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A witness' humble declaration

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A declaration to those whom chose to recieve it:
    Believe me when I say I dare not come to deceive you; for once I share with you what I have witnessed you will know that deception would be nothing worth the price tag it comes with.  I vow that I bared witness to this declaration I share with my fellow brothers and sisters whom choose to listen.  By no means am I attempting to twist any arms to offer any other  believe other than one  of their own accord.  By no means am I attempting to put a dictation on anyone’s way of life- that has never been my purpose.  By no means am I trying to proclaim in any way that I hold something higher of value for you other than bearing witness to what I declare.  I am only a witness- nothing more, nothing less.  
    I know their are many that will turn away from what I declare; and I know that at this time and place that is how it must be.  I hold no form of resentment to any form of retraction, rebukes,  or ridicule to my declaration- as upon once it is declared, my duty as a witness is done.  For those that hear this declaration, can do with it what they will.  For those that don’t relate this declaration- that is okay too.  For one must walk at one’s own pace.   
    But remember that the darkness was only in the dark because it did not recognize the light- not because the light was not offered.  The wicked tongue only spoke ill because it was deaf to the hymns of glory- not because the hymns of glory did not play.  The vainity man only refutes this declaration not because it’s words falter from truth, but because if this declaration is truth (Which it is) then the vanity man has lived a life that has been a lie.  And once again, that is okay- remember that we walk at our own pace.    
    By no means does this declaration have the intention to cast fear nor in all honesty is it intended to bring hope.  It is just the declaration of what I have witnessed.  May men better than me can make of it what they will, and the men whom percieve themselves below me to have this declaration be the ignition needed to raise them up.  And may all men whom know me as an equal have the ears to hear this testimony and offer the strength in mouth and heart to share it among their fellow men.   I declare what I witness neither to enslave nor unshackle, only to fulfill my word as a witness.  I offer this declaration as a key for those whom choose to use it and as a punch line of a pun for those whom choose to reject it.  Whatever individuals decisions or beliefs are made through this declaration is indifferent to anyone other than the individual making the decision to believe.  This is not an outline of salvation only a testimony of what has been witnessed.
    And this is what I declare:
    I awoke already woken surrounded by the mist of shadows that one might declare the darkness.  It was thick and infinate in appearance with facial aperitions constantly changing from anger and hate to sorrow and pain.  And with each transition of facial expression was the acknowledgement of the weight that came with such emotions.  The darkness and it’s surroundings were heavy, but it knew no other way.  The darkness was always in pain and with that pain came anger and hate that concluded in a weary being.  This darkness could not help itself though, it knew nothing else.  It was never able to penetrate the light and in return the dark was all the darkness would ever be. 
    This darkness surrounding me is aware that I am there, but uncertain of what I am.  We are blind to one another yet somehow we see.  We are indifferent to one another yet we are one in the same, because at this moment we share the same infinate space.  Not by either of our choices of our own.  For the darkness has always had it’s place.  And it is most certainly is not on my own accord that this place surrounds me.  
    And like a bolt of lightning and with a crash of thunders the darkness manifests facial expressions of beasts and demons in an attempt to remove me from it’s place, but it works not.  For I feel no fear, not by my own accord, but an unknown protection that surrounds me whole.  My lack of fear was this overwelming sensation of  this inpenetratable force of protection.  That no matter how many times the darkness would lash at me it could hurt me not.  Only I could allow the darkness to engulf me, and that sensation of protection would not allow me to stumble unless it was of my own will.  With clarity, I am lighter than the heavy weight engulfing in this space, and I see through it as if it isn’t even there.  
    The view becomes clear that I am in a long tunnel through the abstraction of the darkness that grows more fierce at every invasion it attempts.  I glide through the tunnel, deeper into the thickness of the dark and I begin to feel it’s pain and sorrow in my gut and it’s hate and anger in my heart.  Only for a second though, before the manifestation was cast to the side.  It still surrounded me but knew it was powerless against me as I passed through.  And though the faces of demons and beast in these manifestations are of a hideous descent, I fear not.  For I know I was meant to see this, and in  a strange way my true essence felt camofluaged from the dark- as if I was to bright for it to comprehend exactly what I was.    (When the infestation of my heart and stomach was overwelhmed with the emotions of the dark, I knew it was only for a moment for me to understand it’s pain.  As if hate and anger had a direct entanglement with sorrow and pain, but that entanglement had no contract with the light.)  
