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The CPS Secret Court Gang Stalkers Are Lying To Real CPS and DCFS Government Agency Offices Across The USA To Take Many Of My Very Good People Away To ...

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The medium Prophetic readings say the kiddy porn child molestor trafficker ring lies to real Child Protective type offices in the USA, with fraud reports, and lies they tell about nice people and they tell CPS DCFS and other offices they want to force shots and take families to hotel rooms and readings say they have 100 persons named to force shots on and they have 40 hotel room reservations in the Los Angeles County area and many gang stalkers who work for the fakes make fraud reports and send them to real CPS DCFS Government agency type offices, and they lie moms have sex problems who do not, and they lie honest nice mothers are swindlers and greedy liars who are sincere and generous,kind and very honest, and the readings say they are stealing paypal cash app venmo by a DCFS computer device they hack with and they take money from many closed DCFS CPS case files in Los Angeles County and they are robbing 20 buisness owners this way, and they lie they got control of all the persons named on long lists to get, online money, deposits at banks, mail, ups, fed exes etc. and they lie they can do this to anyone they want by Court papers, and old closed CPS DCFS etc case files, they lie they can change names on them, and lie about a divorce date, and do this to frame moms to look like they cheated in their marriages when they did not, and the readings say its a child molestor kiddy porn ring on meth and heroin women who have orgys together, who make kiddy porn brutal sex torture snuff FGM films who open mail sent to people named on long lists to get, and they read other peoples mail and respond to it with lies, and say Dear Sir or Mam with such deep regret we so sincerely apologize but our case file you wrote to has such troubles they cannot even open thier mail or read it even as we named them gravely disabled by us in our top secret spy cam bugging hacking rooms observing them and we watch them on security cameras and say my oh my that poor thing, no way she can open this mail and read it and answer it or open a fine gift package, thereby we all take what is sent to their names and addresses and respond with such deep regret, and they lie the honest people are swindlers full of hot air, and they lie they do their work to get attention and that they want a free hand out and thats why they are whining and complaining, and they just want free money thats why they lie they are a targeted individual when they are not at all by our so keen wise observation. 

These are the fake Food and Drug Adminstration women who put microwave pellets in their food and drinks, and they gang stalk the targeted individuals and do electronic harassment to their whole body and to their genitials and lie they have a vagina infection trouble when they do not, and they lie they were with alot of men in one day when they have not been with one man at all for ages, even no sex for over 10 years, and they lie people having no sex for over a decade who hate pornography are sex alcoholics, when they are obviously not, and they send out old peeping tom they did on legally divorced moms and their live out boyfriend, love making from years ago also, and edit it and exploit moms who have not had any sex for ages, and they do this peeping tom edited exploitation to unwed moms who are only with the dad, and they frame many to look like sex alcoholics who are not at all, and they lie if a mom has orgasms in love making that means they are sex alcoholics when it does not mean that, and the women telling this lies are the ones stealing paypal cash app venmo, go fund me etc from 50 people the readings say by a DCFS CPS comptuer device, and they are framing many nice parents to real CPS DCFS etc Government Agency offices who may believe their fraud reports, and many others are framing the nice normal mothers they are robbing by fraud reports, and they change legally divorced moms last names to their past married name when they restored their maiden  name in a real legal divorce, and they have changed files at real CPS DCFS Government Agency offices the readings say that are full of lies with changed information and they keep slandering them and setting up closed case files, mothers and children who are grown up adults, and lie they need to force shots in them to take them all away so fast to hotels they set up to force M S DCFS hotel therapy when the mom and her kids and adult children get along just fine, and they have no problems at all, and they lie they have to take them by forcing shots in them so quick to take them to hotels they set up in such great advance to tell the kids of all ages their moms got a sex problem when they do not at all, and they tell this lie about moms who have not had sex for over a decade, and some for not five years or a year and so on, and the moms only have sex in love, and have no sex problem at all, and they lie that if a mom orgasms it means they got a hot ma ma cunt pussy problem vagina troubles when they have no problem at all as women are supposed to have orgasms when they make love, and they exploit many with old spy cam footage and recent spy cam footage they do on moms and dads and divorced moms with their only boyfriend they love who lives outside of the home and they do this wickedness to engaged couples who are the mother and father in love, and they lie a long O means someone is a sex phen, when orgasms are normal and nobodys busienss to know about but the man they love who is glad they satisfied the woman they love, and they lie that means a sex trouble when its not a trouble at all, and they say if they moan or say oh my God dear and so on it means they are sex phens with troubles when no it means they enjoyed making love with the man they love, the dad, or significant