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Frustration in dealing with #BrainDead (read: #Democrats) people....

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Brain-Dead Liberals – dealing with.

(2011 Article ported from #RattleWithUs #SEMi #TEAParty site –

Tea Party people: You’ve been called “Fools.” You’ve been branded as “Terrorists.” Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated “Tea Party people can go straight to Hell… and I intend to help them get there” which sounds an awful lot like a death threat or at least inciting violence! Can you imagine if a Tea Party Patriot suggested that of the Socialist Caucus… er… I mean, of course… the “Black Caucus?” The MSM would never end their coverage of the need to tone down the violent rhetoric and calls of racism.

You’ve been labeled unintelligent. You’re branded “Stupid!” And on and on. No MSM clammer about Obama-bin-Biden‘s call for a more “civil tone” in regard to any of this, of course – it’s always/only a one way street with Liberals/Progressives always being excused and their comments hidden from view/coverage. Yes, the usual double-standard. When they are called on it, the semantic games begin and it all becomes about what the definition of “is” is, again.

This all begs the question: Are some people just Politically Brain-Dead? The Democrats certainly think so, they think you are, but you/we are the ones actually paying attention, examining the FACTS, and reaching reasoned conclusions!

Before I get into some of the most serious discussion points, let me put out – The most effective way to get through to many People is through HUMOR. When you are light-hearted or humorous people often have their guard down as they are not expecting serious/important content that can be slipped in amidst the Humor. Think about Comedians in Society, how Hollywood often uses COMEDY MOVIES to slip in the propaganda they want to peddle. A Comedian slips in serious content amidst the Jokes. All in the hopes to get thru while peoples’ guards are down in the hopes they can plant seeds to mold/reshape them!! And, you know, Liberals are always about FEELINGS and EMOTION and seeds of Facts and serious content can get planted via Jokes (as the Best Jokes often are rooted in, or have aspects of, Reality)!


Frustration of/with Dealing with the ‘Politically‘ Brain-Dead people.

It may seem very odd, but dealing with people coming to grips with their Politics (as many things, from a Psychological aspect) is like dealing with mourning. You’ve all heard it: Shock, Denial, Anger, and Acceptance (SDAA) phases of grief. It is that SHOCK that a life-long Liberal/Progressive (regardless of Party affiliation) could possibly been wrong that sticks them in DENIAL so that they can just stick their head back in the sand, go on listening (Main-Scream Media included) to those hand-feeding them the ever-increasing Radical-Left Talking Points (read: lies/distortions), and allow them to continue coasting through Life PRETENDING to actually care!


Wait… Before I go on let me say this; it maybe shouldn’t need be said but let me say it anyway as a common-sense reminder.
We need to understand and be open to thoughtful, reasoned, intellectually derived, positions and thoughts of the differences amongst ourselves and of others. The key there, of course, is that they have the basis of reasoned thought based on factual information and careful consideration. This article, however, is about NOT suffering to fools that solely reach their positions and voting habits based on RWU: Political Extortion and Psychological Projection (see too: RWU: Warning: Children Will Die!!! meme); race-baiting; lies, distortions, scare tactics, and RS: Liberal Thug-ocracy intimidation; out-right (ignorant) absence of any facts/information – raw-emotion driven, reactionary, motivation positions; Indoctrination RS: MSM bias (see too: RS: Psychology of Voting) and Movies and Politics / The Hollywood Hate-fest, in the Education system, or otherwise; buying and selling votes and other fraud (see too: RS: Early- (and the new Late-) Voting trends); overcoming un-natural trends of RWU: Exporting/Expanding BLUEism; etc…

Remember too, it is rare to find folks we will agree with 100% of the time and that honest reasoned differences may exist in any persons personal position and that of what they believe to be a politically viable next step (sometimes legitimate, sometimes not – all a matter of personal observation/analysis/opinion) to ultimately reach those final goals/aspirations. As to those Brain-Dead – even a complete moron may have a valid/legitimate point once in a while (stopped clock analogy) – however, it is up to us to explain a single thought does not a reasoned/rational set of thoughts and position make! Having said that: the “Contrast for America” between the choices of Liberalism/Progressives and Conservatism, could NOT be more obvious and important!

