from perdition the offspring’s of the Jew’s perfidy, such as the Muslims, the Satanist of all covens and lodges, and the mother of all heresies which is the Protestantism at large. This explains the spiritual doctrine as the main military equipment of the Jesuits which is originally designed as a matching weapon against the perfidy of the Jews who are at the root of most evils on earth.
        The United States, as a Protestant nation corrupted by the Jews since Martin Luther, Melanchthon, Calvin et cetera has naturally been the object of many covert or open interventions by the Company of Jesus to prevent this giant continent of the New World to become a stronghold of Satan. The Jesuits have managed some…

      • Daughter of the Church

        - – - continuation & end – - -

        The Jesuits have managed some breakthrough in the Americas with saints martyrs such a Sts. Isaac Jogues, John de Brebeuf and companions, martyrs (in Canada) or with the Saint confessor Peter Claver against slavery (in Brazil), but they have also had defeats, such as the raising of the United Nations, and at gaining a toning of the visceral hatred, if not at least contempt for the Mother of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, which renders the poor Protestant brothers becoming deceived by a motherless “Jeeeesus” of the televangelists, whose ‘Jeeeesus’ is no more than the Ancient Serpent disguised as an angel of light.

        The “Jesuits”, are still in the same combative mission, while being themselves amidst a terrible crisis of having been infiltrated since early 19th century during the reign of Pope Pius IX and from the top of their command post circa the tenure of Antipope “Saint” Paul VI. The “Shocking revelations” of this video, although based upon undeniable documentations must be seen with discernment before casting any judgement. We are amidst a merciless spiritual warfare, when “every thing goes” and the Jesuits who may “shock” to-day may bring pleasant surprises to-morrow.

        In addition: This typing hand steno-dactylographer, although knowing a little about the Society of Jesus, remains neutral and fair in those lines above, should be resentful against “the Jesuits”, but that is forgiven. It was following a temporary misunderstanding which led to hits and miss conducted with extreme prejudice. In fine, this daughter concludes as the Jesuit’s doctrine of “surrendering my entire liberty, my memory, my understanding and my own will…. and to desire nothing more than His love and His grace”.

        • Daughter of the Church

          AD ADDENDUM: the following lines address to the rationalists who have become lukewarm believers as a result of too much dry Bible studies and not enough childish trust in the Our Father in Heaven, God almighty, omniscient & omnipotent who has an incomprehensible love for His children.
          In the long comment above, I mentioned some acts by the Blessed Virgin while still on earth, when after the Ascension of Her Son Jesus. She was left for about eighteen more years at being the living Mother of the Primitive Church and then the Early Church’s start. She lived in a modest house near the Gethsemane, a house owned by St. Lazarus and given for her use. She never returned to Nazareth, but lived in the middle of this olive garden until Her assumption, with the exception of a trip She and St. John went, by ship, to Ephesus, Syria when Herod Agrippa was killing the Christians. Those are ancient histories of the Church, but it is far from America.
          Here is an other historic fact which is more recent and which should hit home to the incredulous modern public. I am not speaking of Fatima, but of the Battle of Lepanto, of 7 October 1571, that is long after the Americas had been discovered.

          The fleet of the Christians coalition was small, and was about to be sunk by the Ottoman’s which was formidable. It is vice-admiral Andrea Doria who saved the day: he had in his cabin a copy of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which had been given to his care by the pope (St. Pius V). He…

        • Daughter of the Church

          - – - continuation & end of the ‘AD ADDENDUM’ – - -

          It is vice-admiral Andrea Doria who saved the day: he had in his cabin a copy of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which had been given to his care by the pope (St. Pius V). He prayed the Blessed ‘Virgen de Guadalupe’, and the wind turned in favor of the Christians. There are accounts from the terrified infidels that they saw the Blessed Virgin during the battle. This fact may help the incredulous from America to start believing that the supernatural is no Disney cartoon, but real. And also, and more importantly that the humble Virgin who surpassed the proud Lucifer is always ready to come “in haste” to assist Her children and bring them to Her divine Son Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Our God.

