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Horrific Consequences: “People Don’t Understand the Scale of the Emergency That’s Going On Right Now”

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Back in the mid-2000′s, when jobs were plentiful and everyone was concerned with buying zero-interest homes, new cars and taking luxury vacations, Mike Maloney from the Hidden Secrets of Money was warning of the financial and economic destruction to come. In his assessment, a crisis was imminent:

First the threat of deflation (1), followed by a helicopter drop (2), followed by big reflation (3), followed by a real deflation (4), and then followed by hyperinflation (5),

We now know that Maloney was right. In 2008 we saw asset valuations from stocks to commodities lose significant value. It was a deflationary impact so threatening that the U.S. government was on the brink of a collapse so serious that members of Congress were warned that if nothing was done there would be tanks on the streets of America. This led to an unprecedented bailout package, which included an astronomical infusion of cash by the Federal Reserve under the direction of Chairman Ben Bernanke. Since then we’ve seen a massive reflation in a system where the economic fundamentals have only gotten worse – Stock markets have hit all time highs, home prices have seemingly re-stabilized and personal debt is approaching 2007 levels.

Mike’s first three stages have, without a doubt, now come to pass.

If his forecast is correct – and it sure seems like it – then we will soon enter the next stage of this crisis and it will involve yet another deflationary hit to global asset prices. We know how destabilizing such an event can be from our country’s experience during the Great Depression. But as Mike notes in a follow-up to his original forecast, the next event will be nothing like what we saw during the 1930′s:

I think it’s going to be a whole lot worse than the 30′s…

People don’t understand the scale of the emergency that’s going on right now. 

They think that Ben Bernanke fixed things and that the economy is back on track, but the Fed is still doing emergency measures. They’re printing $85 billion a month – that’s over a trillion dollars a year… and people do not grasp the scale of the emergency measures that they’re doing right now.

There was just a little over $800 billion of base money in existence before the crisis in 2008… that’s 200 years worth of currency creation… So that’s 0.8 trillion… now we create a trillion every year… that means we’re creating more than 200 years of currency every single year

…For him [Bernanke] to say that they’re not going to taper is an admission that they can never, ever taper… If they do the whole thing comes crashing down.

I think the crash of 2008 was just a speed bump on the way to the main event… the consequences are gonna be horrific… the rest of the decade will bring us the greatest financial calamity in history.

If Maloney is right, then the next crash is going to be followed by something so severe that many have suggested our civilization may not survive in its current form.

Hyperinflation on this scale, originating in the United States, will lead to immediate global consequences. First, our systems of commerce break down. Next, the government will be left with no choice but to implement a state of martial law, something they have been war-gaming for years in anticipation of this very event. And finally, as noted by many contrarian experts, the world could very rapidly descend into widespread global conflict.

We are, by all measures, on the very precipice of what is potentially the most enormous financial, economic, and social collapse in the history of the world.

Both scenarios – deflation and inflation – are going to impoverish this nation and make it nearly impossible for people to acquire the basic necessities for life. One hundred million people are already struggling right now and are only capable of paying their rent and putting food on the table because of direct government assistance.

When the system collapses that assistance will not be enough and those who failed to prepare by stocking long-term food stores, gold and silver, and barter supplies are going to be living in horrific conditions.

This is big – and most people are completely ignorant to the possibility.


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    • Jaydog

      deflation 1st? so we should all hold the US dollars then? hahaha so why Mike keeps trashing the US dollar?

      • Decode the World

        Just a question of timing for deflation or inflation. The end result is the same.

      • energymight

        You should probably hold dollars, metals, food, supplies and means of protection as one survival ARK – if you will. Spend the dollars first to shore up your supplies right when/just-before TSHTF, bury your metals at that point for way later when the smoke clears, live off and trade with your supplies and do your best to protect yourself and loved ones. Godspeed!!

    • Frank Enstein

      The problem is essentially simple and obvious… The populations of the Western World have, for far too long, enjoyed lifestyles that they cannot afford, and have carried on with their extravagance on the back of the poorer, less developed countries… This has been encouraged by Keynesian economists who believe that the only solution to an economic problem is to spend your Way Out of it… Once the Western World , have the courage to begin the reversal of this Stupidity , the horrific consequences can be avoided , of course with lots of pain, agony & adjustment .

