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God & Jesus Christ Explain How To Stop The Homelessness Crisis And Many Deaths

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Jesus Christ says the deep state cabal who run the fierce most gruesome sex torturing operation in time are heavy set women pretending to be a real case worker and they are not that at all in any way,in fact they are acting proud and killing many young babies each day and many young kids to youths, as teenagers are really gang raped and oral sex torturing and penetration is done to them on the cold damp dug out hidden room floors by men also, and they are nice girls is what they say when they take them all away at the mere drop  of a hat, so fast to an awful gruesome sex torturing gang raping bloodiest death as the blood of mine passes through them to die to our heavens light as grime and gruesome deaths such as the ones I am explaining by my medium clear open vessel really good the very best Prophetess writer who these fierce murderer fat women describe all wrong as in hated misrepresenting as they are the ones reported by I God writing this with my Son of God thou loved cherished worshiped thou Jesus Christ and our medium clear open vessel really nice Prophetess writer is slandered by them the most hated serial killer murderers and that is the ones who pretend they are really nice great so terrific case workers working for a really nice Government Agency as in the hated ones in CPS DCFS and so in fact in all the so called phony fakest so called liar Child Protective Service offices of Government Agencys there are nine in each place, each operation, that is around ten percent of them the hated pigs who are really doing a fake job position with an important seeming title as they are really doing it for ill purpose that we hate so much loathe them to pieces in fact as does our really nice caring life saving medium named only thou Saint Nancy Fox and that is she writing this piece for me called to her straight Jesus which means its just I and thou God almighty and many angelic angels with really nice proud guardian angel wings on around us now hovering around to try once again to get it through all your thick heads at the news media its not as much right now as they do believe the scandal of slandering and so much wicked gang stalking to vandalism to theft lies told and so on that were really done to our nice woman a great proud over protective mom as in a Saint Mother, and the last person on earth these mean crimes should have happened and in her last life she wrote for us also as always in each life to stop the hated occult, and did die obviously in Dec 1958 as a nice spiritual geru, and we wrote her stop the occult instructions to finish her work in this life as Nancy Fox and she did hand it to some to mail it to Nancy Fox many times in this life, and the mail is always stolen, and still is so unfortunately as she willed her own money to herself Miss Nancy Fox to be born in early November 1959 and the money has been stolen is what I am saying and so are her stop the occlt instructions, and guess what ? shes obviously been doing this stop the occult work with her psychic geru mystical ability to stop the occult as she started doing her Ouija Board work as a child and picked it up again by us reaching her from heavens realm in early 2005 and she does this work to stop the occult for a very long time and set up and began her Medium For God Prophetess channel writer business of a really great fine nice Holy spirit writer for us in early 2009 in her hometown where she was born and raised in Sherman Oaks California where her stop the occult mail as always been so stolen from by an identity theft fierce so hated ring of greedy sneaks who really steal her stop the occult save life on earth mail with her own instructions she really wrote in her last life in Bel Air and Beverly Hills California and was raised in Pasadena in her last life as a spiritual genus psychic detective as that is who she is and always has been in many past lifetimes the same as this lifetime and they steal her stop the occult mail for about 60 years plus and still are and they stole her earned generated by her thou Angel Board jobs and instructions that said pay your house off with your owned money at the banks, sent to you Nancy Fox and so on and gate the long driveway to keep the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy out of your deeply loved house and home and have bodygaurds like real Secret Service men and women as a Governor has and you shall have motorcades and limos driving you going ten miles per hour for your safety and you shall buy many mansions and hire some friends and family to work in them for you to put your stop the occult answers in folders and they can fed ex them to United States of America Senators and to the Human Rights offices and the United Nations offices who are sending you the Save Life On Earth Mission you shall do from L A County California in your home where you do your Angel Board Jesus God and Angel word spellings each day and at night mostly at ten pm by a bright white candle light as this is your last lifes stop the occult mission, and its your named Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Save Life Mission and its also your Stop Sex Slavery Internationally Mission, and many Angel Board jobs sent for her to answer crime tip questions on her Angel Board by us God almighty and my son Jesus Christ were stolen, and still are and many deaths have occured due to this, and we are very angry so many brand newborns