We have so much to have to get people to understand. Base-Line Budgeting ((see:

) which is how they LIE about supposed “cuts” that are NOT cuts) and RS: Setting up Duplicity Votes, the have it both way Game Politicians play; to name just two.

Where were we… Back to those completely Politically Brain-Dead and whether or not we can unwedge their heads from out their hind-sides! Remember too, some folks don’t want to be awakened because they know they will never be able to go back to their Dream-world that they are comfortable in… Getting them past their Shock/Denial…


Getting through that DENIAL with enough of, what so many of us recognize as obvious, truths to advance them to the ANGER stage can be a delicate trick. There are many in that ANGER phase and they showed up in droves at the Health-Care (HC) Town-halls (RS: Democrat Health-Care Town-hall propaganda and sequel RS: HC Town-hall hi-jinks continue) and expressed it (along-side us). While the MSM tries to downplay it, many are Lifelong (Shocked to reality) Democrats expressing concerns – as was the case I loved seeing (sorry, no I don’t have a link handy) one Democrat yelling at his Democrat Congress-creeper when he tried to dismiss him as some “fringe Republican” with “I’m a registered Democrat, but I recognize a LIAR when I see one” referring to his ultra-Liberal/Progressive Congressman.

We have to continue to reach them (for the goal of repeal) on many issues including: HC (RS: Harry & Louise want you to pay for their Head examinations?, RS: Senate HC “Gang Of Sicks, RS: Obama’s HC (non-existent) plan dodge, RS: Town-hall propaganda, RS: The ultimate HR3200 Question (which is: Will Fetus’ about to be Aborted qualify for End Of Life counseling, or is that reserved only for Seniors about to be effectively Euthanized by/from Rationing?!?!), RS: $timulus/Debt, RS: Climate $cam, as well as additional RS: ObamAgenda itemsSo, What does Obama NOT want you paying attention to? (revisited/updated: current Distractions). Providing the truth/information, to ObamaZombies and life-long Liberals/Progressives, as to RS: ObamaFAIL: How Obama’s FAILURES are the country’s SUCCESSES (since we have to spell that out).

Another HC flashback (from another discussion (RS) on the topic), don’t think I won’t/don’t go off on RINOs.
We cannot allow another Snowe-Job (Snowe’s (Gang of Sicks) vote wasn’t needed to move HC fiasco from Senate Finance Committee (simple 50% majority would have done)) style “I want to Vote FOR it now so I can Vote AGAINST it later” B—S—! Last time she just provided some BI-PARTISANSHIP DISEASE coverage (no excuse, as pointed out in that previous link) THIS TIME her vote is needed to get to 60! She and all the other Senate HC “Gang Of Sicks” (formerly 7), but Hatch left and that didn’t have the fun play on words, must know they must hold firm with 100% of them being a NO VOTE!

Also “Senator Aricept” (John McCain RINO-AZ) (see: McCain HC Town-hall dancing – RS: McCain HC Town-hall details, another sell-out pre-declared!) must be contacted and reminded if he wants re-election, which he does more than anything, he must actually vote like the Conservative Republican he wants people to believe (falsely) he is!!! This time he has Campaign competition (see: RS: Conservative Candidates (the Diary)) and will bow to Conservative pressure for a change [Unfortunately, McCain won his Primary, but was at least challenged (by JD) this time].

NO MORE Duplicity Votes [yet another one of those tactics Brain-Deads don't grasp/understand and fall for all the time] – RS: Setting up Duplicity Votes (the have it both way Game Politicians play) to be able to say anything during Campaigns. They must finally be Red-Dogs not RINOs

And NO MORE Bi-Partisanship DISTORTIONS — the MSM plays up any Republicans joining with Democrats during votes, but there are far more occasions of Democrats joining with Republicans to vote AGAINST the ObaMAOgenda —- see the following items….
Bi-Partisan – RS: again, Bi-Partisanship has really been Democrats joining with Republicans (here) and here and (here again) RS: Brian’s: Dems join Rep on Ethics issues and RS: How 32 D’s joined R’s on HR2346 How about RS: Dem’s join Republicans to stand for FREE Elections in Iran view too the jackACES Act (Clean Energy) 44 Dems Against while only 8 Reps for another: RS: 12 D’s join R’s (only 7 defections) on Wilson resolution plus so many other times I don’t have articles links to.


