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By Medium For God
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To Stop Sex Slavery Internationally

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It’s a miracle I got the message by a devine intervention that I was put on earth to do goodwill and to save the human race and convincing the public how to do this is the mission I have been on since 2009 when I became an open vessel medium by the grace of God and Jesus who made me such when means the vessel to my spirit is unplugged and they go in my body and write through me to save lives and in 2009 I started my Prophetic channel writing stop sex slavery internationally work and wrote on white copy paper all day and night their words to save lives and faxed the crime tips all over the world to stop sex slavery and stop traffick offices. Then I went to channel typing as medium in a trance for the Holy Spirits and many famous important people who died but who are alive when they write by me as they go in my vessel and I write their words and they are alive in the heavenly realm working hard to save life on earth and convincing the world this is a miracle is what I have done for over thirteen years, as heaven knows more than people on earth. I was brought this miracle in early 2005 when an acquaintance of mine told me a woman who died kept interrupting her Angel Board readings spelling out I have to speak to Nancy Fox, I ran into this woman, a mom I knew from School several times at Toys R Us, then California Pizza Kitchen, then all the way in Westwood in a parking garage, miles away from our small suburb upscale town ” The City of Westlake Village” nestled by the Santa Monica Mountains, where I’d lived raising my family since 1997, and I was a realtor there, and got my real estate license in 1999, and this woman’s husband was an appraiser I worked with on real estate deals. The door opened on the elevator and there she was the woman telling me to come for an Angel Board reading miles away from where we lived, and I thought I got the message I am supposed to do a reading with her and did in early 2005 and was told ” your put on earth to do goodwill and to save the human race” and therefore I bought an Angel Board and started doing it everynight in the summer of 2005 and channeled God on it and passed on relatives and I had done the Ouija Board when I was a child so I already knew how to spell out sentences on the device and did this channeling each night at 10 P M and did not know it would lead to doing gruesome crime tips but it did, and in 2007 my Angel Board spelled Voyeurism which means a peeping tom and later lead to ispy trafficking in my channel Prophetic writing I started in 2009 and my channel writing in 2009 also explained the sex slavery ring did not like large clitorises and that men pretend they are investigating are really running sex slavery and I wrote many gruesome crime tips by God and Jesus Christ in 2009 and by the passed on Presidents of the United States of America and it’s a miracle I got this message to do this work by a real miracle that occured, when heaven reached me on earth in around 2002 when the neighbor I grew up next do died, and she touched by the light when I was half asleep, and said ” it’s Shirley, I’m protecting you and your girls from heaven” and I felt a feeling that was something I had not experienced as I was touched by a magical heavenly light and felt her being, then low and behold I worked with a Real estate man who’s also a psychic and a clairvoyant, and when I was at the office in the computer room he always said ” I can see a woman with grey hair and your dad standing behind you” as he could see spirits and often he told me what he saw in clairvoyant visions which were accurate, as he told me to move from the house, that something bad could happen and he told me five years or so you will be living in North Hollywood due to money and I could not believe this at the time but he was right, as our house was gang stalked,  I was slandered and set up and we were run out of town all the while I am doing my Angel Board goodwill save life work at the house I planned to never move from and made a good income as a real estate agent in that upscale small town and built had built up my real estate business there starting in 2009 and low and behold I got the message to do goodwill work and to save life on earth by an appraisers wife and a realtor man at my office who is a psychic, as I am, and always have been since I was a child, I have dreams of things before they are happening and while they are happening I discovered as one night in our small upscale suburb town far from the City I dreamt that a restaurant called Cisco’s was burning down that was by our house in Westlake Village and in the dream, which was a time travel remote viewing dream I saw a man standing at the Gas Station on Westlake Village and Townsgate Road staring at the fire across the street at Cisco’s that was burning down and I saw him dial 9 1 1 on his cell phone. When I awoke I told my daughters about the dream I had, then when we went driving down the street later that day we saw Cisco’s had burned down, then later I read an Article about it in the Acorn Newspaper and it explained it as exactly as I dreamed, and I have discovered  I have the capability of remote viewing, time travel astal projecting to see something while it