infants an hour old and a minute even and every age are slaughtered each day at nine am under a freeway and masses of nice families our good people have been taken away to a horrific bloody  gruesomiest death every day for far too long for sixty years not needed deaths have occured so unfortunately by the occult who are the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy and she our Prophetess medium was to be doing this work in Sherman Oaks as a child also, and its years of her own questions she wrote in her last life that are stolen, and shes been doing this stop the occult save life mission stop sex slavery internationally Prophetess crime tip psychic detective work without the mail ever reaching her and that is a fact as they stole it when she was just a child even at five years old and she was going to go work for John F Kennedy then to answer psychic questions sent, as he knew her in her last life and knew who Nancy Fox was and does know as she channel Prophet writes for him exactly since 2009 spring also, and he tells us they shoot him due to her, as they did not want JFK stopping the fierce occult the hated antichrist, and anyone who buts in will be killed possibly if they rave about her and if everyone announces it then the hated occult wont win, as if its so public on the television then all shall know then they shall listen to the important Prophetess crime tips, and go save the people they can hopefully as that is the other point of all this work she does its to save the ones they have taken who are being slaughtered at the end as they are really gang raped and molested so bad that it takes one million full years for them to recover in our heaven as the hated occult known as the antichrist who would reveal himself in around 2011 as predicated by us written in the Old Testiment, that the antichrist would reveal himself in 2011 a handsome charming spy with survellence that the world depends upon to save life while hes killing off societys and that Jesus Christ would appear on earth and stop the antichrist and that is what I have been doing since 2009 June by her reporting my words as she wrote then often at 4 and 5 am all day on sreams of white copy paper dropped off by another named Saint, and she wrote by hand til midnight often to the wee hours of the morning dusk til dawn some might say and call it that and even slept often on a pillow a she faxed to the whole world to stop the hated occult antichtist and ever piece of mail sent for us writing by her is stolen and her money also and the very important instructions that say shes to live to be 107 and that is a fact, and that is to report for us, to save many people, and they are shortening her life span her Saint Godly Prophetess life span on purpose by stress they cause alone, and shes supposed to have had her owned money since she was a child, and now it says hand Nancy Gail Fox cash take it from her owned money at banks, and place it right in her hand and keep half of the money sent also for covering Nancy Gail Fox the Prophet and they take it all and pretend they are covering as they do not want her to have money and also have been taking her Angel Board instructions and money sent from mail boxes and post offices since 2005 spring says I God and Jesus Christ and those are millions of questions we are to answer, and do by her without them as she knows what to write down and report and what to ask us, as she does ask questions such as today she asked how many people are robbed and run into homlessness? and our answer is thousands in California, New York City, Ohio, and around the earth as it barely turns and could spin to a slow stop by the depopulation occult who sex torture and murder so many people in cold blooded grusesome sex torture human sacrifice murders as they are human sac religion, and they steal from many people as gang stalkers also, and they run wealthy people into homelessness by taking their mail and earnings from banks, and run them out of their homes to murder them in their human sacrifice human slaughering sex torture rooms, and they ruin every job they apply for and target the ones who are practicing alcoholics who have a hard time coping anyway, and anyone who is any kind of case file even food stamps as in California Fresh and they tell everyone the same lines lies time after time on line and by text the lie that they are covering case files, and take their earnings checks sent and depoit the money of nice hard working citizens who would not ever be seen as a homeless type person and they lie the stolen money that belongs to the ones they made homeless is Government funding in bank accounts, and have a list of 1,000 peoples names they made homeless outright as they sit watching their money in banks online and tell everyone they cover poor needy homesless people as Government agents case workers when really they are robbing them outright daily weekly monthly and even steal welfare checks sent and have done this wicked most cruel game to the Govermment for ages, its gone for a long time as they run human sex slavery by an evil organized crime ring system by spy cam equipment and many they have taken to regular human sex trafficking are ones whos checks they are taking, as they pick out a group of who to traffick the ones they will make alot of money on by getting them raped, and they will lie they are dead and continue taking their money and say they are in a medical facility under the streets, and keep taking their welfare checks work payments due to them etc etc, and may act like they are alive even and continue taking their