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WARNING: The Other Preppers: “We Are Your Worst Nightmare and We Are Coming…”

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Editor’s Note: At last count there were roughly three million people in America who are preparing for far-from-equilibrium events and disasters. But not all preppers have the same ideas about their strategic plans, stockpiles and strategies. While most are taking steps to insulate themselves from catastrophe by stocking their pantries, developing skills and learning to protect their homes from marauders should the worst befall us, others are putting together plans and organized syndicates whose plan is to strike at those who had the forethought to get ready in advance.

Tyler Smith, a recent guest on the show Doomsday Preppers, is one such ‘prepper’ who is taking a controversial approach to end-of-the-world preparedness.

“We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming,” is the warning Smith has given to those who think they’ll be living the simple life in a post-collapse world.

You may have prepared for starving looters, and can likely fend off small parties of people trying to take what you have, but are you prepared for a coordinated attack from a heavily armed band of pillagers?

You better be, because you can be assured they are preparing for you.

Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper reports…

(Pictured: Tyler Smith – Would Be Marauder. Courtesy NatGeo)

Tyler Smith of Doomsday Preppers: Apex Predator or Apex Punk?
By Daisy Luther

If there was ever a case study on why preppers should be prepared to defend their supplies, the upcoming episode of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers would provide a perfect example.

“We’re not in it to stockpile. We’re in it to take what you have and there’s nothing you can do to stop us,” Tyler Smith says. “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming.”

Smith, 29, is the leader of Spartan Survival. The group has more than 80 dues-paying members. Smith founded the organization in 2005 to train and prepare others on survivalism.

On Tuesday night, Smith’s story will be told on the National Geographic Channel survivalist TV show “Doomsday Preppers.” (source)

So, not only would someone with supplies need to worry about everyday commonplace looters, they would need to be concerned about Smith and his band of merry marauders, whose survival plan seems to hinge on overwhelming force against those who have spent years gathering supplies and planning for a secure and peaceful existence.

National Geographic appears to have chosen Smith as a poster boy to give the preparedness-minded a bad name.  I wouldn’t set your DVR for this one – excerpts seem to indicate a show full of bad advice and ill-thought-out “strategies” from someone who refers to himself as “a professional deer hunter”.

He refers to himself as the “apex predator” in his area, based on his home-made body armor and other survival gear.

Most preppers, Smith says, are concerned with marauders taking their supplies. It’s not an unfounded fear, he says.

“We are those people,” he says. “We’ll kick your door in and take your supplies. … We are the marauders.”  (source)

Smith has gotten a lot of bad comments from the prepping community and has responded with this literate response on his facebook page [Author's noteSmith's Facebook page was removed today]:

idk what is worse the people that cant tell the difference between entertainment/tv hype? or the people that are commenting way beyond things I said talking about killing my family and raping my wife and or killing me preemptively I said I would do whatever is necessary to survive and if that means kicking in doors then yes that is the guy I will be. get a fucking life you troll keyboard warrior pieces of shit its reality tv if you thought entertainment wasn’t a possibility swallow your own 12 gauge barrel. Armor was meant to be for tv use only notice my modern plate carrier in pics above. and just so yall know your feeding into another show I have airing and your filling my pockets so for my house payments sake and new truck payment keep talking! if you thought anyone in there right mind would say that for free and not be expecting a reward you all are fools…as for my personal skills I know I can get better i know physical training is a top issue that’s all time consuming objectives and I am definitely working on it. better yet live your live prep and get ready because the end is coming. if you think your morals will survive the end times good luck and watch the whole episode and turn off selective hearing.

Let’s make one thing clear – Smith is not a prepper.  He is not representative of what we do.  He’s an embarrassment to the preparedness community.  He is a thug, plain and simple.  He’s an out-of-shape criminal who is afraid to get caught, so he’s waiting for the breakdown of law and order to commit the crimes he so clearly wishes to perpetrate, without fear of spending time in prison.

Preppers, beware.  Just because someone calls themselves a prepper, doesn’t mean that they have the same morals and values as the rest of us.  Unsavory people like Smith and his Spartan Survival group are out there, and they’re planning to come for our supplies.

This is what we prepare for.  And we’re ready for you, Mr. Smith.

Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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    • Boxed in Freight

      It wouldn’t surprise me one bit that those who are advocating buying a chunk of land and moving out there during any calamity will be the commanders of these groups. Why would anyone sell their home in a city where they know many of the residents and move to the mountains where they do not know anyone? :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Rufus Juice

        good luck to this lumpy tool. once his tank is empty walking a half mile isnt happening for this lump.

        • simboliza

          First off we will see if Tyler Smith can avoid UN troops readied and hardened for battle!
          Then shortly afterward Russian and Chinese professional armies that will lay Tyler Smith and his big talk to waste

      • tk-3839

        We already have criminal gangs burglarizing, robbing, raping, and murdering in our cities! Look at Detroit, New York, Cinncinati, St Louis, LA, etc…. Black gangs are rampant and eventually it will all fall apart and war in the streets will come. No one will have a choice, it will be a matter of survival and it will be about race. Every single day blacks do great harm to white families, not to mention what they do to their own, but the key factor is other blacks who not even involved with the crime have been conditioned to say nothing and make sure the blck thugs get away with their crimes. Every person who is white will have to decide what is best to protect their kids and the choice will be simple. No blacks…it’s too much risk. no parent wants to know they could have protected their kids if they had only stood up and stood for what they already know is true.

        • Freeamerican

          troll, some blacks are a problem, but that’s not what you’re doing, troll. The real problem is the forty million illegal immigrant leeches and the legal visa immigrants that republicans are swarming in, all of who are going to get ‘free healthcare’ off of your wallet, that’s why the scum republicans refused to defund the health bill. To make you a slave to leeches and fifty or sixty million immigrants. You pretend our biggest problem is a some blacks, the criminal fraction, compared to the immigrant and illegals. You do that because you’re a troll.

          This idiot story is a psy ops to start with. This moron on the boob tube (what kind of moron is still watching ‘tv’ now) does not have whole giant organized gangs. The people who put out the program are jew and in on the JWO. They will be causing disaster so some prep is obviously reasonable, but they are going to really get you, take your property, by the welfare schemes/immigration schemes, by chemtrails and drones. Because sheople don’t do anything about it. This psy ops story is bunk fearmongering. Immigration and chemtrails is in your face.

