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Proof Obama Is The Love Child Of Malcolm X

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The recent photo comparisons of Obama and Malcolm X  making the rounds on the web are impressive to say the least. While the similarities are striking, some people do look alike and one needs more proof.  Well, lo and behold, that proof appears….in spades, no pun intended.

Martha Trowbridge has been blogging in recent weeks, starting in September, a number of important details about the past history of Barack Obama, his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, and also about Malcolm X, and his secret lover, Jo Ann Newman. It seems there is a lot more to that middle name Ann, than meets the eye.

There has never been a plot this thick in the entire history of Hollywood folks, and what is the old maxim here?  “the truth is always stranger than fiction”

Martha has put together a very conclusive case,  that Stanley Ann Dunham is indeed Jo Ann Newman, and I for one, believe her.

You really need to visit Martha’s Blog because there is a lot of evidence, photographic and otherwise, that you need to consider before coming to your own conclusions.  It turns out the Obama people have been photoshopping a lot more than erroneous Hawaii birth certificates. The issue is not about Obama being born in Hawaii or Kenya, it is about him being born in New York the son of Malcolm X . Do you suppose that the illegitimate son of known criminal and excon, who also happened to be a devout hate filled Muslim, by the name Malcolm X, could ever become president of the United States of America? I don’t think so. The following is just a little glimpse into the mountain of evidence Martha has posted.


A white woman with a black baby…. at a Rally of 12000 Black People, in the front row,  the picture then posted in Malcolm X’s newspaper,  Muhammad Speaks? Is something not wrong with this picture?

A photo in Muhammad Speaks places Stanley Ann Dunham and Baby Barack at Malcolm X’s Nation Of Islam Annual Rally in Chicago, Illinois. Allegedly taken on 23 February 1962, the date is coincident with Stanley Ann’s alleged enrollment at The University Of Washington in Seattle.

This edition of Muhammad Speaks, dated April 1962, has a front page caption that reads:

“More than 12,000 people on February 23 gathered in Chicago’s International Amphitheater to hear Messenger Elijah Muhammad speak on The Future Of The American So-called Negroes.”

Inside the newspaper, on page 18, Ann and baby Barack are placed just below, to the left of a photo of Malcolm X, with the caption “The Young Listened”.

Martha claims this is Jo Ann Newman (AKA Stanely Ann Dunham) at Malcolms funeral. You must visit Marthas blog and view the video this screen capture was taken from and view the pained expressions as Malcolms assassination is being described by a witness.



In the Obama Antichrist Prophecies that our Saviour gave to Linda Newkirk at the time of Obama’s election win, Jesus informs us that Obama is actually of the Rothschild bloodline, and the connection has not been that easy to understand. This could turn out to be the missing link. Are those Rothschild eyebrows and a Rothschild nose on Jo Ann Newman,  Stanley Ann Dunham?