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Death Platforms Appear In Sky

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While the world is wrestling with the ethics of drone warfare, giant, featureless rectangles are appearing in the sky. The ominous platforms are completely silent and some have hovered over towns. Below their hovering bulk people quake with fear and awe.

The technology has the ability to be armed. If they are advanced stealth drones, the original drones were deployed only to track movement on the ground. Now many are being armed with missiles. Black projects do not have to remain defenseless.

The SR-71 was once a black project. It remained a spy plane, but its successor technologies from Lockheed and Boeing were the stealth fighter and bomber, respectively. Both are armed to the teeth.

Extrapolating on the use of this technology, it’s easy to see it could be weaponized in the future. All drones are potential ‘death platforms.’ The unsettling truth is the U.S. intention to have more than 20,000 drones in American skies before 2030 threatens more than it protects.

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What are these flying juggernauts? UFO archives have no record of them. The closest unidentified flying objects seasoned researchers can find that match up with the mystery rectangles are the rare diamond-shaped UFOs seen during the 1960s and 1970s over Italy and the Canary Islands north of the African coast.

The Kanarraville, Utah rectangle craft

Advanced black project drones

Some investigators speculate the unnerving craft are not piloted by extraterrestrial intelligence–in fact, they may not be piloted at all. They could be advanced black project drones directed from secret installations located in one or more facilities within U.S. Air Force bases.

Rectangle hovering over Amherst, Massachusetts

A report made to the Mutual UFO Network by a Texas couple adds to the growing data about the strange sky craft. The website shared the MUFON summary of a rectangular UFO spotted between Hutto and Taylor, Texas:

“A rectangular UFO was sighted by me near Hutto, TexasIt was very large and perfectly rectangular, grayish-black in color hovering below the storm clouds like a huge banner.

“I was driving toward Taylor, Texas on Hi-Way 79 going east. It was the size of a football field in my opinion. Moving as fast as I was driving at 55 miles per hour going parallel to it. I watched it for almost five minutes in disbelief. Then I took action and took the very next road to intersect with it and it just disappeared!

“This is the second UFO that I have seen in my life time. The other was in 1973 and it was hovering over the Decker Lake Power Plant near Austin, Texas. What a sight seeing it going zig zag across the sky then stopping for about five minutes to recharge then off it went at a blink of an eye it was gone.

“My wife [name withheld by SW/LITS] witness[ed] it with me too and went to get a camera and it was gone.”

Rectangles south of the border

Although the rectangular craft have been spotted across the USA and Canada, some have been seen far south of the border. Segundo Hernán Godoy López, a 50-year-old technician, experienced a stunning encounter with a radical rectangular UFO during 2008 in Santiago, Chile thathe claimsappeared to be piloted by humanoids.

This report, while appearing credible, may be exaggerated as these type of craft seem designed more for black ops surveillence and are likely remote-controlled. Although from his drawing, the configuration is not quite a true rectangle craft.

Yet, according to López’s testimony, as related by Inexplicata, “The windows were completely black. At the window on the right, he could see two humanoid figures down to their waistlines. They were thin, grey and featureless.

“The color of their bodies was very light grey and both creatures could be clearly seen in the rectangle, one beside the other. Their arms rested against the lower part of the frame, and they made clumsy sideways moves, as if looking for something in unison. It seemed as if they were looking at the landscape.

“At no time did the witness hear anything, but at one moment, when he tried to alert his co-workers in the lower floor, he found himself unable to move. He could only move his eyes. He claims not having felt any sense of despair or fear, and he stood up to the situation. He felt an increase in atmospheric pressure, and says his body was ‘pressured’ and he felt densea situation that lasted until the object pulled away some 10 meters from where he worked. At that point he felt normalcy returning to the surroundings.

“The object continued moving in a straight line and slowly. He managed to see that it lacked wings or other appendages. It was simply rectangular and nearly square around its base, which he calculated at some 3 meters tall. Mr. López, adds that he suffered no damage to his skin, body or mind. Aside from the momentary paralysis, he had no vision problems as a result of the experience. He figures that the entire experience lasted some 15 minutes from the start of the observation. He describes the experience as the most interesting he’s had in his life.”

Another Texas rectangle

MUFON report of rectangle UFO on September 3, 2011 at Round Rock, Texas: “I saw a rectangle-shaped object that seemed as large as an 18 wheeler or bigger hovering at least a 1000 feet moving from right to left slowly for about five minutes, and then it began to move away at a faster pace until it disappeared in the horizon after about 2 minutes. I took pictures because it seemed very odd that something shaped like a rectangle was flying with nothing else near it.”