is happening when I am asleep or half asleep as God was preparing me for this psychic Prophetic mission as years later I astral projected and saw crimes as they were happening that are related to stopping sex slavery internationally and that is how it all began, by a divine intervention done when I was a realtor selling homes in a small town upscale community as the realtor man saw my spirit guides standing behind me all the time at the office then the women insisted I do and Angel Board reading with her because the woman who died would not spelling out ” I have to speak to Nancy Fox” and that is miracle God brought to enlighten me was not just it, it was to say you have alot of woek to do to save the human race, which I knew in the summer of 2008 when the Angel Board spelled ” a two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying” this was spelled by Jesus many times when we were stalked at the house the realtor man had told me to move from, and then in 2009 spring I was lied about and thought oh no, as my Angel Board reading had said ? they take people to sex slavery by lying” I thought right away a kiddy porn ring or rapist kidnappers probably lied about me as I have two beautiful daughters, they were teenagers then and I was set up to DCFS in spring 2009 that scared me to death, due to my psychic insight I had received in my readings on my Angel Board I had done each night and day since the summer of 2005. Also, due to the stalking that went on  as I had thought the gang stalkers who stalked out home may be rapist kidnappers, and being a single mom with two lovely teenager daughters I was very afraid they were after them, also I was raped when I was 17 two times and almost murdered, my life was literally threatened with a weapon both times in 1977, so I am one to say yes rape can happen as it happened to me, and that is why I moved far from the City to the suburbs to raise my daughters as I thought the suburbs would be safer and then we were stalked, run out of down and I was framed to DCFS a mom who is over nice, over calm, and patient and sober in AA since 1985 who does nothing wrong, a keep to myself type of person who did not make trouble for others and that is why I thought something is up and I going to get to the root of is and then became an open vessel medium in spring 09 and said I have to stop sex slavery internationally completely all over the world. and I said ” I bet they traffick at DCFS CPS, and take kids by lying to DCFS CPS about nice moms by a kiddy porn or rapist ring or something, through the Government system” and I thought this right away, as we had been gang stalked in the summer of 2008 and our cats went missing when they were there Labor Day 2008, and therefore I started channel writing day in and day out to figure out the sex slavery system to fax it to stop sex slavery stop traffick offices internationally to stop it. I decided I am going full fledge with this and wrote from 4 am and faxed the Prophetic crime tip work til I could not keep my eyes open from Sherman Oaks, California in the house where I grew up where the Savior who brought me the message on my friends angel board was my next door neighbor and my second mom I called her, in the same house where I had done my Ouija Board on my bedroom floor when I was in Elementary School. So I set up my Medium For God, Nancy Gail Fox channel writer Prophetic business and wrote a million pages for the passed on United States of America Presidents and Princess DIana along with God and Jesus in 2009 who learned to type, as Jesus had not typed on a machine before, and started off by hen pecking on my lap top as I sat on the love seat in my moms living room, the house where I grew up, as often Richard Nixon is the main typer for the heavenly group and Jesus said ” I can do it myself” and I typed very slowly for him in 2010 when I channel typed on lap tops as before then I wrote with a pen on paper by hand, and I wrote a letter by hand on that same love seat for the Princess Diana the Lady of Wales, as many important famous legends who died write by me to stop sex slavery internationally as later on I started writing for John Lennon and George Harrison and for 100 Famous Spirit Guides to stop the crimes and I want to tell you they are working so hard from heaven to stop sex slavery internationally and I hope all the people on earth work as hard as they do as it’s a huge monster to stop as there are so many of them who are sex torturing and gang raping and killing innocent people, which has come to be known as Depopulation, and it’s Gang Stalking, and FGM, and I have explained these causes so many are working to stop are done by the same criminals and they are to stop sex slavery internationally, to stop human sex trafficking, to stop gang stalking electronic harrasment, to stop the new world order, to stop the mark of the beast, to stop the deep state cabal, to stop female genital mutilation, to stop FGM,to stop depopulation, the same ones in addition to stopping medical kidnappings, false allegations, black listed parents who are lied about to CPS DCFS etc. cyber crime hacking, identity theft, postal crimes and many scream to Shut Down Child Protective Services, Abolish CPS and DCFS and every Child Protective Services office in the USA and in every Country as it’s a life or death emergency so a kidnapper murderer pedo cannot take one more baby or child of any