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Shocking Video: One Hour Before 911

% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

A fleet of black SUVs with sirens and lights were seen heading towards Manhattan one hour before the first WTC tower was hit.

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    • Ahem

      This guy seems kooky but prolly saner than the navy shooter.

      • tham

        So the only comment a turd like you can make is to deride this guy. He seems very much a typical New Yorker and his recollections are well laid out. Perhaps there was zero connection between that motorcade (and having lived in NYC for many years would occasionally see these for high UN visitors or what I assumed were security operations) and what happened only minutes later.

        But your snide post just indicates the sort of person you must be.

      • raptor45

        And, you entry level duch’ bag….why do you write the word “prolly”? Do you have synapse problems….?

        • oldfatguy

          Speaking of “entry level “duch” bag”(s), do you have synapse problems?

      • Anonymous

        Ahem….. Are you a joo & you’re trying to defend your reptile tribe?? :eek:

    • Болеслава

      Rest assured those cars contained the movers and shakers in the downing of those buildings….np planes, just holograms. kids stuff, truly. From an outsiders viewpoint you americans act like your government is your god.. As a result you are still umming and ahhing about it instead of doing something. let me tell you who the real god is, truth.

      • Human Shield

        Not all of us, champ. Some of us americans hate our terrorist government, “hate” is not a strong enough word. I would but my hatred for the US government on par with satan himself. Perhaps a little more. :twisted: :twisted:

      • good1sir3

        its not as easy as it seems to get up and do something about it. especially when most people here in the States don’t even know or care about what is going on.

    • Anonymouse

      Oh yeah they knew.

      Airline stock was shorted HUGE. (somebody knew).
      Arabs got free pass at pilot school then disappeared. (somebody knew).


    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      You can’t see it but massive sound waves far advanced technology disintegrated those buildings.

    • The Fall Seeing Eye

      Sound waves? Yea, right. Sound is not a directional weapon that could be concentrated to the point of driving buildings into the ground without damaging everything else around it. It is a radiated vibration, and even LRAD deterrents can be heard in every direction, they just happen to be most concentrated in front of the array. Sorry, but physics says “Uh, no.”

      Personally, I believe it was a rogue pack of ninja gnomes Larry Silverstein had hidden in his ass. He smuggled them in, farted, and 15 minutes later the buildings went down.

      • tham

        Sound waves doesn’t sound plausible either, but by your post you must believe all three of those buildings collapsed as the government told you. We don’t know how it was done, but if you swallow the conspiracy theory spoon fed you by the authorities, you clearly lack any ability to research or critically think.

        • JB

          Go to YouTube and search “Gordon Ross 9/11″ for a brilliant analysis of how the towers were brought down. He is a structural engineer and has discovered some things that no one else ever noticed. What he says makes sense scientifically.

    • austgirl

      Anyone else notice the person behind him in the hoodie …thoughts anyone?

    • mortimerzilch


      • rottie

        arrhh the good old days, telly savalas, who loves yeah baby. lol. :grin:

    • Grover

      Control demolition.

    • Anonymous

      This guy still alive?

    • Adonis King

      Interesting personal story..but without any confirmation or video footage its only hearsay and even if that existed it still does not prove any connection between this and the attack on the towers.

    • Lliam

      I’m down with the ninja dwarfs
      Silverstein rented the trade center towers for 99 years, a pone the lease agreement he was to bring many of the code infringements up to par at costs of millions if not billions of dollars…

      So whats a boy to do?
      how about blow up the buildings and collect the insurance, BUT HOW?
      The security is reasonably tight, ok pay off the security chief, Marvin Bush…well doggies, aint that the pretzel dents brother? Sure enough…well he must be a good guy…RIGHT?

      Then once the demo is done collect the insurance, the State pays for the rebuild and the insurance, the rent is 10 million a month to the PA (NY NJ port authority) who also had insurance on the property. Silverstien gets 4.5 billion, then turns around and tries to sue the airline company to boot…

      Talk about hit by lightning twice.
      OH Larry is a democrat too…

      Then has the brass bells to say publicly “Pull It” the demo term for BOOM BYE BYE.

      The SUV’s were taking the special people away from the disaster, no surprise since no one asks why building 7 the one with the most rework and has-mat removal just blew up TOO… It was and underground water main, was suggested, you know how water can blow up a building from top to bottom….

      As for the guy/girl/bot whose truth is god…
      Charles Manson’s truth was the family rules and you go girls…One mans truth is another mans lie.

      Except Christ.

      So…The only thing necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing.

    • the wayseer

      It was Will Smith and other Men in Black off to catch some Aliens :mrgreen:

    • jillosophy

      I lived in Manhattan for ten years. I saw caravans just like this nearly every single day. Nothing unusual at all.

