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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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Gov't Surveillance is for Terrorists to Target Innocent People, Spy Specialist Confirms

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Surveillance technology is in the hands of terrorists who are targeting innocent people, according to Leonid Bershidsky in Bloomberg Tuesday and an Australian surveillance issues expert. Dupre’s interview with a surveillance whistleblower revealed corporate government using its surveillance technology to commit terrorism against innocent people, a crime against what the government has called Targeted Individuals (TIs).

American rulers are guarding their criminal behavior by hunting down with a vengeance human rights defending reporters exposing high-level corporate-government crimes, like the late Michael Hastings, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange.This becomes more obvious daily. Many Americans, however, continue saying what a rogue element in control wants: spying is OK, as long as it keeps them safer. Safer from whom? From government-created terrorists to help keep the pubic afraid and willing to relinquish their rights, including rights to privacy and genuine safety,

The ‘I have nothing to hide, so as long as spying makes me safer, it’s OK’ irrational mantra

Polls show Americans are O.K. with the U.S. corporate- (such as Booze Allen, where Edward Snowden was employed) government’s monitoring all digital communications provided it really targets terrorists.

“People concerned with online privacy tend to calm down when told that the government can record their calls or read their e-mail only under special circumstances and with proper court orders,” the Bloomberg piece says. “The assumption is that they have nothing to worry about unless they are terrorists or correspond with the wrong people.”

Against best interest of the public, however, media and corporate government are purposefully misleading the public about both what surveillance really is and who is really being targeted, according to Bloomberg and surveillance issues expert Paul Baird.

 “As for the ‘I have nothing to hide’ brigade that was highlighted in Bloomberg, Baird said in an email interview Tuesday, “No, we, the people, don’t have anything to hide, but those spying on us do.”

Baird concurs with private investigator William Taylor in that the spy machine exists to watch those who might be obstacles for criminal activities and silence them. Baird, an Australian, has researched surveillance issues twenty years. To assert that he has exposed more surveillance issue crimes and done so much earlier than Snowden or Wikileaks is no stretch, as his website documents.

Corporate-government is the terror organization

“To trust the government not to abuse their ability to spy is an absurdity from people either too trusting, too stupid or too scared to contemplate the truth,” Baird said.  

In similar vein,  Bershidsky, a Mosow-based editor and novelist stated the obvious too often missed by the general public. He wrote in the Bloomberg op ed, “Similarly, monitoring phone calls is hardly the way to catch terrorists. They’re generally not dumb enough to use Verizon. Granted, Russia’s special services managed to kill Chechen separatist leader Dzhokhar Dudayev with a missile that homed in on his satellite-phone signal. That was in 1996. Modern-day terrorists are generally more aware of the available technology.”

Not only are terrorists more aware, they are the ones monitoring, keeping people under surveillance, and targeting those who oppose their criminality, according to Baird.

“The government is not looking for terrorists; they ARE the terrorists,” Baird said.

“At best, the recent revelations concerning Prism and telephone surveillance might deter potential recruits to terrorist causes from using the most visible parts of the Internet. Beyond that, the government’s efforts are much more dangerous to civil liberties than they are to al-Qaeda and other organizations like it,” wrote Bershidsky.

Targeted Individual Michael Hastings

“The US government has much to be ashamed of,” Baird told Dupré, referring to journalist Michael Hastings’ death and the surveillance story he was developing at the time. “Anyone who speaks with authority, expertise or inside knowledge can be murdered if they talk, write about particular people or programs OR if they plan to go legal.”

Whole teams of scientists, many industry/military whistleblowers and others (occasionally journalists) are murdered to silence them, according to Baird. At the very least, they are discredited, and thus forced out of their positions.

“People who can either be discredited or have no public platform (including public figures like Jesse Ventura and non-public figures like me) are just ridiculed and/or tormented.”         

