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Shocking!! Sandyhook Children Alive and Well! Clear Video Evidence! You Won't Believe Your Eyes! (VIDEOS)

% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

According to this gentleman, as a result of his research, he feels Sandyhook children are alive and well. Check out his video, above, and see for yourself. He matches up photos that would reveal Sandyhook was definitely a hoax. What do you think?

After watching the video, it looked pretty clear to me.

Sandy Hoax at the Super Bowl

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    • crabby

      they should all be put into one jetliner an flown to D.C . to meet the potus..immediately..

      • GuitarLots

        It is obvious the kids were really shot … :mad:

        • Upaces

          Crisis Actors were hired.
          One of the supposed children who died at Sandy Hook…the Father was there weeping.
          The next day, “Wow! She had risen from the grave”; and also filmed again with her father at the Boston False Flag.

    • TombRaider

      Sandy Hook shooting was reported on December 14, 2012.

      Unless I’m mistaken Lyn, the victims in the Sandy Hook shooting were 1st graders making them 6 years old. How can these children go from 6 years old to 12-13 years old in one year and cited in the top video???

      • TombRaider

        Unless of course the entire event was fabricated using younger photos of children that are now 12-13 years old. This would mean that the entire shooting was staged including ALL of the children, teachers, parents, neighbors, bystanders, school workers, fire and police.

        This would also mean that the incident never really happened at all and no children were killed and the school was needlessly demolished…

      • Lyn Leahz

        The guy explains that in the video. It is because the photos that were originally used back when it happened were all old photos.

        • fuzzy696

          Did anyone ever see the bodies of the so called fallen children…..not to my knowledge.

    • amommamust

      Fail. Charlotte has blue eyes, the girl he calls Charlotte at the Super Bowl has brown eyes.

      • Lyn Leahz This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
    • Jojo

      I am not convinced. Close, but no cigar. The facial features in the comparisons are close, but I think the narrator is reaching a bit here.

      • jtaylor2306

        Two or 3 have me thinking. The little boy with the big ears. The girl with the gap in her teeth and the girl with the glasses. The frames in both pics are not to common.

    • gsummit

      So the ones that engineered the Sandy Hook shootings said, “You know what would really be good? Less take all the children that we’ve been hiding and let them sing at the Super Bowl.”

      • gsummit

        Sorry, I realized that I had misspelled Let’s at the same time that I hit the submit bar. I do know how to spill.

    • skwirl78

      soooooo, when are they gonna host SNL…Musical guest will be michael jackson :idea:

    • Bettijo

      Remember Emily Parker? Her “father” went on TV crying about her death, but less than a week later she was in a photo op with president Obama. Google “Emily Parker.” You will get lots of hits.

    • blondemoment

      Why don’t you let the parents know they imagined burying their children. This article is disgusting. Shame on anyone posting such trash.

      • Lyn Leahz

        That depends. If this really happened, then indeed it would be really cold and cruel. But, IF it did not happen, then people have a right to know the truth that it was indeed fabricated as a false flag event.

      • Grover

        Depends how much money parents got, and nothing is shameful.

    • Anonymous

      Where are the grave sites? Autopsy reports are sealed (of course to protect privacy).

    • Canadianlady

      What a preposterous idea that Sandy Hook was a hoax. I think all you conspiracy theorists who don’t believe those children were killed are displaying shameless cruelty to the surviving family members who must spend the rest of their lives listening to you nuts denying the murders of their children. Grow a brain stem!

      • Be4itstoo0ldnews

        lol…thats why you are here on this site. You do know this site is one big tabloid site dont you?? ffs. Tell us, why look up sandy hook in the first place? You either have a closet fetish on conspiracy or you troll conspiracy post comments. Simple

        • Canadianlady

          Actually, I find this relatively new obsession with “false flags” that is afflicting so many Americans, to be very intriguing and worthy of examination. If a celebrity is killed because of driving recklessly, suddenly he becomes a blood offering to the Illuminati. How ridiculous. I’m blown away by the ignorance and gullibility of some people; but I guess in a country as large as the USA with a government as corrupt as the Obama Administration, these kinds of things are to be expected. Mistrust abounds. I’m here purely from my sense of curiosity. Are you here because you believe the utter nonsense that’s certain nutters are circulating about Sandy Hook? If so, then you have my sympathies.

