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The Gog-Magog & Armageddon Wars: Part 1 & 2

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By Randy Nettles

Part 1

The war of Gog-Magog that Ezekiel wrote about in Ezekiel 38 & 39 is located “in the midst” of Ezekiel 37 and Ezekiel 40. This gives us a sense of when this yet future war occurs. Ezekiel 37 is titled “The Dry Bones Live – One Kingdom, One King” and describes the resurrection of the nation of Israel back into their God-given land. Ezekiel is not referring to the nation of Judah returning to their homeland upon Cyrus’ decree but is prophesying about an even further (in time) future event, where the whole house (12 tribes) of the children of Israel will be ‘resurrected’ or brought back to the land that God gave to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and his sons forever (Ezekiel 37:18-20).

In historical hindsight, we know this occurred on May 14, 1948, when Israel declared their independence and joined the ranks of the modern nations of the world. In Ezekiel 37:22-28, Ezekiel prophesies even further into the future and writes on the subject of King Jesus, Prince David, and the nation of Israel in the Millennial Kingdom. Chapters 40-48 describe the Millennial Temple that will be in place during Jesus’ 1,000-year reign on earth, which begins at the end of the war of Armageddon and Daniel’s Seventieth Week.

In between Israel’s resurrection as a nation in 1948 and the future Millennial Kingdom is the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38 & 39. This is not the same Gog-Magog mentioned in Revelation 20:7-9, which occurs at the end of the Millennial Kingdom when God destroys the rebels with fire coming down from heaven (as He did at Sodom and Gomorrah). I believe this Gog-Magog is named thus because of the similarities of the original Gog-Magog (in Ezekiel 38, 39), who rebel against God and attempt to destroy the Jews. Their means of destruction and lack of a need for burial (because they are cremated by fire), etc., indicate these are not the same two events and are separated by at least 1,000 years.

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In a previous article entitled “What’s Next?” I described the what, where, and why of Gog and his allies’ war on Israel. In this article, I will just give you my opinion (and many others) as to the ‘when’ of this war. There are three prevalent theories on the timing of the Gog-Magog war found in Ezekiel: 1) Before the Tribulation, 2) During the Tribulation, 3) At the end of the Tribulation and at the same time as the war of Armageddon.

Many teachers of eschatology believe the war of Gog-Magog happens about the same time as the pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church. God uses this battle to re-awaken the nations to His presence… especially Israel. It is thought that the Church will have to ‘disappear’ at the Rapture, and then God turns His full attention back to Israel. Acts 15:14-15 confirms this: “Simon [Peter] has declared how God at the first visited the Gentiles to take out of them a people for His name. And with this the words of the prophets agree, just as it is written: ‘After this I will return and will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down; I will rebuild its ruins, and I will set it up; so that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord, even all the Gentiles who are called by My name, says the Lord who does all these things.’”


God will certainly get the attention of Israel and the nations when he supernaturally destroys the armies of Gog and his allies. First, God causes a great earthquake to occur in the land of Israel. “For in My jealousy and in the fire of My wrath I have spoken: ‘Surely in that day there shall be a great earthquake in the land of Israel, so that the fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens, the beasts of the field, all creeping things that creep on the earth, and all men who are on the face of the earth shall shake at My presence. The mountains shall be thrown down, the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground’” (Ezekiel 38:20).

The second method of destruction God uses is one of His old favorites. He causes all the different peoples in this confederacy to fight against one another. “I will call for a sword against Gog throughout all My mountains,’ says the Lord God. ‘Every man’s sword will be against his brother” (Ezekiel 38:21). The other methods God uses to destroy Israel’s enemies is found in verse 22: “And I will bring him to judgment with pestilence and bloodshed; I will rain down on him, on his troops, and on the many peoples who are with him, flooding rain, great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.”

The “fire and brimstone” that rain down on Gog and his cohorts will not be nuclear weapons from Israel or any other nation but will be a supernatural judgment from God. It is similar to how the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. “Then the Lord rained brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, from the Lord out of the heavens. So He overthrew those cities, all the plain, all the inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground” (Genesis 19:24-25). Then God tells Ezekiel, “Thus I will magnify Myself and sanctify Myself, and I will be known in the eyes of many nations. Then they shall know that I am the Lord” (Ezekiel 38:23).