Surveillance and discrediting innocent targets              

“The US government, through its agencies (like the NSA and CIA) monitors ALL telecommunications worldwide through systems like Echelon and Prism,” Baird said. “This tip of a very large iceberg has recently become public knowledge, thanks to NSA whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and William Binney who, like Julian Assange and others doing the job inspector generals should be doing but aren’t, are being victimized for exposing these evil practices supposedly aimed at terrorists but more times than not, are aimed at innocents; to silence and discredit them.”

Many whistleblowers have not been murdered because they “blow relatively small whistles and back-burning — to avoid a greater outbreak,” Baird says.

By giving to the public a little information, “people think they have it all,” he said, explaining “back-burning.”.

“It’s also to gauge public acceptance of the ‘terrorist’ cover, to drag them into also accepting surveillance state as a necessary evil, hoping they don’t twig to the fact that with blanket surveillance, all crime should be stopped and that the technology can be abused to oppress innocents because it’s in the hands of absolutely corrupt powerbrokers.”

Compared to the real surveillance issues, spying and its related covert crimes committed by agencies, the military etc. against targets under surveillance, Baird says Echelon, Prism and WikiLeaks papers are “small time.”:  “Do you really think you’d be able to read about these things in a newspaper if they didn’t want you to?” he asked.

“Since knowledge of Prism is enough pain for most to absorb, they’re not looking for more; they’re hoping the government can refute even that.”

 With over 20,000 satellites and ground-based computers processing over 300 trillion bits per second, the NSA, CIA etc. have no trouble highlighting persons of interest for direct agent attention, Baird said.

“Contrary to the stated intention of NSA (see USA PATRIOT ACT, Foreign Intelligence Security Act, etc.) real targets are writers, activists, whistleblowers who oppose hidden crime in high places and seek to announce truth to the world.”

A few terrorists are rounded up to justify it all, such as DEA drug busts, but that is nothing more than “tokenism.”

“Like false flag events, such as 9/11, it’s all about justifying a system of oppression so that wealthy criminals are protected from criticism let alone detection, trial and incarceration they deserve.”

Mafia access to surveillance technology to control minds and behavior

Organized crime, working with surveillance agencies, such as the CIA, on money-spinners like the drug trade, has access to all the spy technology and related weapons through their connections, Baird remarked. “Today, the mainstream media is directed by the agencies and owned/controlled by organized criminals.”

Asked for proof that the CIA and organized crime are behind government surveillance activities, Baird replied, “If I had proof of the CIA / syndicate link, I’d be dead like others who did. I get most truth from agency, police, political, journo, scientific whistleblowers who are prepared to talk to people like me but not to go public.

“That way they tell and live. When they tell people with a public platform, they’re in danger.”

With over 5,000 secret devices, many housed on countless satellites, persons of interest can be tormented with things like neurophones (transmitting threats etc. directly to their brains, bypassing normal hearing mechanisms), brain wave scanners (tracking the individual bio-electronic resonance frequency of targets and feeding the thoughts to computers with complete brain wave vocabulary software) and directed energy weapons (causing pain and illness at will).

Not only has former CIA agent Dr. Robert Duncan explained the same dangerous technology used to target innocent people working against criminal corporate government. This week, Michael P. Lynch discussed the same phenomenon in the New York Times. Frequently heard by media commentators and government officials is that we face a ‘trade-off’ between safety and privacy, says Lynch.

“We just need, we are told, to find the right balance. This way of framing the issue makes sense if you understand privacy solely as a political or legal concept,” Lynch says, but not if one includes the human right to privacy of thoughts and behavior.

Lynch urges the reader to imagine telepathically reading all your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings.

“I could know about them in as much detail as you know about them yourself — and further, that you could not, in any way, control my access. You don’t, in other words, share your thoughts with me; I take them. The power I would have over you would of course be immense. Not only could you not hide from me, I would know instantly a great amount about how the outside world affects you, what scares you, what makes you act in the ways you do.  And that means I could not only know what you think, I could to a large extent control what you do.”

