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Trump Given Final Warning!

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TMR Editor’s Note

Many Alt Media journalists have correctly labeled the Vegas massacre a false flag.  Others have called it a partial hoax in addition to being a false flag.  Some have even written that this whole black op is a hoax through and through and, therefore, the official narrative is entirely false.

VIDEO: Raw Footage Of Dead And Wounded Concert-Goers Right After Las Vegas Shooting

The preceding video appears to present footage of dead and wounded concert-goers immediately after the HARVEST false flag terror operation in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 1.  This video has either captured the grim reality of wounded and dead; or of crisis actors who were pre-planted and properly equipped at the venue.    

The Millennium Report
October 9, 2017 

UPDATE (10/10/17):

N.B. TMR has been sent many emails which question whether anyone really died, or was even shot, at the HARVEST venue. In light of the following article posted by Paul Craig Roberts, TMR will not publish the next investigative piece on the Las Vegas false flag until we receive indisputable hard evidence of mortal wounds and/or serious injuries.

PCR: Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake



A Special Report
On The Las Vegas Terror Attack
& Mass Casualty Incident




The Deadliest Terrorist Attack
On U.S. Soil Since 9/11

ROUTE 91 HARVEST: A Domestic Terror and False Flag Operation Conducted by the Same Perps Who Did 9/11

Vegas was an op the likes of which has never been seen before in the USA.
That’s because they had to disguise it as a lone gunman who could become
a patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald.  So it was really an assault on the POTUS
and the patriots camouflaged as a lone wolf–another white guy who snapped.
This is the ONLY way that the CIA spooks could have plausible deniability.

— Former Intelligence Analyst  

State of the Nation 

Yet Another CIA-Directed Government Attack on the American People
that Involved the Entire U.S. Intelligence Community, the FBI, DHS,
ATF and Local Law Enforcement

It is extremely important that the Las Vegas mass shooting be called exactly what it is: a false flag terrorist attack carried out as a highly organized black operation by the U.S. Intelligence Community in concert with the Great Britain’s MI6 and Israel’s MOSSAD.

Michael Chertoff, Sheldon Adelson, Israeli Mossad Suspects in Las Vegas Massacre

All of the evidence points to the fact that patsy Stephen C. Paddock probably had nothing whatsoever to do with this mass casualty incident (MCI).  On the other hand, the rapidly growing body of hard evidence clearly reflects an extremely well-coordinated false flag operation conducted by all the usual suspects.

Who were the Co-Conspirators?

The volumes of circumstantial evidence available thus far indicate the following government agencies and organizations had to be directly involved in the massive ensuing coverup.

 Central Intelligence Agency

 Department of Homeland Security

 National Security Agency

 Federal Bureau of Investigation

 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

 Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

 Clark County Sheriff’s Department

Because each of these law enforcement agencies continues to participate in the ongoing cover-up, it is certain that each had foreknowledge of this mass shooting on Sunday, October 1 at the Harvest Country Music Festival.  The complete lack of police response by the local LVMPD is quite telling, as is the lack of emergency medical personnel at the scene of the attack. As usual, the C.I.A. would have had operational responsibility for overseeing the implementation plan. What Happens In Vegas, Stays With The CIA?

There are several damning videos which clearly demonstrate the extraordinary law enforcement neglect by the LVMPD.  In a phrase, the LVMPD was A W O L.  The local hotel security services were O U T   T O  L U N C H.  As for the much more important security staff that was contracted for the “HARVEST” event, it’s now quite clear that there was N O B O D Y   H O M E.  And this video proves each of these 3 statements: “Taxi Driver Video” of Las Vegas Terror Attack Says It All

Las Vegas: A Miniature National Security State

It is essential to properly understand the true context in which this multi-purposeful terrorist attack was perpetrated.  That would be the Harvest Country Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, also known as Sin City.

It is an indisputable fact that Las Vegas was, is, and will be forever the most locked down city in the USA.  The city has been set up over many years as a miniature national security state.  The obvious reason is that Sin City thrives on massive revenue streams of gambling receipts.  It’s the only reason why the city of Las Vegas is still there, especially given the lack of reliable water supplies…in what is basically the dessert.

It’s not just the gambling income earned by the many casinos, it is also all the criminal enterprises which have grown up around the Gambling Industry over decades.  Illicit businesses such as the Mafia’s high-end prostitution services, mob-run loan sharking and CIA-overseen drug dealing also provide enormous revenues.  However, it is arms trafficking (as in major illegal weapon deals) and gun-running (smaller arms deals) which generate a HUGE percentage of their unlawful profits always under the table.