    • Geeper

      Ridiculous. You’re suggesting Sandy Hook was an elaborate, ingenious hoax, but its organisers didn’t see any problems with having many of the group attend a televised NFL event together months later?

    • Lliam

      all bull
      my girl lost a family member there, i went to the funeral, she is not an actress.
      nor was the little body that we placed in the ground.
      let the families heal, you morons….

      • marisa

        Liam — would you kindly tell us the boy’s name?

    • Wonkadelica

      Just another Tea Tard who can’t face reality. There have been 24 school shootings, killing 17 more since Sandy Hook.

      :razz: :twisted: :evil: :cry:

    • ACIM

      Under DNS, DOD, TSA, MTSA, etc. a table top drill must be conducted and documented every 6 months. Once a year, a full blown Exercise must be conducted involving multiple agencies, phone calls, checklists, record keeping, media response, etc. simulating an actual event. These records are maintained as “secure information” and logged with the appropriate agency. What if these exercises are broadcast to the public as actual events? You wouldn’t know the difference now would you. However by doing so, it would maintain a level of fear, dependency on government assistance and protection that you would rely on to an extent of total submission. Trust me folks, people are not that bad out there, never have been. Doesn’t it make more sense to trust each other than being told not to trust each other and be fearful based on untruths?

    • imoccupied

      Sandy hook was entirely a hoax! There are hundreds of clear videos w proof, go to you tube and search sandy hook hoax, don’t just watch one, add to the fact that the schools own website listed school enrollments went up over 200 the first month of school, some supposed killed teachers were subs and new hires, the woman on FB who said there a pic of her child listed killed under a dif name, and she was mad bc she was alive and well, and the FB memorial pgs posted 3&4 days in advance and I listened to the live police audio, none of it was right, thetes even a part in it where they say ” end the life of Adam”, typical 3,2,1 shooters, boil down to one who ends up ” dead” .they don’t change that much, just like the navy yard etc, just check it out, its RIDICULOUSLY A FALSE FLAG, AND POORLY DONE!

      • Geeper


      • Shiloh

        agree. if they do the research they will figure it out. I like the “neighbor” who took care of the four (?) boys who ran from the school. There’s a video of him practicing his lines and fake-crying. And the official report has teachers making jokes and having the kids color while a mass murderer is shooting up the halls with hundreds of bullets that sound like “banging noises”…right.

        I’d be willing to bet those who believe Sandy Hook still believe the official 9/11 story. They don’t bother looking at all the evidence, only what they are told to believe.

    • Arte Vespule

      Well there is an awful lot of mystery surrounding Sandy Hook. Autopsy reports, classified. No surveillance video released. The company that demolished the school signing non disclosure agreements stating they cannot talk about what they see in the building. Mysterious cars on sit unaccounted for. The mystery man arrested in the woods near the school, never explained. The radio calls of the first officers on scene stating clearly they saw two men running away from the school. The 911 calls from a teacher saying “they’re still running, they’re still shooting” clearly indicating more than one person.
      But there is nothing strange about Sandy Hook….

    • k9k9k9

      How many of the families of the “so-called” children who were lost, have come forward and repudiated this video? I mean, if the video here is faked, then why hasn’t anyone come forward with irrefutable evidence? And, has ANYONE checked the student rolls at Sandy Hook or any OTHER school there?? I mean, some of these kids would be in, or close to being in, middle school now. I’m skeptical, but it IS possible, considering the lengths to which the left will go to take our guns!!!