    As the pain and sorrow faded from my stomach and the hate and anger were cast out from my heart, the tunnel got brighter as the darkness hung it’s manifested facial expressions in shame and defeat.  The brightness engulfed me and expanded through the infinate tunnel which eventually was just overwelmed with light.  The light was so blinding that the darkness could not be seen, it’s weight could not be felt.  I, too, became weightless and entered a doorway with no doors at all.  It was a doorway of light.
    On the other side of the doorway I arrived to what I can only describe as the most beautfiul place I have ever seen, and yet I knew it was not meant to impress.  But impressive it was, and though my description of this place can not do it’s full justice, I will do my best to attempt to describe it in it’s full grace- knowing that my words will fall short.  
    I came out of the doorway of the light and was in a constantly altering auditorium that mocked one of an old fashion theater with balconies and a podium on an old fashion wooden stage that was framed by two large shiny marble collesiums on both sides of the stage.  There were infinate seats in rows that extended vertically, yet the audience was cosy and close in nature.  (Yet the perception was huge- one wall so far from the other but you could get from one wall to the other in one or two steps. ) The cieling was so high up that it couldn’t even be seen other than the glow of masonic glass filtered light.  The place felt ancient but was clean and polished as if it was freshly built.  The back of the stage was infinate, the front of the stage could not be seen from where I entered.  And there was a balcony above infinate balconies that was different than the rest of the space, but I will get to that shortly.
    Before I discuss more on my surroundings, allow me to establish the clarity that I feel inside at that moment of entering through the doorway of light.  Immediately I conlcuded that the darkness previously witnessed could not harm me because I was of the light (As are you.  YOU ARE SO VERY SPECIAL IN WAYS THAT WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE).   I was of the same light that guided me to the auditorium at which I stood. 
     I entered in my most primal form, and immeidately felt as if I have been to this very place many times before.  My primial form is one of curiousty and confidence accumulated with a combination of humor and kindness.  My primial form is lighthearted, but strong- much stronger than I have ever appeared in life anytime prior.  And not strong with muscles and might, but strong with heart and integrity- an honor that maybe has rusted along the years of the journeys of life.  Yet even the rust had it’s value.  The feelings of calamity and chaos struck me as one, but I was in to much awe of the environment to appreciate the harmony that wasn’t only empowering the room, but was projecting from me….  and the other witnesses.
    There were many, all of different creeds, denominations, ages, races- no group of individuals were lacking represenstaion of a wtiness of one sort or another.  And though there were many witnesses, the room was so vast that there was so much space in between each witness.  And though the vast space created seperation among the witnesses it was as if we were all closely knit in our surroundings.  
    Each asile that extended from the stage through the vertical rows of seats ended at a doorway of light, and though the rows were infinate on both sides they were really just an arm reach away from one another.  There were wittnesses entering and leaving at a speed of light while other witnesses stared intensley at the podium on stage.  Some would even cry with tears of joy at this empty podium before departing with cheers and renewed energy. With in the chaos was a clarity that was just as much uplifting as it was breath taking, assuring, humbling, graceful, passive yet aware of all things rolled up into this bundle of a force- I guess i would call it infinate love- that all of us witnesses shared.  
    The auditorium would shift based on which witness was entering through which doorway of light and that shift would follow them to whichever seat they chose.  So my background was always the same for me (A classic old fashion theater), yet i could see infinate and alternating scenery based on the mood and characteristic of each individual witness.  And there was no judgement or envy or need to impress, it was just the scenic vibrations of each individual witness overlaying on a solid formation of mesmorizing beauty.  When witnesses would look at one another they could see one another attributes and one another’s sins; but no witness cared of either.  We were all there at the same playing ground conveyed at the same ranks which was no rank at all.  No egos, no attitudes, just presence among witnesses and an understanding that attributes and sins are nothing compared to what the task at hand was.
    The doorway of light to my right opens to a witness of African (Perhaps carribean) descent.  Her wavy short hair, green eyes, carmel like skin, symeteric face, and proportonate tiny body was a sight of beauty rusted only by the sins that i could not judge her for.  And since I could not judge her, I did not feel any shame when she saw my sins as rust and chips and wear and tear into this natural beauty that I glow with more and more the longer I am in this room.  And though there was this sensation that I have known this woman and all other witnesses my entire life, I don’t recall to have ever met one of them up to this point. (Perhaps, through this declaration, we will meet again). 