    • mr big

      this video is nothing new. i remember seeing it a few years ago.

    • Sarkoloff

      I absolutely believe this man. Everything about him, his demeanor, sincerity, what he says and how he says it – there’s no question in my mind that what he saw that morning really did happen. Did it have to do with the “attacks” on 9/11? I’d give it about a 99% chance that it most surely did, and that this SUV troop knew about what was about to occur. (Just as the BBC announced the collapse of WTC building #7, a good 20 minutes before it did actually collapse. <– This, by the way, has now been 'proven' in an English court of law!)

      Our (the U.S.) government was involved, at least to 'some' degree, in the 9/11 attacks. However much that may shock or hurt the people at large in this country, it's true. I'm sure a good number of people will never accept this, because maybe it's too much for them to handle, but for the rest of us.. we do have a duty in all this. It isn't going to happen through our own government's doing, I think that's obvious by now; so we, as citizens in a democracy are the only means of making it right.

      By demanding justice, and reopening the whole can of worms once again, only doing it "correctly' this time.. not under the direct guidance of the corrupt administrative government of George Bush and his regime, (quite possibly the perpetrators of the crime itself – & with six out of ten of the 9/11 Commission members now saying thatt wasn't a fair and truthful investigation at all that culminated the "Official 9/11 Commission Report" back in 2002, the need is so apparent) … but by, this time using a truly fair and impartial means to find out what really 'did' happen that day, and who was really behind it all. And then, by acting accordingly. And yes, it is our 'duty' as American citizens to see this through, they (the govt.) absolutely are not going to do this "for us".

      Otherwise, the alternative being, that something like this "will" happen again.. and again, perhaps even worse next time; and they'ill get away with it,… again, .. and again. It's that simple. I can't believe that 12 years later we still haven't gotten the answers to so many legitimate, vital questions, and the small number of questions I've been able to actually verify an answer tp on my own,.. well, that's what leads me to send this plea to you now, actually: Demand it! Through your congresspeople, your state Governor and Senators, petition and write the President, send the message loud and clear via your vote in each election, that "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. A DEMOCRACY IS A DEMOCRACY AND YOU WORK FOR US, NOT WE FOR YOU. WE WANT ANSWERS, HONEST ONES, ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED ON SEPT. 11, 2001. NOT TOMORROW, NOT NEXT YEAR, NOT 3 DECADES FROM NOW, WE WANT THEM NOW!"

    • Sarkoloff

      In answer to “austgirl”: Uhh,.. ex-N.Y. Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s then courtesan, now turned ‘spy’, Francesca? – (Was I close?) :???:

    • Anonymous

      First off, a bunch of SUV’s driving down the road means nothing. Secondly, why did this story “suddenly” surface 12 years after the 9/11 attack? Third, just because some guy on the street claims something happened, means nothing. You could find someone to literally say anything including that that SUV’s were driven by reptilian aliens rushing a shipment of alien eggs to a hatchery.


      For the real truth about how THEY did it watch Dr. Judy Wood on You Tube .

    • Aaron David

      It was the one armed man, I swear.

    • TombRaider

      Controlled demolition would certainly be required for the collapse to attain free-fall speed. What I don’t understand is how was 300,000 cubic yards of concrete per building turned to powder?

      If you examine any building that’s been taken down with explosives it does collapse eerily similar to the World Trade Centers but there’s a significant pile of rubble left once the dust settles. AND those building pale in size to the World Trade Centers…

    • WCS

      This Government has gown psycho and nothing would surprise me anymore where the Fed is concerned.

    • good1sir3

      Just seems like this guy is trying to get his story out. Who cares if the viewer doesnt believe it matters or if its even true. The fact is that this was a false flag that killed countless and these criminals got away with it. 12 yrs and still no TRUE justice. When are we all gonna stop being critical on each other and start being a lil more critical on the bad guys.

      God Bless all and good luck

    • Kolector

      If it’s ever possible to obtain video evidence I would like to see which SUV was ‘ridin low’…

    • Mirabolin

      Has anyone ever argued that, if you think about it, it makes sense that Silverstein said “Pull it.” meaning demolish it as only controled demolitions could avoid the danger of these buildings falling side ways and / or explodng. That in fact every skyscraper in new york is set up for controled demolition in cases of traumatic violence to the buildings structural integrity. That insurance companies even demand it. In the City of London’s case, for example, it is the billionaire square mile and people who are keeping all the fortunes of the world safe. You don’t even remotely risk splatting them.

      • hoss 53

        So what, nothing will never come of it except idle talk and babble. We are nothing more than sheep waiting for slaughter.




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