    • Patriot Games

      Lol, there may be plenty of people with this mindest, but take a good look at these morons…

      I predict these idiots will get smoked within 1 day of any collapse.

      • Truth ammo

        They might get bar-b-quid rather than smoked. With a feed the neighbor program going, anything is possible.

      • dk1951

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Zionist infiltration

        More than likely, they’d take each other out first as poetic justice.
        You don’t think they would hire one another to babysit, no?
        Truth is, they accepted payment to play the fool by the same Bolshevik zionist garbage that believe they have a friend in Satan.
        That’s funny as Satan has the Least respect for those follow him.

        On another note, when you attempt to debate a zionist, slow them down, hablas mas despacio por-favor or whatever it takes. Within the first few seconds a lie, deception, manipulation is due. If you let them ramble on for past a minute or two, you will find yourself lost in a series of lies and confusion. If they don’t stop when you tell them to, at thAt first line of BS, warn them and if that doesn’t work knock em Hard in the nose so they may be seen as the pinnochio on strings they were bred to be from the cradle.
        Hope this helps and peace out dudes and dudettes. :lol:

        • Zionist infiltration

          One more thing.
          If they cry lawsuit Don’t let them pick their zionist judge to rule over you.
          Demand a jury trial so they may have a chance to explain their faulty logic to the public.
          You will either get a good laugh from the jury, payment from pinnochio in one way or another or be asked to be a leader in your community. I’d wager 3 for 3 and you might even find a new lady friend.

        • Freeamerican

          I vote your last comment most entertaining, and true that on the jew bolshevik zionists. well done dude.

    • McElchap

      “Smith”, if that is his real name, looks like a cut-out boogeyman to wave in our faces. Twelve gauge bear slugs or high power rifle rounds will drop “apex predators” in body armor like this thug and his “Spartan” gang of criminals. :grin:

    • JustAComment

      “You may have prepared for starving looters, and can likely fend off small parties of people trying to take what you have, but are you prepared for a coordinated attack from a heavily armed band of pillagers?”

      A very key point and reality. Many people haven’t thought anything through. For instance, I’ve listened to and read a number of gold bugs who teach that people with gold will be the survivors, one famous gold bug stating people with gold and silver will even be the new leaders in their neighborhoods, after the total meltdown.

      Okay. So, say the dollar is dead, people are starving. Are you going to go to a store with your gold and silver, any public market with your gold and silver, be a privileged one allowed to buy what you need, everybody without gold and silver quietly dying, starving around you? Are you going to barter with your gold and silver in secret, or are you rather going to become a target with something to steal? In reality, how much do you think your life will be worth if you have gold and silver and try to use it? The same is true of anything you hoard people need.

      I have heard the tenor many times that people are preparing to carry on with the good life, who were wise enough to hoard gold and silver, store a year’s worth of food, for when the dollar becomes worthless and the store shelves are empty. This is such a delusion! If things get that bad, military armed bands will come around and take you out for cans of tuna, will become expert in group tactics of taking you out. Your pistols, shotgun, or even AR-15 is no match against a tactical military force, public or private. You who think you’re going to squirrel away things that will ensure your survival in an apocalyptic world, this may bring you comfort, but it’s a false sense of security: if the world goes to hell, you’re going down, too, or become a criminal predator. I suppose you can bug out and cower in some hole in the ground in the woods, sleep with one eye open, for a time. I wouldn’t find that any kind of life.

      The bottom line, you’re going to need some government you all express hatred for if you’re going to continue living and survive what will be, otherwise, a situation of societal breakdown and criminal anarchy that becomes the law is coming after your hoard. And you Christians, fretting all these things and trying to prepare to be the last man standing, in a corrupt world, and by your own efforts, where is your faith in your God? Which is it, guns, gold and silver, or your God that you trust?

      James 5

      1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
      2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.
      3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

      Ezekiel 7

      18 They shall also gird themselves with sackcloth, and horror shall cover them; and shame shall be upon all faces, and baldness upon all their heads [interesing radiation poisoning causes baldness].
      19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

      Matthew 6

      27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?
      28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
      29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
      30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?
      31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
      32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
      33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

      • beclav

        At the end of the day, you cannot eat gold or silver. I’m saving seeds. All kinds. If SHTF & I don’t get to find them, someone else will. Planted, these seeds can be grown for everyone. Peace. :lol:

        • News for the Soul

          Yes…you are one of the smarter ones. We can all save seeds very easily. They are cheap and can be grown in remote areas.

      • dwcwn6

        So just lay down and die,huh? Im a Christian and you make me angry. You take scripture that you think fits your holy-er than thou thought pattern, and you are a hippocrite, we all know you yourself would fight to the end for food and be wishing you had saved food and guns for some type of security. I can also pull scripture out to defend a preppers point of view from any of the gospels, proverbs or ecclesiastes. but I wont bore you with that. the verses you pulled from james and Ezekiel are talking about the Rich and the evil govts that cause this mess. you think im gonna be in the city when it goes down? no, and there is nothing evil or wrong about being self sufficient and at least would be in a position to help or protect those in need or who need my help. You think God put a survival instinct in humans for no reason. Your an idiot!

        • News for the Soul

          UH…You R a Retard!!!!

      • V for Vendetta

        I agree with some of what your saying However, The military are nothing but 19 year old kids and no they are not bullet proof and nor do any of them have the technology to where no bullet can hurt them. Sorry but your wrong, I don’t care how well trained someone is I don’t care what their rank is, I don’t care what they are wearing they can still be stopped. PERIOD.

        • News for the Soul

          Oh…uh! Really ? Most of the military is going to be police. Police are all ages, armed to the teeth, and trained to kill and not care. Did you not hear about all the hollow point bullets, and personal armed carriers that DHS sent the police?

      • V for Vendetta

        I agree with some of what your saying However, The military are nothing but 19 year old kids and no they are not bullet proof and nor do any of them have the technology to where no bullet can hurt them. Sorry but your wrong, I don’t care how well trained someone is I don’t care what their rank is, I don’t care what they are wearing they can still be stopped. PERIOD. If you think you are some super man come on over I’ll show you your human.