Perhaps the most significant reason why Vegas is so locked down 24/7 is because of the immense amount of money laundering that goes on in every casino.  The sheer volume of drug money alone — in the form of cash — requiring laundering is inconceivable.  After drug-trafficking, there are all the other criminal enterprises that converge in Sin City that generate steady streams of cash which must be laundered.  This normal state of affairs necessitates it own city-wide security apparatus that deeply involves the FEDs at every level.

What’s the vital point?

Nothing happens — can ever happen — in Vegas without 50 cameras watching you.  The spying and surveillance infrastructure throughout the entire city is not only state of the art, it would make London’s look like a kindergarten.  There is no city in the world wired like Las Vegas.  Hidden video cameras and audio mics are everywhere, even in your hotel room.  Here is gambling magnate Steve Wynn talking about the security in his various hotel-casinos. Steve Wynn talks security measures at his Las Vegas casinos (Video)

KEY POINT: The house always wins in Vegas; it never loses.  Do you think these massive casino operations would not take advantage of bugging every single room in order to preclude a hit or a super-savant whose high gambling winnings are increasing daily?  Hence, there’s not a single square inch of Sin City that is not totally wired by Satan himself.  The Gambling Industry does not tolerate big winners in Vegas—EVER!  Even when you think you’ve won, you haven’t!

The critical point here is that no one enters the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area without being subjected to extreme monitoring and surveillance.  And the closer you get to the LV Strip, the more closely you are watched and listened to.  In fact, the Nevada gaming area “earns roughly 50% of the gaming revenue from all sources for the state of Nevada”.  Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that the FEDs know exactly who is responsible for the actual shooting in front of the Mandalay Bay.

Another crucial point is that a guy like patsy Stephen Craig Paddock, the alleged shooter, knows all of this; he’s been a government agent practically forever and knows well the lay of the land.  Therefore, he would never even try to pull off such a mass murder in this extremely controlled and hostile environment.  They even captured him on video at the very moment that he fell in a Vegas casino. Hotel Security Video Captures Stephen Paddock As He Falls At Vegas Casino

When you add up all the spying and surveillance capability utilized in Vegas by the intel agencies, it becomes obvious that the U.S. Intelligence Community provided direct material and moral support to the execution of this black op.  There should be no question about this whatsoever.  CASE CLOSED!

Photo of the Mandalay Bay the day after the shooting showing a number of windows blown out by gunfire or broken to fire weapons through.

Multiple Shooters

There is a large body of evidence which proves that there were multiple shooters surrounding the music venue.  Not only that, the likelihood that this massacre was performed by one person is preposterous on the face of it, and even more absurd when you understand how far the Mandalay really is from the concert venue.

Simply put, the official narrative now stands as the single most ridiculous conspiracy theory ever concocted by the U.S. Federal Government … after the 9/11 Commission Report, of course.  And they know it.  But there are very specific reasons why they promote a ludicrous story replete with utter falsehoods (See the references below).

Occam’s razor

There are now many factual statements which can be asserted categorically about this “domestic terrorist attack”.  Each one of these data points, when thrown up on the radar screen is vital to understanding this unparalleled psyop.  When those dots are then connected, an unambiguous picture of the culprits takes shape which looks just like you know who.

As always, Occam’s razor can be applied to cut through all the deliberately produced noise of distraction, diversion and misdirection.  As for the initial crime spree that was required to set up the crime scene and commit the mass murder, those details are almost impossible to accurately tease out.  So we must wait for a brave insider to leak the info, or an even more courageous whistleblower to blow the lid off this extremely complex criminal conspiracy.  Nonetheless, it matters not who actually committed these heinous crimes because they’re probably dead and buried by now.  Nor does it really matter precisely how these crimes were carried out.

In other words, what really does matter is who ordered the attacks; and why.
Continue reading HERE.

With the steady application of Occam’s razor, the true plot and its purposes quickly emerge.  That’s because every government criminal conspiracy really only has a few basic goals, that inevitably produces other unintended consequences which are then capitalized on.  The participating G-men, by the way, are government service workers.  They are not very bright; nor are they very original.  That’s why this black op is a carbon copy of the 9/11 false flag as far as the MO is concerned.  The graphic at the very top of this post covers just one aspect of the many parallels with 9/11.  So does the following article: MGM Grand CEO Liquidated Stock Holdings Over The Weeks Just Prior To Mandalay Terrorist Attack

One thing can be concluded with absolute certainty: the prematurely identified gunman — Stephen Craig Paddock — had nothing to do with the shooting spree.  Was he involved in other sleazy aspects of the low-level criminal wave?  Yes, he probably was.  But like Lee Harvey Oswald, he probably didn’t even know what would go down on that Sunday evening.   Was Vegas an FBI Sting Gone Bad?  For that matter, we don’t even know if we’re dealing with the right Stephen Craig Paddock.

