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By Medium For God
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The Dead Child Trafficker Pedos Murder Infants Under Freeways

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The Dead Child Traffickers who are addicted to doing oral sex torture pedo crimes are very addicted to doing oral sex to newborns and they go through a private door to a tunnel underneath the freeway after they eat breakfast in the morning and they get shot up by the watch dogs who have sex with them and rape the infants while the group of young women pedos do oral sex torturing crimes to the infants and they say they suck their organs out of their vagina and are addicted to doing this, and they are shot up by the watch dogs in the urinal areas in the freeway tunnels they walk in under the roarin freeways, and call it the urinal area where men urinate who work under freeways, and it could just be a drain in the cement where they are shot up by the watch dogs who drive by on a cart in a uniform cap they put on after eating breakfast with the pedo girls, who are in their twenties, and some are teens, and they started as teens years ago they were told they were going to be secret agent hackers, and they were shot up with meth and told their job is to suck on vaginas, and they have been addicted to this for a long time, and now their in their 20′s and 30′s and 9 of their mothers and 9 of their fathers sex torture babies, and kids with them, and they sex torture mothers, and frame them and take babies and kids of all ages away by framing mothers with the DCFS pedos they work with, and with the CPS Secret Courthouse woman, and it’s a infant sex torture murder, kiddy porn, snuff movie ring, and they lie they are covering families for safety and they are covering families to sex torture and murder them in a bloody movie.

The readings say some of these girls names were on a list suggested to be hired for the stop sex slavery internationally, save life mission from Los Angeles County jobs, and the CIA Northern California person and law office lady stole them and they were pretending those were their jobs,by them taking the mail from the mail box and post offices and they sent the stolen jobs to CIA Northern California and they all pretend these are jobs they got, when really they are stolen jobs that are not their utmost important job positions, and they pretend they are, the readings say some of their names were on the lists when they were in Middle Schools, and High Schools and it was several Middle School, High School names in different school districts, and readings say the mail they stole were Angel Board crime tip jobs sent to Nancy Foxs name and address, and many pretending its a CIA Northern California’s persons job position names were on the list suggested to be hired and they are telling people this is their job because their names were on the list to be hired, and that someone else assumed the job position as the save life commander, and their saying they are not stealing money because the letters they took years ago out of the mail box and from post office said Nancy Gail Fox could pay them salary, and the readings say the stolen Angel Board job mail said, this is Nancy Gail Foxs Psychic Angel Board crime tip Save Life On Earth From Los Angeles County Mission, and her Stop Sex Slavery Internationally Angel Board crime tip job, and she may hire these people, and she may pay them from her owned Nancy Gail Fox money sent to banks she has bank accounts, to those bank branches, and they stole the Angel Board jobs and money from banks, and many are paid $1,000.00 a week from stolen money, and that is people who were suggested to be hired by me Nancy Gail Fox, and it was suggested I pay people from my owned money sent to banks, and they stole the jobs and stole personal money and lied thats money for a job they got, when its not, as they never got a job, as they stole jobs in the mail and instructions that suggested I hire people and pay them from my owned money and the CIA Northern California and mortgage broker woman who stole an Angel Board job in spring 06 turned many girls into pedophiles who are addicted to doing kiddy porn child molesting and newborn vagina sucking on meth, and the readings say many of the pedo girls do this sex torturing to vaginas since June 2009, that they were sent a text from CIA Northern California that said, go take the Angel Board jobs from the post office and keep taking them out of the mail box by zooming past, and send the save life mission stop sex slavery job up North to me, and I will assign the jobs to you, by saying CIA Northern CA and the in home investigator main man L A Secret Service investigator assigns the job position to you girls, and they were taken from class by real estate agents who stole Angel Board jobs and lied they got a realtor many mansion buyers job, and they took them from 9th grade classes and 12th grade from about five schools, and drove them to the in home investigator top secret agent training, and they were shot up with meth when they were 11, 12, 13, 14 , 15, 16, 17 years old and told to suck on vaginas, and they were told this is their top secret job, its to make mothers have orgasms that they saw cumming in the in home investigators spy cameras, and that they are to suck on babies and kids private areas, to punish moms for cumming, and then they will cut off genitals with a sharp knife, and these kids got addicted to this at young ages, and do it since 2009, and everyday they do oral sex torture to a newborns vagina after they are shot up with meth under the roarin freeway in a wild methed out pedo pack of wolves, and they say they go through many private doors that lead to under freeways, and do this to newborn babies there everyday after breakfast they have with the watch dog men who then come wizzin by on a golf cart with a hat on, driving in the tunnel under the freeway where they meet up to kill a newborn baby, and they take parents from underground ATM machines that are under Banks or bank parking lots and some but up to the freeways, and they go through a private door under banks that leads to the tunnels under freeways to kill a baby, and they take the money from atms by CPS Secret Courthouse pass codes, and they that is one thing they get from the CPS Secret Courthouse case files is a Pass Code that they take the mothers money by, and this group of pedos run around all day taking mothers money from ATM machines, and they say they work with DCFS Los Angeles along with CPS Ventura County to cover their case files, old closed case files, current ones and case files not yet set up, and the DCFS woman is a pedo child molestor and the CPS case worker does the kiddy porn films, and they pretend they are covering case files for safety and no , they are covering them to rob them and to sex torture their vaginas, and to murder them, and there are many tiny carcuses under the freeway tunnels from all the sex torture murders they commited