     A moment feels like a lifetime and in that stare I felt something very special with that specific witness.  Not special in a sexual way or admiration of affections, but special in a way that I can not explain any other way than that both of us were experiencing something very rare at the present moment together.  She went her way down the aisle, sat in her self designed section, and stared at the podium with a face of amazement locked in awe.  
    The podium was as empty as it was when I entered the room, yet there were many witnesses crying tremendous tears while praising this podium.  And with all the chaos moving like a syncronized dance i looked up to the balconies above balconies to see an image that would have taken my breath away if I didn’t have the nostalgic feeling that I have seen all of this before.  None the less, the top balcony was filled to the brim with these bright trancendent light figures of white and gold and blue and colors I have never seen before and perfect in every way- flawless.  Absolutely flawless. 
     It was clear to me that these were angels.  And they were towers compared to the witnesses.  HUGE!!! And they were mighty and loud and praising the empty podium as much as the crying witnesses did.  The angels would swirl around one another, but none were allowed to occupy space past there balcony.  None were allowed to come near the witnesses.  And they didn’t really want to come near any witnesses, as it appeared we really made them upset.  But their chants of ‘battle cries’ were not directed towards any witness, but towards the forces that steered man astray. 
    I walked down my aisle with my personal scenery following me to my seat.  My eyes were so captivated by the angels in distress that the rest of the room was obsolete to me until I sat down and looked at the podium.  (To be fair, I first looked around to see the green eyed African/ Carribean girl crying tears of joy before catching glimpe of the podium.)  And low and behold their was somebody standing at the podium, and low and behold that somebody’s presence was so overwelming that I- like the rest of them- started balling.  
    At that point it occured to me, the witnesses that were coming and going had their own presentation from this special someone no different but not similar than the same way the present witnesses and me were all crying.  Not tears of pain or sorrow or fear or joy, just tears of utter amazement and gratitude.  It was out turn for the presentation form this essnence.  A presence that your eyes can’t truly behold so it manifest itself according to the individual witness.  I couldn’t see other’s perceptions of their manifestations, but no matter the differences of the body being viewed we were all witnessing a presentation from the exact same essence.  That same essence was also the presentation that was riling up the angels, but I don’t think by choice.  I think the angels were just really excited to see this essence.  They loved it so much- enough to prtoect witnesses they were not fond of at the very least.
    My presentation was a manifestation of a short built middle age man of no appeasing look or fashion.  He was plain, basic, humble.  His origin has the facial structure of a white man with a very prominate mouth area, his skin color was a golden brown (But no prominent race) with the texture looking as soft as a baby’s face.  His eyes were clear and present and deep and wide. (Not to mention, beautiful- most beautiful honest eyes that I have ever seen.) His thick hair was dark like an asian or perhaps Latino man, but of no fasionable cut or style.  Yet even in it’s disshovelment, each stran of hair is perfectly placed.  His figure is small and proportonate for his size.  By no means is his look physically intimadting but it’s not sticks and bones either.  Healthy and flawless is this man and- more importantly- is aura.
    His fashion sense is the looks of a common man’s thrift shop.  A simple purple sweater and kahki pants with brown shoes.  The sweater, slightly baggy, has fringes around the sleeves; but even though the outfit looks worn in it is incrediably clean and taken care of.  Any rips in the sweater were delciately fixed.  And the cleanliness of this humble looking man must be mentioned.  EVERYTHING WAS SO CLEAN AND PROPER.  And though this basic humble looking individual owned the podium like a powerful general, his meek appearance was one that I could have walked past on the streets a million times without noticing. 
     And even though his stature was small, his presence was mammoth.  He carried himself like a general, a teacher, a father, a hero, a friend, a student, an equal, a creator, a true love (Not sexual) all at once.  He didn’t need an ego or acknowledgment or credit among the witnesses because the angels’ enthusiasim propped him up enough.  And if that wouldn’t have worked the witnesses tears would have offered praise.  And even with all that ruckus this humble man was not of his own essence but more so offering loving concern to the witnesses- the ones that came before me, the ones crying next to me, and now me- drenched in tears.