      The most important thing is to beat the secret shadow banking system of… People’s Republic of China . Now that’s a Job & a 1/2 .

      • nooh

        you think any of it will happen, nope. End of times matey.

      • attilla77

        You mean on the backs of less advanced less driven countries don’t you. While I agree with you Keynesian economics its not our fault we are more advanced in our endeavors.

      • prsmith

        What absolute and utter rubbish. Poor countries are poor because of their repressive governments nothing more. Mexico could have the same standard of living as the United States if the government allowed foreign investment/ownership. Free the economic markets, eliminate the vast majority of regulation and you enrich the entire World.

      • owleyone

        The problem IS simple and obvious. We allow the federal reserve to print our money and loan it back to us with interest. Hence money is debt. Let’s print our money with the Treasury like we should.


      Inflation must happen to much money being printed and to much on its way back to our shores. I
      did a story on this today with a timeline. And the signs to look for. Plus all billionaires are getting out of the market. Paulson, Soros, Farber etc. We still have a bit of time yet. You have no idea the depth of this worldwide depression. Thats what makes such a big difference. If the U S goes down everyone goes down. Many things going against us. The ruling in Detroit will send people into the street. The worst winter in 1,000 years 91,000 people out of work. Food lines, starvation. The obvious comes from me the rest comes from a friend on wall street. The only good thing is the paper silver market is being turned over to Blackwood who is way underfunded to manipulate the price of silver. A silver lining plus passage of the Volker bill. And BitCoin will take so much cash out of the market it will ruin the fed and free silver from manipulation. This could go on for another several months. We should be full blown by Nov. 2014. But what goes on between now and then will have books written about it.

    • Ladyjo, free book, Are you Prepared??

    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      Good article. Sobering prognosis..

    • Jarheadusmc

      - Complete absolute world wide economic collapse, more severe than even the planners planned
      – Sudden civil war and revolution of a scale, ferocity and violence never seen or imagined
      – When in the middle of this civil war and revolution, Russia and China attack America.
      – At the same time all of Islam sides with Russia and they attack in three prongs – Europe.
      – No gas, food, electricity, stores, water, sewage, transportation, just carnage, killing, mobs,
      gangs and then a Russian/Chinese attack from five sides – this followed by mass starvation on a
      scale never imagined in America that leads many to even cannibalism.

      So many of the most reputable mystics, saints, seers, and stigmatics say is about to happen, that it will take by surprise even all those planning the demise of our culture and country. Massive earthquakes, storms and tidal waves dwarfing anything we have seen so far. A tidal wave stretching from Boston to Miami over 300m high, and massive earthquakes on the West Coast. Add the possibility that some warn the Mississippi Madrid Fault to give way to a 10+quake that will drop the Mississippi over 300 feet deeper and “100″ miles wide, then joining the Great Lakes with the Gulf.

      All to happen very soon, and WW3 will take its turn following the several months of civil war and revolution all to last about 3-4 years. Russia and their allies win everywhere for the first two years before the tide is turned and we win in the end, but at a great cost. Possibly, possibly by this late spring early summer major events will start unfolding, events so great that even the most pessimistic and doomsdayer’s never imagined.

      Whole cities, provinces, even countries will be destroyed by massive earthquakes, storms and tidal waves. Every major city in the world will be destroyed completely. Whole continents will be reshaped and large landmasses will appear in the oceans, one just miles off of the East Coast. All this to be brought to an end by “The Three Days of Darkness” described by the Saints, which will force and end to WW3 and kill all those who are enemies of both God and His Church, both “WITHIN” up to the highest places and without, also all those who were enemies of our country and culture will be annihilated with our enemies general.

      Why?? The mystics and saints say because of homosexuality, abortion, contraception, pornography, divorce, drugs, immodesty in dress of both women and their children, etc, etc, but mostly for the great “apostasy” now happening, for the abandonment of near 2000 years of faith, doctrine and the true teaching of God, by the Church, the Hierarchy and the peoples. They (we) have fashioned a New God, one in our own image, we think and make a God that pleases us and our passions and desires. When all seems lost, when both the Church and the world seem doomed, then when God has exacted His Justice, then He will intervene and turn the tide. Three quarters of the world are said to die, this followed by the greatest era of peace and prosperity the world has ever seen for a few generations until man again falls from grace and then comes the anti-Christ.