Lynch says, “That is the political worry about the loss of privacy: it threatens  a loss of freedom.”

It is that loss of freedom that is happening in real time already, according to Dr. Duncan, …. and Baird and all human rights defenders.

“We have entered a terrible Orwellian age where liberty is the illusion but tyranny the reality,” Baird said.

Because all this is covered by The Inventions Secrecy Act and because FISA court gag-orders the media, academic text writers and such are prevented from exposing this information about the real purpose of surveillance. The public thus remains uninformed and complacent, according to Baird.

“Physics and psychology graduates (except those working on relevant programs for the government) are also unaware such things are possible and so, like police and medicos, actively help discredit Targeted Individuals under torturous surveillance who go to them seeking help.

“If an honest expert learns of this and tries to blow the whistle, they are killed,” Baird said, giving examples of Dr Fred Bell, the great-great grandson of Alexander Graham Bell, who was killed soon after discussing Neurophones on Jesse Ventura’s program.

Baird also said Dr Alistair Stewart was killed for planning to expose institutionalizing political targets who “knew too much and were attacked by agencies using classified technologies.”               

Baird remarked that he could not read the article about Michael Hastings this author had forwarded to him in Australia because his computer is “blocked” and wouldn’t let him access the link, not unusual for Dupré’s more controversial articles exposing government corruption.

“However, an entertainment industry insider once said to me that even if a nation’s No. 1 newsreader started talking about these things, he’d be cut off and the headlines next day would say something like, ‘Paranoid news anchor has nervous breakdown on-air’ and not one of their colleagues would support them,” Baird said. “If you were a criminal, why would you hire a whistleblower if you could avoid it? Very few decent human beings are hired to work for the mainstream media in the first place.”

Hasting’s death was preceded by his calls for help that were dismissed by some of his friends as “paranoia” due to work he was conducting to expose surveillance issues.

Department of Justice complicity

Targeted Individuals who tried taking their unwanted surveillance intrusion cases to court consistently fail, according to countless accounts sent to and maintained by this author since 2005. Baird has gained his information from 23 years of countless anecdotes with names and dates hard to remember or hidden deep in his files, he said  

“Going legal usually just fails,” Baird confirmed. “Even if the judge and jury are on side, ‘they’ step in and stop proceedings crying ‘National Security,’ as they do with police. Court records are destroyed and everyone sworn to silence.”

Usually, however, it doesn’t go that far, Baird said.

“These litigants are usually harassed or otherwise prevented from attending court, he said, basing his statement on TI reports he has received, similar to those that Tis send to Dupré. “With class actions, they usually let it run a course but cause it to fail. In extreme cases people can be killed for this, but usually they’re just made to fail.

“I do know that scientists and spies are usually the only ones killed because they have credibility and, sometimes, proof.” 

Most surveillance victims are in the US, but Australia and other countries “have their share,” Baird said.

Has Baird, a surveillance whistleblower, been harassed?

“Only 24/7 for 23 years without respite,” he answered. “But as I get older, I seem to be considered less a threat and, as I’m also unlikely to fall for any of their nonsense at this advanced stage.

“They usually just denigrate and pre-occupy me where they can, mostly with mainstream media feedback of my words, thoughts etc. through constant ‘coincidences.’”

After receiving an email about the death of Hastings, Baird received information that a soldier with the same name as his nephew was killed in action. Most TIs have ongoing, frequent messages sent to them such as this.

“Of course, I also get constant NSA/CIA brain wave scanning and neurophone feedback. It’s like being in a remote electronic gulag where you’re constantly raped to your very soul,” Baird disclosed.

Car Tampering, Body Tampering and ‘Death of Journalism’

With modern technology, “they can lock up your limbs, tamper with the car, shoot out tyres, whatever,” Baird said. “Even Dr Rauni Kilde’s had this sort of thing happen (and survived).

