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Obama's Open Mic

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Subject: Obama’s open mic.
Friday, July 5, 2013
Obama’s “hot mike” comments
(WASHINGTON) — A “hot mic” has apparently picked up some very unflattering words from President Obama this Fourth of July, and may plunge him deeper into some very hot water.

“Hot” or “open mics” frequently catch public figures unknowingly expressing their true feelings, usually with colorful language (prime example: in 2000, then presidential candidate George W. Bush was caught complaining to vice-presidential candidate Dick Cheney that a reporter covering their campaign was a “major league asshole”). However Obama’s “slip” while exiting the balcony of the White House after his fifth Independence Day address may well exceed the average “hot mic faux pas.”

The smaller of Obama’s two microphones, which was clipped inches below Obama’s shirt collar, was supposed to have been turned off immediately after his closing remarks to guests and reporters on the White House lawn. But the microphone remained “hot,” catching the President muttering:

“God, this holiday sucks! All this national pride shit get’s on my nerves.”

Obama’s candid comments are sure to further drag down his approval ratings, as recent scandals involving the IRS, the Benghazi terrorist attacks, and massive spying on average citizens by the NSA have sunk Obama’s approval numbers below that of former president George W. Bush. It took Obama thirty seconds before he completely exited the White House balcony and removed his microphone, during which it picked up more utterances by the Commander-in-Chief, none of which pundits view will help his ratings any time soon.

“You’d think we’d stop celebrating the birth of the worst imperial power in history –but nooooo…we have to do this flag-waving bullshit every year,” Obama muttered more as he made his way from the podium. “I can’t believe I have to miss a good day of golf for this crap!”

Although Obama’s presumably inaudible words were not heard nearly as loudly as his official Independence Day speech, a few reporters and attendees close to the speakers beneath the White House balcony heard him distinctly. Obama tacked on a couple more self-pitying quips before removing his clip-on mic,

“…Could have been at Oakmont with Jay-Z now trying out that new Callaway set Alec (Baldwin) gave me last year! Damn this day sucks!”

- See more at:…..L2RKNpiF.dpuf



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    • lovehamma

      yet another satirical piece posted as truth

      • LedaOhio9

        It was a Hot Mic into his thoughts.

        • reporter-- timelytoo

          U guys are out of your minds if you think this is credible.

          Nobody gets to where he is without making mistakes, but damn no way the President says that.

          Now the Michelle with hand over heart saying, “All this for a damn flag?” Has been proven already.

          Search it if you want to.

          Then learn for yourself. :smile:

      • wargasm world domination enterprises inc


        Added Mother Jones’ Cornhole , “I mean, sure, America has saved the world from tyranny and Fascist annihilation on a few occasions, and gives money once and a while to save poor brown kids around the world. But can all of that humanitarian crap outweigh our sins —denial of gay rights alone?”

        [...] The fact that Obama was caught complaining of wanting to rather be off playing “a historically White male sport” on a day that celebrates the “establishment of White male hegemony in the Western Hemisphere” is degrading, said Jones.
        “(Obama) should have been playing basketball or chess with some old Black hobo in a park or something,” Jones said via phone interview.
        “…Go work a soup line at a homeless shelter, or go spray graffiti somewhere on the monuments or something. Just do something that is not permeated by the very people who created this nation with the intent to repress minorities, women, exploit the poor, and who also didn’t lift a damn finger to recycle any of their metal cans or plastic goods!”

        Advice – How to get sick: Shun everything that resembles humour

    • Болеслава

      lovemmma – yes but the truth would have been much worse and you wouldn’t want to hear it.javascript:grin(‘:cry:’)

    • Anonymous

      Oh please – he LIKES the idea of Imperialism

    • Anonymous

      Nice try, Obummer. Your personal fog of phoniness precedes you. You are the President. You have made it perfectly clear you will kiss the most foul of foulness and go down with your foulness. Like listening to a fly on garbage complaining about the food. Your handlers should share your cell for eternity.

    • LightandLife

      this seriously full of lies. You people are sick

      • z00ney

        Really. Are you that stupid? People like you are why this country is the laughing stock of the world right now. Well you and obama!

      • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

        Awww – If you need to go back to sleep for a bit, that’s no problem, there are millions others now awake and we can probably manage quiet well without you

        Consider “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” ― Dresden James

        No we are not sick, we are now the seriously well ones – we just started to actually pay attention, then we stopped swallowing the systems excreta, we can now see that we have been seduced and reduced to paying 1/4 for some hollow unworkable and highly toxic product and 3/4 for the depleted uranium, fluoride and mercury toxic wrappings and bunting

        Reality is Obama = a foreign national with many AKA’s, born of a CIA employed self-hating white porn model and FMD anti-American negro communist. Obama is Alinsky worshiping, homosexual, drud addict, drifter in possession of stolen social security numbers, fake birth certificates and fraudulent selective selective service, refuses to salute the stars and stripes etc…

    • Unxplainable.Net

      Wheres a video of this or proof???

      Just like the new Snowden UFO story, Hot Plot with no credible source link or verification of any kind.

      Shoe me proof this isn’t just someone making this up.

    • crabby

      web up ‘flag hand on heart’ an mrs obama saying ‘all this for a damn flag’ ..

    • barb patton

      Yes, the latte one is really the most disgusting unpatriotic communist I have ever known to live in the white house. The man is a swine – nothing more and nothing less

    • Anonymous

      Yup…. you can take them out of the jungle but you can’t get the jungle out of them.

    • Aquia33

      Not true original story is from a parody site

    • Xinthose

      if this is true, then it would be top page news on DrudgeReport, but it’s not

    • yeshua

      The government owns the media and all of you.

    • barry oldwater

      If the guy would have stuck with the first line uttered, I could have believed this, but I can see that none of this is true.




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