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White Dragon Society Now Paying for Youtuber's Souls to Push NWO!

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White Dragon Society Pushes Satan’s New World Order


Glenn Canady


Popular Youtuber, Dutchsinse just came out with a video that has shocked me to my core because it shows just how bad things are getting on Earth.  When Dutchsinse was first told about the plan, he didn’t believe it – it sounded too bizarre.  It sounds crazy to me too but I do not doubt that this plan exists and that it has been presented to Dutchsinse.

This plan actually sounds like the movie, “They Live” where the aliens bribed certain humans by giving them money and power for joining them!  This is exactly what is happening to the Youtubers!  

Here’s the video where the plan is laid out.  


Dutchsine Reveals Satanic Plan to Bribe Youtubers to Push One World Government!



Here’s the story.

Dutchsinse and many of the popular youtubers he knows have been presented with a series of bribes for their loyalty to the White Dragon society and something called One People’s Public Trust (OPPT).  The White Dragon Society claims to have a 200 million man army and were once known as the Black Dragon Society that supposedly funded Adolf Hitler.   The One People’s Public Trust pushes  a new age Thelemic religion.  The Thelema religion was created by Aleister Crowley, one of the most evil men from the early 20th Century, that pushed the philosophy “Do What Thou Wilt” which is purely satanic and of course directly opposite of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Basically, the Youtubers getting these offers are being offered the following.

Power (being part of the new one world government)

Millions of Dollars

Complete UN Diplomatic Immunity from prosecution

To get the money and to become part of this evil group, they are asked to take an oath to the UN and the “Do What Thou Wilt” philosophy and also vow to destroy the current banking system and redistribute the money.  To complete the deal, they have to give a thumbprint and give up their passport.

These youtubers are being told that their videos and such will become part of some new mainstream media being created because nobody believes the government anymore!   One of their main purpose is to push this new system on the people using their established subscribers and influence!

So basically these youtubers are being offered a deal directly from Satan to push the satanic one world government.   Of course anybody that takes this deal and works for these people will burn in hell with satan forever but in today’s age, many have been deceived to not even believe in God!  Dutchsinse reports that many people he knows are taking the deal with the Devil!

These Youtubers must not know that we are in a spiritual battle between satan and Jesus Christ.  Those that work with satan or follow any new age religion will burn in hell forever for their choice UNLESS they repent before their death.  God calls all those that deny Christ, antichrist in his word – the Bible.  The Bible is perfect and has been proven with over 2,000 fulfilled prophecies!  Those that doubt it are truly fools that simply haven’t studied people such as Ron Wyatt that proved 5 stories of the Bible using modern science!

I urge all of you reading this article to get right with God because we are truly in the final days.   Only God knows when it all ends but as you can see by the continual decline of America, time is getting short.  Only a belief in Jesus Christ can give you hope in these times.  Those that believe in Jesus Christ will never die.  God loves every person reading this article but he gives you free will.  You all have the free will to join evil and to do evil, but you must know that there will be consequences for that evil and those consequences are hell.  Many people have been allowed to briefly visit hell to warn others about it.  Shawn Weed, a Marine veteran was allowed to see it for himself because he was on the wrong road!   Look into his eyes as he tells his story and you will know he’s telling you the truth!  

Shawn Weed, US Marine, Tells About His Trip to Hell



And for any of you that have been dabbling with things “New Age” I urge you stop immediately!  All New Age philosophy is from Satan and was cunningly designed to take you away from Christ and send you to hell.  I know this because I dabbled in it during my 20′s and 30s.   Here’s a great video that goes into the absolute proof that the new age movement was created by the new world order satanists!  Please share this video with anybody that is into the new age movement so they can be saved from hell.  You can tell many in the new age movement because they say “Namaste” and “Love and Light” a lot!

Proof that all New Age philosophies were created by satan to lead you to hell.


God doesn’t want any of us to go to hell.  If you don’t want to go to hell when you die, then confess all your sins to God and ask him to forgive you right now!  Tell him that you know Jesus died on the cross so that every one of your sins will be forgiven when you ask!  When you get real with God and really confess your sins, you’ll feel the Holy Spirit come over you.  As soon as you ask God to forgive all your sins, it’s done!   Your soul is clean from all your past sins and you are one of God’s children!

Ask God to come into your heart and start changing you for the better!  Start reading your Bible some every day before you go to bed or when you wake up and this will bring you closer to God.  Listen to some great messages on Nsearch Radio at and listen to some inspirational music on    All of this will bring you closer to God and get you on the road to heaven where God wants us!   I pray that the Youtubers that have done the deal with the White Dragon society will ask God to forgive them and get out now!  God forgives all sin, but it’s up to every person to ask him!

I’m glad that Dutchsinse went public with this evil plan but I wish he would have talked about his belief in Jesus Christ also to lead others to Christ.  We all most do more to bring others to Christ!  

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.”

Matthew 10:33


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