    I tried to give praise, and appologies, and reasonings of why I’ve done things i’ve done; but this did not concern the humble man.  For he was not their for the benefit of the glorifications of him as much as he was their for the salvation of me and you and everyone else dancing in between the dark and the light.  And the humble man called out my name, but not my birth name- my soul’s name.  A name that was only dedicated to me ( and we all have one, and not one name of two souls is the same.)  And when he called me by my soul’s name(which i so desperately wish I would have remebered, but it was all just so much to take in that it slips my mind.)  I just quivered and cried as hysterical as the ones before me.  I am overran with these emotion that I have never felt prior.  And Upon my soul’s name being called, the humble man opened his mouth and all of the knowledge of all of the worlds before and present and coming were related to me with out a single syllable being used.  
    It was as if the knowledge was instantly transported into my being upon the opening of the humble man’s mouth.  And for a moment I was one with the entire existence of the entire world in a way that I could only attempt to explain to a fellow witness (Which perhaps we all are or some day will be)  All the good, all the bad,  all the rights and wrongs and everything in between was bundled together to make the very existence that we experience upon us now even though that fate was decided by people that came before us all long ago, and how in that same notion our very actions decide the fate of those that come.  
    This abundance of infinate knowledge was pearcing the very fabric of my soul.  To see How far mankind has come, yet how manipulated and held back we truly are felt like a blessing and a curse.  Yet even in the curse their were blessings to be found. Some examples of this infinate knowledge explains how perception is equally wrong and right at the exact same degree,  how when a tetragrammatron collapses in on itself it actually forms a new tetragrammatron (Never destruction), how the symbol of early christianity was never a cross but a fish, how a teacher can not truly teach a student unless understanding that the student is also teaching the teacher, how the kingdom is not just of the heavens, but is of the hearts and minds of men and in the future of  their offspring, how micro and macro are one in the same.  It showed me upcoming events including the presecution of religion and sovergnity through science and government expansions, babylonian blood sacrafices being performed in public, crucificions becoming normal ritual,  luciferians’ final grasp in an attempt to hold this transitioning world as theirs for as long as they can.   The infinate knowledge showed me so much more that to discuss it all would take away from the principal ideology of what it is that is relevant of what I do declare.  Just know that we have been decieved by our fellow man, and that it is okay in the overall spectrum of the journey of it all.  
    I declare that at the very front of the stage lays a pit.  And inside the pit were those whom once were souls, but were now ‘materially dead’.  They were not deceased in the sense of death as much as they were in the same pain and sorrow as the darkness (Minus the hate and anger)  Their souls were not uplifted to their full potential because they worshipped material goods over internal growth.  The men wore the fanciest suits while the women were gorgeous in their glamour.  Not the ladies make up, nor her high fashion, or golden jelwery could prevent her pain and sorrow from seperating from the humble man.  Not the men’s fancy watches, nor designer shoes, nor stacked wallet could prevent his pain and sorrow from seperating from the humble man.  And these men and women in the pit wear hidden symbols and chant secret oaths that have seperated them from the existence of the witnesses.  They reach up to the stage begging for the humble man to take them back, but they are unaware that it was them that cast the humble man away, not the other way around.
    In fact, the humble man- even in all his praise and glory- felt the same sorrow and pain that the men and women of the pit felt.  For the humble man, loved them all so very much.   Even in the pit’s astray from the humble man’s glory, he praises them- for the humble man loved them as much as a faded canvas painting.  The love is not of the fading of the paint as it belongs in the memroy of the stroke of the brush. 
     And as much as the angels looked down upon the witnesses for their utter incompetence of preventing their kind to desend into this pit; the witnesses shared that same view of the incompetent ones in the pits.  But like the angels before them, the witnesses must show the pit the same love as the humble man in order to one day end the humble man’s pain and suffering.  I stress, that their is no exterior form of pain and sorrow in the pit- no chains or hell fire.  The fire of pain and suffering burns on the inside of the materially dead, for they now know the fullfillment of which they have neglected.
    And in his grand composure, the humble man reached down with love to the pit, but the materially dead tried to utalize his reach to escape- proving that they have learned nothing.  For if they did they would know that even in this pit, this humble man’s love was all they truly needed; and yet again they attempt to escape from it.  Even in the material dead’s weakest moment, they still did not understand that the humble man’s essence has been with them and will be with them always.  The material dead could not escape the pit because they thought it was the humble man that needed to raise them up when it was their love for material goods that was weighing them down.  