money, and say they are in a boot camp and you name it as they tell any old lie, as they are masses of con artists, as they rob people rape them to death and murder all of them and keep taking their money, and some making alot of money they do not kill right away because they are getting so much money out of them, and many being human sex trafficked are ones they framed to be a not needed ever at all CPS DCFS etc case file in the endangered State of California, Ohio, NYC, North Carolina they set up to get people taken away there recently, and in Chatanooga Tennessee, Cincinattia Ohio its a thousand they made homeless in the freezing cold snowy weather, as they are all addicted to sex torturing humans of mine Gods, and they are addicted to plain torture also such as robbing someone to make them starve and freeze as they do not want the nice people to enjoy life either as they are wicked and cruel to human beings, and to babies especially to rip them from their loving moms who just gave birth to them where they did not get one sip of blessed breast milk even, and they rip them to shreds like a pig they are slaughtering like a chicken hung upside down as they are the devils running awful wicked human sex torturing and take people in many ways and one is by the so called case worker pig women who are huge obess R N case workers titles they have for a fake back office Department of Health and Welfare Services, and they are addicted to pinching off babies clitorises with their fat pig hands after they rubbed them and licked them with their fowl mouth tongues of hated devils and run around in large women sized clothing big lady clothes sizes 18 to 50 at five hundred pounds, and 297 pounds, in conservative t shirts tops slacks for big women and polished white sneakers one with very short hair like a man and no make up with folders they carry around and say we all work for the Government Agencys the CPS Secret Courthouse Hebrew speaking case worker in blue grey scrubs, and sneakers, and DCFS gals, and those DCFS fake case workers are awful rapists who sex torture case file children and their moms on floors of their so called Nurse DCFS CPS assistants who are young women one a teen is 17, and the young women started as kids and teens in 2009 are many and they were around 13 and 14 and 17 and one 19 etc. etc. and they are addicted to doing oral sex torturing to the victims and on their work residence floors by their dug out medical apparatus hacking rooms hidden down stairs under many Drug stores malls stores etc. they are getting many children raped, five years old also as this wicked cult is told, that they are doing CPS DCFS CIA Northern California and in home investigator main Secret Service man Los Angeles County and the watch dogs sex therapy, and they are told that is a mom looks sexy in the in home investigators spy cam footage and edited peeping tom films he makes and cum one time or just look sexy in the spy cams in mirrors then they are named bad moms to set up to the CPS secret Court House by framing fraud and edited spy cam footage, and to take the children from the mom, and to sex torture the whole family by forcing orgasms on them by gang raping and oral sex, and that is their sex therapy, and they say its to punish them for cumming, their slang word for an orgasm, and that is what this wicked cult is trained to do to sex torture and kill my nice human beings, that they take by gang staking and they are doing electronic harassment to many of the targeted individuals now by pressing so many keys on thier cells that electrocute them by microwave energy pellets they got in what they consumed, and they tell people an outright lie that they press keys to relax people by microwave pellets and they are killing them by radiation and electrocution by gang stalking and they lie they are covering case files for well being and they are covering to sex torture and to kill them all, and they show up shoot them up with speed balls, and say they got Court warrants to force some really nice ever so relaxing shots and their shots have killed alot of babies already and they murder people and force them to hotels motels in California cabins lodges in Northern California and in North Carolina Tennessee etc etc etc. and to tall high rise buildings in New York City and take many on a ladder hidden in  a work bag as they take people to human sex torture and kill them in many ways which our medium Nancy Fox the Prophetess writer has explained since June 09 and told the whole world, and they call and say give me that crime tip faxed to you emailed text to you we are covering that, we are doing the save life mission top secret when they are mass murdering and running horrid depopulation and slaughtering many nice ones like a cow, and our medium does not like killling animals either and does not eat meat for ages, and she does not like they cat nap and take dogs also from the targeted individuals, as they frame a nice mother to their cps secret court house which is in a gaurd gated estate neighborhood about 3.7 miles west of the Los Angeles County Ventura County line in Ventura County California in the CPS Hebrew gals estate garage, and why would a cps case worker live in a 5 to 10 million dollar estate? because they buy many estates and houses with stolen funds, as they steal paypal cash app venmo hacking in the rooms next to the medical apparatus rooms where they sex torture and kill people and commit FGM crimes, and first stalk steal cat nap rob mail hack ruin work income and steal bank deposits by spy cam equipment, and frame the nicest