Once again God reminds the children of Israel and the Gentiles that He is the Great I AM, just as when He made His covenant with Abraham; “am the Lord, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans, to give you this land to inherit it” (Genesis 15:7). God also told Moses to tell the children of Israel His name if they asked. “And God said to Moses, I AM WHO I AM. And He said, Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you. Moreover, God said to Moses, Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations” (Exodus 3:14-15).

If this supernatural destruction of the Gog coalition described in the book of Ezekiel occurs 3.5 years before the Tribulation, then it satisfies the notion that the timing might occur at least 7 years before the “in the midst” event of the abomination of desolation as described in Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, & Mark 13:14. This is because, according to Ezekiel, the Jews would burn the weapons of the armies of the nations that attacked them for a period of 7 years (Ezekiel 39:10).

Juxtaposed with this same period of time is the warning Jesus gives in His Olivet Discourse, that when the generation that sees the A.O.D. spoken of by Daniel the prophet, they should immediately flee to the mountains. They should not even take time to pack their clothes but to flee for their lives. Now, if this is the case, then the Jews that are fleeing will not bother to burn weapons or take the ‘fuel’ with them to burn later.

The next theory of the timing of the Gog-Magog war is that it will occur at the start of the Tribulation or in the first 3.5 years of the 7-year Tribulation.

If it begins at the start (or slightly before) of the Tribulation, the weapons could be burned up before the Millennium begins. However, the advice of Jesus to the Jews regarding to “flee to the mountains [immediately if not sooner] when you see the A.O.D.” would have to be ignored, and they will carry some of the weapons (as fuel for fire) with them to Petra. This will result in many deaths as the Antichrist’s persecution of the Jews will be swift and decisive.

If the Gog-Magog war starts sometime in the first half of the Tribulation, then 7 years later, the Millennium Kingdom will have already started. The Jews would still be burning weapons for fuel for at least 3.5 years into the Millennium. Because of this fact, I don’t see this as a viable option.

The last theory, and least likely in my opinion, is that the Gog-Magog war is the same as the Armageddon war and will occur at the end of the Tribulation and before the 2nd Coming of Christ. In this scenario, Russia and her allies are merely part of a worldwide coalition that comes against Israel at the end of days. However, there are several problems with this view. According to Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, there are eight objections to this end of the Tribulation (war of Armageddon) timing of the Gog-Magog war.

“First, in Ezekiel there are definite allies mentioned, and they are limited in number, while other nations stand in opposition. In the Campaign of Armageddon, all nations are allied together against Jerusalem without exception. Second, the Ezekiel invasion comes from the north, but the Armageddon invasion comes from the whole earth. Third, the purpose of the Russian invasion is to take the spoil; the purpose of the Armageddon campaign is to destroy all the Jews. Fourth, in the Ezekiel invasion, there is a protest against the invasion; in the Armageddon invasion, there is no protest because all the nations are involved.

“Fifth, the Armageddon invasion is destroyed by the personal Second Coming of Jesus the Messiah. Sixth, the Ezekiel invasion is destroyed on the mountains of Israel; the Armageddon invasion is destroyed in the area between Petra and Jerusalem. Seventh, the Russian invasion takes place while Israel is living securely in the Land; the Armageddon campaign takes place while Israel is in flight and in hiding.”

“Furthermore, this view fails to solve the problem of the seven months (burial) and seven years (weapons burning), since both would have to continue into the Millennium to be accomplished. Again, this is inconsistent with other revelation regarding the Kingdom, which starts out with a thoroughly cleansed earth.” {1}

Let me reiterate the fifth point of Mr. Fruchtenbaum. Gog and allies will meet their demise by natural and supernatural means: a great earthquake, fighting amongst themselves, pestilence and bloodshed, flooding rain and great hailstones, fire and brimstone. The Armageddon forces will meet their demise by supernatural means as well, but it will be on a personal level as Jesus Christ defeats them in person with no outside help.