It is, though, and somewhat unfortunately, up to us to continue to be engaged in order to help bring the Politically Brain-Dead; and/or folks otherwise not paying attention; along. We hate to admit to ourselves (Tea-Party Patriots and other Conservatives) that some of our fellow Conservatives got a tad lazy and unengaged (thinking a much deserved breath could be taken) and Republicans strayed/drifted (from its GOP: GOP (still Conservative) Platform) and we didn’t bring more people to the Light of Conservatism (Tea-Party Values)!

Remember the Edmund Burke quote: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…. As for that ACCEPTANCE, we’ll get to that phase later.

These thoughts really began (see here) about Hillary (as there were some PUMA’s that somehow thought Hillary was/is really different/better than Obama, remember Hillary-Care? She is Left of Bill Clinton), onto Eric Holder (current AG) and others, but is really about all Liberals/Progressives of course. The discussion wasn’t about just Hillary or Holder (RS: Holder (AG’s prior judgement?), rather lack thereof), but had an underlying implication how there are many still thinking there are some in that JackAss Party that would not be as bad as others (which we’ll dispel that myth herein). It is about all Liberals/Progressives, but morons not able to look at them and know that all of that lot of RINOs and/or any Democrat (puts the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid, Charles Schummer, and John Kerry in charge) are as bad, has always been pathetically only concerned about their own power and never solving anything, and always will be. There is NEVER any Democrat (How electing ANY Democrat empowers the antithesis of Conservatism (the Ultra-Far-Left Progressive/Socialist/Democrats) – Blue-Dogs (see too: Pavlovian Blue-Dogs) we’ll touch on later) that people should allow themselves to think worthy of voting for (my point of what we must get through some peoples Politically Thick Skulls and those few that have briefly opened their eyes that we must teach/reach/etc) as they just empower the Ultra-Leftists in control of that Party (and, again, yes, there are still far too many RINOs needing to be ousted from the GOP).

How do so many not realize that Obama-Care is really just Hillary-Care rewarmed (or, if you prefer, on steroids in terms of being harmful) and that Hillary-Care was nothing more than a dust off of mostly boiler-plate Progressive plans to takeover and put HC under full Government control for decades as a natural “progression” from Social Security and then Welfare. No matter how “Moderate” (or even semi-Conservative) any Liberal/Progressive/Democrat CINO/RINO may sound during a Campaign they Rule Ultra-Left SOCIALIST and don’t give one wit about maintaining (or working within) the frame-work of the Constitution.

As for Republicans (yes, as I’ve already stated, but repeat in case you glossed over that part) there are still far too many RINOs), I really don’t care whether they “feel it” or not but that they “get it” enough to perform properly (GOP (still Conservative) Platform or they belong in a different Party)! It can be for their own best-interest, just as long as they get it is Conservative positions that gets them elected and what is Right (yes, wink, double play word pun) for the Country (as discussed in: RS: Conservative Candidates (the Diary) and the Party of kNOw (a/k/a: the GOP must be the Party of HELL NO, not the Party of Slower Liberal incremental-ism) and see too: Daniel Hannan (British MEP) – RS: mbecker’s: What the Leader of the Republican Party should sound like! Productive vs non-Productive sectors of the Economy same here as in UK).

