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Is the Bible Promoting an Alien Invasion?

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the coming alien disclosure is pointed out to hit Christians the hardest,

which will cause them to fall away from their faith, as they haven’t been paying

attention to the flat earth theories, aliens and more.

The coming alien encounter will be the deception that deceives everyone

and causes all religions to abandon their faith.


Hebrews 11:34 (KJV)

34 Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.

The word aliens was never in the Bible before. Due to the Mandela Effect, there have been many new words added to the King James Bible.

Why would the word aliens be added? It could be that whoever is behind these changes wants you to believe that aliens exist. I know that UFOs are real. Both my husband and  good friend had very traumatic experiences in which they encountered huge alien spaceships.

But, what are they? My research has concluded that aliens are really demons and I believe that the world is being set up for a huge alien deception.

The coming alien encounter will be the deception that deceives everyone and causes all religions to abandon their faith.

In the video below, Human Re-orientation guiding humanity toward the final deception! by Nicholson 1968 these key points are made:

  • God destroyed the world in Noah’s day because of DNA corruption by the fallen angels cohabiting with human women.


  • Sexual orientation is leading toward gender identity change. Now we don’t have to identify the gender of  child and they can choose what they want to be. With changing the gender comes all kinds of body modification.


  • From gender identity change, the next trend is DNA modification, which is more body modification. Only now with DNA modification your future children will all be affected by any changes you have made. It is at this point that the human race will mirror the days of Noah, as their DNA was corrupted with fallen angel DNA.

  • Next comes transhumanism, which is the belief that men will evolve beyond his current physical limitations through science. The Neural Lace is here now and is an ultra-thin mesh that can be implanted in the skull, forming a collection of electrodes that integrate with the brain and enables computer connection. Gradually, the lace will be accepted as part of the brain. It creates an interface between the brain and the machine. Going forward, the 2045 initiative intends to achieve immortality by transference of a human brain into an avatar, starting with the transfer of your brain into a computer or robot. They are promoting that your soul is transferable and therefore will not die with your body.  Ultimately by 2045 your personality will be transferred into a holographic avatar. This is real science, not Science Fiction.


The only problem with real science is that we are now finding out that much of science is not real, but fake lies. So if you believe the lie that your brain can be transferred into a robot or hologram, then you will be buying

the same lie that satan peddled in the Garden of Eden. Satan promised Eve that:

  1. She would not die
  2. She would be as God
  3. Eating the apple would make her wise

Genesis 3

And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as *gods, knowing good and evil.

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

*Used to be: God

Indeed, the promise of eternal life merged with Artificial Intelligence says you will not die, you will be made super smart (wise) and you will be God-like.

When people start showing up from other planets, they will not be coming from another world,

but another dimension – the demonic. 



Satan plans to unite the world as one with an alien invasion. How will religion survive it? Movies are pushing the agenda that aliens have created humans, like in the movie Prometheus.

Video: Surviving an Alien Invasion FULL DISCLOSURE DOCUMENTARY


In the video They are Preparing Us to Meet Our Alien Saviors (2019) ,”One lie that is being promoted by the science community says that human beings have alien DNA, sets us up for the introduction of an alien savior. The light orbs are interdimensional beings.


Biblical Cosmology

In the video below, the educational media is being discussed in regards to their lies perpetrated on the public regarding science and cosmology. Specifically, the space program and the shape of the earth is being discussed as all being false. The the coming alien disclosure is discussed and pointed out to hit Christians the hardest, which will cause them to fall away from their faith, as they haven’t been paying attention to the flat earth theories, aliens and more.


When the alien disclosure occurs and there are 3 mile long alien spaceships over every city, we as Christians are going to have to make a stand. Everyone will question all religion, and either we stand by the Bible or we don’t.



We have to stop listening to the white robe priests, whether they be standing in the pulpit or standing in a lecture hall in a university.

You guys are out there doing a great job of explaining how evolution is a fraud. They claim to be experts in a field and are 98% wrong in the field in which they claim to be experts in.

Why are we even listening to these people, when we have the validated, authoritative Word of God that tells us how this place is constructed?

I’m taking a firm stand against the Creation Ministries because you are complicit in the problem. You guys are out there doing a great job showing how evolution is fraud. We know that they lie to us about biology, geology, archaeology, all of the “ologies”. Yet, you’re going to give cosmology a pass when by their own admission they say they are 96% stupid and off by 10 to the 120th power?

If you’re going to take a stand on the Word of God and creation, then take a stand on it. Stop capitulating on monkey man science that is nothing but fiction drawn in comic books!