Because of the supernatural means of destruction in the Gog-Magog war, it will be evident to the Jews that God intervened for Israel to save them. “I will set My glory among the nations; all the nations shall see My judgment which I have executed, and My hand which I have laid on them. So the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God from that day forward’ (Ezekiel 39:21). They will, at this point, attempt to renew their old covenant (the Law) with God and make preparations to rebuild their third temple in Jerusalem. They will not, at this point, accept (still) Jesus as their Messiah.

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The destruction of the Gog-Magog alliance will initiate the conditions for the 10 kings’ government to take control and begin the “great reset” or new world order (world government). They will re-zone the world into 10 regions with 10 kings. Israel will acquiesce and become part of this pact. Eventually, the Antichrist will come on the scene and will confirm (make stronger) a 7-year covenant (of nations) and guarantee Israel’s security in exchange for giving up some land for the Palestinians. As part of the ‘covenant,’ the A.C. will allow for Israel to build a temple in Jerusalem and allow animal sacrifices for their religious rituals. The temple must be built before the mid-point of the 7-year covenant when the A.C. attacks Jerusalem and sets up his ‘abomination of desolation’ in the newly built temple.

I believe Ezekiel 39:25-29 is a continuation of Ezekiel 37:22-28 and is referring to the Millennial Kingdom of God after Jesus Christ returns to the earth, when He will gather all 12 tribes of the children of Israel back to the Promised Land after Jacob’s Trouble (Tribulation). Israel will then have fulfilled all the objectives of Daniel’s prophecy of the 70 Weeks/Sevens. This will only happen at the end of the Tribulation when Israel (remnant Jews) finally recognize Jesus as the Messiah and confess their national sin. They will plead with Him to return and save them from physical and spiritual death.

In part II, we will examine the Armageddon war and further compare the two.

Randy Nettles

[email protected]

Part 2

The Armageddon war will begin with the sixth Bowl Judgment as recorded in Revelation 16:12-16. The Euphrates River will be dried up, making it easy for the kings of the east (and all their armies) to cross over with their forces to gather in the Valley of Megiddo (which is called in Hebrew Har-Magedon – the mountain of Megiddo) in order to destroy the Jews once and for all. This will just be a gathering place, for the major battles will be fought in Jerusalem and around Bozrah/Petra.

Megiddo was a major city located at the western end of the Valley of Jezreel, guarding the famous Megiddo Pass into Israel’s largest valley. I believe the kings of the east are not strictly Chinese and oriental kings but are the 7 remaining kings of the 10 kings/kingdom/regions spoken of in Daniel 7:24 and Revelation 17:12. Of course, the 8th king, the Antichrist, will be with them. Once the Euphrates River is dried up, He will bring his forces stationed in Babylon with him.

While the kings of the east (east of the Euphrates) are in the land of Israel, a coalition of nations will attack and destroy Babylon. They will be led by an ancient people the Bible names as the Medes. “See, I will stir up against them the Medes, who do not care for silver and have no delight in gold. Their bows will strike down the young men; they will have no mercy on infants nor will they look with compassion on children. Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms, the glory of the Babylonians’ pride, will be overthrown by God like Sodom and Gomorrah. She will never be inhabited or lived in through all generations; no Arab will pitch his tent there, no shepherd will rest his flocks there” (Isaiah 13:17-20). Many scholars think the Kurds of today’s time are descendants of the ancient Medes.

This future destruction of Babylon is described further in Isaiah 13:1-22; 14:1-11,22-23, and in Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51. Babylon was never destroyed in the way Isaiah and Jeremiah described when the Medes and Persians took the Babylonian Kingdom in 538 BC. When Darius the Mede assumed the throne in Babylon, he did so without having fought a battle for the right. A contingent of the Medo-Persian armies had slipped into the city at night after they had diverted the River Euphrates far upstream. With the river reduced to knee-high depth, they crawled under the bronze bars that descended into the river to keep the city secure, and they opened the gates for their armies to capture the mighty Babylon fortress without an arrow being shot.