Additionally, again it’s about all Liberals/Progressives, in regard to CINOs/RINOs, must be reminded… From another (RS) discussion:
…the so-called/supposed “Republican Revolution” of the 90′s was mislabeled, it was really the “CONSERVATIVE Revolution” and it brought Republicans to power; likewise, it was the “Reagan Conservative” Revolution, not a Republican Revolution. Many Republicans forgot that along the way. That led the way for CINO Democrats to lie their way back into power, but it was a “Conservative” co-opted (read: they lied about their intent) that voters allowed themselves to be duped into. Republicans need to REMEMBER that! Conservatism did NOT lose Elections, bad Politicians (with R’s beside their name) did…

…the Conservative Revolution, or Republican brand resurgence, will ONLY be repeated by Conservatives working within the GOP (and its Conservative Platform) [AND DID HAPPEN DURING 2010] and ensure its Leadership is controlled by fellow Conservatives [We are certainly not quite there yet (Michele Bachmann or Alan West needs to be Speaker), especially in the RINO filled US Senate]!

Thinking Third Party? Well… People fail to learn from HISTORY (most Humans [matter of Human Psychology] have to reach their own Epiphany) and gotten the bug to get (woke up, got angry, got) involved only to die off (and went back to sleep politically) with the movements having accomplished NOTHING (or next to nothing, and often the opposite effect of actually allowing more Liberals/Progressives to be elected) and allowing things to continue to get worse rather than team up with others and try a different tact … Libertarian Party FAIL…. Tax Payer Party FAIL…. Nader (other side) FAIL…. Perot/UWSA/Reform Party FAIL…. (and I’ve worked as part of all of them hoping to get them to understand their pre-destined failure, except Nader, to promote Constitutional Republic-ism) same fate (based on historical evidence, for my opinion/position) will FAIL too if this is all about some other “Third Party movement”… DOESN’T MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRY IT if that’s part of your aim. However, If all those folks would have remained involved and exerted control in EITHER PARTY neither of those parties would have drifted so darn far off to the Left (Glenn Beck fans, recall “Overton Window”). And we, IMNSHO, need to concentrate on taking better control of the one with the Conservative Platform and only allow Leaders to filter to the top of the GOP that adhere to Conservative values/principles! Regardless, let’s not confuse Message and Messenger. I WILL (and hope you will too) COOPERATE/PROMOTE ANYONE THAT HAS THE RIGHT — MESSAGE — of anti-Progressive-ism along the way!!!


I have felt the frustration expressed by so many, have felt it my whole life, and attempted to battle the Liberal Laziness running for office myself to push the Conservative message (you can see all that in my profile. This isn’t about me though, of course, or you even as an individual reader, but if you want to know where I come from I provide some background and you can “judge” my “cred” if you wish). While we are frustrated, and I know we are angry and don’t really want to hear this, but we aren’t going to further awaken the Political Brain-Dead if we go at them in the wrong manner. If only those lazy morons that can’t/won’t involve themselves in bothering to pay attention enough to learn the truth on their own behalf would also NOT VOTE we’d be okay, but they do vote and we must continue to deliver the truth in whatever methods we can access to side-step the Main-Scream Media spin.

It is NOT as if any of this has been different for a Century. The Liberal/Progressive movement has always looked to Incrementally inject their agenda at “fundamentally changing” America (as Obama, the one honest thing he, has said)…. The early 20th Century moved slower but got Progressively (yes, double meaning pun intended) worse to the break-neck speed and uncaring how overt they are in the LIES they are willing to tell to have unwitting-dupes pulling the JackAss Party (or for RINOs) lever while not (honestly, in their minds) expecting to get more and more and more of that Radical agenda. They’ve gotten great help/cover, of course, from the MSM every modern Election (see: RS: MSM lays groundwork to shape, rather than report on, Elections. and RS: Voting Psychology (Bandwagon and other effects)).

IT IS SO DARN OBVIOUS these days (with so many, example: Claire McCackle (MO) I call her and even the Clintons/Obama) overtly lying and attempting to “speak semi-Conservative” (until Obama slipped and told Joe the Plumber his Redistribute the Wealth agenda truth) putting on an Act just to get elected. Dealing with the whole “Blue-Dog” Myth (covered in: Red-Dogs,RINOs,CINOs,DINOs,PLINOs,& Blue-Dogs… The Political Zoo). HOW CAN THESE (SO MANY) FOLKS NOT SEE IT! Even paying zero attention, they show up all over and their words never match their actions so much so that the MSM cannot fully cover for them….