Will the real Stephen C. Paddock please stand up?

Approaching this capital crime with Occam’s razor tells us that whoever is responsible for diligently covering up this terrorist attack is also the one who ordered it.  How can it be otherwise?  Not only that, but the real perpetrators at the top had so much control over the crime scene — before, during and after the slaughter — that they must reside at the peak of the pinnacle of the pyramid of the shadow government.  Which brings us to the motive.

Multi-level False Flag Operation

Whenever a false flag operation is functioning as a national psyop, there are numerous purposes, and sometimes cross-purposes, at work.  This particular black op is so full of holes from the get-go that it’s obvious what one of the primary intentions was to——->to D I S T R A C T.  And majorly so!  All of these dramatic mass casualty incidents (MCI) are timed to distract the American people from much more important business and perfidious plots.

As a matter of fact, Deep State currently has so many problems from which to divert our attention that it’s a wonder it took so long for this terror attack to transpire.  The pivotal issue here is: What are TPTB distracting us from?  Not only are there several significant happenings occurring both at home and abroad, each event is highly impactful in its own right.  These are covered in detail at the following link. Las Vegas Mass Shooting: False Flag, PsyOp & Black Op to Distract

The subtle qualification of “multi-level” is extremely important to apprehend in the context of any false flag operation.  Not only are there multiple levels of execution by various black budgeted agencies, there are various unseen objectives which are being accomplished simultaneously.  This is where a PTSD-triggering event like the Las Vegas massacre gets very complicated and convoluted.

Let’s begin at the very top of the most urgent items on their New World Order agenda.  With each passing day it becomes more apparent that the Las Vegas mass shooting was a premeditated attack by the globalists on the nationalists.  It ought to be crystal clear by now that this extremely calculated military assault was designed in such a way so as to elude detection.

The Globalists attacked the Nationalists

The NWO cabal has had a very difficult time launching their planned Purple Revolution across America.  George Soros has been universally castigated as Public Enemy #1.  His many seditious NGOs have been outed as subversive organizations.  The Obama-led purple revolutionaries have been exposed as the traitors that they truly are.  And this Clinton-inaugurated civil war has been sufficiently revealed that it has lost many purple revolutionaries.  Likewise, the other Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, John Podesta, Kamala Harris et al. have all exposed themselves to be stone-cold crazymakers.  Hence, the Purple Revolution  has been halted for the time being, even though it was supposed to begin in earnest on November 4th.

ANTIFA Signals November 4th As D-Day For Overthrow Of U.S. Government (Video)

Even more poignantly, AntiFa has shown itself to be a full-blown domestic terrorist organization that operates with the full support of the Communist Party.  Evidence has also surfaced that irrefutably proves that AntiFa has ties to the Middle East.  Likewise, Black Lives Matter has greatly faded into the background when it, too, duplicated many of the same terror tactics as ISIS during their many violent protests.  Other Soros-sponsored organizations, which have participated in deadly riots since Trump’s election, have also been outed.

With this understanding it ought to be easy to grasp that Las Vegas is the stealthy way in which war will be waged on the patriot movement by the globalists.  By and large, the attendees at the HARVEST were Trumpsters.  These folks are the salt of the earth and really care about the future, and the territorial integrity, of the American Republic.  The many nationalists who showed up at the HARVEST did not know they would be used for target practice by the globalists, BUT THEY WERE.

“When has an outdoor concert in the USA ever seen such a horrific terror attack, especially at a country music festival?  This has never happened before and it was carried out with the explicit intent to send a message to the Trump movement.  By and large these C&W folks are real patriots who also happen to be conservatives and Christians, old-school Republicans and Tea Partiers, ex-military and militiamen, blue-collar workers and rural farmers, hunters and bikers.  This is the crowd that scares the dickens out of the globalists.  They all own guns, and those who don’t will soon be buying a small arsenal.”
(Source: LAS VEGAS SACRIFICE: The Incredible Back Story Designed To Cover Up The Shocking Truth)

Herein lies the very crux of Las Vegas mass shooting.

It was a cowardly act of war by the NWO globalist cabal against the Trump movement.  Therefore, it’s imperative for every patriot to comprehend the enormity and profundity of this historic event.  Yes, TPTB have been killing us for years.  9/11 was another obvious yet disguised act of war against the American people.   However, Las Vegas is different; they’re really going after the patriots—BIG time!  And more innocent people than ever are being randomly killed at mass casualty events like Las Vegas.

