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Robert Kennedy Jr. Blows Whistle On Pfizer Donating $1 Million To Trump Inaugural - See What Happened Following That (Video)

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Too many people continue to be deceived by former President Donald Trump (2 Thessalonians 2:11) and his claims to be for America First. While there were things that Trump did in office that were constitutional and good, the things that he did that violated the Constitution, including funding Big Pharma for the deadly poisons being injected into people in the US and around the world was a major one for which he should have rightly been impeached and prosecuted, along with anyone and everyone who went along with it. While many of his followers continue to ignore that we are in the position we are in due to Trump’s impotence and his crimes against the People that set things up for this current illegitimate administration to be in our White House, Robert F. Kennedy exposes the fact that not only did Trump come to him and want him to help expose vaccine injuries, but after giving the green light to do so, Kennedy explained that Pfizer donated $1 million to Trump’s inaugural. However, following that is when the doors began to be shut and Trump never fulfilled his promise to Kennedy and to women to get to the bottom of what vaccines have done to the People of the united States.

I played this video on Wednesday’s The Sons of Liberty radio show to make the point that both Trump and Biden continue an unconstitutional agenda.  Take a listen to this enlightening interview, and then just be reminded that Trump was bought off…

…and not just by Pfizer.

Former CBS Healthwatch reporter Jon Rappoport recently wrote on that bit of history.

In this explosive 12 minute Theo Von video interview with Robert Kennedy Jr., we get details of the 2016 Trump-Kennedy meeting, at which Trump gave Kennedy the go-ahead to investigate vaccine dangers.

This isn’t simply “setting the record straight” on what went down. The latest official figures on autism? 1 in 54 American children are autistic. So we are talking about the MASSIVE destruction of life, and the ongoing internal destruction of the country.

Investigating and detailing the role vaccines play in this horrific reality should be the highest priority.

Robert Kennedy, in the video interview, explains that shortly after Trump was elected in November of 2016, the new president contacted him (Kennedy) and invited him for a meeting at Trump Tower in New York.

During the two-hour sit-down with Trump, Kennedy explained that a comprehensive investigation of vaccines could be done without any heavy lifting by government. There was a well-known Vaccine Safety Datalink [2] [2b] [2c] [2d] which, when opened, would give independent researchers access to a vast trove of US medical records. From those records, a convincing case could be made about vaccine safety/dangers.

Trump gave Kennedy the green light to move ahead.

However, roadblocks then appeared.

Access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink and the medical records was severely limited. Two independent investigators were confined to one room—with only pencil and paper—to study medical records. The room was intentionally overheated to a temperature of 105. No copying-machine use was permitted.

Then Pfizer made a million-dollar contribution to Trump’s inauguration.

Then Trump made two grotesque appointments to his new administration—Scott Gottlieb as FDA commissioner, and Alex Azar as head of Health and Human Services. Both men had heavy pharmaceutical industry connections. Azar had served as chief of US Eli Lilly, and had sat on the board of the pharma trade group, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization. Scott Gottlieb was a director at Tolero Pharmaceuticals and the giant drug company, Daiichi Sankyo. He also worked for Glaxo; and now, in 2021, after his stint as FDA commissioner, Gottlieb sits on the board of Pfizer.

Robert Kennedy’s vaccine investigation was shut down.

Did Kennedy then reach out directly to President Trump, to try to reignite the vaccine probe? The video interview doesn’t address this.

Did Trump ever explain why he allowed Kennedy’s investigation to crash and burn? Or why, at the 2016 New York meeting, he told Kennedy to announce the formation of the vaccine investigation, instead of announcing it himself, as the new President? Not to my knowledge.

One other thing. In this video interview, Kennedy says the man who keeps the vital Vaccine Safety Datalink, and all the medical information it leads to, shut down and away from independent investigators, is…

Anthony Fauci.

Once upon a time in the Empire, all roads led to Rome. Now they lead to the Good Doctor, and onward to Bill Gates.

Everyone knows why Trump let it crash and burn and why he installed those two goons in positions of authority and it has nothing to do with America First and everything to do with being bought off, plain and simple. Even a child could see this.