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Video: Rob Skiba: The Coming Deceptions and Grand Delusions – “Contact in the Desert 2019”: Start at 1:56 –


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    • deano

      Book of Enoch 300BC……must be greek babble. Lets start with the word “GRIGORI”, a Latin transliteration.(‘Fallen Angels”)

      its origin is “EGREGOROI” (Watchers), in Greek. 300BC ,Alexanders conquerors,had the Temple texts of Egypt,and Ziggurat at Babylon.

      Paleo Hebrew is Phonecian,the basis for Greek alphabet, and replaced the old Akkadian Cunieform, the word is IGIGI (sons and lesser ranks of the Anunnaki). In there version of this ‘book’, the 200 landed from the heavens, to celebrate Marduk’s wedding to a ‘earth born’ woman.
      The leader was @ SHAMASH (Samjaza,Samyas,bla,bla). * This sunsymbol ‘god’,still =sun,in modern hebrew(shemesh/shamash).

      # The evidence today is the “Trilithon” platform at Balbek, built before the ice age end deluge and sea level rise. For Christians, there is another under Jerusalem Temple(Dome Mosque), its called @Western Stone (same construction,giant size).
      When the greeks saw gigantic temples in Egypt with statues, and carvings of men with wings(flight symbol~pilots wings), they assumed ‘angels’ with wings, hence cartoons in video of giants,and winged men(bible angels/fallen nephilim). The giants the only way these enormous blocks of quarried rock moved. Its that simple.
      The “Arunahs threshing floor” , that David bought for dads temple, was another of these landing platforms/launch pads, and ‘designed’ for something extremely heavy ……other prophets ‘stairway to heaven’ storys, the scaffolding stairs…..if mining gold,is it any wonder , mining equipment and transport back to their home planet….just like we build a runway or helipad in remote spots today. Their craft,gigantic.

      As for Egypt, the sons of the father, was Nergal, Amun, Shu,Geb,Ninagal,and Dumuzzi. (Bible Nergal,Amen,”Thothmosis”,Gebel,Tammuz)
      In Babylon, the sons were, Ninurta,Nana-sin, and Ishkur, , ……(Nimrod, SIN, Hadad)……*Shamash and Inanna,twins of Nana-sin +wife)

      SATAN ?…..we all know of Set killing Osiris, like kain and abel bros. In Egypt, his name was Satu,n. * The en,n = Lord~ Prince/demi god

      EL…..comes from dad of Babylon ENLIL. (angry god)……..iah, E.A., was his bro ENKI ~”Enoch”. He went to Egypt and was PTAH.

      like grigori, the latin uses PATER (paternal~father~ patrici,papa,name of pope)…..and like Pharoh sons,like AMUN(Amen), was the shepard.
      REV 3, is Amen, taking the rule of Egypt, in a Bible, that doesnt even mention the Pyramid……the last standing Wonder,of gigantes size.

      yes, when Jesus =a MYTH, what will you Christians do then?……..For a start ,”J”, is a post 1632 invention .@ 1611 KJV ….iames,iesus,iewes……..the societas et iesus….IHS…..deceived us all.

      • counselor john

        Dude I have NO IDEA what you are trying to say. No idea.

    • Slimey

      UFO and aliens is Satan’s way to get humans to ATTACK their very own savior when he returns from the sky.

      Also, there were NO mating between human and angels since angels are sexless and God said He would destroy the earth in Noah’s daze not because of the sin of angels but because the SIN OF MAN it says.

      Possibly because of the interbreeding between tribes not permitted. :arrow: :neutral:

    • Freeus

      On Coast to Coast to radio a man called in, said he had quit Area 51 a couple of weeks previous. He was crying and distraught saying the aliens were not our friends and were going to destroy our cities and enslave the remaining. His call was cut off by the station something the host said he had never seen. They are dimensional aliens or demons. Eve had Cain and Abel. One was the Fallen Angel Serpent’s child. We know in very rare births a woman can have twins by different men. Humans have fought the good and evil in themselves since start of time. The fallen angel lucifer has been trying to replica God’s world, they hate humans of God’s creation. They have tried to destroy, distort, lie, disguise, hide God ever since. They torture, sacrifice kids, drink human blood in return for power, wealth, positions on earth. This all goes on today and Epstein played a huge part with his tunnels of horror to blackmail, bribing people in high positions. From Royals to Vatican, Hollywood to D.C., prosecutors, judges, satanic Baphomet goes on daily. Past NFL Larry Johnson has been tweeting exactly this, how these people use sacrifices and the de-sexing and feminization of players, and how they are used for homosexual sex. Satanist must create acceptance of their new robotic serpent DNA it is why they steal humans and experiment on them in places like area 51. With open borders for their kid rings, drug trafficking, organ harvesting, they destroy our young and Hollywood can demoralize youth with games of killing, violence and future predicting. Abortion is metaphysical energy used as blood sacrifice to keep satan happy. Do not be fooled it doesn’t matter if you do not believe this, the people who practice it do.

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