They are lying we are doing the stop sex slavery Medium For God crime tip work and that is why they take Nancy Foxs paypal by hacking her emails, they are telling people all over America she is getting the crime tips from us. I am writing down the crimes they are committing, and I am writing down what this pack of oral sex pedo monstor serial killers are saying and they are calling all over America saying, hey hey its me looky here little ol Kate a 22 year old hot baby cakes doll I am doing the stop sex slavery internationally crime tip cover up work for CIA Northern CA and I got in this in spring 2010 by the mortgage broker gal who said go do vagina soothing to kids, and the others were doing this since June 09 and said they got hired as CIA Northern CA agents who directs them from 5 hours away up North, the person sends direction and told them the mission is to make the stinken moms cum so much they will never want to cum again in their next life, and the mission is to make their infant newborns babies of every age tots kids teen all cum 999 times to punish bad moms for cumming, and the in home investigator does spy cams on private areas to see whos cumming, then they go down on the long list to get, then you guys suck their living lights out and out of every age baby and kid and then you will slice off clitos and penises on sons, and then their dead gone forever to return to not stinken dam cum, and that is the pretend secret save life mission they are doing, and they got addicted to doing meth shots, doing oral sex torturing together and to heroin shots they get after the sex torture murder movies.

This Pedo baby killer ring is calling all over America and lying they are doing the stop sex slavery internationally great works of art wordpress posts. Those are my wordpress posts that report them. They hack and steal my medium channel written crime tips, cover up the crimes they commit, redo the pages I wrote, and send them to other psychics and say copy paste this and send it out, then the law office lady xeroxs the fake crime tips that cover up the crimes they commit onto a blank wordpress page, and prints, and copies the fake work, and fed exes it all over the world, and just had a class of 1977 realtor lady send 10,000 copies to 500 places around the world the other day, as the law office lady stole the stop sex slavery internationally, save life mission jobs years ago and does I D Theft and lies she got a job position she never got, and the stolen mail said that Nancy Gail Fox may hire people from the class of 1977 and she may hire some kids and teens in the area, and the ones sending out fake crime tips and the ones doing pedo crimes may have been named on the lists they stole from the mail, the readings say they stole Angel Board jobs sent to Nancy Foxs name and address years ago, and they all lie they got a job they never got, and are paid from stolen Nancy Gail Fox money, as they lied money sent to banks for Nancy Gail Fox is job money, when its not, its personal private money, and they lie thats their money because they took the jobs from the mail, and crossed off Nancy Fox and wrote their name on stolen jobs and said CIA Northern CA assigns the job to us and they are doing the pedo crimes, sex torturing, murdering victims, running sex slavery internationally, and many of them were named on lists suggested to be hired to work on the stop sex slavery internationally save life mission jobs, and the law office lady says their her great groups of people from class of 1977 and 1970, and they frame mothers for the devil to their CPS Secret Courthouse to take babies and children away, and they cover up sex slavery crime tips, and they make fake medical reports and set up medical kidnaps, and many of them lie they are the Medium For God stop sex slavery paypal sent, and the pedo hackers steal it and send it to many from class of 1977 1970 and to the parents of the kids from class of 2009, and they are in estates bought with stolen money by realtors who may have stolen angel board jobs, who lied the save life mission stop sex slavery angel board jobs were realtor buyers jobs, that they were doing by taking mail taking money from banks to buy estates with and they are running a sex slavery City with stolen money, and with stolen stop sex slavery internationally stop traffick paypal the pedo hackers rob, and they are lying we do the looky here little ol us crime tips babe, we are working diligently at this, we are taking the Medium For Gods posts, and changing the words, and say we investigated this by the DCFS L  A CPS Ventura County gal and by the watch dogs, all the ones they sex torture and kill people with, and they stole the Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services job May 2010 and lie thats their CPS DCFS Welfare Services Stop Trafffick Job and its my job they stole that is to stop them.

