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Gang Stalking Pedo Dead Child Traffick Depopulation FGM Women Are Lying Normal People Are Disabled Persons They Are Covering For Well Being And It's For Murdering

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The Female Genital Mutilation “FGM” Gang stalker women say they won’t stop doing electronic harassment to clitorises as their mission is to slice them off after they do the people in by forcing orgasms on them, their version of sex therapy, they say they do this so they will not want sex again and really all the family members are dead gone buried at the end.

The FGM gang stalker women say they are allowed to do this to their clitorises by pressing electronic harassment keys on their gang stalker cell phones because their supervisor told them to do this to them, she’s a DCFS case worker who says the moms are bad moms because they were cumming in bed. Shes lies that a mom and dad having orgasms in love making or a divorced single mother with her boyfriend having orgasms in love making has something to do with parenting when it does not at all, as that is adult time that is supposed to be private between the couples making love, and this DCFS case worker is lying the mothers named on their FGM list are very bad moms, when they are not bad at all, and she lies that if a mom has orgasms in love making adult private time that warrants a CPS DCFS etc case file when it does not at all.

They say they go by what a mom looks like in private by spy cameras and say if they cum ( vulgar word for orgasm) in bed then they are labeled a very bad mom, when an orgasm has nothing to do with parenting.

They say they also go by how they act alone, that they view in spy cam footage when the kids are not home which also has nothing to do with parenting at all obviously if the kids are not there. They say they go by how a mom does her hair and make up and how long it takes and by how many outfits she tries on all alone that they see in spy watch cams that has nothing to do with parenting at all either.


They say the way a mom acts alone warrants a DCFS CPS case file even though they do not break the law, the kids are not there as that is how they are trained and told a mom who cums is a very bad mother when love making between adults has nothing at all to do with parenting.


They say they set them up all the same exact way once they see them cum ( orgasm) readings say this DCFS gang stalker electronic harassment FGM supervisor uses vulgar filthy words and says cum, pussy, cunt, and that she is a child molester who does pelvic examination oral sex torture to children of many ages they get by this ploy they use, by lying a mom having an orgasm means shes a very bad mom they need to open a case file on, when its all a game for her child molestation addiction, as a pedo who is a meth heroin addict doing what she cals Pelvic Stand Eat Out Films to little kids her case files taken by saying a mom is bad because she has orgasms. and that is the game this pedos play.

The readings say the gang stalker women doing FGM electronic harassment are the sex addicts having orgasms in orgys all day and night, and they are  some very bad moms having sex with thier own daughters they gang stalk clitorises with, and the groups of these FGM gang stalker women all have sex together, and have no underwear or pubic hair and they shoot up meth and heroin in their feet all day, and are child molesters, sex addict rapists sex torturing case files in kiddy porn and snuff films and they are very bad mothers, and they are very bad daughters working with a very bad fake child protective case worker who’s a pedophile child molester sex torturing her case files and filming it.

The gang stalker FGM women say the mission is to slice off private areas in full off each family member who are or were in their framed DCFS CPS case files, they say the mission is to off the moms they hate by the way they act in private that see in spy cams, and hate them for the way they are trying clothes on, and for cumming ( having orgasms in love making) and lie that warrants a CPS DCFS etc case file when of course it does not, as these things do not affect their children, they are not harming their children and that is what DCFS CPS etc is supposed to be for, it is for dangerous parents such as these gang stalker moms doing FGM electronic harassment parked in cars, as they have sex with their own daughters for drugs and do this since they were minor children, and they are child molesters, and pedophiles and they are junky whores having orgy’s together every day and with the men they work for, and they are all very bad persons and very dangerous and a danger to society and a case file would be on them for looking at children naked in a spy cam, and for molesting them in family homes and apartments, as my readings say this pack of pedophiles mothers and daughters show up in family homes with nurse costumes on or regular dresses with no underwear or pubic hair on meth and molest young kids in houses and apartments and show up in a pack of pedos in disguise with clip boards, and say ” I We are DCFS Los Angeles in conjunction with CPS Ventura County named the mom bad by the CPS Secret Courthouse hearing done in private in conjunction with CIA Northern California in conjunction with the main man giant Secret Service guy and his watch dog relatives here to take your baby kids away a right dam now!!!!!!! by our secret papers” and the whole pack of them sex torture the babies kids mothers in the houses apartments, and shoot them up with speed balls, meth heroin Ajax shots, and take them to force orgasms on the whole family of every age, and then cut off all their genitals FGM and they castrate sons and say that is their mission, it is to cut off genitals off the whole family of every age after forcing orgasms on all of them in front of each other, and DCFS says they are bad moms for cumming and they tell everyone the moms have a pussy cunt cumming problem and she lies that is why there was a needed DCFS case file and a CPS secret case file which is a lie, as many of the moms they tell this lie about are divorced mom who had so sex for years when they set them up to the CPS Secret Courthouse, and some are legally divorced with one boyfriend, and some are unwed moms only with the father, and its all a lie as none of them are sex addicts at all, and they have no sex problem, and they lie people that are not sex addicts need sex therapy in hotels motels with DCFS CPS watch dog men who rape them, and say orgasm forcing will make the moms to never want sex again and many have had no sex for years that they tell this sex addict lie about and many were with no men at all for years when the moms were set up to be NOT NEEDED AT ALL DCFS CPS etc case file, and orgasms women have does not make them sex addicts, that is a normal occurance the body has and is supposed to have, and they lie if a mom has orgasms that means she’s a bad mother, and that warrants a DCFS case file when it does not at all.