      The Three Days of Darkness – will renew the whole world, lightening bolts, millions per “minute” will renew the whole earth, all the pollution will disappear, every bottle, can, paper, glass, whatever, all the chemical pollution, all will disappear and be turned into good earth. Every stream, creek, river, lake, and ocean will be again pristine and pure, full of fish and life.
      All this for the remaining 25% of mankind that will live to see this.

      America will get attacked from five or six sides:

      - Florida: Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil and other S. Am. Marists all join with the Russians.
      - Mexico: Mexico sides with Russia (these agreements have already been secretly made)
      - Minnesota: Minn, Mich, Dakota’s have the highest pop. of Russians and Muslims
      - Alaska: Russians attempt to reach US/Can border but are stopped by US/Can forces.
      - California: One million man Chinese amphibious landing (with help from within our own Obama Administration and government)
      - Possibly Pennsylvania: Some prophecies mention also a large force of Russians and “others” that originate from the ocean shores of Pennsylvania and attempt to move through the mountains to Pittsburgh and beyond.

      - Sister Lucia of Fatima said in 1990: “Russia will attack America”
      - Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961) said in 1960 from her visions: “Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and attack America with her [secret] armies. “Secret” ?? could be DHS, FEMA, IRS, FBI, ATF, etc, etc and all the other 70 or so Alphabet agencies who have been armed and organized into reaction forces along with their commanders being replaced or made to be Marxists, Atheists, Homosexuals, and Deviates.
      - In 1984, Pope JPII asked a reputable German mystic what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: “I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the West and East Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities.

      Many more mystics describe in detail this “chastisement” both God sent and man caused, of Russia secretly building a massive invasion force, of the three pronged Russian assault on Europe, of all of Islam siding with Russia in the revenge attack on Europe.

      Marine-Julie Jahenney in the late 1800′s, mystic and stigmatic, who lived solely on the Eucharist for years, was shown visions of WWI, WWII and WWIII in detail – as is written in her hard to get Prophecies of La Fraudias.

      Search and read the following all online.

      - JR Nyquist, For Patriots Who Think.
      - WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe.
      - The Prophecies of Alois Irimaier: Austrian mystic of the highest integrity and reputation.
      - The Prophecies of Blessed Sister Elena Aiello.
      - The Prophecy of St. Nilus (5th Century) mentioning the 20th century
      - THe Prophecy of Ven. Sister Marrianna de Jesus Torres.
      Too many to llist, with dozens of prophecies from centuries past that all mention the 20th century end to be the beginning of the punishments.

      And one last suggestion, dealing with who are behind all that is happening:

      “The Hidden Tryanny – Part 1″ – 1976 Interview with a one Harold Rosenthal, personal aide and assistant to then Senator Jacob K. Javits. This interview has been described and very shocking to most, to some few, already known, ultimately Harold Rosenthal was murdered for giving this interview.

      Get ready – get out of the cities, find a relative, farm, cabin, cottage, somewhere to go when you see the major events happening, possibly by late spring, nothwithstanding some very serious events to happen preceding late spring and early summer. Gold and silver will mean and be worth nothing – ammunition, food, clothes, lighters, medical means, guns, etc, these are what will be like gold and money for some possibly up to several years. Everyone will be subjected to God’s personal visitation, all will answer for their actions, not a one will escape, but God does forgive those who ask for it and amend their lives – He knows your mind – the others – will not live past 2017. Obama’s mission was to help prepare for a Marxist Dictatorship and a Russian invasion. Russia and China with their allies are planning for 2016-17 but something causes them in anger to make their move before they are completely ready – thus God preempts their plans and this gives us a good chance – we do win in the end and prophecies mention the great part played by civilian fighters and patriots.

      • crabby

        it sucks to be us..

      • Anonymous

        Great post marine, semper fi…

    • Anonymous

      i wonder what would happen if we all ring our credit cards and debt right up and then all of us claim bankrupt. Every person …. that would teach them all a lesson.