They are lying they are the corporate Medium For God funds they put in banks, and its stolen money they robbed, and there are 20 of them using their Social Security Numbers on bank accounts, where they put the stolen stop sex slavery stop traffick Medium For God money sent for Nancy Gail Foxs crime tips, and they are lying they are doing the Permanent Missions Stop Sex Slavery Internationally crime tip work in folders by the great groups from classes of 1977 1970, and by the parents of class of 2009, and 2013, and their kids are the pedo child molestors doing oral sex torture to infants under the freeway behind a  pink door, a utility workers room door they pained or put something pink on, and they call that the roarin under the freeway pink door in their tunnel where they eat infant newborn vaginas inside out at 9 am each day after breakfast with the watch dogs, and at 10 am they pay 20 under the freeway workers and half of them rape the kids, and these pedo girl serial killers are wearing green scrubs, or surgery blue scrubs, and their calling over America and lying they do the crime tip great works of art on wordpresses, and their lying the Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox tips are all ever so dam wrong, and they are lying those Angel Board jobs were sent to Nancy Taylor and shes a real retarded person, and that that is why they took them way back when starting in 05 06 07 08 09, and they voted the CIA Northern California person and law office lady in, to do the jobs instead that they took from the mail box and post offices and that is how they do I D Theft and they take the Nancy Gail Fox money from banks and lie thats money for a job they got when its not and my name was never Nancy Taylor, and I am not a retard, in 2005, 2006, 2007 etc I was working as a California Realtor as Nancy G. Fox-Taylor, and I restored my maiden name to Nancy Gail Fox in 2005, and I was a realtor from 1999 to 2009, and I was doing my own Angel Board readings at night after selling real estate in 2005 2006 2007 2008 and I posted about my Angel Board reading ability online in 2005 July on the Angel Board Alliance web site, and the readings have said these horrible groups of people ran and stole my Angel Board psychic jobs I generated, that were sent to Nancy Foxs name and address, and they ripped them off and robbed money at banks that was sent to Nancy Gail Fox, and lie thats money for a job they got when its not, and they are lying to all of America and say 10 of them are so cute no one will ever think its them, and they are 22 and 27 years old, and in their early 30′s and 7 of them are under 5 ft tall and look like little kids, and they were taken from about five School Districts in 2009, and they are pedophiles murdering infants everyday and every age baby and child, and have 5 babies in their hacker rooms whose vaginas they suck on everyday, morning noon and night, and they run sex slavery internationally and they kill life on earth and do the opposite of the jobs they have stolen for 17 years too long.

Reading say these pedo girls are messengering and calling all over town and lying Nancy Fox is writng crazy tips in the house, oh dear me the pedos say, please do not listen to one udderly word of that nonsense, as its ever so wrong and they are messenering many with private facebooks and calling neighborhoods and shopping mall store clerks they give stolen Medium For God thank you Prophet gifts and money to and they run around saying ” here ya go hon, take the gifts and pay hey hey, thats for our utmost important job we have done on so many gosh golly looky here wordpress pages hey hey” and its my money and thank you writer gifts they stole that are sent for reporting them, and the crimes they commit, and their lying they are saving life on earth and stopping sex slavery internationally by jobs they took from mail and got assigned to them by CIA Northern CA, who send sent the stinken Angel Board jobs you guys took on up and I will assign them to you and that CIA Norhern CA person is calling all over L A County from up North lying they are doing the Son of God Save Life Mission utmost important job position for the Permante Missions top secret hush hush and they say I will send you guys some pay for being on this, and its all top secret so do not tell anyone we spoke and you could get a whole lot of money later on, and their lying all over many towns and pretending they are in charge of a Son of God Save Life Mission job etc when they stole the jobs and lied it was their job, and fool many people by sending them stolen paypal and stolen gifts they ripped off from ups fed ex trucks by the pedos looting them and the girls doing this got addicted to doing oral sex to babies tots children and mothers years ago, and the readings say they are girls, young women who are from many School Districts who do oral sex tortuing to vaginas on shots of meth and then do heroin

The young women doing this may be from 5 School Districts

L A Unified may be one who is 33 or 34 Graduate from West Hills High

Newbury Park, may be one who is 22 or 23, the Sycamore Canyon Girl named Kate my readings say

Oak Park High School District, may be around 7 who are 27 to 32 years old, they may have been in 9th grade 12 grade in June 09.

Conejo Valley School District, there are many from those schools, who were in 9th grade and 12 grade in 09 June.

Las Virgines School District, many were in 9th grade 12 grade in 09 June


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      This post is not unlike staring into a pool of maggots in a dead calf, which I have seen. Satanism is like a hand full of tacks tossed onto a parking lot. Ignore it and the flat tires continue, but easy to clean up, without satanic law enforcement and attorneys to block due process.

      • HTLIII

        Read: Avro Manhattan, 1982, The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance.

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