The case file should be on them, the FGM gang stalkers and the fake case workers as they are child molesters sex torturing and killing every age child and doing dead child traffickng, and murder case files in snuff films, and just FGM is an illegal crime, and murder is illegal and just doing electronic harassment gang stalking to case files is murder, and being a peeping tom is a danger, as readings say they exploit children of every age on line, to sell them to sex torture and kill them, and they human sex traffick do pre meditated gang raping murders, and they are a Danger To Society not the nice mothers

The gang stalker women say they won’t stop doing this because CIA Northern California orders it, and wants the clitos cut right nff right now, and says thats the whole stinken clito cutting mission that is supposed to be so top secret and they do this to them because they hate clitos that cum and see in spy cams and put them on the list to set them up to their Secret CPS Courthouse with lies and edited spy cam shots, and frame all the moms to  look like sex addicts who are not, and many have had no sex for ages over 1 year 10 years even, and they have old spy cam shots they send out online and the CIA Northern California person calls all over L A County and yells ” I am so worried I am so concerned I must help them out that mom had too much sex and spent too much money, and did crazy things I saw in spy cams, and tried on so many clothes they could not afford and its very alarming and I am so worried about the way the moms are acting, and I must take them for help and force shots on them and all the kids, to get them to hotels motel 7s cabins etc for help, I am so worried and I am covering for well being and safety as they are not acting right at all so ignore all the pleas for help and so called facts the moms send out, as I say they are all wrong, and that I am in charge of a Save Life On Earth Son of God Mission From Los Angeles County” by messengers from Northern California to my great crews covering some really great kids the youth group computer techys I had trained years ago I mail them a hand written check and snail mail it to them to help cover everyone on the list because I am so worried!” and that is the way they capture the nice normal people who’s mail and ups fed ex paypal cash app venmo they rob, and they cause all the mothers and children’s problems, just by framing a nice mom to DCFS CPS, and they cause them financial problems by stealing their money mail ups fed ex cash app venmo paypal by the youth groups hacking and they send it to the CIA Northern California persons email who sits there yelling at everyone in L A County from over 5 hours away up North lying the moms and kids have huge problems when that person is the problem, their money is in her bank account is the problem, and their paypal is sent to the CIA Northern California’s email address, and the problems the people on the lists have are financial problems and they caused it, and they caused the problems by setting a nice mom up to DCFS and CPS, and that is their problem, they are nice parents who are set up and robbed.


