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Jade Helm Warning: Evil CIA Nazi Mind Control Vermont Survivor Exposes Secret Hell Triumphantly

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Amid Jade Helm 15 kick-off today, it behooves citizens of the south, now involuntary test subjects, to be aware of mind control weapons deployed during the training exrecises, the type of weapons MKULTRA and sub-projects’ survivors have been subjected for mind and information weaponry development. A mind control experimentee survivor in Vermont triumphantly broke chains of persecution, disbelief, revictimization through methodical research, therapy and a book that reads like a thriller, according to esteemed Firedoglake reporter in the Constantine Report, Jeffery Key this week. Armed with Freedom of Information Act request responses and journalism investigative research, a Vermont human non-consensual experimentee female has become a voice for hundreds of thousands of innocent, mind control subjects of days gone by, and those today commonly known as Targeted Individuals, TIs.

Mind control and informational weapons have been developed for war, for gaining and maintaining full control. It would be naive to think such weapons are not fully deployed during the Jade Helm 15 training exercies that began today in the United States. Journalists are banned from exercise sites. Already today, it is reported there another informational weaponhas been deployed to blackout communications. ATT services have been downed, thwarting citizen reporters and watch groups to report on the military training exercises.

Jade Helm Southerners Taste What Mind-Control Targeted Individuals Taste Daily

Twitter users are flooding Tweets about the downed ATT service:

The latest reads:

Jul 13 Lake Elsinore, CA

WiFi on full bars but I’m getting NO reception at home.

One tweet just before that says:

Jul 12

Wtf Im getting no reception in this hood.Is it b/c everyone here has a ghetto phone company like cricket or some shit?

The outage began with the onset of Jade Helm after midnight last night. One Tweet reads:

Spending the entire night on chat with ATT Uverse was not in the playbook for me this evening..all said & done I still have no tv reception”

Losing communications via internet and phone are among first signs Targeted Indivduals globally notice after involuntarily placed into the military’s mind control program as test subjects. Begging family members, friends and professionals to help halt covert government torture they experience daily as experimentees, however, TIs are systematically dismissed as mentally ill, further isolating them so agents’ control them more easily – as Jade Helm 15 military leaders in command are seemingly doing today to millions of Americans.

“The arsenal of electromagnetic and informational weapons, used to manipulate the human mind of targeted individuals or populations, is an integral part of the weapons system of the New World Order,” Professor Michel Chossudovsky wrote as an editor’s note in 2004 regarding Mojmir Babacek’s article, Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain. “The US military possesses a sophisticated arsenal of psychotronic weapons which could be used both domestically and internationally. Electromagnetic and informational Weapons could be used in conventional wars theatres, without the knowledge of the enemy. 

“It is therefore essential that we not only take cognizance of these findings, but we mobilize nationally and internationally against the use of brain manipulating technologies.”

It might well be too late to mobilize against this evil that Chossudovsky and thousands of TIs have gallantly tried to warn the human population about. Those turning a blind eye and deaf ear to TIs’ anguish need to read mind control survivor Karen Wetmore’s book. Those being used across the southern part of the US today also might consider reading Wetmore’s account as a history to what is happening today during Jade Helm 15.

“This victim of CIA mind control research will not be dismissed, and her book, Surviving Evil – CIA Mind Control Experiments in Vermontis largely the tale of how she documents what happened to her,” reports key this week.

Total Control Including of Americans in NWO Military’s Full Spectrum Dominance

Wetmore, has contributed to a series of landmark breakthroughs in recent years and even recent months. Some of these include a Kentucky brain-chipped man’s explosive court case, California police department’s pledge to aid TIs, a court win against a doctor performing non-consensual human experimentation on California patients, and an Applegate, Oregon TI winning a court case against a perpetrator applying secret electronic weaponry to elderly subjects in a mobile home community. Just this week, a major media breakthrough occurred when Russia Today interviewed two leading professionals on today’s sophisticated technology behind mind controlling TIs.

“While the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control research, and associated experimental programs concerned with interrogation, torture, and use of incapacitating agents and lethal weapons, involved many dozens, if not hundreds of top U.S. researchers, and cost many millions of dollars, actual testimony from its victims is extremely difficult to find,” Key concurs.

“… We all owe Karen Wetmore a debt of gratitude. I know the impulse is to turn away from such evil as she reports, but we owe it to her, and to ourselves, not to do that. The people who did terrible things to Karen, and hundreds or thousands of others, were never held to account for it. …”

Beginning at age thirteen, Wetmore was involuntarily subjected to horrific treatment in Vermont State Hospital and related facilities. Through years of research, she documented being a victim of secret CIA mind control experiments as an adolescent, and of sexual abuse by one of her psychiatrists.

Among Wetmore’s mind control psychiatrists was Robert Hyde, M.D., cleared at TOP SECRET as the contractor on CIA LSD experiments conducted under MKULTRA Subprojects 8, 10, 63, and 66. Karen calls for an investigation into the nearly 3000 deaths at Vermont State Hospital from 1952 to 1973, when CIA money poured into the hospital. These deaths might have provided cover for terminal experiments at the hospital, subjects tortured to death for experimentation.

Esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Collin Ross’s small book publishing firm published Wetmore’s book. In the video below, Psychetruth Correspondent and holistic health coach Corrina Rachel interviews Ross on Wetmore’s experience in the video below, CIA Mind Control Experiments In Vermont, Surviving Evil Project MKULTRA & Psychiatry.

Karen’s claim that she was a victim of CIA mind control experimentation is backed by extensive circumstantial evidence – enough to establish her case in a court of law, in my opinion – but also by direct evidence and documents,” Dr. Ross says. “As she explains, the starting point was discovering the name of Robert W. Hyde, M.D. in her medical records. I was already aware of Dr. Hyde. He was cleared at TOP SECRET by the CIA as a contractor in its mind control program, MKULTRA.

“He received $148,515.00 from the CIA in 1955 under MKULTRA Subproject 10 for LSD experiments. He received $5,580.00 in 1961 under MKULTRA Subproject 61, and $24,500.00 in 1956 under MKULTRA Subproject 66.”

In today’s war against humanity, it is covert deployment of silent weapons one must survive to maintain personal spirit and freedom. Attmepting to survive with guns is like ancestors attempted to succeed with bows and arrows against men armed with guns. 

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      There is a protection we all have. Knowledge cannot be manipulated, corrupted,controlled or overtaken. It only has to be developed and strengthened. It is the most powerful force in the Universe.
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      “The European Union is based on the Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942.”

      The plans for this essentially fascist process were laid and carried out by, among others, many leading Nazis and Fascists after the second world war, and realized in the European Union today. The fact that many naïve constructors of today’s Europe had good intentions does not mitigate the fact that they have summoned up the hated regimes of the fascist past and created structures built on the ashes of democratic nationhood, all of which coincides with the plans of the very Euroepan fascists they thought they were expunging.


      “The EU was founded and initially led by ‘former’ Nazis and Fascists, as was the Charlemagne Prize awarded to Tony Blair, Edward Heath, Roy Jenkins and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe.” No wonder, says Atkinson, that the EU has today reproduced the policies and structures of 1940s Europe and shows all the characteristics of a totalitarian anti democratic corporatist Empire — for that is what its fascist founders intended.”




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