    • LightandLife

      “Back in the mid-2000′s” LOL We aren’t even out of the quarter century of 2000′s…. Are you speaking from the future about a future event??? LOL

    • Clansman 320

      Mike Mallony knows his stuff when it comes to Gold & Silver. I have followed this guy for a while. Like Gerald Celente and his trends forecasts. Both guys are spot on the money with their predictions. :wink:

    • Neanderthal

      I bought a case of wine

    • Jacksdad

      The FED cartel has a 100 year plan that started in 1913 and ended in 2013. Now comes the slow collapse that will be triggered by the end of Quantitative easing. They’ve created just enough phony money to push the full implications of the collapse beyond the next presidential election. With the hope they can install that incompetent buffoon Hillary Clinton.
      Everything hinges on the 2014 congressional elections and more importantly the 2016 presidential elections.
      Hillary wins then the whole scam gets whitewashed, as the implosion takes down the dollar. Someone like Rand Paul wins and the whole game gets exposed, followed by Nuremberg style financial trials, as the implosion takes down the dollar.
      It’s a mathematical certainty that it will collapse. Unless we tell all our foreign debtors to pound sand, but you better be ready to go to war over it. Bringing us full circle and to the point of it all……….World War!

    • WarAngel77711

      Honestly I doubt it. There are many devious and cunning economic practices popping up that, although evil as all Hell, are keeping everything checked and balanced. No, the Times will not begin with economic collapse, although the monkeys with money and guns who would like to fling bullets around like so much metaphorical poo would hope so. :cool:

    • truthzilla

      The system is self sustaining…The fact that it didn’t collapse when “they” took gold out of the equation, then silver, then crashed the markets, built a quadrillion plus derivatives market that still exist and expands today is testament to its’ vastness…The genie has left the bottle…

      You can rend your hands and panic or keep on the bubble and take advantage of the fluctuating markets…Cover your butt in metals, ammo, tools, food; etc etc etc…

    • stonecold68

      MATTER it does NOT!The world is fine,the people are screwed!

    • dodidolittle covers this story too

    • dodidolittle


    • Anonymous

      Many things have to be done, but one of the first is defaulting on the debt to China, give them the middle finger and lets get to fixing things ASAP. We will still have the rest of Asia as our allies, every last one of them fear China, India is no fan of China either and to tell you the truth I don’t think Putin is all that thrilled about them either.

    • BinaryRecoil

      There’s going to be one more speed bump, this time the elitists will more thoroughly convince you they’ve fixed the problem. Then when it reaches it the 3rd time, they’ll comfort you and convince they’ll be there for you again- as they watch the sinkhole envelope the entire nation. They’ll live cozily in their pre-arranged castles/shelters and otherwise impervious fortress’ and watch as the USA descends into the equivalent of a 3rd world country around them. The second level of Martial Law will unfold (where the legal definition is already taking place) and we’ll see military followed by international military roaming the streets on a daily basis rounding up the “Homeless” which will be (for all intents and purposes) nearly everyone. They’ll decide that its the citizens fault, and any of us that prove we fought against it every step of the way will be dealt with in their standard operating procedures method- death or lifetime imprisonment after created defamation of character.
      They’ll walk the totalitarian regime in, with no need to run or hurry- Because there are simply too many of you crying out “Can’t we just get along, they don’t have to die- we can fix this without killing the tyrants”.
      I mean look at the situation. The constitution is no longer in effect in New York (which legally means there is NO LAW nor Legal Law Enforcement any longer) and no one is raising 10 layers of hell about it like they should be. They’re carrying on with their lives “Oh I wonder what Miley Cyrus is doing right now” or “I need to check and see what Kim Kardashian just tweeted! OMFG BRB G2G” Instead of even bothering to use proper words.

      Let’s get realistic, 50% of what’s about to happen is 90% of society’s fault for being too ###### stupid to read the definition of the word War and realize that about 3% of society is waging it against them. The rest of us don’t have much of a choice about which direction we’re headed, because we just can’t pull these people out of their Diet Coke induced brain seizures.

    • Revolution 222

      Don’t hit the Panic Button, Go for the RESET Button!

      Revolution 222 begins.

      Keeping the Free in Freedom….Free download

      There is an alternative, one that really offers the only solution…it’s only those crazy enough to think they can change the world that ever do. Circle Feb. 22nd on your calendar…there may not be much time left before it all goes to hell, but there still is time for you to get a copy of Revolution 222.

      From the Free Republic of Boblovia, Peace

    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      Binary recoil, top comment. Will give that one a like definitely.

    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      Err definately too, lol.

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