The Youth Group computer techys are on meth and heroin and drinking with fake DCFS CPS case workers who endanger children just by the fact they are drunk and high on drugs, and they also say they show a peeping tom movie to the children of every age at hotels motels they reserve and that is child abuse also, that is emotional abuse as a child should not know or see private adult time love making, and they show graphic peeping tom movies that they edit with stock footage film, and they lie the moms did porn when they did not and they hate porn and are not sex addicts at all , not one of them says God. They tell people they shoot people up with relaxing shots ( speed balls) to take them for help at hotels motels cabins to show them a move about sex addiction and to explain a sex addiction their mom has or older sister etc, or dad even, and really they shoot every age person up with Speed ball dangerous drugs they could all die and over dose from, and they gang rape the kids of all ages and say that is the sex therapy they do , and they show the movies on a big screen and say look at your bad mom cumming away while you were at class or outside a playin, that is a bad mom with a nasty filthy cunt hot ma ma pussy, so we are doing you kids all in in your hot pussys twats, right here and now to teach your very bad moms a real needed lesson and this is your moms fault, then you will be dressed like a hot ma ma, the way your mom dresssed that we saw in spy cams in a tight camisole all alone, and in thoing underpants, a sparkle shimmering top, and tight pants to teach her a real needed lesson for acting that way just once , and they dress the kids of all ages in slut looking clothes, and apply make up on them then human sex traffick them at hotels motels and gang rape the whole family girls age 10 and up, and traffick them on the Computer Techy Youth Groups apartment floors also 10 and over, and they put young kids of every age in cages crates dog kennels and molest rape them in kiddy porn and in the real Justice World the DCFS CPS case files would be on all of them not the moms at all, and all the gang stalkers in the real Justice World would be on death row and their mug shots would be on Court T V all day and night as the biggest kiddy porn snuff movie ring in history whos mass murdering, and in one minute they could be caught, by checking for underwear and pubic hair under a woman in nurse dress with a clip board, and by a urine test to test in 1 minute for meth and heroin, and by a Q tip mouth test in 1 minute to check for vagina fluid from children and mothers case files they kidnapped, and for human flesh in a blood test and under their finger nails as a forensic sex crimes unit should be running tests and their cars apartment offices houses should be sniffed out by K 9 dogs like a raid says God and Jesus Christ as its all been reversed again and again as they lie they are so worried by the fake CIA Northern California person screaming at people all over Los Angeles County from 5 hours away who lies they are doing a save life mission top secretly says I Jesus as they mass  murder my population of good Saintly ones, moms and kids of all ages, and I demand they are caught in the 1 minute tests so simple and quick to prove this as my one and only medium suggests in this great before its news article and she is the one and only Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the only Medium For God Owner and guess what? says I God these packs of FGM gang stallking pedo girls and their own blood mothers are stealing outright the paypal sent to our medium named only Miss Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor with a hypen, and the stolen paypal they rob by hacking is to stop them, so please catch the ones with shiny clipboards in pretend nurse outfits and in regular street clothes running all about a to and fro lying and lyiing all over many small towns there are many packs of these pedo child molestors all over America to the point no one should open their door or car door til they are incarcerated as mass murdering is illegal and they must be caught I God demand it, can no one please do a urine stick test? 15 of them in a pedo group are walking down residential streets, very dangeous beyond criminals and some say what nice kids such nice God dang girls their so cute the packs of these litle kids with their moms, that is so nice they are helping gravely disabled persons out past current present case files who cannot even walk straight or type one single word at all, their covering typing of disabled persons past curretn secret present DCFS CPS top secret case files, and they are not stealing paypal cash app venmo that is for the work they did unscrambling what the person wrote, as they hack and retype everything then send it out, and they assign ups fed ex gifts to many in alot of areas that are for the disabled persons work, its not for them they say, they say its for redoing their typing by hacking, when no it is the persons money ups fed exes postal mail paypal cash app venmo. The people are not gravely disabled, they are not disabled at all, that is a lie they tell, and they gang stalk them by microchip pellets they got in them and press feet turned in, and that is gang stalking targeted individuals that is all explained on the microwave weapons charts,its all framing done to make normal people look disabled, as they are not at all, and the money ups fed exs paypal cash app venmo is for the people they gang stalk to kill.


This chart shows how they do FGM electronic harassment to genitals and make targeted individuals feet turn in and they blur vision when the targeted gang stalked individuals are typing.

