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Dietary Supplement Inactivates Ebola Virus! (Share)

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Dr. Rima’s website is

and you can purchase from her site here

After Dr. Rima Laibow’s information began spreading virally through BeforeItsnews, Chase Bank illegally stole her money out of her bank account and stopped her ability to take credit cards.  She is now having to fight a legal battle over this but she will never quit!  I talked to Dr. Rima on the phone last night and she asked me to please ask everybody to help spread her information!  That’s the only way the truth can be known!  Shills are attacking her information because they are traitors to humanity and want Ebola to kill millions.  Dr. Rima also told me that all the people that are saying that Ebola is a hoax are liars for government or have been fooled by trolls.  Yes, CNN did fake footage but that’s nothing new, CNN has faked footage of the Gulf War and much more.  She said most likely the paid somebody to fall down so they wouldn’t be exposed to somebody infected.  They are the fake news after all so what would you expect!  Dr. Rima told me she talks to people every day from Africa that have lost family to Ebola.  This is serious and those that are saying it’s a hoax are lying and doing much evil.  Most are paid by the government but some are just dumb and got fooled by seeing a video.  I urge all patriots to stop posting the hoax stuff and instead tell people about Dr. Rima to make up for some of the evil you might have done by saying Ebola is real.  It’s very real and if you tell people it’s not and they die because they weren’t prepared then you have responsibility in that so if you’re not evil and being paid by the government to post such nonsense, I hope you will stop now and redeem your soul by spreading the hope of Dr. Rima instead!


Please help Dr. Rima by sharing these videos to your Facebook walls and telling all your friends to do the same!  Send out via all possible means.  if patriots around the world don’t unite in this effort then the bad people that want Ebola to go full pandemic in the United States will win.  If all of you help spread her information to hundreds of your friends on social network by posting to their walls and to all groups possible then we can prevent the mass slaughter of hundreds of millions or possibly billions!  Do everything you can out there.  It’s a pleasure to work with all of you spreading the truth!


Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD Explains Nano Silver


Great Interview with Dr Rima, Stew Webb, Dr. Croft and Preston James!


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    • Glenn Canady

      READ THIS! I’m going to open up comments on my articles to let the paid trolls attack me and those that I write about. I’m putting the paid trolls to work for me now as their attacks will actually spread my articles further! I will rarely have time to reply or monitor the comments but I want all of you to watch the video right now and UNITE with patriots around the world in defeating the new world order and getting paid to do it! God bless all of you that realize I’m not the bad man for waking up millions with the best information I can get! Watch this video and contact me through Project Nsearch (google it) if you have any questions! Always remember, only has told you about the Grand jury over 9/11, shared all the Snowden leaks on 9/11 and told you the truth about Ebola! VT for Victory! Watch this now and get more info in the description! We are uniting ALL patriots with this!

      • Equalizer

        After making Colloidal Silver at home using distilled H20 and 99.999 pure silver one must disagree with Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD (and it appears so does the fly in the video at 3:00) I can make 10ppm-30ppm pure Colloidal Silver at home and regulate with a simple digital ppm meter. So lets not fear monger, obola and his administration is doing a good enough job of that. Also be sure to stay clear of “Bill Gates of Hell” vaccinations and do not be afraid to safely make your own Colloidal Silver at home (there are plenty of excellent resources on the net for guidance).

        • truthlovingsoul

          i asked glen if he would tell people how easy it is to make colloidal silver at home and he said dr. rima’s was nano particle, much smaller and more efficient than regular colloidal silver. i don’t know about that, but it feels like a money-making venture more than a humanitarian one. just my opinion.

          the truth should be free, always, and if colloidal silver is the fix, people should be taught how to make it.

          teach a man to fish………..

        • coralblair

          Yes, you can make 10 ppm at home, you could make 100 ppm at home, whatever. But you cannot make nano silver at home, this is not colloidal silver. Unlike colloidal silver, each particle has a frequency the same as ultraviolet light so the particles do not have to come into contact with pathogen to kill it. This is why studies have shown it to be hundreds of times more effective than colloidal silver.

          For more information on silver sol, check out

      • coralblair

        Please check out for all studies on nano silver.

    • worldordernews

      “After Dr. Rima Laibow’s information began spreading virally through BeforeItsnews, Chase Bank illegally stole her money out of her bank account and stopped her ability to take credit cards. ”

      Because she’s a scam artist selling dangerou snake oil like nano silver which is DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH.