moms to the Secret Court hearings in the estate garage of a CPS Case worker and lie their peeping tom spy cam edited shots is porn when its their peeping tom voyeurism they did to people that is hidden then they take the framer fraud liar peeping tom files to a real court at City Halls all over town in the morning at 7 am 9 am 11 am and so on and its been before noon, and they tell real Courts they have to take custody away based on the secret court in home investigator secret service mortgage broker law office womans investigations and they frame the people and rob them, and cat nap, and exploit them with peeping tom and brain wash people on messenger text with False Allegations Misrepresentation, outright slander and make up tall tale stories, and fool everybody in the many areas and send mass voice mail messages out on phones a recording with a lie that states this is the law office lady the secret service investigator a realtor, working for the secret service in home investigator and the CIA Northern California and I am doing a save life mission and have Son of God authority when no she does not and never did as she stole many Angel Board jobs of the Son of God Nancy Gail Foxs in 05 off the front porch at 9 am everyday practically in 2005 summer and spring she had her mail sent to her house and always does and has her Son of God thank you prophet presents sent to her house by UPS in 09 and still does, as she works for the devil and says she planned this out ages ago with CIA Northern California to take the big huge Son of God Save Life Mission jobs when they were sent for Nancy Gail Fox and they cased the house with spy cams on trees and stop signs the porch mail box curb and literally robbed the Prophets jobs and she told everyone its a big huge top secret job to buy many mansions and to do folders  and to fed ex them that comes with alot of perks, and she outright stole the Prophets jobs and instructions and said we are doing it by spy cam equipment instead, we are putting spy cam answers in folders, and got her realtor license in around 2008 or early 2009, and lied she was doing a big realtor buyers job, and twisted everything around and still does and is a hated con artist doing identity theft to a real Prophet, and stole her own job she wrote in her past life in Bel Air, and went to banks and stole her owned money and lied that Nancy Gail Fox money is for a job she got when its not, and says she can do anything she wants by top secret CIA Northern California and by Secret Service authority and runs sex slavery internationally by framing the nicest moms to the CPS Secret Court hearings in a garage, and she says the mission they are doing is to cut off clitorises so moms cannot orgasm, that is makes her sick that moms have a sex drive passion and cum, and she says they name moms ones to set up to the secret court by how they are in bed, unwed moms with the dad, legally divorced moms with their boyfriend, and she says they do in home investigations to see how they look having intercourse, and if they cum and look sexy in the mirror they go on the list as they all hate them so much, they hate moms who are passionate who dance and who are so nice to their kids then passionate in bed in love making that they see in spy cams, and she says that means they are a bad person and they follow the Little Brown Book of By Laws written in the 1950′s or 1940′s probably says God that says if a mom has many orgasms in a row it means shes a bad person, and they want to stop sexism, and she was told the mission is to cut off clitoral heads so moms cannot cum, and she says its to stop diseases and infections by doing FGM and that is the save life mission she’ss been doing for ages with CIA Northern California and they both take Nancy Gail Foxs Son of God spiritual geru mail and lie they do a Son of God job position and work for the Son of Satan. Amen to know that con artists run the show and they mass murder and many could be found and saved in the computer techy hackers residences, the young women in fake nurse costumes that the law office lady buys them for ages for far too long as many newborns have been killed by them taking them in nurse costumes, and the law office lady also buys clothes for newborns babies of every age tots children teens moms, and she buys what they call a going away layette outfit a Christening gown for infants newborns boys and girls, they call them sons often, and say they are adopting them all out from a very bad mom who was cumming that they saw in spy cam observation, and say their mission is to take away the ones like this to get rid of them, to remove them from the worlds population, that if a mom cums even one time it means they are a very bad person full of lust, when they are not bad at all in any way, its blissful orgasmic love making not lust at all that they see in spy cam footage, and they are the peeping tom spy cam sex addicts all addicted to watching people naked, as the devil antichrist got many into this game of I D theft in the 1960s and said take Nancy Gail Foxs Ouija Board stop the occult questions when they are mailed to the Son of God Nancy Gail Fox Los Angeles County, California and say you are doing the Son of God job instead, and they told many to take the mail and that they could do their version of a save life mission which is to remove clitorises off moms who are lustful, and they got many Mormons into this and said sent them Nancy Gail Fox money and lied the money sent is for a son of God save life mission they are doing instead and the Mormons agreed to remove passionate