    • Coincidenceskeptic

      To this day we have not been presented with a single piece of verifiable evidence that proves anything the media has presented to us regarding Sandy Hook as fact.
      It is not crazy or delusional to expect verifiable evidence before judging a crime – it’s “Due Process.”
      Investigative journalism is dead at the networks – most of what is presented to us as “News” are actually VNRs or “Video News Releases” – created by a production company and sold/distributed to newsrooms. They are literally propaganda – paid for…legally…with your tax money. They are Disinfotainment.
      If you go back and investigate anyone of these “shootings” you will find that they are not provable as real events.
      Look at pictures of Columbine’s Klebold and Harris. Recognize them? Here’s a hint…They are both alive and well. They are very famous. Michael Moore interviewed them for his documentary.
      Once you realize who they are and put aside your ego long enough to admit you were fooled, you can move forward… you can feel the real emotion of anger instead of crying fake tears for people you never knew – people who never died…people who’s own “parents” could not even shed a real tear for.
      Or, you can insist on being a useful idiot and continue helping the enemy destroy or society. And when they are successful, you will not be rewarded for believing the lies and relinquishing your freedom for security – safety from the imaginary lone nuts and bogus terrorists.
      No…you will be killed… that is what they have always done and what they will always do since one ever stops them.
      How? Because “It can’t happen here.” Famous last words of the Democided – the hundreds of millions killed by governments that lied to their people about how much they cared.

      • Bossman

        Amen to that. I just had to take one look at the photos released after the incident with several of them having the kids flash ‘the horn’ sign with their hands in family portraits. Real sly with the kids tiny hands it’s barely noticeable. 2 fingers in the mouth with horn facing eyes, 2 fingers by the waist and 2 fingers in the pocket etc. CLEARLY SEEN! Same pattern as always. Don’t even need the evidence when they throw it in our faces.

    • LOL Jesus Died

      Occam’s razor people. Horrible event but there’s no grand conspiracy behind it. It was a crazy man who murdered a bunch of children. Period.

    • Reaper

      NO FUNERALS…No autopsy photos, no grieving parents—–Bad movie script—-it’s all going to unfold because they keep parading them out to remember the event—Eventually one of those kids will crack and if not killed before they tell the truth, the real story will come out….Meanwhile I own the Brooklyn brigde and will gladly sell it to you ;-)

    • That Smith-Mundt Kid

      This is a hard call as children’s faces change, hair is not much of an id’er. But there was soooo much sketchy, shady shenanigans during and after the event I’m convinced it was a false flag for the gun grab. Check out the age of the parents, they all seem to be in their 40′s. And the posted pictures of the kids. Seems like the kids were all pros at doing a photo shoot. Good looking kids, big eyes square jaws, high cheekbones, and perfect expressions at the camera. Too professional. And the parents that were interviewed immediately after, all fluent and poised. Robbie Parker should’ve won an Oscar and an Emmy. As of yet, no death certificates. I’m not sure but Connecticut, soon after, either did or didn’t pass a law to keep child victims cases sealed for 10 years. It’s hoax, folks.

    • patriot156

      no this guys stupid as much as I want to beleive in a hoax this guys just praying on peoples stupidity. One if that was olivia in the first shot she would not be 12-13 years of age as stated in the video. she would still be only 6-7 years of age. she was born 2006 supper bowl 2013. makes her only 7 so just months after the eleged hoax she could not have aged 4-5 years NO!