“Even as far back as Grace Kelly, you can see that if it’s made to look like an accident, even a good friend with knowledge of what really happened (such as Frank Sinatra) can be silenced by others who threaten that he’ll be next if he says anything.     

In light of the late Michael Hastings and the manhunt of Edward Snowden, Baird called this interview, “The death of journalism” because “not even the Watergate journalists will touch this stuff. Hastings must’ve been a one off.”

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    Total 25 comments
    • Deborah Dupre

      If you know someone complaining about being followed, harassed, intimidated… hopefully you will seriously consider the claims and help defend that person. Many are told they are mentally ill when they are actually deliberately mentally injured – a big difference. Thank you for reading this.

      • Alice

        Bob and Deborah, I am happy to say I agree wholeheartedly with you both.

        I know of someone who is being tortured and set up. It’s a highly advanced conspiracy.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Alice, about your friend being tortured and set up – can you please explain? Many thanks.

      • Alice

        I’m reluctant to say on an open forum. Do you have fb or email?

        • AxisOfEvil

          your email is visible for all to see on this website.

          Anything you can share can’t be as bad as having your email out in the open.

    • scrivener50

      This veteran major-market journalist, who first exposed the nationwide celltower radio frequency directed energy weapon grid (U.S. Pat. 7629918, Raytheon) that is the instrument of torturous, subjugating, injurious electromagnetic weapon attack on THOUSANDS of Americans each day, is a nine-year victim of e-torture, forced sleep, induced disease (cataracts, etc.), financial sabotage, and I am relentlessly “gangstalked” by police-protected neighborhood goons — leaving me a hostage in my home, which is regularly invaded and vandalized while my wife and I are “put under” via electromagnetic weapon attack. I have been slandered to police, due mainly to temporary symptoms induced by electromagnetic attack that rendered me unable to write or earn a living. My former mainstream media colleagues have been waved off from doing my story. Only Deborah Dupre has reported on my journalism, which has gone publicly unchallenged by any authority, corporate or governmental, for nearly four years. Please read my latest articles at and try to contact me via Facebook or [email protected]. There is strong forensic evidence pointing to the likelihood that both President Obama and Vice President Biden have been targeted for electromagnetic weapon attack (the “Obama debate trance” and Biden’s bouts of forced sleep in public; see my website). Please considering doing :!: an update, now that it is more likely that you can reliably reach me via telephone (although my calls have been answered by impostors in the past). — Vic Livingston

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you, Vic. Your story sounds all too familiar as many other targets express the same to me. No wonder Obama regime does not want this still fairly well-hidden part of surveillance out of the bag and has called in the army for more cyber-attacks against journalists. Stay strong.

        • scrivener50

          It is my studied conclusion that Obama is a VICTIM not a perpetrator of electromagnetic torture. He’s just a very good head-faker because he’s up against war criminals with stealth lethal cyberwar weapons. Biden also a victim (public forced sleep attacks):


    • Alice

      Can you qualify what you mean by “mentally injured”, I mean you are not saying that this phenomenon is subjective and caused by traumatic childhood or something like that are you?

      I imagine many are told they are mentally ill when they are not.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you, Alice. When people are emotionally tormented – followed day and night by scary looking strangers; come home to find tampering with food, furniture, personal belongings; have their car tampered; get intimidating messages on their phones, emails, and doors…. they become fearful from the terror and thus, they are mentally injured – but not mentally ill. The difference is that when the unwanted intrusions end for someone who has been mentally injured, with time, the injuries can heal. With mental illness, the illness remains. No – this surely does not mean the crime or the injury is caused by childhood trauma. Really glad you asked about that.

        • Alice

          That’s an important distinction.

          Thank you for bringing the stories of these victims to greater public awareness Deborah, It has been a fascinating and disturbing read, but very welcome, and important that all who describe themselves as targets are able to tell their story in their own way, outwith the medical environment.