VIDEO: ‘They came into the back staff parking lot and shot people there too!’ — Las Vegas Eyewitness

SOURCE: David Becker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ramping up National Security State

In the wake of Las Vegas there have been many articles throughout the mainstream media (MSM) which have delineated plans to further intensify the spying tactics and surveillance technologies that define the National Security State.  This was one of the primary reasons for this deadly terror attack.  The more who are killed and/or wounded, the more easily Congress can be cowed into approving even more draconian measures via unconstitutional legislation which takes away fundamental rights and liberties.

It appears that the intention of TPTB is to lock down every public building and space in the nation.  Those who own the companies which have cornered all the government security business are the same characters who actually did 9/11.  These bad actors were then put in the position to protect us from future 9/11s … … … like the Las Vegas terror attack.  What follows is an excellent video exposé of this scheme to expand considerably the National Security Statby these career criminals. LAS VEGAS SHOOTING: WHO BENEFITS? (Video)

Calls for more gun control

Hillary Clinton has predictably called for more gun control after she blamed the NRA for the Vegas mass shooting. Hillary Clinton Blames Las Vegas Attack on NRA  As if on cue, the whole Democratic side of the political aisle is now calling for immediate gun control legislation.  Obviously, this is one “crisis that the DEMs will not let go to waste”.  The utter gravity of Las Vegas is such that it has already provided an impetus for the beginning of the end of the Second Amendment—for real!

Listen up, patriots.  This mass shooting was fastidiously engineered to bust every U.S. citizen upside the head with a four by four.  That 4X4 was the rapid-fire “gatling gun” used by various shooters who shot up the HARVEST.  Every American has now been infected with their own version of vicarious PTSD.  Hearing machine guns firing at a group of concert-goers was at once shocking and earth-shattering.  And its effect will be used to the max to impose a repressive regime that will ultimately take away freedom of speech and gun ownership, unless the patriots take back their power—NOW!  It doesn’t get more serious than this.

History has shown that whenever there is a secret agenda by government(s) to completely control the citizenry, false flag mass shootings are conducted in order to strip them of their guns.  Variations of Operation Gladio have been, in fact, implemented worldwide in an effort to disarm the targeted populace.  In this way, the globalists intend to terminate gun ownership — planet-wide — so that there will be no threat to their future One World Government.  This will enable them to create a totalitarian superstate with tyrannical powers.  CIA Operation: “Las Vegas — American Gladio”

‘Fast & Furious’ Type Operation Gone Bad

Sometimes Deep State surreptitiously stacks up multiple ops only to use the most provocative ones to lead the audience astray.  The inclusion of covert arms dealer Stephen Paddock within this whole narrative appears to be a Fast & Furious, take two.  The fact is that these patently illegal arms deals are going on 24/7 across the country, and Las Vegas is the nerve center.  The key point is that the different settings of illicit transactions can easily be used as the context within which to stage a false flag within a false flag…just like they did in Vegas.

This is where it can get very interesting because when the decision-makers engineer these events, they will sometimes hook up the “false flag within a flag” with a transparent hoax.  This is how the American public is easily deceived about the real intention behind such a flagrant psyop as this one.  Just what is the true purpose of this psyop?


Now we come to the very heart of this “Special Report”—the PsyOp.  For the uninitiated, the psyop piece of such covert agendas often takes place in a realm of influence that is well outside of normal mundane affairs.  This component can only be understood when viewed through the lens of occult astrology, cabalistic numerology and talmudic freemasonry.  To give an adequate treatment of this exceedingly profound aspect of the “Mandalay Massacre” is well beyond the scope of this report, however.

What can be said about the precise planning that goes into these highly consequential social engineering programs is that the particular event, the exact location, and the specific timing are all chosen to have maximum effect.  In other words, Sunday night, October 1, 2017, in front of the lit up all-seeing eye atop the Luxor pyramid, were all integral to carrying a successful psyop.  This type of abstruse prep work, incidentally, is more fundamental than the positioning of the snipers because of what the Illuminati planners are really looking to accomplish.

There are two articles which only crack the window of understanding where it concerns these deep, dark intentions.  The first one below offers a glimpse into the occult symbolism and barbaric ritual which surrounds the HARVEST sacrifice.

LAS VEGAS SACRIFICE: The Incredible Back Story Designed To Cover Up The Shocking Truth

The second article discloses some radioactive data points which illustrate how the Music Industry is tied directly into these psyops.  While this information is more speculative in nature, the uncanny way in which so many inexplicable pieces fit in this conspiratorial puzzle can only mean one thing.  Nevertheless, many folks will likely be challenged by this sordid angle, but it must be confronted sooner or later.