    And the humble man, opened his mouth again upon the witnessess, and the material dead refused to hear it.  (The darkness bears no witness to the light)  With no verbal words needed, the humble man announced the passing of the tides….  a bottle neck situation approaching….  growing pains in man’s way of life….  the destrtuction of the old can only come through the awakening of the new. bringing forth the retuning of the ways of old….  Tough times ahead, but in the end all will prevail…….  That even in these darkest moments, WE ALL have the opportunity to be with the light…..  No matter what happens, everything will be okay.  
      The humble man announced the witnesses as sinners, which, selflessly, we all knew already.  But the humble man declared he loved us so regardless of our sins.  And the witnesses were honored.  But then the humble man inquired why we did not show the same love to the material dead, for our fate is one in the same.  The material dead, much like the witnesses and angels, are the humble man’s stroke on a canvas no matter how faded.  Their pain is the humble man’s pain which in retun is all of our pain as we are all the strokes on the same canvas.  
    And I was upset with this judgement because I thought it was unfair to be cast in the same light (Or lack of) as the material dead. (Much like the angels did not perfer to be cast in the same light as the witnesses- or mankind in general for that matter.)  I felt like it was the material dead that held the common man down and that the common man shouldn’t be penalized for the selfish, the ruthless, the greedy, crooked, power hungry,. (Things that seemed out of the control of the common man- YET IT’S NOT.) None the less, the humble man reminded me it was of the same canvas and with the same stroke.  If my brother or sister has walked astray, where was I to guide her through the dark.  THE LIGHT SHINED THROUGH THE DARKNESS, AND THE DARKNESS KNEW IT NOT!!!  But the material dead were of the light.  The material dead was never to have been led astray.  The witnesses did not protect the material dead- which in return means the loss of light.  And unfortunately at this time the pit continues to overfill with material dead.  So many,  MANY, walking astray.  We have lost the way!!
    And now we are at a critical moment in time like so many moments before and so many more to come where we have to decide the path that is in front of us (without going astray) WHILE being our brother’s keepers.  The downfall of that task is that one can only travel at one’s own pace.  

    So no matter how awake a witness is, until the last soldier puts down his gun- the light is in the pit.  So no matter how awake a witness is, until the last hungry man’s stomach is filled- the light is in the pit.  So no matter how awake a witness is, until the last corrupt banker and business man retires- the light is in the pit.  So no matter how awake a witness is, until the last vile man mends his ways and the vulgar woman cleans her conscience- the light is in the pit.  So no matter how awake a witness is, until the last ignorant man and nieve woman stop being influenced into earthly treasures- the light is in the pit.  So no matter how awake a witness is, until the last material dead is something other than material dead- the light is in the pit.  The prize possession is not of this realm.
    So Reconnect with your soul,  lose the materialistic life style, get back to the basic of breathing in and out as a heart beats in a positive vibration.  Raise your fellow brothers and sister but remember that one must walk at their own pace and that the darkness will not recognize you.  If you have walked astray, or you are surrounded by the dark….  fear not; for the humble man is with you.  And now so am I, and so is any other witness that hears these words.  Together we will raise each other out of the pits.  We are all connected in this entangled dance of  dark and light, so shine bright.  MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, SHINE BRIGHT!!
    In conclusion, the humble man, in all his glory, let the witnesses know that no matter what happens in life the humble man will be with all of us- always.  Even the ones that are led astray.  Whether you are in the balcony of angels, the tunnel of darkness, the auditorium of witnesses, the material dead’s pit, or all other realms- just let light shine the way.  
    Darkness invades me.  I felt dirty that I could share in the same sins as the material dead, and I felt it was unfair that the humble man would prevent me from ascending to my maximus while material dead drag me down in their decay.   (Especially since my life and the life of my ancestors have been effected so much in a negative way by the men of greed and power and their suboridunates that have the unfiltered love for the money of THOSE men.)  The angels could sense the darkness overcoming me, and I began to feel heavy.  With that weight came pain knowing I will suffer like those in the pit until they are uplifted, and how can they be uplifted when so many new ones enter at a berate speed.  The possibility of succeddding such a hidiuos task brought me anger, and the angrier I was the heavier I became.