      2:21-2:22 secs into the video the guy does say 12-13 years old dont believe me look for yourself.
      No this guys stupid

    • patriot156

      No the photos explained at the begining were them when younger like at 4-5 years of age or maybe just months before the actual event then Olivia would have been just 6 or so in those beginging photos but theres no way she could of aged to 12-13 in just a few months.
      or that it’s so fabricated that they planed it years in advance, or gave faked photos.
      I do agree that girl at the super bowl looks an awfull lot like Olivia the first girl he was showing but people do have doubles in the world, or people do look like each other at times.
      i want to beleive this was a hoax for I know scripture and prophecy and know satan will go to a lot of lengths to decieve people, and I know the progressives could go to this kind of length as well, but no I dont htink they would go this far not now not on this.
      maybe later on when 3d technology is able to make people look more real than what it does now then maybe. I know Orwell taught us that Gov could go to this kind of length but just not yet I dont think. yes we need to know the truth if they hoaxed us then yes we need to know but this guys stupid. I mean those 3d tech suits actors wear now and have to do periodically T poses. The one who did christmas carol with Jim Carry, and Monster house and Beuwolf.
      Adam Lanza is not alive someplace with 27 other people with his mom and such laughing it up.
      Now like 9/11 could our GOv have known this was about to happen maybe they had those terrorists in custody just day’s weeks before so ya they let it happen. Progressives love these games kids people play now days, they love it when the family unit breaks down, they love it when so many people are drugged to the hilt on psychotropic drugs they know that someone will go off so they can blame guns they love all the desenitised weve become so ya they could have known this was about to happen but to hoax it No.
      One weird thing I noticed just a day or two before Sandy Hook I seen a kid or someone online in a game I play talk about how bad he was and his mom had sexually assaulted him for years etc… I just blew it off as some stupid spouting off, but thinking it could of been Lanza who knows!
      I also know the night before Virginia tech I talked to someone who was very angry and was always telling me to hurry up in my help to get him back online I noticed after the call he was from the virginia tech area and his name was Oriental so did I talk to the killer the night before agian who knows.

    • patriot156

      Now on the other hand I hope I’m wrong becuase I do know prophecy and these satanists could very well do something this elaberate.

    • oldfatguy

      I’m not convinced that these photos are of the same kids, but I don’t believe for a second that Sandy Hook ever happened. Check out these websites for another take on this likely hoax…

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      AMERICA… the greatest theatrics of the World…. we can make America look like the good guy or bad guy. It all depends if the rest of the countries as crowds decidet o boo or yay the actors and all the population in America.

      EVERYONE who lives in America is an actor!

    • malvina

      This is so sick
      The commentator and all such conspirators should be in a mental home
      Or better still in prison for slander

      • My Sources Tell Me No

        Please try that…. Cause its only slander if its not true.

        So in court they can release something… anything that they say they have evidence of. I still lean toward the fact that children did die.

        And that Lanza was a patsy. I saw the video day of Sandy Hook. I saw the authorities walking a guy in camo out of the woods behind the school. I still believe he was the shooter and probably the one who shot Lanza as well.

        But they wont bring up suits against people who say its a hoax cause then they would have to prove the establishments story. And they obviously do not want anyone looking at the details and facts of Sandy Hook.

    • Chartricia

      On the lobotomized have been fooled by the Sandy Hook Hoax. Your government is as evil as anything that you will ever encounter. Don’t believe it it. I could care less.

    • dodidolittle – false flag – why? if you use this event as an excuse towards control gun ownership measures, you gain further control when you have plans which require people not to be able to fight off those who are said to be there to protect YOUR interests.

    • HereAmI

      I spoke to Robbie Parker, Glen Rosen, AND Mrs McDonald, and they all told me everything we saw was true.
      That’s enough for me.

    • sindarella

      After studying the kids faces, it’s unmistakable.
      (The Boston incident was the same, all one had to do was analyse all the various photos , notice all the anomalies and discrepancies….)
      What ghastly times we live in..!

    • Riley

      The kids in the video don’t look anything alike imo. I watched the vid and thought it was a
      stretch. I know the whole Sandy Hook thing stinks to high heaven but I think this video
      isn’t right either. I’ve seen some out there that are pretty damning though.