    • DavidFulton3

      If any doubt, the accuracy of this great article, then you may wish to listen, to my conversation with the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok :

      • Deborah Dupre

        David, Thank you for your compliment and added validation with the link. I know that most of thee people who best understand the gravity of surveillance (and its aspects that mainstream and high-profilers are not telling) are those who suffer the most and that much of that suffering is due to others in denial about these matters or simply preferring to choose other than compassion. I wish you the very best. Deborah

    • Anonymous

      Have “they” got to him? If so why is he still alive? Is it all in his mind? He is asking for problems with those page layouts. Simple text with no java scripting is hard to mess with. Needs a computer expert (chosen at random from yellow pages (not online hard copy) from another town preferably . Going to their shop personally to see them without advance warning) to check his systems and a dedicated printer that has no wireless connection on a dedicated simple old computer that has no connection to the internet, or other computer. bought from boot fair and not out of his sight on way home.
      Maybe there is something in the “war of the worlds” placing wet towels around the head or tin foil hat ( acting as faraday cage) to stop anything electronic wave wise getting into the head should this stuff exist. Judge for yourself.

    • Alice

      Deborah, one other question on this, do you think there are any instances where gang stalking cyber bullying and online harassment are justifiable?

      • Deborah Dupre

        Never. Absolutely never, Alice. Not even in cases of psychopaths ruling the world.

    • harleyborgais : the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.

      The reason this is so out of hand is because the American people are asleep to the power they have. WE ARE THE POWER, and I am not exaggerating when I say that most, perhaps all the most valuable and important info on this subject that you will EVER read is all right here, for free:

      That will WAKE you UP!

      Start with this:

      Then this:
      American Dream Film:

      WHY is this happening you ask?
      These oaths make it pretty clear:

      Especially this one:

      Then read the rest of the info at that first link.

    • Bob S

      To Deborah:

      Thank you for this accurate report on what the War on Terror is really all about.

      To Alice: How can you ask if government torture is ever justified? Government punishment without due process of law is prohibited by the US Constitution. After conviction, cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited by the US Constitution regardless of how heinous the crime.

      The US government is violating both these basic constitutional rights by its criminal electronic torture and by its COINTELPRO forms of criminal harassment, which it inflicts continuously on vast numbers of people who have not even been accused of any crime. Government violations of the US Constitution can never be justified.

      Bob S

      • Deborah Dupre

        Bob. Thank YOU for clarifying that torture is never acceptable, justifiable or in any way represents American values and principles. Also, thank you for highlighting that in-community, covert electronic torture is as real as the new Cointelpro.

        • Bob S

          As you know, Deborah, the only difference between the “new COINTELPRO” and the “old COINTELPRO,” for which government responsibility has been fully proven to the public, is that the “new COINTELPRO” includes highly advanced forms of electronic torture as well as the old, familiar, thoroughly proven forms of standard government COINTELPRO torture.

          In the earlier decades of COINTELPRO, there was no such electronic technology available. As soon as the new technology became available, it was used by a government agency or agencies to torture American citizens.

          The new technology was developed with US government financing, but as far as we know, this new, expensive, highly advanced electronic technology has never been used by the government in any way to benefit American citizens.

          We have paid a lot of money to our government to enable it to develop the most highly advanced forms of electronic torture – to be used on ourselves.

          Bob S

    • Alice

      No one else’s email address is visible to me here, besides.. It isn’t whether or not anyone can see my email address that matters, but the fact that email is a private medium, and that’s different legally speaking, from putting something on an open forum.

      • AxisOfEvil

        Email is a private medium?

        Sure, and the easter bunny and santa claus hang out together over the summer.

        • Alice

          f course no ones email is private from government, hackers, stalkers, and the like.. the point i’m making is it’s treated as private according to the law.. at least in theory.

    • morris adams


      • Anonymous

        get lost spammer

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