    The angels sensed my decay before I did and they attempted to storm past their balconies perimeter, but to no prevail.  Needless to say, their might was on full display and I would not want to be on the wrong side of those glorious creatures if my soul depended on it.  All witnesses broke their attention away from the essence to look upon my temper tantrum.  There was an insecurity of being judged inside me, but judgemental the witnesses were not.  

     The african/ caribbean woman gave me a look as if I am about to put my foot in my soul’s mouth and it wasn’t the first time.  Other witnesses looked at me as if this was a normal routine.  The pit halted their mourning breifly in hopes that I, too, might perform actions to lead me to them.  The Humble man presents himself to me with a patience unheard of on earth, an urgency to put my soul at ease that could only be compared to a new born mother / new born baby (They both open from coccoons at the same time and grow together yet  at seperate stages of life – just beautiful)  But the humble man’s urgency was far more tender and loving then any mother could ever be no matter how hard a mother might try.  For the mother is a stem, but this essence is the roots. 
    The humble man’s attention is entirely on me, knowing the dance that I am about to perform- knowing that perhaps my dispaly wasn’t just about the entaglment of the material dead, but perhaps I needed a little bit of the attention that he was recieving and he was more than willing to allow that.  A bridge was erected between the stage and witnesses- crossing over the pit of material dead.
    Heavy, I approached the podium to address the issue.  The witnesses gasped as I crossed the bridge- as if a witness has never done that before.   The Angels did not like the darkness slowly steaming out of me and most certainly did not approve that darkness so close to the humble man.  The material dead looked up at me in awe.  (Ironically, the same awe that the astray looks up to them in the realm we live)  I looked down on them.  

   I felt fear for the first time- standing on that bridge above the pit of the material dead. (Knowing how easy I could fall or how quickly one could grab me as they tried with the humble man.)  The fear freezes me, and as mesmorized as the material dead  is with me, I too am memsorized by them.  My fear makes me heavier, I feel the bridge collapsing beneath me but am too mesmorized to change my tracks.  I am astray.  The witnesses share my pain for they know I was once a part of them.  The angels care little about my demise other than wanting to uplift the humble man, who stands in front of me crying.  He cries with a calamity unlike the buckets of balling tears from the esstatic witnesses.  
    I felt anger that the humble man stands an arm’s reach away from me.  That he can prevent me from falling into the pit.  But he reaches out to me not.  I panic and try to explain my own righteousness, but the humble man hears me not.  I am surrounded, again, by the very darkness from which I entered- surrounded by the very filth of material dead by which I looked down upon and the angels have disappeared and the witnessses are no longer present, but the humble man remains with me to shine his light. 
    It is in that moment that clarity returns and I felt the arms of witnesses reach down into the pit of the material dead and they pulled me from my heavy state of being and returned me to the podium, standing next to the humble man- whom is now as tall as Angels.  He judges me not for my new rust, he just wanted me to know he was there with me.  I feel shame in front of the witnesses and angels as I look upon the material dead with a view of tender loving care.  I now fully undertsand that the essnece of the humble man’s glory is in the very glory of each and every one of us- the individual strokes on the canvas.  As I am uplifted- I know now, I must uplift.  I announce to the Humble Man the only words that I can utter, ‘The glory is yours, you are the glory.’  And the witnesses cheered and the angels roared a battle cry of hope.  And the humble man shined so bright that the pit faded into the enlightenment.  The African Carribean woman smiles as the light shines past her, past the witnesses, up to the balcony of angels- fading it all away.  With in this light- pure nirvana.

    And I awake already awoken.  Tears flow from my eyes but I am for the first time in a long time spiritually clean.  And this is my decleration of what I have witnessed.  So now I ask to my brothers and sisters to do with this what you will.  To the astray, what can I do to raise you from the pit of the material dead?  To the darkness, What can I say to request you to join me in the enlightenment that you are entitled too?  Try to remember where you came from.  To All Witnesses, May the light guide us all.  Shine on.


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Smart Meter Cover -  Reduces Smart Meter radiation by 96%!  (See Video)

Immusist Beverage Concentrate - Proprietary blend, formulated to reduce inflammation while hydrating and oxygenating the cells.

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