    • newhere

      Yes…Sandy Hook was absolutely a hoax. These photos of the children shown here at the Super Bowl are positive proof that they used their old photos when they were younger and gave them all fake identities and then were reported as shooting victims. The photos of these same kids years older at the Super Bowl are obviously a match to the faces of the so called victims of Sandy Hook. It all adds up to all the rest of the ridiculously obvious clues including poor acting, no tears drama and smiles while faking mourning during interviews, withholding most of the 911 tapes (only 7 released), withholding the crime photos because suddenly the judge is stating there was more than one gunman and that the investigation continues, the green screen backgrounds used by CNN, the fake footage of a team of cops running into a different location, a stolen face pulled from someone’s facebook page, several well documented professional actors playing the parts during the Sandy Hook aftermath, the firehouse footage of people just wandering in circles and meandering aimlessly all very visible from the overhead chopper video, the big blinking temporary road sign that said everyone must sign in during the Gene Rosen fake interview, the pre Sandy Hook date stamped memorials, and on and on and on. They failed to pull the wool over a lot of smarter people who now realize this was all a hoax and it will soon come crashing down and you better have a gun ready. It all makes sense that this is a hoax since they rushed to pass new gun restrictions attacking the 2nd amendment. What is incredible and very scary is that the highest levels of government all the way up to the president of the United States and the complicit mainstream media are all involved. Your government wants to lie in order to take more control and take away the more powerful arms of citizens. We are heading towards a police state. These Sandy Hook kids at the Super Bowl are like opening a can of worms and this is just going to allow getting more hones people to recognize and rise up against government tyranny. Other people are now finally catching on that this is definitive proof of the hoax. So many other countless clues exist on youtube and the internet but this one is the absolute biggest clue of all. There is no doubt unless you are part of the agenda that anyone can dismiss the positive identification of these Super Bowl children being a perfect match to the photos of the Sandy Hook dead children. Nobody died. They use actors, photoshop, and got paid huge money to participate in the agenda to take away guns. Wake UP! Use your own judgment and remember there are a lot of people trying to put disinformation because they are part of the agenda. All the people who say it was real are liars or just haven’t looked at the evidence and I mean all of the evidence. This is serious. The world has been lied to by a very sophisticated group promoting gun control and getting paid while doing because suckers are giving donations.

    • airspoon

      Sorry, I’m not convinced and your theory is not very well grounded and technically, isn’t even a theory so much as a simple conjecture. Now don’t get me wrong, as I’m not convinced of the official narrative either, but this argument requires faith and arguably, a leap in judgement. There is no room for “faith” in proving a conspiracy exists. We should be encouraging people to think critically, not take leaps of faith (which is exactly what’s required of them to believe these official narratives. Most of these stunts pulled recently (whether it’s 9/11, Sandy Hook, Iraq War or even the Anthrax incident) would never have been practical 100 years or so ago because people simply wouldn’t have bought the official story. Why? Because people used to be able to think critically, or at least a lot more than they do now. Through the government regulated indoctrination centers (that we know of as schools -and not just public schools but all accredited schools), the process of critically thinking has been all but eliminated. The human brain is the result of millions of years of evolution, in which the ability to think critically has been instrumental in making us who we are. Instead of encouraging this faith-based “spell” that is the source of our current troubles, we should be showing people the light simply by reminding them to exercise their fundamentally human trait of thinking critically.

    • LifeIs

      LOL Jesus Died
      Occam’s razor people. <<< ah no. Occam's Razor means, the simplest explanation for ALL the facts is probably the right one. It does not mean the simplest explanation, after you leave out everything that makes the story complicated.

      You can't leave out facts and pretend to be using Occam's Razor.

      I guess folks here don't remember that the story changed the day it happened. The patsy's brother was supposed to be in on it, and he was supposed to have killed their father.

      And the brother's girlfriend and best friend were missing for a time. And the brother was on a bus, (thank God he stayed in public places) texting that it wasn't him, he wasn't there.