      • Rev. Harry Davies

        I am a christian/minister, please don’t let that fool you! I am Vietnam trained, think I have forgot it, not on your life. Please don’t come to my house. If you do please be prayed up! Oh, there are many more of out there, be careful.

        • Tag808

          Right on. Onward Christian Soldier! God never meant for us to NOT stand against evil and he doesn’t expect us to be doormats to that evil.

        • News for the Soul

          Who cares? Christian Zionists are the worse. You will sink with the boat faster than the rest of us!

      • News for the Soul

        You are actually right and the sad part is that most of these preppers would not even be willing to share their food with others even if those people were willing to help out. It is sad how full of themselves that most of them are. Most are the same hateful tea party crazies that hate on others who are poor. They are rich spoiled trust fund babies who enjoy judging others who are less fortunate them them. I once heard about a story about the Titanic and about how some of the rich people grabbed their gold when they tried to jump down to safety and grab onto one of the safety boats or floating debris in the sea. They did not make it because they sunk faster than the others because of the weight of the gold. This is what is likely to happen to the preppers. They will not leave their homes where all the stored food and gold is and instead be in greater danger from looters, military, and murders because they will be in one place and not on the move instead.

      • Zionist infiltration

        What about “Pull it” Silver-Stein” and GOLDman? You think their progenitors were mistaken on the value of precious metals over fiat paper DoleAres while on that PayRole?

        • Zionist infiltration

          But Yes, ‘some’ folks Should be under satellite sUperVision for their own good and that of their neighbors. You have One Earth, not two.

        • Zionist infiltration

          Is it currency or currentSee?
          Just like Gay (happy) or gay as in emasculating a ‘friend’?
          What would make one want to bend over another man and bang him in the hershy.
          I don’t understand for ‘some’ reason.
          Sounds stinky and just wrong.
          Would you agree?
          :idea: :!: :evil:

      • Freeamerican

        you trolls are so obvious. you twist everything you can into your lay down die jezus bunk so sheople are putty. jew bunk for sheople. what will you do when we find out who you trolls are and make you pay back the money you get from the propaganda program, or are you an israeli troll trying to keep christians doped so we keep getting fleeced to pay you leeches for your holohoax. go rot somewhere, troll.

        the votes for your comment are from other trolls. where are the real people to vote down your bunk. too busy being sheople.

        • Mister Fred

          Freeamerican…. must be a banjo player… :lol:

    • Arte Vespule

      This type of behavior is easily fixed with the administering of a new lead sub-dermal implant. Simply apply a lead implant into the forehead. This type of sub-dermal implant will usually correct any problem behavior you may experience. These new implants come in several sizes and shapes, so you can pick the proper implant for your situation. Sizes range from 58 grain up to 230 grain for the really big problems. Generally one implant will solve the problem. But sometimes a second implant is required for complete effect. This is commonly known as a “double tap” implant technique. The use of this technique will generally solve any issues with the first implant failing to take effect. However if this proves to be insufficient, you may liberally apply as many implants as you feel appropriate to correct the behavior problem….

      • Kiler

        Lol! This has to be the best comment I have read in a long time!

      • Neanderthal

        But I wish to know if the implants are covered by obamacare and do I have to pay the deductible before or after the implant of 238 grain?

      • Zionist infiltration

        A good look in the mirror may surprise you why you’d find it necessary in that first place.
        Regardless, the flesh is but a fleeting moment in time.
        What time is it.
        Not too late?
        U? :arrow:

    • Pohknee

      This type of group will need a lot more than 80 members around my neighborhood. All I can say is “Come On Down” and enjoy southern hospitality.

      • Neanderthal

        I tell you and there is really something about some good old aged ‘SOUTHERN COMFORT”

    • Anonymous

      Bull butter. These Morons would not last 5 minutes in a fire fight with Southern Hunters. They might be able to intimidate the Yuppies and Sissy Boys in the Northern States but their asses will be handed to them in the woods of the South. Not until a few of them are skinned alive and tied to trees will the rest get our drift. Come on down and see us now . We will use you for wild hog bait.LOL

      • abnegative

        Are we actually going to talk about who is from the north or the south? I am from near the Canadian border of NY , lived in MT. and 14yrs in Tx. If we are worried about if someone is from the south or north and believe that will make a difference we are all f…d anyways.
        Seems to me we need to focus on the ones trying to strip our constitutional rights…

        BTW , this new yorker shot a bull elk running 2x in the heart , silver dollar size pattern, with a Browning A-bolt rifle and if you know elk , you know you don’t get real close to them .Most shots are distance shots savy??. We hunt very well in the north as well.
        Now lets quit talking sh…t and get on the same team.

      • bob-bob-bob

        Anonymous , I will agree with you up to a point , I dis-agree at northern Sissy boys . US Yankees have been in the military too , Paratroopers , Rangers , Special Forces , Navy , Marines , Air Force , Oh yeah , a group rarely mentioned the coasties , I know a bunch of coast Guard guys who are not to be messed with , They think a Little different than the rest of us and I would like them on my side than on the other it must be because of all that time out on the water in all kinds of situations !! Be Safe my friend , Airborne all the way !

        • Anonymous

          While I agree that there are no doubt SOME hard core fighters in the Northern States . Most are screwed up Lefties that live in decaying City’s that are already suffering from the damage of Socialism. I feel sorry for the few that will fight to keep their Families safe in those States. Not so in the South. The majority are hard core Rednecks with a bone to pick with anybody who messes with their Family. These fat slobs would be a light snack for a real Southern Redneck I promise. Not to mention the Bikers who would mop the floor with their fat asses. The moral of the story is simple. Once the SHTF all of the true Patriots in this Nation WILL UNITE. I have no doubts about it. And we will be the most fearsome force ever assembled on a Field of Battle. My point is that if I lived in a Socialist part of the Country right now. I would seriously consider relocating to the South before the schit goes down. That’s all.

      • Rufus Juice

        the best snipers outside the military all live in Pennsylvania.