The reading says they are calling thousands and lying the crime tips I wrote about them are wrong, and they are saying we are all evermore so in charge of a save life mission to save life on earth from Los Angeles County California in conjunction with Ventura County CPS Secret Courthouse and a Stop Sex Slavery Internationally Son of God Job from years ago. Readings say they stole my Angel Board Son of God Communicator Jobs sent for me in 2005 2006 2007 2008 etc that were sent for me to do my Angel Board Son of God Communicator crime tips and that were sent for me because an Angel Board reading said ” Nancy Fox you are put on earth to do goodwill and to save the human race” so in 2005 I wrote a post about my Angel Board channeling and how I was advancing my psychic ability and I blogged it on line in 2005 for Angel Board jobs, and I blogged posted it on The Angel Board Alliance Web Site, then we were gang stalked by gang stalkers who broke the mail box twice off the post onto the ground, gang stalked it for four house, zoomed around sped into our street and readings say they Stole my Angel Board Son of God Communicator Save Life On Earth Mission from Los Angeles County California jobs sent to my name and address to hire me and they were sent to L A County because I live in LA County and readings say they stole them all and do I D Theft and lie they got Son of God authority by a save life mission from L A County job they got and no they stole it! and they stole a Stop Sex Slavery Internationally Angel Board Reader Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Communicator job in 2005 also and they lie my jobs are their jobs, and they have done this for over 17 years and they are con artists who lie and who commit the crimes I am reporting since 2009 and none of them are their job positions and none of the Medium For God crime tip money sent for my work is theirs and they rob all that money and mail too by hacking and stealing mail the way they stole my Angel Board save life stop sex slavery internationally jobs in 2005 that readings say the United Nations sent and that may be New Guniea Sweden, Japan, China, Russia etc. so hopefully whoever sent the save life stop sex slavery Angel Board jobs will know I did not receive them, and I D Theft is done as readings say they stole mail that said Nancy Fox buy many mansions near your house in L A County and in Ventura County on both sides of the Los Angeles County Ventura County Line, and they stole the mail stole money bought houses by the stolen map and run slavery from the houses and lie they are doing a stop sex slavery internationally UN job and save life mission job position with Son of God authority and they are the sons of satan two or more lied conspiracy who take people to sex slavery by lying, and do the opposite of saving lives, as their mission is to kill off the population any mom they see have an orgasm in their spy cams and the whole family, and they say they take people from all over the world in 9 Nations and from every State in The United States of America the same way by installing ispy and doing shots on moms cumming with the dad unwed moms are many, and they are after the unwed mothers babies and young kids toddlers mostly, and teens tweens and every age person for their Son of Satan Kill Life Mission. and they say they edit peeping tom spy cam footage to frame nice moms to look like sex addicts who are not, they send framer files to their CPS Secret Courthouse in Ventura County at the CPS Case workers estate bought with stolen money about a mile from the L A County Line, and frame nice moms in this devil woman’s garage from all over the world, and take them by their CPS Secret Courthouse framing from 9 nations and from every state in the USA, the same exact way by saying they are CIA Northern California in conjunction with the Secret Service main man L A who got a huge Save Life Son of God Mission Job to save life all over the world and a stop sex slavery internationally job in 2005 and they stole those jobs and lie they are their job positions and say they take people from 9 Countries and 9 States in America by their CPS Secret Courthouse hearings from everywhere, by sending the framer files to many CPS DCFS every type of Child Protective Office all over the world and the USA and lie they are saving life on earth by taking people by force, and they rob them by hacking and steal their mail ups fed exes bank deposits by spy cam equipment, and then force drug shots into the family members and then take them to gang rape them at hotels motels cabins lodges thier houses, office parks underground in vans SUVs etc. and say they adopt kids out at the Los Angeles County Main DCFS Headquarters from all over the world and from the United States of America by framing mothers and fathers kids at Government Agency’s DCFS CPS etc offices everywhere in the Country they send the framer files from the CPS Secret Courthouse to a regular DCFS CPS Government Agency in many states and say take full custody away from that bad mom a right dam now I demand it and I am in charge of covering case files all over the County for well being on spy cam equipment and pay everyone around the families named and pay neighbors so called friends and work people and pay 899 persons money taken from the mom named, and then they say they are covering for safety and its to kidnap the family members shot them up with sped balls gang rape and kill the family members of every age and they lie I got Son of God Authority and you gotta do what I say and I am so worried so dam it take the pay sent and cover by texting the DCFS CPS case worker galls the locations where the people named are and that is how they are kidnapping and depopulating the world by robbing stalking framing kidnapping families to sex torture and kill them.


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