Original, large photos filed by MUFON available here:

Photo One

Photo Two

Photo Three

Rectangle craft rendition from

Black project connection

As aircraft manufacturers race to build and deploy advanced drone technology, the black military budget is also building drones with technology just short of Star Trek. Good evidence exists that the small black triangle craft and V-shaped craft are USAF high technology advanced platforms: super-stealthy and silentalmost eerie.

The rectangle drones can be converted to weapons platforms to deliver quick, silent death to identified targets considered hostile.

The consensus of some aircraft engineers who have read the reports or actually seen the platforms in operation is that they may be powered by magnetic monopoles and do not fly, but “surf” the magnetic field of the Earth.

The larger craft, such as the mammoth rectangles and black triangles seen over Texas and during the famous “Phoenix Lights” sightings of March 13, 1997, are believed by some aircraft experts to be giant stealth dirigibles, unarmed, and used for psyop operations and secret surveillence of population centers in the U.S. and around the globe.

The smaller triangles and V-craft have been spotted as far back as the late 1970s.

A rectangle craft hovering in sky [Tushar Bhatt]

How to report your sightings

The phenomena and sightings of rectangular craft is relatively new. If you witness a rectangle craftor any object in the sky you cannot explainwrite down the details of your sighting as soon after the event as possible. If there are other witnesses, discuss the details of what was seen amongst yourselves. Then make a report to MUFON at so they can record and investigate the case.

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    • OneNineSixSix Ajai Dev Malik

      Kites would look the same as these…… The kites, which the kids fly……

      • watertiger

        you are an idiot……….troll……….

        • Dirigibles and kites aren’t that much different. Why go overboard with an effort you don’t really need. Especially if it’s just for surveillance. The Hindenburg ended badly but things could easily have improved by now! Plus lots or reports are of triangles not rectangles.

        • Anonymous

          Op Blue Beam holograms?

      • 2QIK4U

        2017 now and this is nearly five years old. It shows the different types of models of the government’s TR-3B’S. Now they’re triangular 3d shaped cloaking real looking star wars ships… Tax dollars in action.

    • LukeSkywatcher

      Are they UFO’s or military drones? Scary either way. These could be similar to the triangular crafts hovering over Detroit days ago. Either way we know ultimately we are not alone in this universe.

      • doncgarner

        Hell Luke Skywatcher., I saw what you described over detroit for about 4 days I posted the Fox 2 story they aired DAYS AFTER my 16 yr old son same this in the sky. I’d pick him up from Cass Tech at about 7:45 and I took the long way home, got to conner and jefferson and thats when I noticed them in the sky again, but this time told my son…”look, tell me I’m not crazy or seeing things, that YOU see the same thing in the sky HOVERING and CHANGING COLORS like I do”…he said he did, so we pulled over, and watched ALL OF THE Strange lights hovering, changing colors, and brightening, and dimming, while changing Positions from a straight up and down formation, to a V formation, to a Cross, back to a PERFECTLY LINED UP formation…then separated, and began to move in different direction very slowly still stoppint to hove, then move again…until they all started to head WEST in the sky near each other. After watching this, we went to BK on Mack and Conner…and watched 3 small objects in the sky light up like christmas lights, one of them got SO bright that it looked as if it were ON FIRE BURNING in the sky before us….Go check my FB page under the same screen name here doncgarner…I’m a Pastor…I don’t believe in many things…but I do know that what I saw those nights HAS YET to be explained by ANYONE of Authority!!!! Not one peep out of them! Many people around Michigan Detroit, and The US and world saw THE EXACT SAME OBJECTS at the same time…..The photos here, are not strange to me, because I’ve seen similar object like the ones here as well…….just not this good of photos….Somethings going on! Blessings to the Community as well. :eek:

    • JD


    • planettom

      my first instinct looking at the pictures from near Roundrock TX look like the banners that are pulled behind small airplanes. I see them weekly as I live outside of Houston.

    • Anonymous

      WHERE WAS THE US AIR FORCE,oh thats right they were the ones flying them ,soon to be bombing a city near you……………………

    • Anonymous

      “Death Platforms”..??…lol. sounds like a bad syfy movie.

    • Anonymous

      Soon to be followed by Death Squares, Death Dodecahedrons, and Death Mobius Strips.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like close up of side panels of someone’s house. It ccould be death panels if they contain electrical circuits that are energized.