These/that, of course, are the things we must (try to politely to get through and) teach them and bring them along to Political Adulthood from the Childishness of Liberal-think (or just plain not thinking at all) and their years of being indoctrinated.

I was speaking with a neighbor, life-long family friend, and we discussed just this topic. The frustrations we have with Family members! Again, deep (lessening a little over the last decade, but still) Blue District and how we’ve practically had to disown some Family – we will of course always love them but dealing with them is another thing. People have simply been indoctrinated, without any real consideration, to being Liberals/Progressives/Democrats over Generations. Many still fail, because they just don’t/won’t pay attention (Liberal Laziness), to recognize that the JackAss Party is NOT the same as it was under the leadership of JFK and has grown further and further from their Conservative Ideals since then. My Family has ALWAYS held Conservative principles, but I was the first to stand up and identify myself as an outright “Conservative” politically – not just a CINO (Conservative In Name Only) – and to ensure I was voting my thoughtful/reasoned Conservatives principles (as they too should) on Election days! It has taken a long time to turn many – all because it is easier to coast by under the delusion than to have to pay attention and use their own eyes to see, their own brain to think with, to get past the SHOCK and DENIAL, etc… If you think it was hard/troubling for me to share this with you about my family, imagine how horrible an aquaintence (Tony Cruz) felt in admitting to the world his Mother voted strictly based for Racist/Racial reasons (see: “But He’s Black! article — everyone should read that, really, it is impactful). The woman that raised him to avoid Racist thoughts, did just the opposite on Election day 2008.

For those a little further along the (SDAA Psychological, in my/this premise) curve and dealing with the ACCEPTANCE (especially if that is you who has recently awakened, WELCOME, good to have you among the Living) dealing with how they’ve (maybe you) been in denial for so long… we can/must help them (perhaps even you) to understand how they’d been duped by pointing them to RS: “Pretend to be a Liberal MSM reporter (Spin the story)” Challenge so they can come to grips with how it was/is they’ve been so BLIND with so many trying to keep them that way. It is very easy for the MSM to take things and present them out of context (distortion), to pull a quote and misrepresent what it was in relation to, or by adding a Liberals analysis bending/twisting it to appear to be just the opposite of what they were (contextually) saying/meaning!

I am in an ultra-left District (changing a bit over the years, and now with re-districting may have gone even worse again), and therefore as I’ve already said, felt this frustration my entire life. It has taken decades to bring some along to the Light and, while it sucks, it is our jobs to help the Politically Brain-Dead OR (if not) we just concede to the other side that we know employs the time, energy, tactics, etc (ACORN (fraud, RS: MOA (Margin Of ACORN), and RS: Vote fraud – How/What/Where to look for and how you can help!), the Unions’ leaderships, etc) to bamboozle them. It has to be countered, and we cannot be as bad/lazy as Liberals and just expect others to do it. We have to be involved; the Democrats and RINOs expect that the Tea-Party movement will burn-out and go away and we cannot let that happen; in at least some ways to reach those (we know to be otherwise) complete idiots. We also have the trouble of BLUE-ism expanding out into Red areas (which I briefly touch on in a moment) that we must keep our own side properly motivated and engaged in in order to make sure Red/Conservative Districts/States don’t slip.

I could go on and on, but folks either get it or don’t… and it is up to those of us that “get it” to “get through” somehow to those that don’t. Access to information/truth (best persuasive arguments) is easier than ever before with all the links/information (here at RattleWithUs forums/blogs and/or RedState alone), and that was/is my overall point – we have to get it all in front of them and hopefully get them caring enough to be motivated to seek it for themselves.

We must continually take our best evidence and/or arguments forward to them in covering how Liberal “intentions” (RS: Democrats’ unintended consequences) always lead to worse conditions (not solving any “issue”) and leave us with those endless RS: unintended consequences (Liberals always ignore) because they always fail to fully examine their Progressive legislation thoroughly. The Road To HELL (or Serfdom) is paved with Liberal Legislation (yes, quote me on that ;-) lol, we’ll get to Political jabs shortly). For some of those now awake, we can point them back to RS: 2008 Election Issues recap [with links] because the issues are still basically the same (or some Recommended reading (by subject matter)) and how the truth was always right there in front of them of what Democrats/Liberals want to do TO America rather than FOR Americans had they paid attention (and should now review so they won’t be fooled again).