Upon hearing the news of his capital city, Babylon, being destroyed, the Antichrist will attack Jerusalem. This battle is described in Zechariah 12:1-3 and 14:1-2. “Behold, the day of the Lord is coming, and your spoil will be divided in your midst. For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem; the city shall be taken, the houses rifled, and the women ravished. Half of the city shall go into captivity, but the remnant of the people shall not be cut off from the city” (Zechariah 14:1-2). The city of Jerusalem will be taken along with the spoil, and the women will be raped. Half of the population will go into slavery, but the remnant will remain in the city for a time.

From Jerusalem, the Antichrist and his armies (of all nations) will move south to Bozrah, in the land of Edom (southern Jordan) in an attempt to annihilate the remnant of Israel that are taking refuge in the rock fortress of Petra. The remnant Jews have been there since fleeing the Antichrist’s army during his abomination of desolation, approximately 1,260 days. The Jews’ true Messiah has other plans, however. Once the remnant Jews finally realize Jesus was (and is) their true Messiah and call on Him to save them from total destruction, Jesus will return to earth and will fight for them as in the days of old. His return (2nd Coming) will take place in Bozrah, not the Mount of Olives as is commonly taught.

“Who is this who comes from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah, this One who is glorious in His apparel, traveling in the greatness of His strength? ‘I who speak in righteousness, mighty to save.’ Why is Your apparel red, and Your garments like one who treads in the winepress?

‘I have trodden the winepress alone, and from the peoples no one was with Me. For I have trodden them in My anger, and trampled them in My fury; their blood is sprinkled upon My garments, and I have stained all My robes. For the day of vengeance is in My heart, and the year of My redeemed has come. I looked, but there was no one to help, and I wondered That there was no one to uphold; therefore My own arm brought salvation for Me; and My own fury, it sustained Me. I have trodden down the peoples in My anger, made them drunk in My fury, and brought down their strength to the earth’” (Isaiah 63:1-6).

The remnant of Israel gathered in Bozrah and the 2nd Coming are found together in the Old Testament book of Micah, chapter 2, verses 12-13. A New Testament passage of scripture regarding the 2nd Coming is found in Revelation:

“Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

“Then I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the birds that fly in the midst of heaven, ‘Come and gather together for the supper of the great God, that you may eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and of those who sit on them, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, both small and great.’

“And I saw the beast, the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army. Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the rest were killed with the sword which proceeded from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse. And all the birds were filled with their flesh” (Revelation 19:11-21).

Two great Old Testament prophecies that describe the 2nd Coming are found in Habakkuk 3:1-19 and Psalm 18:8-16. These passages vividly describe the Lord’s wrath on his terrified enemies. At His coming, nature will be greatly affected, as will the terrestrial heavenly sphere. He will come with the wrath of God, riding upon a cherub (with horse-like features). The entire world is illuminated by the brightness of His glorious return.

The Battle of Bozrah will continue all the way back to Jerusalem, which overlooks a part of the Kidron Valley, also known as the Valley of Jehoshaphat. “Let the nations bestir themselves, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat; for there will I sit to judge all the nations round about. Put you in the sickle; for the harvest is ripe; come, tread you; for the winepress is full, the vats overflows for their wickedness is great” (Joel 3:12-13). This winepress of Israel’s enemies’ blood is also spoken of in Revelation 14:19-20 and is said to stretch for 1,600 furlongs (200 miles) and to be as high as a bridle on a horse.

Zechariah also describes the manner in which the Antichrist’s armies will be destroyed in Zechariah 14:12-15. After the slaughter is finished, there will be a victory ascent up the Mount of Olives. “Then shall Jehovah (Lord Jesus) go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east” (Zechariah 14:3-4). It is interesting that the Lord Jehovah fought for Judah (in the day of battle) in the days of Asa and Jehoshaphat, and the battles might have taken place in the same valley (later renamed the Valley of Jehoshaphat).

The 7th Bowl Judgment will occur at this time and is described in Revelation 16:17-21. This judgment will include the greatest earthquake that has ever occurred in the history of mankind. It is not the same earthquake mentioned o Ezekiel 38:19. It will cause the city of Jerusalem to split into three parts and will cause the cities of the nations to fall. “And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. And great hail, every stone about the weight of a talent, comes down out of heaven upon men: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail: for the plague thereof is exceeding great” (Revelation 16:19-21). The 7th Bowl Judgment will bring an end to God’s judgments (Seals, Trumpets, Bowl) upon Israel and the nations and peoples of the earth.

