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Nibiru - Dr Sam.. 'Urgent, Lack only 3 miles to Arrive at the Point without return', given June 2nd 2023

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We are coming to the end of the slow migration of the North Magnetic Pole and Dr. Sam is a bit worried about what is going to happen next. I’ve added some links at the bottom of what people in Spirit say about the scenario. And please don’t forget that the angels are like the feet of God, even though they are of the highest (near the Source), they work with the lowest. They have an intimate connection with matter – grades of matter, and with the material. We are like intermediaries, and with our thoughts we color – up or down – the energies with which they work. We supply the material (its quality) and they work with it. It’s all energy, but we have coloured it.

commentary by Dr. Sam


Good evening,

In name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful.

Gentlemen, we are almost at the end.. In 17 days the migration of the magnetic pole covered about 3 miles. Now lacks only about 3 miles. This is an acceleration that we have not witnessed before! Why? Because the acceleration of our heavy visitor increased. This was reflected in the polar attraction and repulsion.

And let us not forget that the Earth is now in the phase of approach to the mass in its orbit, towards the angle of incidence. We notice in the figure below that the Earth is in a state of orbital junction, in other words, it is approaching an orbital alignment, to the point most close. It is estimated to happen between the months of 8 and 9. I think this is the period which will be characterized by significant and obvious geophysical disturbances.

And I expect very much that we will have reached, or passed, the point without return of the field. If the acceleration is as much now as it will be after we pass the point 40, the sensitive digital compass will show the extent of the deviation. Each one according to its geographical location in relation to the north of Russia, in principle. And this may reach the borders of Mongolia in the near future.
 3.1 miles in two weeks

How will be the navigation and positioning? How will be the global climate in general, and the displacement of continental tectonic plates? Many people and government meteorological bodies across the Middle East have noted what has happened in the last several days: the serious damage on the crops, property and even lives. Unfortunately, there is abnormal weather which is not opportune and premature. Summer is not summer, nor is winter winter. We are experiencing the four seasons at the same time. The expectations indicate the continuation of these fluctuations, and the climate models are different. And how not, if the terrestrial field is moving in another direction?

Will it be that the natural solar storms have a role in this distortion and deformation? It is the argument of weak people, who pass their fixes on to gullible and simple people.

From this point of view, I wait for the atmosphere to clear a little and clear the weather to realize a telescopic observation. And to take photos with the necessary astronomical coordinates and make my observations about what is developing in the formal structure of the comet planet. But according to the meterological forecasts, unfortunately, the weather will not be adequate until the middle of this month, in addition to the phases of the moon, with its bright nocturnal light which prevents the monitoring.

I already mentioned the place where our heavy visitor is in the sky in a previous lecture. Whoever monitors the area of space to the right, and from the top of Saturn, will see it as long as the telescopic configurations are attended to. Many observers will say that we saw nothing but stars! The reason they do not know, that they saw the comet planet.. But no, they knew it: first, because they did not follow its movement; second, because they do not know the ecliptic line; and third, because the comet planet, still has not generated a giant tail of plasma, to distinguish it from neighboring celestial bodies. Just a little patience, it is not as easy as many people think, and it requires extreme precision, thorough knowledge, and a clear atmosphere, to monitor and take photos with success.. And help from the Lord of the Worlds is above all.

Finally, gentlemen, I say that the Earth’s electromagnetic field practically is finished, and it will not stop here. The cosmic radiation will begin its destruction on a grand scale, starting from the core of the Earth, to the mantle, to the layers of the atmosphere. The organic life will change radically, and not even 1% of the population of the Earth knows that we will have a disaster! The earth is now in a phase of relative calm, and suspicion, and I am only afraid of that calm.

We will arrive and pass through the point without return, and someone will come and say that nothing happened as you say! This ignorant person does not know that the earth below him is cracking, and the layers of the atmosphere above are deforming. But when what is predicted arrives, the measures of care will be invalid. The promise of God is at hand. The peace be with you, and that the mercy and the blessings of God be with you.



Lack only three miles to arrive at Point 40

Archangel Michael – our intervention
November 13th 2009, msg 35
“The Space/time in which you live and that was falsified and curved straightens itself out, now, at full speed. The three envelopes of falsification called ionosphere, magnetosphere and heliosphere became, totally, permeable to the cosmic radiations, to the radiations of the Light and to our dimensions.  This means that there are no more technical obstacles to our intervention within this dimension. There does not exist any constraint which could force us not to manifest ourselves. We will do it according to your call, your wish for Liberty and Liberation, according to your wish to find the Unity and above all Beingness, that is to say the totality of what you are.”

O.M.Aivanhov – the gamma rays
March 12th, 2011, msg 86
“The Earth will ascend and therefore, it will pass to the 5th Dimension and those who will remain on this Earth, in that moment, will be Beings who will have completely transmuted the carbonaceous body and who will have been subjected to and received the transformation of the cosmic radiations, the galactic radiations and the radiations of the Earth, that is to say they will be surcharged with gamma rays which will have transformed the DNA and the structure even of the atom. These will be the Beings of the 5th Dimension. The 3rd Unified Dimension will not exist any more in this Universe. This 3rd Unified Dimension is therefore where the Conscience is liberated..”

The Vision of Ramala – Earth Changes, pg. 59
“You are all very familiar with the experience of life through your physical senses. You have grown accustomed to the force of Nature as it exists on the plane of Earth today. You are aware, only too well, of the limitations of the physical world in which you briefly incarnate, of the make-up of your atmosphere, of the make-up of your body, of the water which is so essential for your growth and continuing existence. But conditions will not be the same in the New Age. You will not be able to survive the changes that are to come simply by adapting physically, for the physical body that you are seeking to protect will not exist in the New Age. The physical structure of the human beings that will dwell in the New Age will have changed radically. Whereas, now, a large percentage of your body is water, in the New Age it will be air.”