        #1 DEER hunting state in the union ~ even more than Tennessee, Texas, or west virginia

        • Anonymous

          Cut it out Rufus . You know them Texas boys can out shoot Ya’ll. LOL Don’t kid yourself Brother. There’s way more of us than you . And a BUNCH MORE DEER.LOL.

    • energymight

      You live by the sword (Gun), you die by the sword (Big Gun)!! This guy used to steal kids lunch money on the play ground and I bet he eventually got clocked by someone who was “NOT GONNA TAKE IT NO MORE!!! -Rev. Manning.

      Bullies always get it in the end – or in this case the beginning. Thanks for making us even more aware than we were already that your types are indeed out there!

    • really

      OK, so this poster-child for morbidly obese neo-Nazis, who looks like he maybe but is probably not able to outrun a armadillo, has a gang mentality, a bully and a thief, talks like a psychopath. who says he’s going to join forces with cavemen to maybe rape and pillage because he finds it entertaining?…LOL! He is a punk, not a prepper, a thug, a rabid drooling pants-filled-with- poop bully, that’s all…in this life now or later.

      • Freeamerican

        Neo nazis. Way to work in jew propaganda. Nothing wrong with trying to preserve the aryan race from extinction by the jew, which is the first cause of the jew world order. That’s why they’ve killed millions of our troops, our men, in their fakery wars starting with jew lincoln and his fake civil war and the first fake world war, and the second/holohoax and everything since then. never mind the ‘neo nazis’, the jew world order who is orchestrating the fearmongering and the disintegration of America is the problem.

    • MissingRonnieR

      This show is a hoot. In my suburb within seven blocks are three former Airborne, a retired Navy Seal, a West Point graduate, and four Marines. Fat boy and his group come around and he will be brought down 500 yards before he sets foot the first well groomed lawn. Some of you worry way too much.

    • shedaisy

      hes an idiot, prolly will end up as a dead idiot, shot while trying to steal others preps.

    • shedaisy

      ok this moron needs to get off his lazy a%$ and start prepping, the right way, hes not gonna survive like with these idiotic ideas

    • SocraticWatchman

      Their strategy is a little similar to mine. But their a little more diabolical. Mine is an opportunist strategy.

    • MSG Chicken

      Yes well known. But one day they will meet their match, misstep, or make mistakes. I call it the MMM theory. uM uM uM good!

      Then we will have a whole bunch of supplies and goodies in one place which we will deliver back to the people.

      Thank you fat out-of-shape criminal. Thank you for nothing. I know you’re going to try. Just remember “try” ryhmes with “die”!

    • morris adams

      this almost isn’t worth commenting on, what a joke. but hey, watch out guys, he’s wearing a ”TAP OUT” shirt, oooohhh! i would enjoying making this tub o’ sh1t cry. as we say down here in da souf, ”come gitcha some!!!” did i say what a joke? seriously though, to defend yourself from this jakoff, STOCK PROTEINS!! ANYTHING WITH NUTRIENTS! that’ll have em runnin’ for the hills! do not, DO NOT stock pork skins, beer, chicken wings, beef jerky and beer. this clown will have a heart attack soon as the grid goes down and his x-box quits working. thanks, i feel much better now, knowing this is what I’m up against!
      lastly, i want all of you decent human beings to understand one truth… really bad men, tough guys included, NEVER EVER EVER EFFIN NEVER tell you how bad they are. they don’t have to. no one says ”there’s nothing you can do to stop us.” really? nothing? then just take the country back! do something worthwhile, not steal pork n beans, you dooshbag,,, phuquit, I’m done.

    • Bill Hilly

      Leonidas and the 300, these pucks ain’t.

    • BinaryRecoil

      Problem with this article- it highlights (& is guilty of) believing everything that is said on Television. The guy stated clearly, he was being paid a LOT to be portrayed as “The Marauder”. Basically, don’t believe anything you every see on T.V. and you’ll actually be able to logically grasp the world around you. (While specific networks are attempting to speak more Truthfully these days, their reputations are already ruined)

      However, the understanding is sound. Should the highly unlikely (bordering 0.000000001%), chance of a full societal meltdown take place- there will be bands of cut throat raiders. Unless you have a team of marksmen in a well trained militia (which is illegal in the USA as you have No Rights until the Constitution is re-instated in FULL)- you better know how to hide better than a flea on a dogs ### from such people.

      Such a breakdown of society is SO Unlikely because; the people in charge have a fetish with remaining in charge, so they are likely to go to such extremes as portraying themselves as “heroes of the world” by using their hard stolen trillions to fix the problems before it happens. Furthermore, such bandits would be in shorter supply than you think- there are quite a few million people that are more thoroughly trained in real combat scenario’s that would be perfectly happy continuing to eat rations while stalking “raiders” for years. I know I would.

      And one more time: Smith is an ACTOR, PAID TO SAY WHAT HE SAYS. *rolls eyes*

    • Anonymous

      Boo yeah, the boogerman. Zombies on steroids are just as stupid. That’s the best the Theory of Evolution can do — take us back to the law of the situation ethics/values clarification jungle?

    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      Someone will know where he lives. They might ventilate his nice new truck so he doesn`t need to turn the air conditioner on anymore… :twisted:

    • Anonymous

      hahahahahahhaha that fatboy is a joke! not worthy of my breath!.

    • Anonymous

      the second video!


    • genesis

      I’m fairly confident that my M1A will put you down quite nicely…That .308 packs one nasty punch!

      • bob-bob-bob

        Genesis: I don’t know about your neck of the woods but here where I live you can go to gun shows and find 308 and 30-06 armor piercing ! Something that can penetrate 8 inches of re-enforced concrete is nice to have ! It sorta equals out those folks wearing body armor .

    • Anonymous

      Such a stupid video. The douchbag narrating it doesn’t realize that while he’s observing and scoping out the preppers, there’s another group observing them waiting to attack and take their equipment. The kind of resources this clown is talking about employing against his targets would make him and his band of wannabees desirable targets to others. There will be no room to be “badass”, there will only be the quick and the dead. Learn to live off the land, on the run. An air force survival course would do wonders for improving your odds. Learn to eat what makes others puke. Keep your wits and never let them see you coming.

      Remember… one gets out of this life alive.