Those Brain-Dead (the latest versions: ObamaZombies) vote, and many of them are moving as this bad economy shifts where some jobs are (the Jobs creations are in Red States and people flee the Blue States to there to get the jobs)…

Exporting/Expanding BLUE-ism, shaping Elections to come.:
Trouble is other areas will eventually suffer too by these Liberal refugees bringing their Brainless voting patterns with them…
(see the 2011 updated version at Rattle With Us: RWU: [despite 2010 gains] Exporting/Expanding BLUEism

… and it is those (ObamaZombies/Brain-Deads) folks that the SEIU and ACORN are loading onto buses and handing out Professionally printed signs, to that “supposedly spontaneous” crowd, to counter us at Tea-Party rallies (as they did at the Democrat Townhalls: More HC Townhall Hi-jinks).


For those who wish to review the context from which this Article drew from, see the RS: Joe Connor’s: Ten years after the terrorist clemencies: Hillary’s hypocrisy continues Article and comments.

Briefly back to ObaMAO-Care: It is a shame this has to even be said and an example like this needs to be spelled out but… There was a Rep, and I’ll kindly just leave out his name to keep this a generic “lesson.” Despite many many many Townhalls already held in regard to the HR3200 (HC) Bill and weeks of Public debate, he “claimed” that he didn’t know whether or not he would support or oppose the Bill. That was, of course, a dodge to cover he was NOT WITH the overwhelming Public sentiment against the Bill. If he didn’t know what was so offensive that the Bill needed to be defeated, if things were not unacceptable at that point then it was obvious he was going to be willing to vote FOR the Bill, then it was clear he was just attempting to bamboozle yet more of the Brain-Deads that abounded. That there hadn’t been sufficient examples already of those tactics for people to have yet figured that out was/is beyond me!

Lastly: One-liner Political jabs
Using one liners to get people to think (one-liner quotes/jabs) (see too: other quotes) are important, as it’s all about the Marketing and RWU: Getting the Messages out/through. The Liberals/Progressives/RINOs/Demoncrats are good at Parroting slogans (often, involving out-right Lies), and sticking them in peoples Brains (especially Politically Brain-Dead folks). We have to be better and more clever than them and keep coming up with new/fresh comments to stick in people’s craws.

We know they are NOT going to listen to our giving them the FACTS, so we have to have the cute, quick, brief, piffy, comments that despite themselves might stick in their Dead-Brain-matter and fester. Enough of those using one liners to get people to think (one-liner quotes/jabs) (see too: other quotes) can add up over time and help to awaken some (Optimism and Faith in, at least, several of the Brain-Deads who didn’t bother to vote to wake up at least). Seeing more and more one-liner quotes within comments/blogs/discussions warms my heart, but we need to be using them out in the streets and/or on our TEApeats signs (RWU: Hey Progressives – Here’s Your Sign!) we are making headway and a difference!!!

The one-liner jab gets through where a longer argument is never going to be entertained, like how I always close my writings with “Liberals, looking to do for America, what they’ve done for Detroit. Destroy it!” They have to have their own self-awakening and discovery, then they’ll come back to us to tune into what they hadn’t been paying attention to and continue that Road To Recovery from their DENIAL. We cannot (unfortunately) force them, they have to come willingly!! Speaking of one-liner jabs: A Rush caller had a good one, he said “The first Liberal was Satan” (other quotes. see too: using one liners to get people to think).

As for ourselves: having a good personal Sense of Humor (being able to laugh at ourselves as well as those around us) – RS: we do have to have a Sense-of-humor about ourselves (and remember: Don’t be like Democrats – RS: actual “humor” versus just plain mean comments Sykes’ “Limbaugh’s Kidneys Fail” comment).

