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Full Remote Control Of ALL Modern U.S. Market Cars PROVEN

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June 21 2013


A team of hackers from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Washington conducted a study which has proven that all cars equipped with antilock brakes sold in the U.S. can be hacked via remote control and have their brakes entirely disabled with the car in motion, throttle revved, and remain fully operational with the key removed and the car in park with all driver input entirely ignored.

Though I myself think Hastings was murdered beforehand, parked and burned because the initial fire pictures showed a car with no front impact damage and a blown up rear end, only to be interspersed with scenes of extreme automotive carnage later, I am going to introduce here an entirely new possibility that could have happened. That Hastings 2013 Mercedes could have instead been hijacked via remote control, run to full throttle with all driver input disabled, and rammed into a tree./p>

Many people know about GM’s Onstar which maintains an always on cellular internet connection to the heart of the engine control system and has been that way since the 90′s. But few people know about the Federal mandate, which in 2005 forced manufacturers to include a similar always on internet connection via the cell network in EVERY car sold in America, Onstar or not. And this team of hackers has proven that a remote connection can indeed allow commandeering of these cars (in their case they used a remote controlled laptop plugged into the OBD port rather than the cell connection) that could be used to turn the car into a murder weapon.

The issue is with all cars that use networked control modules which use the CAN (Controller Area Network) Protocol, which functions in a manner similar to a wired computer network which connects PC’s. Each module in the car, be it the ABS controller, throttle controller, spark controller or even the modern radios, communicate via this network which also integrates with the main engine control unit. If any one of the devices on this network can be hacked (and the team proved that ALL can) it can be used as an insertion point through which total vehicle control can be taken away from the driver and the car operated at the whim of a remote attacker. And the Federally mandated always on cellular internet connection in all cars 2005 and later provides a remote access point through which ANY car can be hacked, provided you are high enough in the government to be priviledged with the ability to use this connection.

There is little doubt Hastings Mercedes had a camera in it somewhere (cameras are super common on high end cars) which would have allowed an attacker to know exactly where Hasting’s car was going, to give a visual of their attack and allow them to see what they were doing when they hijacked his car from a comfy drone desk a thousand miles away and drive it to a perfect crash. I don’t personally think this is how they did it, but the capability is definitely there. WHAT IF?/p>

The CIA favors car accident deaths above all other assassination methods because the plausible deniability factor is so high, and even if all evidence seems to make the driver appear innocent, it’s easy to stop such a defense by blaming drugs or alcohol.

I am sure many readers are tired of people making claims and then producing a lengthy document which only spuriously supports what has been stated in an article. That is NOT the case with this one, it’s ALL IN THERE, Read it and weep. Your car, provided it is new enough, has the potential to be a bona fide murder weapon via the always on internet cell connection.


Here is the original link to the document, and if that mysteriously stops working, I have uploaded it to my own server HERE.

You will discover that particular document to NOT be a waste of time. If whatever you get does not include them taking the car out on an aircraft runway and creating a situation that could have killed the driver, you did not get the real thing.

Jim Stone

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    • Warren

      “… few people know about the Federal mandate, which in 2005 forced manufacturers to include a similar always on internet connection via the cell network in EVERY car sold in America …”

      Can you provide some more information on this assertion? Source? I didn’t find any reference to this in the article.

      If true, it means that location, direction and speed of every vehicle is known at all times by means of cell tower triangulation. And, every car is ‘bugged’. Couple that with the NSA’s ability to real-time analyze and store all communications, and we have an even bigger problem than I imagined.

      • Warren

        The “… Federal mandate … for EVERY car …” corroboration continues to elude me after a fairly rigorous internet search. At this point I doubt that it is true. (Yes, there’s OnStar, et. al.)

    • Geneww1938

      Some mean it for good but others use it for evil. Gun can protect or it can kill …GPS can tell you where you and it also can tell other too.

      I wonder if there is a way to disable the radio link and the black box recorder. If anyone knows, please post the answer

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I wrote a day earlier Hastings brakes were disabled and his accelerator was electronically hijacked.

      I mean it is obvious based on witnesses. You now know this can happen and you better learn how to counteract it as this will occur if you are a high-value target.

      Who is a high-value target you say?

      YOU! How much do you value your life? Pretty high I would say.

    • bm3racer

      MAYBE you should read this BREAKING NEWS article: It draws around this idea!

    • bm3racer

      Dear Writer, I sent you guys this story via email, you should have at least linked back to the story I gave you. Below is a copy of what I emailed you, including links to the story (doesn’t require remote controlling the car, just computer software/code):

      Here is a likely scenario:


      This post outlines a plausible scenario in which Michael Hastings might have been murdered by the government altering the software in his car and auto accelerating his vehicle to his death (corroborated by computer scientists, hackers and a DARPA Program Manager).

      Reddit Link: (when at reddit, please up vote there to help spread the word, otherwise this story will never reach the necessary people).

      Also, please tweet & facebook this clipping (copy/paste) otherwise this story will get buried!

    • airspoon

      I was socked when last year, I went to purchase a new Buick and was told that I had to keep the OnStar in the vehicle. I was paying with cash and didn’t want the OnStar. I even told the dealer that I would be more than willing to wait for them to ship the vehicle out from the factory if they didn’t have any at the dealership without the OnStar. I told the dealer that I would not purchase the vehicle if they forced to me get OnStar. He told me that all Buicks and in fact, all American-made vehicles now have some form of Onstar (GM) and Sync for (Ford), and that it is not possible to purchase a new car without one of the systems. I don’t like the idea of anyone having a “link” to my vehicle and have seen time and time again where the authorities subpoena the data from the systems to be used against people. There is absolutely no advantage to these systems that the consumer cannot get already from less intrusive devices. So, I wound up purchasing a European car instead that does not have a “link” device built in. Surprisingly, I was able to order my European-built vehicle without the stupid tracking system.

      • Anonymous

        All they need to do, is have a Homeland Security Vehicle pull up next to your car, hack into your computer system, and place a code into it for various reasons. They did it to me, and Subaru won’t touch it…even though they were the ones who discovered it. And the car prior to that, when I attempted to have someone who worked for Lojack in the past try to find how my car was bugged, two police cruisers arrived and said, “Don’t Touch It!” Yes, I am taken all the time. And will get punished for saying this. They are in everything. Even your DNA can be tracked by Satellite.

        • Anonymous

          OH! And I sold my 525xi BMW, which was factory ordered, after they got into that too.

    • Mjr_Dzaster

      Who is this Hastings guy you are mentioning in the article?

    • nccmrm97

      Who does the fear belong to?

      • N. Morgan

        The fear belongs to those who allow it to consume them.

    • Anonymous

      It’s called Boston Brakes. Search that term allong with Sheriff Devers.

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      we have to be careful with the rental cars




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