    • PhoenixLiberty

      He’s a punk. Trust beats brawn! Nobody will trust him.

    • Anonymous

      This thread reminds me of a bunch of chimps standing on a huge boulder while thumping their chests, trying to scare each other.

      • Anonymous


        • Valen

          I agree. I am just shaking my head at all of these comments. For their sake, let’s hope they are are prepped, organization, and skilled as they are talking. I hope they have enough people to hold off a large group of pillagers.

          The people I think will cause the biggest problems are the street gangs from the cities. They are armed, already fairly organized, and ruthless.

          Also, I have my doubts that most communities will cooperate as many think. They would have to be holding meetings and everyone preparing equally. For those that are, I am jealous. I am 43, and no matter where I lived, I never knew my neighbors. I tried, but no one else seemed interested.

          If there is this type of collapse, then I hope I am taken out, so I can go back from whence I came and start the next life.

    • PamBPatriot

      Hate to bust your bubble…but our “community” has a plan for that too! Not every “prepper” is a sole family praying in the rubble and thankful for the forethought! Some places its community thing!!! :cool:

    • MjolnirsWrath

      here are a few problems with ” Numb Nut’s ” attempted ( Plan )
      1. he has NO PHYSICAL CONDITIONING. look to see this idiot walking around on the side of the road after he realizes after 6 months most gasoline turns to varnish 2 years at best with so called unless he procures an older Diesel Vehicle pre electronic ignition his so called marauders are going to be WALKING and with body armour and gear weighing in at 150 pounds NOT very fast.

    • POC2014

      So come just don’t come 300 meters from my home because I’ll be looking through the end of my scope.

    • MjolnirsWrath

      2 this idiot it what i like to call a Neo Apocalyptic Survival ism Suburbanite Yuppie.
      which means ZERO Training or tactical knowledge whatsoever that is effective in a real world situation he ASSUMES that his brand new truck post 1980s with ECU will actually work..Military already built in a DEFAULT crystal Diode in ALL vehicles that Shuts down the entire system this was MANDATED in Nuclear Reliability Program Protocols to send out a high energy Radio Wave burst nation wide to immobilize the population for purpose of Vector Control Zoning. aka they don’t want the populations in the cities exposed to diseases and viruses from the loss of sanitation to be mobile during a martial law situation.

    • stevesmitty79

      Worst nightmare??? More like biggest fools. They are ultimately a mathematical improbability. A so-called “force” whose targets are most likely military trained, like minded survivalist/preppers, and sooner than later, they will be whittled down (read KIA) to insignificance. So much for these legends in their own minds. National Geographic can surely come up with a better ratings ploy that this.

    • MjolnirsWrath

      and number three i was Raised by a Decorated Vietnam Navy Seal / Inventor father and WW2 Drill instructor grandfather..learning MULTIPLE Trades..and grew up in some the harshest terrain in the world comparable to Afghanistan of norther Arizona..this idiot thinks he will be able to acclimate to the different terrains and feed and house his band of marauders. i say good luck. Ill be sitting atop a mountain side 1600 or so meters away with a 8mm mauser picking his morons off one by one relocating every shot..till i have all the weapons provisions and gear i want. thats how i was trained since i was 4…not because of some post apocalyptic world scenario but simply that it was fun including loading ammo learned IED’s Martial Arts and most importantly terrain navigation and survival with nothing more than a hunting knife…i doubt any of these doofs have gone through that. or will do so.

    • Wonkadelica

      Yay, the fear mongers are going to wipe each other out! :cool:

    • Anonymous

      It’s the ANDERS clan from revolution tv series.

      • Zionist infiltration

        Anders clan though which altitude?
        Such word games though the sons of which Ander.
        Up/down or all around?

    • ruffsoft

      In the case of a social/economic collapse, the only way to survive is through cooperation and mutual aid, which is how people have always survived through tough times.

      Those who cooperate with their neighbors will surely survive much better than those who hoard food and weapons and lock their doors. The basic law of life is: we need each other to survive.
      This is true when you are born and when you are old and dying. It is true in business, in all human enterprise.

      Compassion and cooperation are the keys to survival and always will be. Preppers are just hoarders with an atavistic ideology. Alex Jones is getting rich selling you iodine and “survival food” and body armor. Wake up: working together is the only way to survive.

    • TombRaider

      There will be a lot of this and whether he be a prepper or punk he’ll hit the ground in the same manor….dead..

    • Acts 4 12

      This guy will be those spoken of who will resort to cannibalism WHEN it all goes down. As the article says he is nothing but a Godless thug, on his way to Hell. The thing that gets me though is people like this will never understand one thing…What good is survival at any cost if it damn’s one soul to eternal darkness? These types of people only live in the material realm and it has never sunk through or been revealed to them that this is all a battle not of flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    • Robert Fallin

      I am sure most preppers have not just stocked up goods and prepare for the worse. I would advise anyone stupid enough to threaten them to watch “Enemy at the Gates”. The best way to kill a serpent is to cut off his head.

      I use to belong to a Combat Communications Squadron and our field maneuvers did not end until every was “dead”. I always was the “last man standing,,” even though I was a bad shot, slight of build and not skilled in hand-to-hand combat. What I DID have was focus and ruthlessness.

    • GrayWolf845

      Let’s be honest. There are these people. and your typical home defense is mostly passive. Hoping to hide unless provoked. I’m not saying go out and shoot everyone, but gangs will form and /or have already formed.
      Are they the best? no. They don’t have to be. I’ll take being lucky over being good any day.
      and if you have superior numbers, or canmake your target expend ammo, stores you will be victorious. Let’s look at vietnam. Afghan, Iraq, will power makes up for a lot. In feudal tmes attackers rarely had an advantage, so what did they do? wait it out. Hell I can surround you. sit back and go get water freely, find food, etc. Meanwhile your living conditions deteriorate everyday.
      It’s a plausible scenario. You are a fool to think otherwise.

    • Politiwars

      In the event of a major meltdown, unless you are far far FAR off the beaten path, you are toast.

    • larry

      This guy thinks he’s smart… All prepers are not stupid so go ahead and steal their food, and have a good time trying to figure out which is good and which has been poisioned. If I were you I would stick to deer hunting.