STUNNING DISCLOSURE ABOUT LAS VEGAS PSYOP—The Jason Aldean tattoo and the Illuminati game card!

Prepackaged propaganda by Deep State and MSM

All false flag operations are well known for the many press accounts that read and look like they were written days before the atrocity.  That’s so the fictionlized media reports can be swiftly disseminated before the crime scene is even investigated.  In this fashion, the patently false (and often implausible) narrative is quickly and deeply imprinted on the collective American psyche.  Deep State surely has a special department at The Company (also known as CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia) dedicated solely to the fabrication of fake news that is used in the aftermath of these incessant false flags.

Here’s a ‘very nice’ graphic that shows the viewer exactly how the alleged gunman pulled off what was essentially an impossible feat of mass murder.  Especially for a 64-year-old out-of-shape alcohol-drinking gambler, such an endeavor would be inconceivable.  But the MSM swears that Stephen Paddock did it all by himself.

*Please click on the graphic to enlarge

Special Note:
The main reason for this report was to alert the American people that a civil war has been started by the New Age Bolsheviks.  The unhinged and godless Left, funded by Soros and supported by Deep State, has fired the first shot(s).  The good souls murdered in cold blood at the HARVEST were unwitting martyrs to the cause of national sovereignty.  They were felled by a devious type of warfare whereby the victims didn’t even know they were on a battlefield.  Do you get it?  This asymmetric type of combat is as dastardly as it comes.  Women and children, elderly and disabled are cut down in their places not even knowing they were just invaded.  This is the only way forward for these purple revolutionaries since their AntiFa insurrection was short-circuited.  Now, however, their clandestine insurgency will be conducted by surprise, wherever and whenever they feel they can get away with mass homicide.  They almost succeeded in Las Vegas.

Trump Given Final Warning!

More than anything else this pre-planned terror attack in Vegas was executed as a warning to President Donald Trump.  All the details of this black operation were fastidiously pieced together to have maximum effect on the prez…and his movement.

TPTB know full well that the best way to get to Trump is to get to those who he cares about.  That’s why you never touch his family unless you are ready for an overwhelming retaliation.  Likewise, if you go after the patriot movement that put Trump into office, be ready for some very serious blowback.


What we’re really dealing with in Las Vegas is the mob at its worst.  Deep State actually owns and operates the M A F I A, not the other way around.  And the shadow government completely controls Deep State which has become Trump’s nemesis.  The key point here is that TPTB know exactly how to get to Trump.  They know what buttons to push to compel him to implement the NWO agenda which he staunchly opposes.

It was only a matter of time that a C&W music venue was shot up or bombed, because these folks represent the very heart of Trump movement.  Even if Trump stops being Trump, the movement will carry on stronger than ever.  Deep State knows that and used the terror attack to intimidate the patriots.  But Deep State really did Vegas to give Trump his final warning before they execute plan B.


There are several goals which were on the NWO agenda where it concerns this tragic massacre of concert-goers in Las Vegas.

The explicit intention to terrorize We the People reigns supreme on that agenda as seen in the following horrifying video: Raw Video Footage From Vegas Concert Venue Right After Shooting

The advancement of the globalist-incited Purple Revolution is also high up on the agenda.  In an effort to remove Donald Trump from the White House, the Left will do whatever is necessary, including the advocacy of unprecedented violence and mayhem.

So, too, is the substantial furtherance of the National Security State an imperative aim of these types of US government-sanctioned terror operations.  For it is legislation signed by Barack Obama that technically (but not lawfully) permits the government to conduct acts of false flag terror against the populace. “FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

Armed with this knowledge, the American people are obligated to take back the nation from those who have arrogated such unlawful power unto themselves.  We the Peoplemust also retrieve the trillions stolen from the treasury from those who continue to steal our national wealth.

If the ruthless slaughter at the HARVEST does not sufficiently galvanize the patriot movement to take back their power, what in God’s creation will?  Especially after the very same criminally insane psychopaths have gotten away with 9/11, it would seem that their time has finally come.

State of the Nation
October 7, 2017

Author’s Note

There were a number of curious warnings prior to the Las Vegas mass shooting that were issued in different ways, each of which warrants serious investigation.  All of these contribute to this ironclad case that there was foreknowledge of this terror attack at the highest levels of the intel community.  As follows:

  1. Mystery Lady Warns Las Vegas Concert-goers 45 Minutes Before Massacre That Many Would Soon Die
  2. Las Vegas False Flag: Anonymous 4chan User Warned of Attack 3 Weeks in Advance
  3. YouTuber Perfectly PREDICTS Las Vegas 2 Weeks BEFORE the Incident!