      Looks like they intended to grab the brother, got the wrong guy, so the plan to kill BOTH parents and blame BOTH brothers was dropped down to, one parent, one brother. And the news reports that the father had been found dead, in another city, were forgotten by the brilliant intellects who scoff here.

      And these folks have also forgotten the guy caught outside the school still in his battle gear.
      And the fact that a shooter drill was planned already.

      And that those kids pictured above, marching out of the school? That was a rehearsal 2 weeks before the event.

      So, the fact that the father was reported found dead, the fact that the brother was named as being dead in the school, when he wasn't even in town, the fact that one of the perps was caught outside the school, alive… well those are just 3 of the scores of facts you're not taking into account.

      • TombRaider

        I don’t believe any of the video’s in this thread but much of your info is spot on! I watched the live coverage and remember all of what you said and suddenly all the initial reports were incorrect and an entirely new version emerged….

    • MrAnthony

      Why do you fear my words and delete them? If you are cloaked in righteousness, what do you have to fear? Yet, as I remonstrate you for the pain you have deliberately caused to parents, siblings, classmates, teachers, first-responders and others, I pray that you never know the pain of losing a child; the pain of being called a liar by strangers who disbelieve your loss. I pray that you do research beyond simply watching a video. I pray that you stop doing the Devil’s work by spreading falsehood and hate. You can delete these words if it gives you comfort, but having read them, you will not forget them. You, whose heart must be awakened.

      • LifeIs

        You mean first responders like the paramedics, who were not allowed into the building?

        You mean parents like Peter Lanza, who lost his son Adam and his ex-wife Nancy, to murder?

        You mean the pain of seeing ONESELF named as having been found dead, and the pain of seeing one’s innocent sons named as being one’s murderer, as Peter Lanza did?

        You mean the pain of knowing that, if the perpetrators had not messed up, he, Peter Lanza would be dead, and his son Ryan would be dead and blamed for the murder?

        Peter Lanza’s death, and Ryan Lanza’s death, were ANNOUNCED. REPORTED, by the so-called “news media.”

        Do you mean the faux pain of Robbie Parker, who was laughing and joking, not realizing he was on LIVE TV, before he stepped up and composed his face to a mask of sadness, and asked, “Just read what’s on the card?”

        Anyone involved in this — from the school, from the police, wherever from — is complicit in MURDER. The murders of Nancy Lanza and Adam Lanza. And, they are complicit in the conspiracy to murder Peter Lanza and Ryan Lanza.

        They should be laughing and joking all the way to Death Row. And anybody who defends them shares moral responsibility for the murders.

    • TruthBeTold

      I have been researching this until I can’t sleep nights! Listen to me…this is all a hoax! No one was killed at Sandy Hook. They wouldn’t even let the “alleged” parents of the victims see the bodies! These crisis actors have to keep being “recycled”, that way the govt. has somewhat of a handle on them and track them and mind-control them. And look this up: the same woman who is supposedly the lawyer for the Aurora, CO shooter is the same woman who is an alleged mother of one of the kids at Sandy Hook. They interviewed her and her fake husband. Dead-on same person! They have to keep using the same people or take too much risk in who they can’t control……All these staged events are done for one reason alone: to have reason to bring about a swift NWO. Look at all the measures Ovomit has already taken to destroy America! If you believe any of these stupid stories, you are giving him more ammo to kill us. Research the fake limbs being blown off victims at the Boston bombing. So so so obvious! They even have the audacity to be seen squirting blood on themselves, and a guy with no leg and a fake limb “blown” off has all his guts hanging out and is still sitting upright and coherent in a wheelchair! I am a medic. That is impossible! Blood loss alone would initiate shock never mind unconsciousness. This stupid liar and the Oriental woman and cowboy hat guy pushing him in the wheelchair even stop to pick up his prosthesis!!!!!!!!!!!!! and attempt to hide it!!!!!!!! Do your homework people. Do not accept any stories on any of this. They are all lies! And 9-11 started the bulk of it and made it worse to the degree we see today!




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