    • Anon

      Did anyone catch this episode? I did, this loon will not last his first time out. He “claims to basically” be doing the same thing that the scientist have done that first made any bullet proof armor but in his garage/barn. :roll:

      The scariest part of this episode was not that he tried to forewarn us of his intentions. But that he actually thinks he can deliver his next born – via C-SECTION – in his garage/barn. :shock: He has no medical training, except for watching videos on the internet, and reading about it. I only hope that the baby comes before doomsday.

    • dom.uncl

      they look like a bunch of inbred lardasses to me. no problem.

    • Francis

      I’ve heard that human flesh tastes good
      I welcome these groups of idiots with open arms

    • Sailor72

      Are the ones pictured above the ones who will be our worst nightmare ?–HaHa–I hope they come to my home first. PLEASE!

    • Leo

      this is real life . there are thousands of individuals like that waiting to prey on people that are survivalist . there is no where to run, even out in the middle of no where .

      • Sailor72

        It will be real death if they come around me.

    • Jeff Brown

      Lean not to your own understanding. The Lord has fed people in miraculous ways many times. God has no shortages. Be thankful for what you have and be willing to share. You won’t run out of food. He’s been taking care of us this long. Wouldn’t my doing. Trust God.

    • Joe1938

      Having friends and knowing people from rural areas all over the US of A, I have observed that the further one is from the city, the more people are a like. I’ll take a country boy or girl at my back and it does not matter where they are from in the US of A.

    • ooswtw

      OMG, that episode was hilarious. If that ass clown and his friends are what I have to face TRYING to take my well…., anything or hurt/kill us I will let me tiny dachshunds and children handle them. Out of shape, ignorant, and perhaps lacking in mental stability. N.G. should be ashamed for showing that whether for ratings or not, It was barely entertaining, actually painful to watch. We’ll leave some pie in a window to lead you into our trap, then force you to read a book (if able) and then torture you with simple math.

    • Joerg Klaemt

      That is their Agenda has been from Day one,setting us up brother against Brother while those Bastards are sitting it out in their Bunkers.
      They are Children of Satan Jewmerica,and they have all the Help they require from Satan who has been given free Range.
      Don’t falter just stick to your belief in God our Father and his Son Jesus your blood and flesh will stay here on Earth sooner or later,your soul or Spirit won’t.

    • Arcturus

      Looks like Bubba to me.

      Best of wishes to all our American Friends. Your upcoming trials and tribulations will make you stronger.

      • Malgus


        The Fourth Turning is upon us. Thank you for the sentiments, but I fear that once Very Bad Things start happening here, it will affect the rest of the world by default…

        God protect you and yours.


      Friends, It matters not what type of prepper you are. I just want to tell you what you think is themain problem it may not be. Although everything said is true. I would also do what it tkes. One thing none seem to take into consideration is the weather.I have received a cinfidential report that starting within the next month maybe two we will have hell rain down on us by mother earth. You may have winds between 90 and 300mph and thats not the worst. I have to read this report again and I will put out the story. God, Please know its going to be one big cluster fuc$. When we have volcanos high winds rain but not normal rain. Please consider the worst vision and its to be worse than that. Any prepper should consider some type underground space. And the west coast I have every reason to believe we will see a nuke problemand you can kiss California goodbye as a refuge

    • Malgus

      “Tyler Smith”…


      Not that we shouldn’t keep our eye fixed for potential Bad Guys, but I think we have very little to fear from “Tyler Smith”… He and his band of mouthbreathing fatbodies are hardly The Scourge of God.

      If TSHTF for real, I give him about 11 minutes…. the rest of his band of “marauders” (hah) could eat comfortably off his humungous carcass for several months… anything left can be rendered down for lamp oil or generator fuel.

    • zyklonb

      Body armor is funny to me. I’ve been practicing head shots.

    • Thane36425

      There will be a sizable percentage of psychopaths in any populations. It is really a wonder humanity has advanced as far as it has with them around. Hopefully these creatures will run into stiffer resistance than they expect and get wiped out.

    • V for Vendetta

      Hey Smith instead of being a criminal the war isn’t against the people, the war is against the government and their Nazi minions who are destroying America. Take your fairy tell faggot land ideas and fight them. they have plenty to take. However, if you think your going to just waltz in on preppers and take what they have. Then your as stupid and as big of a coward as these people walking into schools shooting up kids. You won’t last 5 min.

      Hey Preppers wouldn’t it be funny if these morons broke into some seal teams home.

      • Freeamerican

        nazis minions, jew trolling. you try to cover that in patriot stuff but it doesn’t work. v for vendetta was (like every movie) a jew propaganda flick implying ‘revenge for the jew’ even though jews never have been ‘persecuted’ for no reason. jews have been doing the victim act forever. They have been kicked out of many countries over thousands of years for stealing and other deeds. Their holohoax lie is still pounded into kids here today and we still pay for it, giving money to that leech israel. It’s the jew and their scums government lackeys destroying America not ‘nazis’. jew communist welfare scheme started by jew fdr, immigration swarms, the police state, jew usury banking. gun grab page and other lists.

        This psy ops story is to make people fearmongerd and prepping instead of doing things we should like quit buying things, protest immigration, quit voting and educate neighbors. Being prepped is a good idea, but other stuff is even more important. We’re being run over by immigrants, it’s not coincidence. Same reason the scum republicans refuse to defund the health bill scheme.

    • hateriarch

      I imagine this guy is gonna be one of the first ones dead saying things like this openly.

    • Gene

      I will get along with most people, but let a person or group come at me and I will have several bullets for each one of them. I don’t double tap, I just shoot the HELL out of them. Maybe over kill, I’ll let them be the judge!

    • DRAUGR

      I give them one, maybe two weeks. Then these B/A wannabes will run across some real B/A’s and that will be the end of that. I personally have made a pledge that whenever I run across any of these types the will be dispatched immediately. It is one thing to take from those that are gone or never coming back. It is totally different to take from those who are in need. Civility will not die in a SHTF scenario, it will be born again. Those who would profit or otherwise take from those in need will find themselves far off the ground and attached to a short piece of rope.