          Please realize that this woman, humble this creature is the only one in the entire universe to be able to address God the Father about Jesus Christ as “Our Son”. She created the Jesuits, with the approval of God for the purpose of serving Him, Jesus Christ.

    • Daughter of the Church

      Comment submitted Oct. 20.

      This comment may appear out of context with the ‘shocking’ video, but it may give a clue to the current situation of the Church. The ‘Jesuits’ have deviated from their principal mission at protecting the papacy during and after the conclave of 1958 when the newly elected Pope Gregory XVII was pushed aside in a brutal coup d’ état, at sunset time about an hour after having accepted his election. The authentic Pope Gregory remained a non-person, under house arrest and , was occasionally shown to the public while he was with handlers, that until his death on May 2, 1989. The ‘Jesuits’ knew very well of the pope’s situation from the instant Cardinal Siri accepted his papal election, since the ‘Jesuits’ had representation during the conclave and, during his exile. The late Father Malachi Martin SJ, who was present during both conclaves of 1958 & 1963 made a revealing telephone call to the investigative reporter Gary Guiffre a short time after Pope Gregory (17) had passed away “drop your story he is dead” (quote from To Day’s Catholic World website). Father Martin’s works as a whistle blower insider and Vatican novelist gave many informations which once put together form the subject of this to-day’s comment.

      In his book titled “The Jesuits”, which is a general history of the Company of Jesus for the public, Malachi Martin puts an emphasis upon “the two Basques”. St. Ignatius of Loyola was Basque, and so was the Pedro Arrupe…

      • Daughter of the Church

        - – -continuation of the comment ‘submitted Oct.20′- – -

        St. Ignatius of Loyola was Basque, and so was the Pedro Arrupe Gondra, SJ (14 November 1907 – 5 February 1991). Pedro Arrupe was a Spanish Basque priest who served as the 28th Superior General of the Society of Jesus from 1965 to 1983.
        Pedro Arrupe was present at Hiroshima during the atomic bombing, and as a result may have been influential during the four conclaves which successively brought the four antipopes usurpers & favorable to the Masonic NWO: Antipopes J23, P6 and JP1 & JP2. The tragic result of having antipopes ‘elected’ was caused under the duress of nuclear blackmail from both the USA & the USSR. Both USA & USSR were under the control of the Freemasons. Gary Guiffre, the investigative journalist, has made the demonstration of those successive nuclear blackmails in his piece title “Affair of State” published by the Italian revue Chiesa Viva.

        Pedro Arrupe had influence during the conclave of 1958 although he was not yet the Superior General, but certainly must have had upon Jean-Baptiste Janssens, the 27th Superior General. As what leads to the suspicion of Arrupe’s influence upon the Jesuits at abandoning Pope Gregory was that:(Wiki) In 1958, Arrupe was appointed the first Jesuit provincial for Japan, a position he held until being elected Father General in 1965.

        Pedro Arrupe, after having suffered a stroke was forcefully removed and replaced from an unruly decision of Antipope…

      • Daughter of the Church

        - – - end of comment submitted ‘Oct.20′ – - -

        Pedro Arrupe, after having suffered a stroke was forcefully removed and replaced from an unruly decision of Antipope John-Paul II by a man favorable to the regime of the antipope. Here is from the Wiki: ” John Paul II appointed Paolo Dezza as his personal delegate and interim Father General of the Society, passing over Arrupe’s own choice (his vicar general). Many Jesuits saw this as an unwarranted papal interference in Jesuit affairs.”

        The result of the influence of Pedro Arrupe was towards the Jesuit to first cave to the nuclear blackmails during four conclaves; to bow to some factions within the Jesuits in favor of “Marxist Liberation Theology”, and then to be imposed Superior Generals outside from their own choosing’s. For this latest imposition imagine pure terrain combat troops in the likes of the USMC or the French Foreign Legion been given some politically correct ‘general’. This situation will perpetuate the impotence of the Society of Jesus at redressing its own problems, and more importantly at defending the authentic hierarchy “in exile”.

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