We cannot slumber EVER! We must be involved and vigilant ALWAYS!

As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)
“I THINK, therefore I am Conservative” – Joseph M. Lenard
Remember, Liberals – looking to do for America, what they’ve done to Detroit.

cross-posted: “Rattle With Us” Tea Party and RedState
RWU: Hey Progressives – Here’s Your Sign!
– KISS — Keep It Simple STUPIDS — Kill Insane Spending STUPIDS
RWU: the Party of kNOw
RS: unintended consequences (Democrats always ignore)
RWU: Getting the message out
RS: Red-Dogs,RINOs,CINOs,DINOs,PLINOs,& Blue-Dogs, oh my… The Political Zoo – Who/What they are?! (see too: RS: What’s a NARAWM? like RS: DoDo Whatsherfava)
RS: ‘The Greater Good’ — “The needs of the many out-weigh the needs of the few, or the one.”
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Daniel Hannan (British MEP) – RS: mbecker’s: What the Leader of the Republican Party should sound like! Productive vs non-Productive sectors of the Economy same here as in UK.

PS: If it comes from a Liberal/Progressive, my position is simple — I’M AGAINST IT…
Marx bros. – I’m Against It.


————————– SUN SEP 26 2021 UPDATE ————————————

YES, we MUST ADMIT, there are some Politically unsophistacated NEWBIES even on the RIGHT that have alot to learn… (10m #vlog)

We need a Hippocratic Oath CONSERVATIVES take to FIRST DO NO HARM!!
Sadly, Emotionally Hysterical unlogical know-nothing SNOWFLAKES are NOT just limited to the Left!

YOU/WE cannot just run around with our HAIR ON FIRE (like Chickens with our Heads cut off running about) shooting AIMLESSLY into the air but taking CAREFUL AIM at the RIGHT TARGETS!!!

We must Educate some of our supposed Allies that are actually MAKING MATTERS WORSE, like I give examples of in this Video.

Know Nothing #Snowflakes, on both the #Right (#CINO’s / #RINO’s) and the #Left (#FASCICRATS)  We must Educate…

related items:

(this article) /opinion-conservative/2021/09/michigan-why-i-oppose-as-a-conservative-not-wanting-to-concede-more-ground-to-big-govt-the-current-unlock-michigan-2-petition-3599629.html






————- MON SEP 27 2021 UPDATE….

If your response to the known #VoterFraud in 2020 is to SIT OUT 2022, THEN YOU ARE A #MORON! We must turn-out in such overwhelming numbers, that they cannot even STEAL THE NEXT ELECTION trying to Cheat. But why would they Cheat, if #MORONS won’t #GOTV, they can Win w/o #Fraud. #SpecialKindOfSTUPID


Let’s just pretend that 160M people did vote in last Election, there are 330Mish #USCitizens in USA (but, yes, of course, not all are of age to Vote)… It is reported that between 50-60% OF ALL CHRISTIANS are STILL NOT VOTING (most of which are Conservatives, likely Constitutionalists, except for the FAKE CHRISTIANS like Biden, Pelosi, et al (see related:! There are PLENTY of Folks that HAVE NOT GOT OFF THEIR ASSES YET and are still part of the Problem.

As the Canadian Rock group RUSH tune says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice —- or, let me add: allowed one to be FORCED UPON YOU!


YOU, if YOU are already involved, MUST BECOME EVEN MORE INVOLVED.
Applications/Forms at:  



[VERY IMPORTANT FRI OCT 1 2021 UPDATE, as Tom drops "AMERICA".....

Having SHARED Tom's latest Video, must mention TOPHER's "DEAR TOM" (see here: has valid points asking Tom for MORE SPECIFICS!!!

I agree to some degree that Tom's GREAT MODERATE HERO schtick is wearing thin!! I have NOT ever now nor ever will claim GOP is perfect, it is far from but unless one is willing to pick a side and become a GOP Delegate, fight on the Field rather than just WHINE/SCREAM from the Bleachers, and help us make it better then they are JUST A USEFUL IDIOT to/for FASCICRATS!! If anyone does not recognize that the FASCICRATS Party is the TEDDY KENNEDY (now driving the Car into the River to drown all of America) than JFK, is a complete fucking moron OSTRICH!