other, and they say they told all the offices they decide who needs   a forced shot or valum pill and have many long time sober AA member mothers and dads on the long list and to shoot up a sober alcoholic or force a pill is murder as for an alcoholic to drink or use is to die, and thats what AAs are taught, and many are in AA who are on their list at CPS DCFS etc offices by this hacker pedo child molestor ring who say they are the spy cam potty gals, they stare at caes files vaginas all day in spy cams in toliets, and they are huge fat child molestors who weigh 200 to 500 pounds, who lie they are Department of Health and Welfare case workers and they are fakes from a back bungalow building behind a real Government agency type building the readings say and they say they are R Ns and they are huge big fat lesbian child molestors, who sit naked in a ring with their assistants young women naked and masterbate each other, finger and fondle each others cunts is how they describe it on meth staring at vaginas in toliets of babies toddlers young kids and every age child kid teen and mom, and dads too, and they say they cant wait to eat out their private areas all lined up after the men rape the kids of all ages at hotels they reserved, the watch dog men to bloody virgin raping at the hotels and they say thats their top secret sex therapy to hand cuff innocent framed mothers to chairs and rape their kids of all ages in front of them in the rectum and vaginas at the same time til blood splatters high on ceilings, and they sit in their devil naked ring high on meth masterbating each other and jacking off and watch bloody virgin gang bang on a screen over head, that they take down right away as the play it all dam day in their gang stalker electronic harasment gang stalker brand spankin new cars on the dash board while they gang stalk to get them to force shots to eat them all out all lined up as they are all addicted to it and all day they lie honest moms are swindlers and they lie moms having no sex for years are sex alcoholics, and they lie long time sober AA moms and A A sober daughters are wasted crack whore women they need to help when they do not drink or do drugs at all for ages and never used a needle or did meth or crack, and they tell total lies and say they just want to eat out vaginas and sons penises and dads too often times, as they are all addicted to doing 9 shots of meth and sucking on private areas and to chewing them up and the fat child molestor fake Department of Health and Welfare fat lesbians child molest babies toddlers young children and they film their big fat naked rear ends in the Kiddy Porn camera shots, and then pinch off their clitoruses with their big fat child molestor hands and its filmed on video text cameras the director 6 ft 8 man buys at Best Buy, and they have many who are paid on the spy watch cam commitee framing mothers in reports they send to real CPS DCFS Government Agency offices, as they lie to them also and to the whole world on messenger and put 50 spy cams on people moms know to hear what they say about the moms and kids, and the real CPS DCFS Government Agency offices listen to them repeating lies, and they change reports to Authoritys and lie a mom is not divorced when she is, and they frame the nice normal people under many names, their past married names when they restored it, and they lie to many Police Departments all over California and to many states in America also, if a case file adult child moved and was in a case file long ago they lie to that state also, and they say their mission is cutting off huge giant clitos and they do not care what lie they tell to get them down and out to eat them all out all lined up after their watch dog men have their way with them splatering blood on hotel motel ceilings and bed and breakfasts in the South,and they mop it up after by many paid to clean named house keeping gals who are really their counterparts who say they are DCFS Los Angeles in conjunction with CPS Ventura County in good ol Cal who may lie they are a DCFS CPS Case worker, and they may tell that lie to real DCFS CPS etc Government Agency Offices also, and they lie they are M S Therapists and they may not be any of the titles they say, and they say they got many new DCFS CPS case files coming to take money from by  a DCFS computer device that says take money from this dirt bad floozy real dumb stupid retard as I CIA Northern California command it by my son of God save life mission top secret authority which that person does not have, readings say they stole the Son of God Save Life On Earth From Los Angeles County jobs in 05 and lie they have Son of God authority and its I D Theft that person does who pretends they have a job and authority by stealing jobs from mail and writiing their name on them with a big red sharpie and they say their secret mission is to force orgasms on every age family member and the moms if she cums that she sees in spy cams, and the mission is to get rid of them, and to force many orgasms on them then cut off genitals and leave them for dead, and that that is ridding the whole world of cumming time moms and all their kids of every age with the same dna as the mom they saw have an orgasm as they are taught that means they have a huge sex drive, and they call them satanic moms who have hot demonic air coming out of their uterus, and CIA Northern California says they told real CPS DCFS etc offices in California and Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, NYC, North Carolina etc that they got 100 people to shoot up and that is their command by them and their work force, and they are the ones in the stolen many mansions on streets in Ventura County with ladden oaks on golf course streets who make framing reports, as they stole many Stop Sex Slavery Internationally jobs in 05 and 08 07 08 09 etc, and they stole The Save Life On Earth Son of God Mission From Los Angeles County from mail and wrote their names on stolen jobs with red sharpies, and