    • Anonymous

      FRN…Fat Red Neck…come and taste the brunt of MY supplies asswipe!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      It seems to me that the wise thing to do, would be to find this Tyler Smith person, and trail him…find his little group, and kill them all….Of course, if he’s so stupid that he would tell everyone his plans, he’s probably not bright enough to pull it off

    • Diana

      Tell him to take a ticket. The government and it’s hefty band of legalized criminals plan to do the same thing. I wouldn’t waste time on giving him any further free advertising.

    • lincnet5000

      It’s not the preppers this totalitarian rogue regime should worry about. It’s the determined minority athat will be the Urban Guerillas that will clean their clocks!

    • lindarosemary

      He’s indicative of the looting slime balls who haven’t got the balls or brains to do their own due dilligence in preparation to help themselves or their family. I hope he’s ready for what will be behind the door as he kicks it in. He wil leave with at least one limb missing, maybe worse. He’s a fat pig too, and will probably die from disease, because he’s so out of shape.

    • bluwaterkayaker

      These people are not preppers – they’re looters. They show up every hurricane.

      • Joerg Klaemt

        Tribes still do that in Africa and other dark continents,you can take em out of the Jungle but try and take the Jungle out of them.
        There is some truth about hereditary DNA.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      IF and when the end times get here, Mr Smith and those like him, will have it much worse. I will still stand on the word of God………….Amen

    • Wizard Killer

      Good people will band together and put guys like this slime ball in the ground. No box. We want the earth worms to have a feast.

    • Lord Fakie D

      lol they’ll probably all get geeked by some kid with some scrap microwaves

    • Dragnet714

      Sure is nice having Angelic protection..:) No worries here.. :razz:

    • Tonto

      This guy is probably too correct for some people, but I’m afraid that he nails it. There are several, after the collapse books that outline the possibilities that are very realistic. My thoughts would be that preparing for the worst, banding together in forces of your own, would be the prudent step.

    • harvtrueword

      these so called preper people are fooling themselves. most do not understand tactics or how to defend, or go on the offense or have escape routes to alternative supply and shelter etc. they don’t have a clue except how to die in the first 5-10 minutes of a attack which would more than likely not be head on like they think. There are ones out there that will not care who they kill to get what they want so bad. and these supposed bad guys in the video will die quickly too. there is no perfect plan or tactic but there are better plans and tactics that give a much better chance. but you see most of these prepers brag to everyone that lends a ear on how they are prepared for the ultimate anything, and they tell all about how they are set up what they have etc. if you are a preper be the silent type about it really think it out plan a route or two preferably two or more ways to escape when needed. don’t put all your eggs in one basket in one place make these places with as many death traps as possible do not plan on taking prisoners for any reason they take your time and resources away from you and your attention etc.if there are survivors kill them right away, then move out immediately to your next location if possible have booby traps in place in the old location or just destroy it along with its resources so as to not leave anything really usable behind, but all this attracts unwanted attention also. Know that tech devices such as radios etc. will still be working and in use, these radio messages move faster than you. The military or govt groups have resources and more of them than you do plan accordingly or kill them to take theirs to use. it is a kill or be killed type of existence, do not trust anyone, be careful what you pick up or scavenge it may be a trap as in bomb many things to remember and do everyday as in a new way of life, and because in the recent past you did not live like this everyday then your chances of survival are small indeed. Just like these wanna be thugs in the video they don’t live that everyday so they too are not as prepared for survival as anyone else they too will bleed and die wishing they had known more in order to survive. your best chance for survival is to go and live off the land, grid etc. practicing as a way of life this survival life everyday right now right on up to when the bottom drops out then it will be no shock to you but automatic, and keep things to yourself no bragging or talking etc. And think in realistic terms such as how the enemy might think in killing you and taking what you have, think on many things and stop thinking you are superman.

    • Tonto

      I got me a sneaky hunch that guns and ammo will be the “new” gold and silver… fact I’ll bet on it.

    • LiberalsRCommies

      Total BS. You want what I have, come and get it and in doing so you will have lived your last day. One of the most dangerous jobs in the military is to go in after someone who is dug in. You dont know how many exits there are, you dont know how many sniper positions there are, you dont know what booby traps have been laid. In a word you are in for the hurt of your life if you think you can raid other peoples locations. You have no idea what strength your facing you have no idea if these people have teamed up with other groups who will come to their aid. In fact once you become well known for attacking others you will become WANTED MEN. You will be surprised how eager people will be to end your life. Im surprised that your this stupid.

      • Freeamerican

        your username is off. republicans and fake conservatives who support the welfare schemes and immigration, republicans and fake tear party idiots who refuse to defund the health bill are also communists. Pretending only named ‘liberals’ are communists is what your username implies. The idiot evangelists and catholics who keep supporting their jew christian conjob churches who support immigration and illegals and welfare, they are JUST as commie as any so called liberal. Besides that, this psy ops story to make people prep and be fearful, so they don’t protest immigration, or the republican tea party communists, or protest the drones which are coming, or protest chemtrails or the scum republican refuse to defund the health bill scheme. They are also communists.

    • Eight

      Well… Best of luck to these walking dead men, I guess.

      One has to always figure for situations like these, not just the unprepared getting desperate, but sociopaths like these (family man or no) just looking to put a bullet in a person as soon as they can get away with it.

      I’m not saying this is a threat, but one would have to be a complete short-busser to rule it out at all.

    • Marika

      Smith is an idiot. He’s gone on TV and pretty much handed his few preps over to the public already, and then he says he’s gonna rob other preppers? Maybe he’s suicidal….Though, honestly, if I wanted to die that badly, I’d just shoot myself and save other people the trouble. :lol:

    • seekingjoy

      Simple minded cowards. That’s really all there is to it! IF they’re only successful 7 out of 8 times, they won’t last long.

    • dctfree1

      The truth is everyone is going to be vulnerable at some point. The bullets will run out, the seeds have to be planted or food will run out, and even if the seeds get planted whose to say whose going to eat it.Time will tell who the inheritors of the world are. People make mistakes, it happens in war all the time. And when you are hungry, mistakes happen faster. When you dont know who to trust….more mistakes.The world will cull down in a hurry. Its called natural selection which does not always come down to the smartest and strongest. But for all these talkers…you’re just making your target bigger to aim at.