Editor’s Note

You know the secret services and intel agencies are right behind these MCIs when the headlines read as follows:

Las Vegas Strip shooter targeted aviation fuel tanks, source says

Why was the stage in Vegas re-illuminated after it went dark which enabled the shooter(s) to see the crowd? (Video)


[1] LV Strip (Nevada gaming area)


The Truth About The Different Shooting Incidents At Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas Shooting: Who or what is moving on the roof above word “HARVEST”?

Vegas Massacre: Were drones also used in the mass shooting? (Video)




Insider’s report on how the HARVEST crime scene investigation was immediately taken over by the FBI whereupon Stephen Paddock was asserted to be a lone gunman.



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      Great article at unveiling an “operation gladio” in the likes of 911 or many recent bloody ones such as the Charlie-Hebdo, the Bataclan, the Promenade des Anglais done in the smaller (and subjugated) country of France.
      The HARVEST massacre is not a first false-flag generated by the globalists against the nationalists. It is one more battle in the asymmetric war led by hidden enemies against a galant and chivalresque people. We the People fight in the open, and so must continue to do our leader the President, by addressing the nation out in the open.
      If the President, from the Oval Office, can resume the content of this article. The people will understand, and the devil, which cannot stand the light, will return into its hole.
      Can President Trump do such a speech? Certainly! He is a good communicator. It is a battle which could be the President’s own “Battle of Midway”. Is he willing to do battle on this front? That remains to be seen, because himself might be compromised, and being “forced to sleep” during his own watch, which in this case would render the HARVEST massacre President Trump’s own “pearl Harbor”. His presidency is at stake.

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        “President Trump’s presidency is at stake”, those words I typed minutes ago. I do not think to exaggerate, because the HARVEST massacre was a direct attack against his strongest electorate. If he does battle, as I dare suggest, he will destroy the enemy within, but then does President Trump truly wishes that? Remember that he owns an hotel casino in Las Vegas; that he has been “anointed” by the “Godfather of Las Vegas” (over a year ago, BIN told that); that he has done nothing about Pizzagate; nothing about a reopening of the 911 case, and nothing about many unfilled promises, is the President truly one of us? or is he what I dare name a PRESIDENT OF TRANSITION.
        A “President of Transition” is a form of controlled opposition, such as President Medvelev of the Russian Federation who kept the seat warm for the already two terms President Putin, in order for this latest to regain a new two term presidency. President Donald Trump may be playing a similar role in order to keep the seat warm for the past 44th, President Barrack Obama.
        The US Constitution does not forbid a former President to run again after a lapse of an other President. Remember former President Ford being considered as a running mate for then candidate Governor Reagan. Constitutional lawyers said nothing by then…
        President Trump, if he does nothing decisive for the HARVEST massacre, may prove this sinister theory said above, to be right, and we’ll have a perfect play from a trump card. In this case, the HARVEST massacre could be the first big step towards the re-election of President Obama.
        The inbred satanist world loves the man BO so much. Why is the former President number 44 being treated as a prince in exile? Why is the media quietly prevents him from not to being forgotten? Why is there a soft campaign of nostalgia currently being done for the man BO? Because among the inbred satanist world prepare the triumphant return of the man BO for 2020.

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          Should we consider the possibility that the reason for Trump to grant a pardon to Arpaio was because of Sheriff Joe’s claims to have proof of BO’s false birth certificate? Donald’s backup plan, just in case there were some nefarious plans of which you speak? The storm coming may yet be some large-scale arrests amd prosecutions to be made. Including, Podesta, Clinton, Obama, Bannon, Muelller, oh you guys get it! :cool:

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              ****Can only BE President 2x****

    • dennis48309

      If Americans lose their right to own guns, it’s Game Over for the world. I think we’re screwed already. Too many white hats in Intelligence, Military, and Politics sat idly and allowed the Cabal aka Illuminati to take over the entire world. Evil can only triumph when good men do nothing. Even the good guys reserved their seat in Hell next to Satan.

    • Ideas Time

      The video looks and sounds like crisis actors and the blood is fake. Anyone who has seen real blood knows better. This is a set and I will bet you none of these people show up in the social security death index. The stage blood looks nothing like real blood for those who know better.

      • b4

        my gf was there–4 people around her got shot–her gf got bullet fragments in the legs–she spent all night helping the less wounded just trying to stop blood loss-she was covered in other peoples blood by the time she went home–you are insane crazy ideas stupidtime

        • An0nym0us

          Okay then, where are the pictures? I’ve been reading all kinds of anecdotal stories like this. “My cousin Cletus was there and saw 100 people get shot”. But no one had a cellphone handy? Really? Twitter and Insta should have blown up with pictures.