orgasmic women in the 1960′s and are sent stolen money for about 57 years and so is the CIA Northern California and so is the law office lady since about 1979, and they lie thats their save life money when its all stolen, as the devils hated antichrist 6 ft 8 main man secret service in home investigator in his mid to late 80s steals it from planes at airports for ages, and sends it to them and says the save life Son of God Nancy Gail Fox funds have arrived I will be wiring it to your bank account, and he says they are doing the save life Son of God mission top secret, and he steals the Nancy Gail Fox crime tip jobs and re addresses many of them, with a large label. and lies its someone elses property, the CIA Northern California who got in on it as a child and was told you are so much better for this son of God save life mission job position so take Nancy Gail Fox spirit of light mail and pretend its your job you are doing by us assigning it to you all top secret, and that person got many into this I  D Theft game in 1970 and then the law office women in around 1979, and they steal mail money gifts off porches by spy cam equipment and lie they cover people for safety and really frame people to take them to human sex slavery, and to do illegal FGM, as they were told to cut off private areas is the mission, to get rid of orgamic women around the world, and they lie they are doing the save life stop sex slavery mission by putting fake crime tips in folders in estates bought with stolen money, and they are the ones capturing people to sex slavery, by framing nice moms to their wicked liar secret court in the case workers garage, and there are many teens kids moms who could be saved and found and babies toddlers but no one is looking underground as they yell hey but out that is ever more so very top secret this is CIA Northern Californias top secret operation they are running and message us in L A County from five hours away up North, and we work for them and the law office lady mortgage broker gal and the main man In home investigator secret service giant 6 ft 8 man, and they are the commanders of the Son of God Save life Mission job sent in 05 06 07 08 and they take the Medium For God Prophets instructions and money also since 2009 and say thats for their Son of God save life mission they took in 05 as they stole Nancy Gail Foxs angel board crime tip questions from the mail in 05 and her instructions that said shes to do her Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Save Life On Earth Spiritual geru mission from Los Angeles County, sent for her to answer angel board questions at the house in 05 and they all plotted to run her out of house and home and to set her up to their CPS Secret Courthouse and then to DCFS, and did in spring 09 and then lie we got control of Nancy Gail Foxs money and mail by the DCFS case file in 09 and planned it out to do that to take her Save Life On Earth Mission and Stop Sex Slavery Internationally jobs, and lied it was a job to buy many mansions and to do crime tips in folders, and do fake crime tips fed ex them to Senators and follow her instructions we took and do our top secret mission which is to take nice moms down so dam bad says CIA Northern California its to ruin everything they earned and worked for in their lives because we hate them much for being the way they are, we cannot stand how they primp in a mirror, loose weight and prance around in new tight jeans, we hate that they do it at Noon and cum, we see in spy cams and put them on the lists to get as that is what we are investigating its to see if a mom looks hot and sexy in the shower standing alone, if they look sexy getting dressed in the mirror and if they cum in bed, as CIA Northern California got into this as a kid, and was told by the antichrist men that they are doing a secret mission which is to take floozy types underground, moms who have flings drink who are loud and so on, and they said they are bad persons and set up to frame nice moms to look like floozys to get them with the secret antichrist formula, that they use to frame all the nice mothers, they find out who is unwed or divorced, or head of household, then put spy cams outside to case them out rob thier mail money and hack their computers, frame them and lie they have a reason to do a secret service in home investigation and make up fraud fake reports about how they bought  a house, and tell many lies to people at banks and Goverment offices, and lie they have reason to investigate when there is no reason at all, most do not do drugs or lie cheat or steal and hate porn, and most are with one man in love and did not cheat in thier marriages, and they lie they have reason to a secret service in home investigation when there is no reason, and they put spy cams inside the houses and do peeping tom on all the family members and exploit them and the law office woman exploits children teens naked on her cells and says onk onk fat pig, and they send peeping tom exploation of virgin teens showering and sell them for chattel slavery run by DCFS CPS etc. and they make nine keys to the family residences,and put them in a pot outside and the law office woman pays 99 liars to plant gin in the garage, and she pays 99 men to lie they had sex with the mom in the bathroom , and she videos the man naked lying in the family home by going in when no one is home and she jacks them off in laundry rooms and wipes their seaman in childrens underwear and does many framing tactics and tells the 99 who plant gin in the garage in a tin that its a fun game to run them out of house