As the group RUSH says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice (or rather allow one to be forced upon you)! And the saying, stand in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD don't be surprised when you get hit by traffic going both ways!

So, yes, Republicans aren't perfect, SHUT UP AND WORK TO MAKE THE GOP BETTER but anyone that entertains allowing a FASCICRATS Candidate get elected anywhere is A MORON! Become a GOP Delegate (I am, and I'm fighting RINOs as hard as FASCICRATS)!

You are RIGHT, he needs to PICK A SIDE or just admit he's only in it for the CASH!











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    • JLenardDetroit

      #REALNEWS (not really, more #SPIN from #ObamaBiden apologists trying to rewrite #History again, for the #ENEMEdia outlets to peddle) Valerie Jarrett Suggested Americans Owe Obama A Debt Of Gratitude… The Reason Why Is Beyond Absurd

      These Folks are HILARIOUS, and it would be Funny IF there were not so many fellow #USCitizens that weren’t so F****** STUPID as to believe such MANURE!! SERIOUSLY!!!

      Obama spent his whole 8 yrs BLAMING GWBUSH for Oblunders’ bad Economy.
      The worst Economic Recovery, following a Recession, since the great Depression – more appropriately called “WRECKovery!”
      #ObamaBiden continually said their pathetic Growth (first admin in US HISTORY, since we started recording “Growth” as % of GDP) to not have any 1 year of 3%+ growth! They insisted lackluster (mostly under) 2% GDP Growth “THE NEW NORMAL!” (WRONG) #ObamaBiden #SOCIALISM suppressed the #Economy and Growth (DESPITE,, not BECAUSE them) only reached 3% 2 Quarters of their entire 8yrs (of 24 available Quarters)!
      They insisted, THOSE JOBS (they sold out, and helped ship overseas via bad Trade Policy they helped enact and supported forever) WOULD NEVER COME BACK! What, we got a #MAGICWAND?!?!
      Those are the MORONS that now want credit for #Trump #Economic BOOM (pre #WuhanVirus disruption)?!?!


      #REALNEWS: AVOID #FakeNews #ENEMEdia #SPIN outlets

      #democratLIESmatter #DemocratsAreCorrupt #WalkAwayFromDemocratSocialists

      #WeAreTheNewsNow – see #REALNEWS tag (across all #SocialMedia (#MeWe, #Spreely, #PolitiChat, #Parler, #GAB, #Twitter) Platforms for #REALNEWS)!

      All the REALNEWS TWEETS: see: if they don’t #Shadowban the tweets!

    • JLenardDetroit

      FAIR.. again… THE LEFT twisting terms…. as the Princes Bride line goes: I DO NOT THINK THAT MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS….

      [below is comment from: about redistricting shenanigans. You really should see: as while it is about MI REDISTRICTING much of what is there WILL APPLY TO YOU!!! AND YOUR STATE!!!!]

      We told you PEOPLE NOT POLITICIANS (aka: Prop-2) was a farce…
      We told you that it was NOT JUST MICHIGAN, that Soro’s was pouring money, on behalf of Democrats, IN STATES THAT THE LEGISLATURES CONTROLLED BY REPUBLICANS (and only those States, you didn’t and won’t see this GO-AROUND in any BLUE STATE) was for a reason – and that reason was to STEAL the redistricting process from LEGISLATORS (as outlined in LAW or CONSTITUTION of most States) and put it in the hands of BOARDS/COMMITTEES they could, lie, cheat, steal, control over, in order to GERRYMANDER ADDITIONAL BLUE DISTRICTS!

      Now, they finally admit it…

      from…. [email protected]
      to: DUMBocrats/FASCICRATS/SUCKERS in Michigan
      Subject: “There has been a redistricting turnaround”

      The media is starting to catch on to the fact that our efforts to stop Republican’s are having an impact.

      It’s about time! For years now, the NDRC has been working hard to prepare the public and…

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