age ever again as that is why they get these jobs to be fake case worker to be a kidnapper is the reason. That is what I thought right away as where else would a pedo rapist look for a kid? at Child Protective Services and I have written a thousand or more theory’s to stop it as they are a sex torture operation sex torturing innocent families and take them by their secret manipulative system therefore nobody should talk badly about a parent or call a CPS DCFS as even if a parent is mean or beating their kids they would not gang rape their kid by packs of men and sex torture them for days, at least kids could live as its used as a human meat market, and it is so gruesome and inhuman what they do to a person its hard to comprehend or believe it as its hidden in basements they built underground that they say are top secret investigators, bio hazard etc. and it is done through the devils Secret CPS Courthouse, and Jesus Christ wrote in 2012 a post that says they murder in the Court. My channel writing said they have a secret sneaky liar CPS Courthouse where they frame nice innocent harmless moms who are not child endangering in any way to take their entire family away, and my readings explained they use edited peeping tom voyeurism and lie their peeping tom is porn when the moms never know it was done, and the moms are the victims and so are their kids and the peeping toms are the criminals not the parents. My readings say they use peeping tom edited and lies, and fraud to frame innocent single moms, unwed mothers, older daughters, virgin teens with peeping tom they do and lie its their investigation spy cameras and its for their human meat sex torture business they are running and none of this framing done to their Secret CPS Court is to protect a child in any way and that is what CPS is supposed to for , that is why it was created in 1974,it is to protect children from criminals like them, peeping tom child molester pedo serial killers, drug addicts, kidnappers, gang rapists, sex torture addicts, dead child traffickers, newborn killers, they are the very dangerous criminals and the parents they frame are the nicest most innocent people in the world and so are their babies and kids of every age, and the criminals say they have control over the people by their Government Official job titles, CPS, DCFS Government Agency Case Workers, Department of Health and Welfare Case Workers, R N’s, Secret Service L A, California, Watch Dog, Medical Observation CPS DCFS sting units, and they are dangerous, and make people they stalk helpless by stealing from them, and by slandering, and by peeping tom exploation as they do all for ill purpose and to manipulate the Government System and these people cannot have job positions such as these, as rapists serial killers drug addicts, car thieves, looters, and so on would loose their jobs if they were caught, they would not be allowed to hold a Government Agency job position if they were busted for a crime, such as peeping toms get five years in prison, the crime female genital mutilation is five years or more for cutting off a clitoris, and stalkers get one year in County Jail and one year on Probation at a transition house, and it is illegal to force medical attention in California, that is the  Patients Rights Law, and there is the Right to Die Law also, as they force medical attention to kill someone and pretend they force medical attention and medication shots to save someone and it is the opposite, so is framing a nice mom as the children are safe with their mother but not near a CPS DCFS case worker, and my readings say they hand cuff innocent people they framed without reading them their rights and many laws are broken in America by the sneaky sex slavery ring who should not hold a job position of authority in any way, if they are doing drugs they would be fired, and loose their license, and job title as a serial killer cannot work in a Government position, not the CIA, Secret Service, CPS DCFS etc. as they are the ones who would be on the Watch List, they are the ones would be on death row if they were caught and had better be as they are mass murdering the population and readings say they adopt kids out illegally, as there is a law that no child can be adopted until every family member is interviewed for one year, every blood relative, in the California Child Welfare act and my readings say they wisk kids away and adopt them out at the DCFS Headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and they take children and babies by their Secret CPS Courthouse, by a secret framing peeping tom file, and frame honest innocent law abiding citizens to loose banking privileges without them knowing by fraud sent to banks, and that is also parents Blacklisted by False Allegations made to CPS DCFS and it is to make nice parents helpless, they do not want them to have money to fight back, to have a new home to replace the one they ran them out of by gang stalking and lying, they do not want their pain and suffering money or pro bono attorney mail to reach them, they do not want them to have their life back as they plan to end it, When the people names go on their hit lists they see them as dead gone buried, They steal family pets, rob possessions, steal income and mail and hack and rob paypal cash app venmo and say they devy up the money they took when they get them to hotels by forcing shots against their will. 