stole instructions from mail that said buy many mansions and they bought them with stolen money they took from banks by lying that money goes with a save life on earth job they got,and they followed maps that suggeted streets to buy many mansions on and they are on the ladden oak golf course streets and all around that area in Ventura County and in a gated estate neighrborhood three and half miles west of the County line is where the CPS Ventura County case worker does CPS Secret Court framing hearings in her garage, and they bring her framing files to her gated estate garage at high Noon they say and 6 pm and was 7 am for ages to frame nice mothers to taek their childrens custody away and to do medical kidnaps and force shots in the whole family and they are working on streets that were named to buy many mansions for a stop sex slavery internationally job and they are running sex slavery in many mansions on those streets where they bought many mansions with stolen funds, and they are in a gated golf course gated estate neighborhood also by the Santa Monica Mountains in Ventura County, California not far from the Los Angeles County line, and they send fraud and lies to real CPS DCFS Offices also, and say they want to force surgerys on the people named, and they say they got to force shots on 100 people, and they ordered more hotels motels and bed and breakfasts in North Carolina and Farm House hotel rentals etc, and lie to Feed Stations and Airports there and to large shopping malls and ranch farm neighborhoods, and messenger lies to them, and set up shots all over many tiny towns in North Carolina and all over the South, in the Southern States by lists of names that CIA Northern California makes a 70 year old intoxicated person who has no children, and they say they decide who looses full custody? says God and Jesus to cry to say the real Government agency offices all over the endangered USA believe and fall for these two very fat huge pedofile child molestor the liar hackers who are named Mary Lee Lou Lou or Marilee a name like that and the other fat pedo who weighs about 579 pounds say I Jesus is known to them as fat Kathleen, the large R N with very short hair it could be and a brown shag you may say maybe or not, as they change hair color and apperance so often, and the funny part is they are the ones who are so child endangering this certain ring of perps who are murderers at that unfortunately and that is the hated DCFS gals who say they are also an M S Therapy person quailified, and they actually do the Childs Pelvic Examination oral sex torturing child molestor blood and guts films them pack the many dcfs cps case files on dry ice, to ship them to rape them again by another 999 men, and say thats to show moms their kids half dead faces when they arrive back to teach very bad cumming time moms a real needed ;lesson who they lie had a pussy problem, and they tell real DCFS CPS offices across the endangered USA Country so many lies to get them as they are addicted to doing meth and oral sex child molesting movies, naked in a maroon izod sports shirt with  a DCFS name tag on as thats the hated devils shot list each and everyday at 9 am in their so called DCFS Headquarters Rooms under many main named Drug stores about 1 hour east of the County Line, and that is where Los Angeles County meets Ventura County in California and here is a real hated child molestor right under the real DCFS CPS Offices nose, the worst ever seen lying to them they need to get moms and kids taken away to many hotels by shots they want to force, Amen says God again as the pedo ring is lying online on messenger and in emails texts aims and by calling then the real DCFS CPS Government authorized persons some who are very fooled for far too many years bug around 50 friends people the case file moms know who are lied to also as its brain washing they do and have done for a very long time, and they often lie five hands back all around the persons area and wherever they used to live also it continues to lies leak in by gossiping lies being repeated, Amen as to know that is not believe a word out of the fattest pedophile child molesters mouths who yell awful words about nice moms and very nice polite girls and sons, and they say thats hog wash, thats horse rubbish, that mom is just lookin for free money, shes lookin for a mere hand out, as they sit there literally taking thier paypal cash app venmo sent for their personally owned busienssses for work they did already online. Their also lying that hard working succesful mothers of mine Gods who qualified to buy a family home, who had the down payment fico score at that bank statements to prove income all planned out very well had mental health problems for buying a house they bought, and they are disrespectful and abusive to tell these sick lies, as they are some who know it was not wrong, as some are realtors telling these horrid disrespectful lies as in a really nice situation they would applaud the mom and say a great job, what a hard worker they are so glad they bought that great house good for them yippe how happy they are, and they would say that hard working mom is so sucesful she will just do fine owning that house, and the lender already approved it often times, usually yes and it was already decided on, yes, the mom had the greatest credit score and income by showing work earnings deposits, and the down payment necessary and the sellers approved of it accepted the great nice devoted moms offer, and the lender gave loan approval, and the deal is done, or was done ages ago, meaning they run many nice moms and their family out of house and home all the time, and guess what ? they already went through the buying process and bought it live in it and pay the bills and mortage, and years or months or a day later they start in lying that mom cannot afford that house thats a mental health issue, for her to think she could buy it and she did buy it,

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