Mary’s Messages

The Wisdom of Ramala – The End of the World?, pg 98-99
“How, and when, are these Earth-changes to come about? They can come about in several ways depending on whether they are initiated by human destruction or by divine intervention, As to the timing of this event there are many opinions but, in truth, there is only one being who possesses that knowledge and that is your God, the Creator of us all. Furthermore, that knowledge will not be released to anyone until the actual moment in time draws near. I believe that the major Earth-changes to come will be initiated by what I will call the Fiery Messenger. There is even now a star of great power proceeding towards our Solar Body. The star, at this moment, is invisible to the human, or even telescopic eye, but it is set on a path which will bring it into conjunction with our Planetary System. As it passes by it will affect the motions of all the planets of our System and, therefore, will bring about changes on the surface of the planets themselves. The effect of this passage will be to set in motion the Earth-changes that are prophesied. Various lands will sink, others will rise, to fulfil the karmic pattern of evolution of this Earth as was the case with Atlantis. || Humanity has the power to influence the nature of this transformation through its behaviour now, through its use of nuclear technology, through its use, or abuse, of the three Kingdoms of Matter on this Earth. It can either add to, or moderate, the path and the influence of this great star. How you as individuals behave now, how you lead your lives and manifest your consciousness will affect this great transformation of the Earth. So I say to you now, as I said to you five years ago, that these Earth- changes are coming. They cannot be avoided. They are part of the destiny of the Earth.”

And if anyone want to know what it may be like (and I say, MAY be like), because I don’t know; I haven’t experienced it, please read what Ram has to say about the transformation of our physical bodies from 3D to 5D – to another vibrational frequency all together.



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    • Central Scrutinizer

      “And this may reach the borders of Mongolia in the near future. 3.1 miles in two weeks”

      Which puts it right in time with the Good Dr. Sam-I-Am’s latest prediction that we would see it in June. [Rubs hands together]. Come on Nibooboo, you can do it. 3 more weeks left in June.

      Or, the padded-cell wonder will be wrong for the 78th straight time, Dirty Bung-Hole will offer up some lame excuse to cover for his pathetic existence, and we will collectively be offered up yet ANOTHER future date for the ‘Fat-Chick on the Porch’ to keep the believers scared.

      Both are equally likely scenarios.

      As the NFL commercials used to say, “You Make the Call”. :mrgreen:

    • Anonymous

      dr whammy strikes again as he limply crawls out from under the covers with his lover the esteemed crazy cara,the purveyor of all things insane,nutty,crazy,ie,bullshit–dr sammmy,whammy who got his phd online for $29.99,plus shipping handily fees is the doc of all horse turds–wonder how much acid(lsd) dr sammy,crazy cara drop together…must be a shitload ..

      • Cara

        You’re getting pretty low, there, Anonymous. Check out, .. I’ve never seen it so high.

        • Anonymous

          hey honey–i am a huge supporter of solar minimum,max—you can look all that up–not the fart science that dr whammy blows out his ass–already told you my family member is world famous astrophysicist–gave you contact info–he has been in charge of some of the biggest projects in the world–i do not need to pay attention to some kook,nut job like dr whammy–and the fact you post his bullshit like it means something is as low as it gets,filthy lies,fly covered dung from that ass wipe dr whammy sammy..jackass fool–and that bible humping jackass clown Goredon is another blathering fool who was so disappointed santa claus always bypassed his house he now thinks jesus is going to elevate his tiny brain to the heavens and kill everybody else, send them all to hell–GOREdon is the devils right hand man,his son- GOREdon is as evil as they come–a true agent of satan…you keep counting GOREdon but doubt if can count past 19 because you run out of fingers,toes–you can get to 20 if you take your thumb out of your ass GOREdon…clown,jack wad sock sucker homo

          • Cara

            You’re pandering to the emotional slur, there, Anonymous. Calling me “honey” to try to get close to me to sway my opinion, when you don’t even know me, is a sick mind… Putting yourself up, by spurious association (“a world famous astrophysist”, cough), while putting others down, is a grab for power (persuasion) which I don’t buy.. By calling others as you do, you in fact are describing yourself. And you won’t even recognize that, because your ‘ego’, your little ego mind, stands in the way.

    • Gordon


      Mavericstar has been tracking the electromagnetic movement of the North Pole for years and shows us how critical the time is to this one event. The countdown is on!

      • Anonymous

        they know that there has been at least 166 times the poles have shifted 30 degrees or more over millions of years–you infantile petty immature bile,er,bible humps always think god is the one behind the curtain pulling all the levers like the wizard of oz!! idiots—-and that bible humping jackass clown Goredon is another blathering fool who was so disappointed santa claus always bypassed his house he now thinks jesus is going to elevate his tiny brain to the heavens and kill everybody else, send them all to hell–GOREdon is the devils right hand man,his son- GOREdon is as evil as they come–a true agent of satan…you keep counting GOREdon but doubt if can count past 19 because you run out of fingers,toes–you can get to 20 if you take your thumb out of your ass GOREdon…clown,jack wad sock sucker homo

      • Cara

        Thank you, Gordon, I know the site.

    • Central Scrutinizer

      I insult Dirty Bung-Hole (again), and all I get is this lousy T-shirt!?!?!

      Guess I’ll have to turn my attention to GOREdon, as he seems like an easy target, just like the good Dr. Sam-I-Am, ‘can a Brother get a fresh plate of Green Eggs&Ham? :mrgreen:

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