I have experienced the lack of mail and I D Theft, as I started writing letters about the DCFS victimizing, gang stalking that went on, and how my 10 year realtor business was ruined by them, and how I invested alot of my money into my home and I asked for mortgage money for years, Lawyer money, as I decided in 2009 I am going to explain the facts of the victimizing done to an over nice mom, whos 10 year realtor was ruined, who is sober in AA since 1985 who was slandered set up and made broke and stuck, and I wanted money to investigate who did the stalking and probable cat napping, etc etc. and I started sending  many fact letters determined to raise lawyers money to make it safe and for pain and suffering money and so on and no money ever came, by thousand of emails everyday, that I email since 2010, which says I am hacked, my mail is stolen, by phone is tapped probably as that is impossible as I decided I am going to keep sending fact letters out so I can fight back, and my P O Boxes have been empty, and I also emailed for Body Gaurd money because of the gang stalkers so I could protect my family and I also asked for Prophet Body Gaurd money and no money has come as a medium needs to be protected also, as I speak for Jesus Christ and God to stop the antichrist, therefore I tell the whole world so they can help stop the antichrist so the world can be a safer place.

Everyone is in danger in this world the way it is and will be until they are taken down says God as they are everywhere in the whole entire world messengering lies to ruin my medium Prophets credibility as they work for the hanus sex torturing devils who do not want anyone to know her Prophetic information is right as I God have written a million and nine posts by her hand as she’s done this for a very long time since the blessed miracle of an angel board brought forth this very important mission and gave it some new found light in early 2005 by the miracle Saints who gave her the great message to do goodwilll and to save the human race as she worked as a realtor they informed her by heavens gate shimmering down the rays of hope as a nice song she did write is called this, as this is me really writing this now and she is supposed to be in a glamorous safe house and estate that is gaurd gated this whole Prophet time, as it is for me God and my named Son of God this frustrated grand old Jesus to yell this is her entire save life mission, that they stole in the mail in early 2005 by robbing a UPS then and in summer 2005 by stealing many of her so well earned Angel Board jobs by this sickest FGM satanic ring who sit around pressing genital electronic harassment gang stalking keys to torture private areas on the victims they are after because they want to cut off their clitorises, many in this sex slavery ring hate clitorises and they are ever sick insane criminal minded women of many ages who hate clitorises and vaginas and their mission is to slice them off like Jack the Ripper and that is a human slaughtering crime they do with their fierce sickest hatred inside and they are not allowed to know of others private areas, that is a horrible sin in itself, and they paid many people stolen money to bribe them, and sent 80 million to many yesterday by a sick FGM woman, and golden rules need to be followed, they are not allowed to look at a private area ever again, it is sick and inhuman and dangerous for everyone to have these insane FGM women exist, and also the rule, “f you cannot say something nice about someone do not say anything at all” as they are lying about nice mothers and daughters and kids on the internet, and they pay them stolen money to lie, and that is how they capture people to sex slavery and they set up the most gruesome deaths by lying. The stolen money they are sending liars to lie is stolen stop sex slavery internationally paypal they rob that is Nancy Gail Fox’s.

In 2008 I started my stop sex slavery Angel Board crime tip readings.

In 2009 I started reporting my stop sex slavery internationally channel writing medium crime tips to the world by fax that say its run by a CIA Northern California person with a main man Secret Service Los Angeles for many years top secret.


n 2010 and some in 2009 I started emailing my Medium For God channel writer resume’ that speaks of traffick at CPS and stalking, etc. I emailed this for book deals with my book deal query letters as I decided to publish books to stop sex slavery internationally, no mail money or gifts or victims money ever came. I also emailed for Fox-Taylor Family DCFS Victims money bodygaurd money to protect my family due to the stalking slandering etc. and I asked for Prophet body gaurd money etc. to do my crme tip work safely to stop sex slavery internationally

In 2011 I decided I wanted to have a Los Angeles Anti Slavery Office in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd California near where I worked as  reader and where I lived as a Sherman Oaks native, and I sent many letters asking for office rent money so I could open a Los Angeles Anti Slavery Office to stop sex slavery internationally 

2012 I opened a P O Box in Sherman Oaks, that was always empty, I continued asking for office rent money, Prophet book publishing money, Bodygaurd money etc. and I asked for Prophet crime tip supply money Western Union and for Prophet writer Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox rent expense money and no money has come for that request either that is all to stop sex slavery internationally, to rent an office, write my stop sex slavery international books, and in fall 2012 I decided to write my posts to stop sex slavery on wordpress and Sept 1st , 2012 I set up many wordpresses, and I have about 50 wordpresses and I emailed out my wordpress stop sex slavery posts since Sept 1st 2012 then put paypal on my wordpresses April 4th, 2013 then a group lied my paypal email was their groups email and that is probably the sex slavery traffick FGM criminals stealing my paypal by hacking that is to stop them. 

2013 I set up a youtube channel and did 100 youtubes to stop sex slavery internationally speaking as a medium. My readings say they steal my youtube money also, and every penny sent for my work as they do not want me stopping sex slavery internationally as I have asked for victims stalking money, mortgage rent money,etc etc etc. and this I D Theft has gone on for a long time to my Medium For God Prophetic Internet Communication .

Therefore, it’s up to the public.






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