This earthquake and the destruction and geographical changes it causes is also described in Zechariah 14:4-5. “And in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which faces Jerusalem on the east. And the Mount of Olives shall be split in two, from east to west, making a very large valley; half of the mountain shall move toward the north and half of it toward the south. Then you shall flee through My mountain valley, for the mountain valley shall reach to Azal. Yes, you shall flee As you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah.”

There will also be a brief blackout during this time. “It shall come to pass in that day that there will be no light; the lights will diminish. It shall be one day which is known to the Lord— neither day nor night. But at evening time it shall happen that it will be light” (Zechariah 14:6-7). The earthquake and the blackout are also described in Joel 3:14-17. The blackout is described in Matthew 24:29.

The geographical changes to the land of Israel and Jerusalem are also described in Zechariah 14: “And in that day it shall be that living waters shall flow from Jerusalem, Half of them toward the eastern sea And half of them toward the western sea; In both summer and winter it shall occur. And the Lord shall be King over all the earth. In that day it shall be—The Lord is one, And His name one. All the land shall be turned into a plain from Geba to Rimmon south of Jerusalem. Jerusalem shall be raised up and inhabited in her place from Benjamin’s Gate to the place of the First Gate and the Corner Gate, and from the Tower of Hananel to the king’s winepresses. The people shall dwell in it; and no longer shall there be utter destruction, but Jerusalem shall be safely inhabited” (Zechariah 14:8-11).

In my opinion, the Rapture will bring about the conditions for Russia, Iran, Turkey, and others to attack Israel to take a ‘spoil’ of gas, minerals, cattle, etc., as the removal of millions of people will affect the U.S.A. more than any other country and will leave her in a very weak and vulnerable position. The U.S.A. will not be able either mentally, financially, or militarily to come to the rescue of Israel at this time. The only One that will help Israel in their time of need will be the Great I AM, and that’s the only help you really ever need.

The Rapture and the Gog-Magog war results will bring about the necessary conditions for the 10 Kings/Kingdoms to initiate a one-world government, one-world religion, and a one-world currency. They will make a covenant with the ‘many’ which includes Israel. The A.C. will appear on the scene and will confirm (make stronger) the covenant, and its duration will be for 7 years. These will be the last 7 years on earth before Jesus’ 2nd Coming and is known as Daniel’s Seventieth Week/Seven (Daniel 9:24).

Of course, we know at the mid-point (approximately) of the Tribulation, the A.C. will kill 3 of the kings and will break his covenant with Israel. He will put an end to the Jews’ practice of sacrificing animals to the Lord; and his partner, the false prophet, will set up an image of the A.C. and command everyone to worship him. “Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate, even until the consummation, which is determined, Is poured out on the desolate” (Daniel 9:27).

This is the moment the A.C. shows his true colors and intentions. He will begin his campaign of murder and persecutions against the Jews. During the Olivet Discourse, Jesus prophesied about this future time. “Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (whoever reads, let him understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. Let him who is on the housetop not go down to take anything out of his house. And let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes. But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath. For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Matthew 24:15-22).

The remnant Jews will flee to Petra in Bozrah to escape the wrath of the Satanically possessed Antichrist. They will not have time to take any weapons/fuel with them. They will be fleeing for their lives. The only way any weapons/fuel could be gathered to Petra would be if they had foreseen this moment and carried their cache there beforehand. I am in agreement with Mr. Fruchtenbaum that there will be no burying of the dead or burning of weapons during the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ on the earth. The Gog-Magog war must start before Daniel’s Seventieth Week, and is not a part of the Armageddon war.

I believe this war will begin relatively soon, as Russia needs this ‘spoil’ (gas, minerals, cattle) to finance its wars, and the Muslim nations allied with Russia will not be able to contain their demonic hatred of the Jews much longer without making good on their promise to annihilate them. Of course, they are in for a rude awakening. “For we know Him who said, Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. For yet a little while, And He who is coming will come and will not tarry” (Hebrews 10:30-31,37).

Amen; even so, come, Lord Jesus!

Randy Nettles

[email protected]

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