Trump is constantly reminding everyone that he is the father of the “vaccine,” and wants all the credit but doesn’t want credit for the deaths and injuries. Even his followers are getting sick of hearing him pimp for Big Pharma.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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    • GJ

      As I have been trying to say all along.
      Every ACTOR in DC is completely corrupted.
      Ask yourself how many lives have to be ruined for a man to become a billionaire. Not just once but twice.
      Then ask yourself if you could ever do the things these creatures do to another human being?
      They are all connected in every aspect of their lives. All put in place puppets with zero regard for human life at all what so ever.
      They talk about things you care about as if they could even feel emotions like love.
      They pay you lip service to keep control over you.
      Wake up to the facts that this whole system needs to be torn down as our Constitutional forefathers warned us about.
      The real reason the Second Amendment was added was for days like these. Time to organize your local community and fight these illegal and unconstitutional mandates. Start with your local school board.

      • Anonymous

        Called Him the NWO’s Trojan Horse Trump since 2015.
        NWO got backfired by 2 things. They never expected people to flee the cities en masse. They assumed everyone would hunker down in place, fearfully not move and they’d know who was exactly where etc.
        NWO goal is for easy roundups in cities that are stacked & packed like sardines. With the scattering of folks all over the place now? their census tracker is useless cause in many places, addresses changed completely. Now TPTB have to chase all these targets down from scratch.
        Second mistake they made was to give half the needle victims placebo. It doubled the discovery time to expose the truth about the vax- its real contents, use etc. They keep saying half America got vaxecuted. But if true, it means only 25% were vaxecuted because half were placebo. No wonder they’re frantically playing catchup. lolol. Keep them on the run folks!!! lolol

    • S8-10

      I hope getting booed at his own rally serves as a wakeup call for him. His voters do not like this vaccine and it’s not a winning issue for him.

      • MatrixReloaded

        He has no choice but to push this til back in office. Other country presidents have been killed for not going along with it. He did “Operation Warp speed” to COUNTER what the cabal was doing. Otherwise you would have had a MINIMUM of 5 years of lock downs until they claimed to finally have a vaccine (cabal).

        He also just this past week stated that these BOOSTER shots are only about PROFITS and NOT helping the people,.. so if you PAY ATTENTION he IS countering them in small increments.

    • Rickenbocher

      Well this sucks. We all got hoodwinked by ole Donny Boy. I can offical say he’s part of the cabal and came in as a Trojan Horse to suck us all in. Dirty rat bastard

      • Daughter of the Church

        Trojan Horse all right “good ole Donny Boy”. He lassoed the rednecks of America since it was his primary goal, and that’s how he got elected, and then fired because his role seemed over since the poisonous “vaccine” was on its way.
        By getting “fired” the “promoter” simply was made “and offer he could not refuse” by the Godfather, and so the Donald “took the fall” as Sonny Liston took the fall against Cassius Clay at the Madison Square Garden before Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali as the good ole nigger boy dispatched to change America.
        Will the Donald go back on the saddle? may be, because the rednecks are tougher than thought and need to be lassoed again? May be, may be not, and who cares! No man can outsmart the devil, because the goyim is good people who don’t conceive evil. Let’s not worry if you loose a game to cheaters, because God sees it all. God who can’st deceive nor be deceived, hates the deceivers. Just let’s endure & resist, never take the Mark of the Beast (the “vaccine”). Bad time won’t take that long.

        • Daughter of the Church

          In the reply to Rickenbocher’s own comment, this typing hand insinuates that the Donald “took the fall” after the fraudulent last November election. O, yes he pissed & moaned but, … he truly did nothing! He could have locked-up the scammers, he had the moral high ground; he had the datas; he had the muscle but he truly did nothing. He took the fall, and not only dropped the good people of his own staff, but he launched the rednecks in a buck-naked assault against the Capitol, and then by-by to Mar-a-Lago for a vacation. He took the fall as it happens occasionally to some prize-fightings bouts. We surely got deceived, except for God Almighty, if we may explain.
          God had warned the American people of the overpowering of President Trump by candidate Joe Bidden exactly 33 years before the November 2020 election. It was during the Monday Night Football game in the Seattle Kingdome of the L.A. Raiders against the Seahawks. The game was truly the long awaited confrontation of Brian “the Boz” Bosworth versus Bo Jackson. Doesn’t one see a striking ressemblance between the all American player “the Boz” and the all American “champion” the Donald? again, doesn’t one see similar names between Big Bo, and Barrack Obama who signs his name with a big “B.O.”? the Boz, at the one yard line on the last few seconds of the game got overpowered by Big Bo, and the game was lost for Seattle. When one realizes that Joe Bidden, former VP to ex-President Obama is a puppet to the…