    • DangerWillRoberson

      i know who did it and why? Satan, he loves you with bullets :twisted:

    • The Troubles

      :idea: :arrow: Correct. Fake as all Hell. Why you say? First of all, I will say that when a human has lost blood in mass, it “COAGULATES” and is not bright red. It pools and is much darker. If you have seen death, than you know what I am speaking of. Many Veterans know it, when they see it. That was not real human blood.
      ..and here are some issues that should raise many questions. These are all hiding in plain sight. Have a Look see: :eek:

      1. Local Hospitals have been served Gag orders. Why, there were no patients.
      2. Multiple “Eye Witnesses” have come forward stating that there were multiple shooters on various levels. Many Videos. MANY.
      3. Video leaked and taken down next day. The video “Clearly” showed Muzzle Flashes synced with muzzle sound from 4th floor.
      4. Video leaked and taken down showing “drive by shootings” at same time of alleged 32nd floor gun fire. More than one has surfaced. YOU TUBE is in massive CENSORSHIP Modality, right now. Today. :mad:
      5. Al-edged shooter’s Airplane registered to known buddy and pal of, and tied to former POTUS Obummer.
      6. No Video indicating alleged shooters hauling in 40 plus Long Guns. Please. No one saw this? No one, not housekeeping?
      7. Owner of Hotel tied into business dealings with Michael Chertoff (spelling?) former Sec of DHS, (Under Bush 2) and the company which sells the GOOBERMINT Xray Backscatter machines. Mr. Wynn, are you an accomplice?
      8. The cell phone charger left behind by someone in DOD Special Operations. (Sloppy left behinds)
      9. Crime scene not roped or taped off to gather evidence. NONE anywhere?
      10. The overwhelming effort by local LEO Admin, whom were caught in bold face dishonest lies on the Sunday Morning Talk Show Circuit.
      :mad: A ginat PSYOP mind Fu*K… orchestrated by the real life minions of Satan himself…. :evil: Evil & Twisted Pricks :twisted:

      :arrow: There you have it. These are the top 10 issue to look into. There is more to this story. :shock:

      :arrow: :idea: The bottom line is that it STINKS. The HEAD of the FISH STINKS and is rotten to the core. :wink:

      Looks and smells like NWO Garbage.- :mrgreen:

      • ConfuciousSay

        How can you have it both ways?

        You say “no one was at the Hospital” but then you say “there were multiple shooters”. But according to you no one got shot.


      This is for those who live by the code:

      9/23/17 is a day of conception known as the Lie of Legion, and the first of three doors that are time locked. Three hours after the third dawn, six doors will manifest within The Star.

      One door is the key that opens the others.

      When the six are open, all become known by the one. What was conceived becomes manifest and will be seen as a rose.

      Good Bye.

      SEP 8, 2017, 11:47 AM


      yep.. and guess what, today is my birthday.

      Rise of the Steppenwolf. I like to shape shift every now and then. Back later, getting ready to go tear up the city.

      NYC. when nukes and hurricanes fail, call me. :wink:

      SEP 25, 2017, 12:28 PM

      (note to Millennium: September 25 – “the third dawn” – check in date. “When the six are open, all become known by the one. What was conceived becomes manifest and will be seen as a rose.” – October 1, six days later.)


      This is not to be ignored or dismissed. I live in NYC and I know.

      I had warned of the rise of the Steppenwolf. Please understand.

      Everyone please please watch this report: America Under Siege:antifa
      It will air again on OAN tonight and is available on BIN now:


      Please check this out.

      OCT 1, 2017, 5:57 AM


      ..and it’s all docked right here in the BIN.. and there is so much more.. You should check archives, Millennium.

      ..and for the two brothers on BIN who KNOW, again… smellin’ like the rose:

      ..and to the ONE:

      hc svnt dracones – I’m in deep shit.

    • Ideas Time

      One of the biggest giveaways that this was a Hoax is allegedly over 500 with gunshot wounds and no on, not one has died after the first fake number was given out. Never work out like this in the real world. Where are all the victims? I know, too much paper work and then their is that pesky social security death index that has to be forged which is a felony.

    • Friedrich

      Can’t believe that many government employees can keep a secret …..

    • Canderson

      Who were the Co-Conspirators? Rockefeller’s, the Hillary monster, Bill _Gates, Bush crime syndicate, the Jesuits?

    • Canderson

      He should have jailed that Bitch and Bill when he had the chance, I think the real Hillary passed away. It is the power house of the dead witch + Bill the horny Zombie that is around.

    • Pink Slime

      What is the outcome of their NARRATIVE?

      The more nefarious the more it begins to look like a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that involves the Public and not the REPUBLIC.