    • Ringman

      So, Tyler…
      You believe you and your 79 thugs will actually survive by stealing from others? I’m sure you’ve given great thought to the amount of supplies you will need to steal to sustain all of you. (Twice as much as for most, seeing the size of you, your wife, and others in your group). I wonder what will happen to your happy little group when a few of your raids don’t go as planned. Oh, I am sure you believe that you will be successful 100% of the time. Sadly, you won’t. Some of you will be injured, and worse. I wonder how long it will take for it all to wear down on you and your group of bandits.

      Ever consider what will happen once your “friends” start to turn on each other? Oh, I’m sure you think that will never happen. But it will.

      Of course, feel free to come to my home. If you were to succeed, you better make sure of a few things….

      Of the canned goods I have, which did I open, taint, and reseal with a can sealer I purchased for less that $100.00.

      Of the freeze dried foods, what cans were laced with a substance that will induce horrible, near fatal diarrhea? Which would be fatal in children and older people.

      Which containers of the drink mix did I taint, to make the last drink you will enjoy?

      And that’s just the start.

      I know how the labels are marked. Oh wait, is it the labels that are different? Or a small change in the bar code? Who knows. Maybe its just how they are stored. You won’t know. You couldn’t. You’re not intelligent enough to use proper grammar or correct spelling. I enjoyed your facebook post. You’re an idiot.

      Oh, and your body armor. I, like many, know how to defend against someone wearing body armor. Your Martha Stewart inspired armor “Isn’t a good thing” I’ll take out your leg first, then the other, or just a painful knee shot. You will wish you had been killed. You won’t be. You will simply be the messenger to your loyal followers. The message? Your plan failed.

      I also wonder how damaged your children will be, seeing how much of a bully their (that’s the correct use of the word, by the way) daddy is. (was) Of course, I was amazed to see that someone was actually willing to have sex with you. Then, of course, I saw your wife. Truly, a match made in hillbilly heaven. I am sure you and your sister…. errr, wife are very happy together.

      You are a low life. You are clueless. You believe you will survive anything in an emergency situation? With your self taught medical skills, duct tape and plastic operating room? With your belief that someone will wait and shoot you at point blank range with a shot gun?

      Do me a favor buddy boy. Come to my house with your scumbag looters. Take my stuff, take it back and enjoy it. The next headline will read “Another Jim Jones mass suicide” But it wont be with Kool-Aid. It will be with yummy foods you thought were safe.

      Come on over buddy. I have dinner waiting.

    • Phere

      His REAL name; ~ DECOY! ~ :eek:

    • g1rock

      This guy is a real toolbag! Yeah, he’s real tough! LOL! TOOLBAG!

    • lincnet5000

      We need to get busy and get this party started. I needs to kill, maime, and torture. Got my needle-nose pliers and a blow torch ready for the higher-ups!


      NP Double Tap shoot first you must have scouts and patrols band together now you need at
      least 12 if your by your self your screwed.

    • CrowPie

      Theres a lot of white meat hanging out of that suit. :cool:

    • WestVirginaMan

      Haha What he don’t understand is people like me are ready for bottom-feeder garbage like him. I shall eat him and his party, slowly cooked on a grill with B-B-Q sauce–MMMMM MMMM. Salt and pepper!! Yep, I remembered to hoard it as well. :grin:

    • chefjim

      This video playing, obese, proud fool is just spouting what this new generation of fools talks about with their pseudo tough, vile, video game language. They think they can do anything; take on anyone, take over the world, etc. etc. but this gang of tattooed, pretentious fools will be the first to stain their fruit of the loom tighty whities when push comes to shove and will fall down and curl up in the fetal position, crying for mama.

      You know that he is under delusion; what kind of person looks in the mirror, sees that reflection and it causes him to think he is tough? What’s more is who on earth would pay dues to a club with a moron like this guy in charge?

      Anyone who wants to take advantage of others hard work and steal for a living is a fool and a coward. Anyone who signs up with such a person is just as much of a coward so I wouldn’t worry about anyone like him. He and his group are the LAST things I would worry about in the event of a global catastrophe.

    • Don't be hating!

      Burp.. Bet they drink BlueRibbon Beer.

    • Nationcrying

      National Geographic CHOSE HIM TO BE THE POSTER BOY TO MAKE PREPPERS NATIONWIDE LOOK LIKE LUNATICS. Just like this Administration has paid trolls on discussion boards to discredit those against the OBAMA REGIME and web sites such as Alex Jones’ infowars, so they will use TV (as usual) to make preppers look bad.

    • Bill Little Eagle

      This guy isn’t very smart, a smart man does not tell all his secrets, only a dumb one would. :cool: :lol:

    • greenghost

      Does anyone here think Mr. Smith would last 5 min in a SHTF senario?

    • sjohnson1776

      Whatever. That fat assed retard couldn’t plan to take a dump let alone kick someone’s door in and take their stuff. One round fired in his general direction will scare him into a massive coronary anyway.

    • 7979barb

      Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Sufficient is the evil of today. I do not try to predict what will happen tomorrow, I have enough evil to deal with today. I have skills. I know how to skin a deer, a rabbit, how to kill and pluck a chicken, how to plant a garden, how to clean a fish. I have a aquaponic garden. I know how to can and preserve. I know how to scrape a hog, gut him and sugar cure the meat. I know how to build a fire. How to sterilize water. How to keep things cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I know what herbs and greens grow locally and can be eaten. I was born and raised on a farm. My grandmother lived through the great depression. She use to sew my school dresses out of cotton feed sacs that her chicken feed came in. I have lived on faith my entire life, I know if the Lord my god will care for the sparrow and know each sparrow that falls he will care for me and my family. My prepping comes by reading the bible and prayers. Taking stock of the knowledge I have collected over the years.

    • RayG

      So, I’m supposed to fear a few fat lard-butts who couldn’t run a 100 yards without collapsing? I doubt that any of them have had military training, as millions of Americans have. They have home-made body armor? Test it with a couple of 12 gauge shotgun slugs! What a lot of people don’t understand is that most “preppers” not only store up for the questionable future, but they are also warriors and are fully prepared to defend themselves. I don’t think a few fat amateurs are going to worry them much.

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