      • Kelly

        I don’t much care for Dr. Rima’s style, but I actually like yours even less. Before you start slandering nano silver as “dangerous”, I suggest you spend a few hours reviewing the clinical trials and studies that HAVE been performed on colloidal and nano silver. You’ll find you are seriously mistaken.

        Try learning something about the substance before you shoot your mouth off.

        • srsly1

          have fun turning blue

      • Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog

        You, worldordernews are a disinformation agent. Dr. Rima is no “scam artist selling dangerous snake oil…” And by the way, “snake oil” was a useful ointment and etc. back in the days before the “wonders of modern medicine…”

        As one of the trustees of Natural Solutions Foundation, I invite all readers of this article to support Dr. Rima’s fight for our First Amendment Expressive Association Rights by sending your message to Decision Makers here:

        You can read our Petition to the FDA here:

      • coralblair

        This completely safe and non toxic, you can see all the safety studies at

      • Mike

        Even if she is a scam artist (I’m not saying she is or isn’t), Chase Bank has no authority to take her money. Should your bank confiscate your money if you violate the law?

        • CrowPie

          You didn’t know? Banks are “Too Big to Touch” if they do anything ‘unsavory.’

    • Terminator
    • DB2014

      Unfortunately the dr.’s website was shut down by the government. Any idea where one can order quality nano silver?

      • NWO for Dummies.

        have you heard of a search engine ???? If not then don’t try to order anything it may cost you your house!

      • coralblair

        you can order from

      • Anonymous

        Any vitamin store that has a good selection of vitamins.

    • Kelly


      Here is one fact that you DO need to plug into your apparently damaged synaptic connections.

      The fourth leading cause of death in the United States of America is pharmaceutical prescription drugs. And that’s a fact! Look it up!

      To date in the entire history of colloidal and nano silver products (they’ve been around for several decades) not one single death has been attributed to colloidal or nano silver solutions. NOT ONE!

      Like I said, you need to get your facts straight if you are going to shoot off your mouth.

      • Mayhem

        Worldordernews just got scathed, hard :lol: read a book :idea:

      • worldordernews

        i didn’t mention anything about pharma drugs, i know they are dangerous. But nano-silver is quite dangerous as well, nano silver particles crossing the blood-brain-barrier directly to your brain is asking for trouble. They use synthetic silver to make nano silver, not plant based, any synthetic metal will cause neurological damage in the longterm, that’s why we stay away from fish because it contains mercury, and eating and drinking from aluminum cans, etc. Taking nano silver on a long term basis is asking for trouble. I recommend a healthier alternative, taking plant based silver, and other needed trace minerals to combat viruses.

        • Mayhem

          But you are unable to link any deaths to the use of silver tinctures, worldordernews, isn’t that right?

          Does it take a PhD to work out that going blue is a clear indication that it might be a good idea to lower the dosage?

    • bond007

      Contrary to what you might imagine, Ebola the physical disease has thus far barely made an appearance in the US. But two mutant strains of the sickness, Ebola, the panic virus and Ebola, the political virus, are rife. The consequences for November’s…!q=ebola&t=text

      • NWO for Dummies.

        The only danger from Ebola is believing there is an Ebola.

        • NWO for Dummies.

          To the idiot that downvoted me. You do realize that vaccinnes which this scare is planned to get people to take, can not only contain the deadly virus and other lethal garbage, designed to kill you, but a microchip as well, designed to enslave the survivors?
          You do? :cool:
          I see. :razz: :arrow: asswipe :!:

    • Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog

      Glenn, thank you for covering this important story. As one of the trustees of Natural Solutions Foundation, I invite all readers of this article to support Dr. Rima’s fight for our First Amendment Expressive Association Rights by sending your message to Decision Makers here:

      You can read our Petition to the FDA here:

      Our web sites now carry the following disclosures, which we told the FDA and FTC we would post; the agencies haven’t replied to our effort to allay their concerns.

      Nutritional Immune System Support Disclosures

      As a dietary supplement, Nano Silver has not undergone FDA testing.

      Nutritional Nano Silver supports normal cell membrane impermeability to hemorrhagic and other viruses, maintaining homeostasis. Like other nutrients Nano Silver does not provide a pharmaceutical treatment of disease.