      Someone wants this great and successful nation to GO DOWN. To disappear to the Dust BIN of history. Then their Dark Knight can take over. The one they call the False Profit (no wonder it begins at Los at Vegas), the man of sin.

      The one who Yahusha will destroy at the brightness of his coming. :twisted:

    • truthseeker4809

      It is a symptom when people do not own their country but instead they are owned by some evil foreign entity.
      You have been fooled since the beginning of the declaration of independence. First the English royals and next the Vatican never loosen the grip of the ownership of all of their subordinate states either through religion and/or by monetary policy.

    • Everette

      Why do we Americans allow foreign entities such as Federal reserve , IRS and CIA that kiss NWO vaticans asses to exist in the top positions that handle Americans money and Americans top secret intelligence . Then we , Im sorry , our representatives pay them top dollars to screw Americans everyday ! Stealing our gold and silver and shipping it over seas into the elite bankers vaults and vatican . Then our intelligence is sent to our enemy ( Esau Edomite Vatican who hates Jacob’s descendants , America , Europe , Austrlia – 10 lost tribes of Israel ) . Our Constitution plainly tells us not to low any entity to own or possess America or its citizens . Yet crap like Vegas shooting pointing to these entities are growing rampid . Isis bragged they were going to hit Vegas the day before . Isis was formed by Obama , Hillary and CIA . Russia and Iraq proved it . Iraq shot down some of our helicopters taking goods to Isis . 6.1 trillion dollars was missing from the pentagon when Obama and Hillary left office . Isis had brand new Toyota pick ups , American weapons , our buried tanks and vehicles we left in Iraq being saved for a rainy day because we were expecting to return in the near future after fighting Sadom Hussain . Obama and Hillary gave them our weapons and vehicles with the CIA helping ! And yet we allow these asses to walk in America as some damn hero . These 2 are the sorriest lowest life pieces of crap that have ever set in our White house building ! If Trump is smart he will now begin shutting down any entity that was not birthed in America and Answers to America ! Because of the evils they have committed in the name of Americans we need them removed from American soil ASAP ! They have proven they do not have America interest at heart . They are NWO ass kissers , as well as our past presidents , Bush SR and JR , Clinton’s , Obama . Heck o nut case signed a treaty for the UN Muslims to take America over Christmas 2015 . It’s time to start some house cleaning !

      • truthseeker4809

        Yes, remember CIA is the largest tentacle of Vatican Jesuits having their headquarter office located in Switzerland.
        They ruled Europe for the last 1700 years with their brutal religious dictatorship. What makes you think they loosened that grip? It has become more secretive and more sophisticated by infiltrating all the major organizations in the country including main stream mass media with assassination, political threat, subversion, deception, bribery, using Manchurian candidates etc etc. There is no escape. They have succeeded in the complete grip of the entire population while nobody is warning and while Alex Jones and others were being used as controlled opposition. Your debt is your shackle. You are owned physically and spiritually poor guys. Whatever you do, there is no escape. The US military in Afghanistan is there to make money for the CIA drug trafficking operation and the money earned from there is not going to reduce any of your debt while the military is entirely supported by your tax money. Do you see how badly you are being f*cked? Forget about North Korea. You have no earthly idea how deep you are in the cesspool.

    • The Watcher


    • Tedx

      As the citizen trying to help the first victim said, “No entrance wound; no exit wound. I don’t know how to treat.”

      Why did so many of the “victims” have blood on their faces? Random auto fire would most likely hit their bodies. The entire scene looked staged to me.

      I have been trying to get some locals to go to the hospitals and morgues in Las Vegas to ask staff members if they were required to sign nondisclosure agreements, as hospital staff in Orlando did during the staged Gay Bar false flag. Did the staff members see gunshot victims come pouring in? Did ER staff see doctors pronouncing victims dead? How about death certificates?

      The Live Leak video did not appear to be real. The camera never panned to show too much. It showed only what the operator wanted to record.

      • truthseeker4809

        They must be paid actors having prepared a couple of bottle of blood in their pockets ready to spray on their face right on time on queue. The lights are on while the video is running on the scene and then it turns off conveniently after the sloppy video taking is done. It looks like the entire scene is very well orchestrated and rehearsed in advance. It is amazing what people are willing to do when they are paid with money. They must have been assured that no body gets hurt for the act that they are being paid for.

    • Tedx

      As long as 98% of fluoride-lobotomized Americans (the ones who still have TVs in their homes) continue to believe what government people and corporate media propaganda agents tell them, the Deep State doesn’t even need present logical narratives for their false-flag shootings. The severely mentally retarded Americans will believe ANYTHING!

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