        • Daughter of the Church

          - – - continuation – - –

          When one realizes that Joe Bidden, former VP to ex-President Obama is a puppet to the Clinton/Bush/Obama regimes, one must see a godly “prophecy”. God, 33 years before the “fall” of the “all American champion” Donald T. simply warned the American people through the most watched football game of the 1987 season.
          What does this short term little prophecy has to do with the comment? It demonstrates, that whatever calamity may strike America (and the rest of the world), God knows. God is in charge, for He created everything good or evil. God gave us two things: time to chose the good and to refuse evil, and a free will to chose the good and to refuse evil. God in the end take the good & simple one and forsake the deceivers.

          • Idiot Proof

            Awfully long comment…all I got from it, is, you have no idea why Trump did what he did, why he had yo do it the way he did, what would’ve happened if he had done it the way you described, and, how the entire operation would’ve failed. I advise you to find someone who decodes Q drops, and, explains what they mean. It will change your entire perspective…

      • Anonymous

        It is called High Treason.

    • Rickenbocher


      Get Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine online

    • kinganu

      This man (Kennedy) deserves a statue.

    • Louis Cyphre

      It took 4.5 years for this news come to light in the alt news? Come On Man :roll:

    • Zeropointenergy


    • Idiot Proof

      So.. I’m supposed to believe, that, a billionaire who refuses his salary, and, donates it to charity, is able to be “bought off” by his alleged opposition, for a mere million dollar contribution, to his candidacy…??? O k…

      • Anonymous

        His salary was peanuts compared to what he made off the taxpayer by charging them to keep his many staff and bodyguards at his fancy Hotels, Idiot. And we are still paying!

      • Tom.E

        Typical trumptard incapable of critical thinking.

    • justsaying

      Think people! Only way to take down big pharma and the corrupted medical system, was to give them enough rope to hang themselves. The jab was ready long before the plandemic was rolled out. Trump would have been crucified had he not pushed for a solution the masses, whipped up by the fake media, had to have. Had he not done anything, he would have been either removed before the election or “legally”, lost the election and we would of failed at the election sting operation and lost this country. The globalist wanted a complete worldwide lockdown on the worlds economy where they had complete control and say. Were there consequences, of course. But there would have much more and we would not be in a position to ever take down Fauchi, the complicit medical industry, big pharma, the FDA, CDC, the NHI and our politicians who have supported this massive crime against humanity. Now they want to get rid of the only remaining control group, the unvaxed. We the people, DJT and others stand in their way and as proof of their lies, their treachery, their diabolical global depopulation agenda. Trump had Covid and survived on existing treatments. For those that don’t believe I ask you to look at the numbers we do have. The annual death rate has not changed from 2018, 2019 or 2020 however worldwide recordings of the flu and pneumonia have. These have become almost non-existent as these cases were reclassified to Covid for large government payoffs. Do you really think doctors and…

    • buffaloman

      it makes a person wonder

    • Flipper 118

      Trump is complicit with bill gates, the vaccine, big pharma. Trump is controlled opposition. Still he’s better than Biden.But not by much. If he wants you and your family to die or be permanently injured to elect him back into office, think again. He won’t be the president for 2024. 40% of republicans do not want the jab. And he and Juan O Savin think if you get injured it’s on you because you should have known better even though he took another vaccine than you will take and he says it’s safe. This is all Illuminati talk. Who is really behind this military coup.

    • Jan

      Go watch Stew Peters post, it’s at #3 on the viewing list. THEN come back here and contibue to this thread of conversation.

    • Jan

      One important point, that can easiy be verified; Trump, at the recent ralley, wherat he was booed regarding his public recommendation of the vaxxine, did clearly state, more than once during his speech, as he has said in the past, that people MUST retain the right to refuse the jab. I was waiting for those exact words. It was why I was listening. I was becoming doubtful as I have kept one eye open on Trump this whole time, but he did bring it up, and he said it out loud. Go listen.

    • buffaloman

      im thinking you are one of the few truthful people on here

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