      Nutritional strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy status may be powerful and effective in certain situations. Since the options for selection of nutrients and serving sizes can be confusing, we suggest that all of you who choose to be in private association with us take time to learn about your own nutritional needs. Nutrients are food and when used to supplement the diet are not subject to drug approval procedures by any government agency.

      We advise prudent due diligence by the consumer using all available sources of information including the internet (e.g., google, and similar) as well as scientific studies (e.g., and similar) to see all viewpoints. The National Institutes of Health and PubMed have cooperated on a web site that includes large numbers of nutrient studies. You may find that here: .

      We also recommend consultation with professionals trained in nutritional strategies for health and well-being (e.g,, and similar).

    • Purusha

      Fear, in and of itself, suppresses the immune system and also paralyzes the intellect making even intelligent people behave irrationally. Personally, I feel this is a scare tactic even though it is a dangerous dis-ease. There is very little information about the virus in mainstream media other than ‘you’re all going to die a nasty death.’

      Has anyone asked what is Ebola? What are the markers for Ebola? What do all the ‘victims’ have in common? I used to work in a greenhouse many years ago where we raised one type of plant. Some plants got sick and insects only attacked the sick plants. Could the same hold true for Ebola?

      What is Ebola? Another name for it is African hemorrhagic fever. There are other viruses/fevers in the same class: yellow fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, Rift Valley fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Kyasanur Forest disease, Omsk hemorrhagic fever, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome,

      In fact, Ebola could be called the elder brother of scurvy. Scurvy is characterized by a deficiency of Vitamin C. Guess what, Ebola is characterized by 100% loss Vitamin C. Complete loss of vitamin C in the body causes easy bleeding and loss of blood clotting ability. The lesions you see in yucky photos is the blood seeping throught the pores of the body.

      Not everyone will want to make their own colloidal silver solution. For some it is easier to purchase. Colloidal silver and gold can also be made through prayer. This is what Jesus (whose true name was Yeshua ben Panther) taught his disciples. It has been used for over 2,000 years with great success.

      Fortunately for me, I am a computer geek. Dr. Rima’s site can be accessed here:

      You’ll have to follow the written instructions on her site to purchase the product. If that goes offline, you can contact me as I have made pdf prints of the relevant information on her page and I can forward it to you,

      The protocol is to be fearless, take a Nano silver nutrient of choice, and Vitamin C. Knowledge is power.

    • am123

      “Dietary Supplement Inactivates Ebola Virus! (Share)”

      PSALM 91 and the BLOOD OF JESUS inactivate the ebola virus!!!

      Psssst…want divine protection from not only ebola, but all pestilence? :eek:

      Then come hither and I’ll show the way to the secret place of the Most High, where you can find refuge from it all, under the shadow of His wings. For more, see:

    • Anonymous

      I’m a fan, Glenn, but this “doctor” is only a PSYCHIATRIST and SALESWOMAN for a “proprietary” product we can only get from her! Anyone who knows science knows that high dose VITAMIN C is the one known antidote to all viruses including ‘ebola’ and she doesn’t even mention it. Highly suspicious…watch who you promote.

      • Purusha

        A psychiatrist is a medical doctor. Same training, different specialization. She may be a saleswoman, too, and I don’t see that as an issue. She may need to be a good saleswoman to sell some out-of-the box remedy that is not mainstream, If you google ‘nano silver ebola’ you will see others selling similar products. As to their efficacy, I cannot attest.

        Most in America, as a result of our ‘wonderful’ public school system, will not know science let alone anything about vitamin C and, as I understand it, medical doctors do not get much nutritional training in medical school. As I see it Dr. Rima has some amazing information for those who are open-minded enough ask, ‘Is it true? Is there a remedy? Is it simple and effective? Does it work? Is it expensive? Is it affordable?’ This information, along with some knowledge of the use of Vitamin C can reduce the level of fear being perpetrated by the media’s sensationalistic approach to making money.

        I guess the downside is that most people do not question and just follow. They may be the ones to line up for the possible Ebola vaccine. I am sure Big Pharma is chomping at the bit to get a piece of this pie. Oh, wait! Aren’t they a part of the Military Industrial Complex?

        I think it was Hippocrates who stated, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ Something like that. I am sharing with friends to start taking Vitamin C and upping their doses.

        • Alan

          Witch dr you mean? :razz:

        • coralblair

          Dr. Rima is a true patriot, standing up and fighting against the FDA and the government. She is using all the proceeds from her silver sales in legal fees filing lawsuits and working hard to protect our rights. How dare you question her, we should all be on our knees thanking her for putting her life on the line to help get the truth out.