and home and to set the mom up to CPS DCFS to take the family on a secret mission that the secret service needed to do an investigation on the moms and they are going to prison or boot camp underground so they have to run them out of their home frame the moms to the cps secret court garage private hearing by them lying spy cam shots are porn, and then they are set up at regular courts and to CPS DCFS offices and the courts are told they must take custody based on the in home investigation reports that is all framing fraud peeping tom edited they did in spy cams, and its looped and dirty subtitles music flashing lights are added to it, and they tell Courts they must take custody of the children from the moms because the moms are going to prisons by the secret service charges, and that he will read the charges to them when they the mom and kids are taken to a hotel by CPS DCFS and assistants by forcing shots by medication warrants and warrants to take custody from the moms named, and they gang rape and sex torture the children of every age in front of the hand cuffed moms, at the hotels motels cabins lodges that they say they take them to for CPS DCFS counseling and to inform the family the mom is loosing custody and going to prison all a game for human sex torture human traffick kiddy porn snuff films and to do FGM female genital mutilation and their mission is to sex torture them so bad by gang raping them front and rear by packs of men and by oral sex torture clitoral rubbing etc. to ruin their souls is the reason, and they frame alot of moms who are professional kind and sincere, to look like a wasted crack whore floozy bad mother when they are not, and they do it simply by the law office woman lying all over town, she pays 99 to plant gin in the garages of moms who do not drink at all for ages, many do not drink at all for decades and do no drugs, and they frame them by planting gin in garages, and they lie the moms are very bad persons floozys who did lazy porn who were drinking gin in the garage or shooting up drugs by dumpster who were having sex with men in the bathroom in the family home, tramping around in hot sexy clothes, and they frame them to real Courts with these ridiculous lies and slander and the very important word Misrepresentation as the devils wicked game to get them for human sex torturing by nine hundred and ninety nine men. Amen from God and Jesus Christ to say no ones custody should ever be taken away in this wicked world with the devil among us all as they frame the nicest ones of all to sex torture their gentle spiritual souls as they are the ones who pray often, and therefore no ones custody should ever again be taken away as its so many deaths that have happened unnecessarily that is must stop as the antichrist running human sex torturing mass murdering dead child traffick depopulation kiddy porn horrible gruesome sex torture says hes the main man giant 6 ft 8 secret service investigator of homicides, and therefore no one should be taken away by any force or by court houses at City Halls or by any Court in America or the world that includes a mom who was not nice or who did have an affair when she was married, as this fierce hate crime fgm cult with many women want to sex torture children to punish mothers, and therefore no one should be taken at all even a mom did do something wrong, as her entire family would be gang raped and killed in front of her to punish her, and she would be sex tortured in front of them and murdered in cold blood, and then all their genitals are cut off, and most did nothing wrong they do not lie cheat or steal they are honest people who do not swindle or cheat, and who hate pornography, and they lie they have criminal charges and know and no they have no charges they never hear of the framing fraud and lies done to them secretly behind their backs, and the sex ring tells men the moms know they got charges, and they can have sex with you to work them off in hotels as the secret service made a nice plea bargain with the mothers when he read them to CPS Secret Court charges we did to them in the hotel we took them to by shots hand cuffed them took custody of the children and if the moms have sex with men at other hotels motels houses etc. they can work prison time off, and the moms have no prison time did nothing wrong never head of this, and its rape set up this way, as if a mom did have jail or prison time they would not agree to be raped instead ever, and that is from God who says horny hard up men rape them and their kids and fall for this plea bargain nonsense as its all been a big game the devil plays on so many for far too long and God says it must be stopped by Jesus Christs side the savior of life, Amen as to know this is to stop many from being brutally murdered. pass this on to God and Jesus believers written by our Prophetess writer named Miss Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the sole Medium For God Prophet channel writer owner. Amen as its to gruesome to ever imagine so stop the lies on aim. texts messenger, and by calls please about so many of our great people they are after whos names are listed at the law office womans residence and by the hated DCFS rapist child molester drug addicted bank robber kidnapper con artists many related to the phony very tall in home investigator secret service phony as a dark skinned family tall large men and case workers among them the devil and he is handsome swave debonair, classy acting at times a diamond stud in his right ear at times says God.

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