    • Joerg Klaemt

      UFO’s do not depend upon Aerodynamics as they are not propelled in the same way that we know, therefore they can be of any shape.However having said that I realize that they still fall under Newtons Law of Air friction. But lets assume they are surrounded by a invisible forcefield
      that can overcome that Law their shape is irrelevant.

    • unity

      who is writing this stuff..

    • Lady Liberty

      :eek: Gee Whiz,……..didn’t CHARLES JOHNSON of The Flat Earth Society
      tell everyone about those many moons ago???? bears taking a look at some
      MAJOR HOAXES-(and OUR money spent for them). But then, that’s CRAZY,
      There Are No Conspiracies, ….right?

    • sten

      “Death Platforms”? Did you make that all by yourself? :lol: :lol:

    • American People in 2016

      Everyone can see that it’s a floating pier from the Japanese Tsunami….geeeez…….

    • Bill in Tennessee

      I saw one of these craft back in 1998; it was early in the morning about 6:30am and I was on my way to work in Oak Ridge, TN, when I worked for a subcontractor to DOE. I pulled off the road to look at it. The craft was resting on a hillside at tree-top and was about a quarter-mile from my position. I could clearly see the outline of the object, it was matte black against the early dawn grey sky. The craft looked to be about the size of your average Walmart store, and was resting at the tree tops and at a slight (~ 5-degree) angle. It appeared to have four large square windows or openings, with a yellow-ish light coming from them; however, I did not see any occupants and the craft did not move for the 5 minutes or so that I observed it. The precise moment I decided to drive my Jeep up the hill to investigate, the thought occurred in my head, “You need to get to work.” It wasn’t “I need to get to work” but rather “YOU need to get to work.” So I put my Jeep in gear and went to work… afterward, I mulled that over; I had been waiting for YEARS to spot a UFO, and when I finally did, it seems I was somehow “directed” to move along, nothing to see here. These craft exist, trust me… I can’t tell who they belong to, or who built them…but they DO exist.

    • Serviervorschlag

      This is so ridcolous :lol:

      Who in his right mind would take the time to write these BS stories. I love this site but you have to agree that most of these articles are written by unemployed wannabe science fiction authors.

    • dusel1

      The eyes of the goats are swooping down on America.

    • Lord Fakie D

      Wow, the 2013 model UFO’s are really lame. Galactic Motors, yes?

    • Xavier Coldhard

      I read something similar to this a couple years ago…echelon platforms. Man made I’m sure

    • midwestgrandma

      And these aren’t “aliens”. Read the Georgia Guide Stones. The 1%’s agenda is clearly listed and part of that agenda is that there are too many of us “commoners” to control.

      Read or visit some of Stephen Quayle, Russ Dizdar and Gary Stearman’s videos or purchase some of their books.

      At the very top of the pyramid, the one with the all seeing eye, that eye is called the Eye of lucifer – and he is, as you notice at the top of the pyramid.

      Look at our movies, our entertainment, rumors of war, endless wars, weird weather.

      Bradley Manning may have been come down so hard on because he tried to warn us of what is to come.

      One big video game called how many can I get faster than you by some of their goons.

      Laugh at this response all you want but when I read 1984 in 1969 I thought, no way could this ever come about…………..well 1984 is here.

      Again, it could just be a banner, a hologram, just about anything – we will have to wait and see.

      The fact that our government is the only country to use two WMD and now we drone strike attack innocent civilians in far off lands for their oil not to mention 911 was a false flag attack most of you got manipulated but are too proud to admit means we have “leaders” that have sold their souls long time ago (now research Bohemian Grove) and are capable of doing anything to anyone. The planet Earth is being governed by a bunch of psychopaths and the majority of people either live in denial or don’t care.

    • bustedbowl

      how to conquer the rich and powerful…do not fear the unknown , embrace it.

      do not play their game and do not feed their machine, all from your armchair
      this guy had it right…

      “Withholding payment of taxes is one of the quickest methods of overthrowing a government”
      Mahatma Gandhi

    • Deb Krekic

      check out this documentary at the 44 minute mark. These drones are reminding me of the analgy made to our DNA and the assimilation of energy or dispersal of it… Perhaps they are mind controll technolgy not traditional weapon based. The Secret Hidden from Mankind: Mindscience kept hidden. Quoted, “Congress and College Universites in Collusion”

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