    • Greggster

      Here’s an obvious and maybe dumb question. Why Don’t you open a PayPal account and accept payments that way?

      • coralblair

        Paypal shut her down a while ago.

    • milosz137



      Note on the right side at the top turn English.

    • coralblair

      I encourage all of you to do your homework on nano silver, it is completely safe and non toxic and proven to kill every pathogen tested against it and more.

      To see many of the studies along with the latest Canadian patent, go to

    • Three69ingSquirrels

      Dr Rima and Glenn “Dr. Rimj0b” Canady….. What a pair! :mrgreen:

    • Anonymous

      Colloidal Silver very effective against bacteria, of all types. This has been proven over many years use, but is useless against any form of virus. Now go argue amongst yourselves and run around like headless chickens will not do any good or change facts.
      If Ebola Virus? was airborne in the one month this has been promoted people would be dropping like flies world wide as cases multiplied exponentially with each person infecting many before showing symptoms. One on an aeroplane would infect everybody due to closed air conditioning system including the pilots and air hostess that would be on many other flights spreading virus before showing any symptoms. It would be at least 2 days to a week before they became infectious without knowing it having passed to many others, and so on.

    • coralblair

      You order from

    • Mike

      Some of Rima’s articles have some truth to them. Her husband, an U.S. Army general (retired) was the creator and promoter of PsyOps programs for covert warfare projects. Rima has been implicated in many PsyOps projects. This article seems like a farce. With a residence in Panama (last time I checked) and misinformation, Rima Laibow cannot be trusted.

      This is not a trolling program…This is simply meant as a warning to the general public about the many Psyops misdirection programs that Rima has developed over the years. Please disregard all this information
      contained in the aforementioned article (above) and the poor, victim of Rima Laibow. It is simply untrue.
      She is a government operative (along with her diabled) husband, and should not, under any circumstances, be trusted.

      • coralblair

        LOL, you are an idiot.

    • Kelly

      Here are the facts, people. Glenn Canady and Dr. Rima are seriously overplaying and sensationalizing one single little known clinical trial that was carried out in a laboratory and funded by the DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) which is an agency within the Department of Defense.

      What that clinical trial proved is that nano silver at 10 ppm successfully stopped ebola viral pathogens from replicating in TEST TUBES AND PETRI DISHES!!!

      Absolutely NO ebola clinical trials involving testing nano silver on either animals or human beings have been undertaken. The DTRA dropped the ball and evidently did not test nano silver further.

      Is that clinical study promising? Absolutely! But did it PROOVE that nano silver can prevent or cure ebola in human beings? NO!

      I seriously doubt if further studies will ever be ordered by a government agency. Why? It’s because nano-silver is a NATURAL solution, and its ONLY active ingredient is silver, WHICH CANNOT BE PATENTED!!!

      The only ingredients that are in a 10 ppm nano silver solution is extremely small particles of silver dispensed through nothing but distilled water. Additionally, I’ve heard that some vendors of the solution add in liquid vitamins and minerals to beef up their ingredients list, but those additions would not necessarily make the solution any more effective against pathogens.

      Big Pharma can’t make any money off it, therefore Nano Silver will continue to be swept under the table, or worse yet, the subject of negative propaganda dished out by the FDA, CDC, EPA and WHO.

      That negative press is no more factual than the sensationalizing statements made by Glenn Canady and Dr. Rima.


      And the money men that pull the FDAs strings are seriously invested in making sure that it stays that way…

      • coralblair

        That is not true, in tests done in Sierre Leonne with the patients with Ebola, 100% were cured in an average of 3 days. In fact, it does the same with Malaria. You can see the Ghana video on Malaria at the following page along with all the studies:

        Everything Dr. Rima says is true.

        • Three69ingSquirrels

          Are you a good little brainwashed zombie of Dr Rima.

        • coralblair


        • coralblair

          you can’t argue with the science and the studies, you seem like a good little government rat.

        • coralblair

          I have nothing to do with Dr. Rima, but I can say the science does not lie.

        • Three69ingSquirrels

          The studies are not extensive enough to prove that this is a miracle solution yet. But go ahead, risk your health, but don’t mislead people.

    • Greggster

      Have you tried using PayPal to receive payments? :idea:




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