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New World Gov. Intel!!! US $ Dead, UN/IMF/World Bank Reform, Fed. Reserve Bankrupt, New United States Republic, Global Debt Jubilee, Pope Signs "Galactic Agreement", Mass Arrest Group List, Obama Amnesty And More!

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January 22 New World Government Intel!!! US Dollar Dead, UN, IMF And World Bank Reform, Federal Reserve Bankrupt, New United States Republic, Global Debt Jubilee,  Pope Signs “Galactic Agreement”, Mass Arrest Group List, Obama Amnesty And More! 

Folks, sometimes when you are dealing with leadership who doesn’t tell you the truth, you gotta get your updates another way… in a beforeitsnews kinda way… read these fantastic and encouraging intelligence updates, from the very cosmically aligned (reposted below), and see if they resonate with your heart and mind, when they are in alignment… and if they do… great… hold space for them with others who will also hold space… if this intelligence updates do not resonate, then just let it go… no need to compete… no need to call others stupid… no need to get angry… no need to punish anyone including yourself. 

For me, this intelligence update resonates as truth; that our galactics are stepping into our lives in a more direct and loving way, to help humanity remove parasitic energies from every aspect of our lives… they say we have been enslaved by this last bunch for 13000 years… the archon alliance, who has recently turned themselves over to the Light, resulting in peace in this galaxy.

The human minions, satanists, secret society members, and other parasitic energies, are now being systematically removed from this earth… and taken to another earth in another galaxy.

209 Countries Join Together To Activate New Banking System… Await Signal From Iraq! 

Illuminati Are History On This Planet! 2nd Earth In Another Galaxy, For “Prime Betrayers Of Trust”… Latest From St. Germain 

Shadow Earth Governments Were Preparing For Spiritual Quickening, Photon Belt And Nibiru, To Take Over World, But They Are Being Removed Instead! Look Forward To Important World Announcements 

There will be a temporary government installed to assist humans with getting our shit together. 

Humans are learning how to get along with other humans, and all other lifeforms.

Andromedan Commander Mandr’l Says Humanity Trapped In Dualistic Thinking, People Are Abusive To Each Other, And Are In Denial About It 

There is nothing hostile about this process itself… only hostility comes from the powerless and unloving, and the unwise… it has always been that way. 

Join me and many others in coming together in supporting a whole new way of being on planet earth, it is here now… for galactics and courageous and conscious humans have created this new day that is now upon us… 

Watch in the coming weeks for startling announcements to the masses… your ability to perceive truth is of highest importance right now… if you think the bad guys win everything everytime… think again… with your heart this time!

Final US Election 2016 Is Pretend! Obama Is Last American President, Will Announce New Government And Nesara 

Look to the sky for clues of our galactic family’s presence in our sky!

The Essential Guide To Earth Sky Visitors, And The Unusual Sky 2016 

This is one of the moments that future generations will look back upon… and rightly wonder, why so many people had agreed to let so few, control everything…  but that is changing, it can be no other way.

Breaking! Obama-Ashtar ET Message To Be Broadcast Via Television, Internet, Phone, and Remote Areas… Many New Advanced Technologies Forthcoming

You may imagine if everyone is taken care of, and humanity is not competing with itself and other lifeforms… then oh my, what will we do to keep busy or to earn a living?  Well… that’s old thinking… there is plenty to do, in terms of cleaning up the planet and our own energy fields… and to prepare for…. Nibiru!  

13 Indigenous Grandmothers Warnings To The World, Relate To “Truth Of Nibiru That Has Not Been Revealed”, As Told By St. Germain 

Prophecy Alert 2016! Monster Volcanic Eruptions, Libya Sky Turns Red, Second Sun Sightings, Giant Planets Announced! 

Nibiru/Planet X “Gently Announced” In The Mainstream News? What Signs Proceed “The Destroyer’s” Return, As Stated In Secret Bible? Cree Prophecy Revisited 

Indian in the machine


JANUARY 22 2016
11:31:01 PM Mountain Time

Intel / Rumors 
(use discretion regarding all below information)

  • All 210 sovereign nations of the free world has publicly and/or privately de-pegged from the USD/petrol dollar as a unit of economic measure. USD for a lack of a better phrase, has officially been “dismissed from all monetary relevance” as of 1/1/16.
  • All sovereign debts (including new/old petrol crude and brent oil sales) are now being settled via Chinese Yuan, Russian Rubbles or gold bullion.  The USD/petrol dollar is no longer being accepted as the legal tender of the USA, which includes former US allies Saudi Arabia and all OPEC nations.
  • The spot price of gold is now set by the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), which has permanently replaced the London Gold Exchange (LGE) as the global metals pricing chief steward.
  • The United Nations has been reformed to be inclusive of all sovereign nations of the free world, and a new United Nations like entity will govern world affairs.  Such an entity has already been created and will be announced shortly, headquartered in Beijing, China.
  • The International Monetary Fund and World Bank have been reformed to be inclusive of all sovereign nations of the free world.  Both will ultimately be slowly phased out of existence.
  • BRICS has permanently assumed the diplomatic chief steward role away from North AtlanticTreaty Organization or NATO.
  • AIIB has permanently assumed the economic chief steward role away from WB/ADP.
  • PBOC has permanently assumed the money supply chief steward role away from IMF/BIS/FED/ECB/BOE/CB System.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank owned by Eastern European families known as the “Dark Nobility”) has been declared bankrupt by an International Court and shuttered.
  • New Republic of the United States Government has been seated and installed to run the affairs of US citizens, including all military affairs through the combined office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  New Republic Government interim President General Joseph Dunford will function in both roles until a successor can be chosen in the revamped November 2016 elections.
  • New Republic of the United States Treasury is at full operational status now, and functioning from a Reno, Nevada location inside a Native American Reservation.
  • A global debt jubilee (occurs every 50 years) has officially begun as it was agreed to decades prior by ancient Hun and European elders, sovereign ruling families and benevolent negotiators — who have quietly overseen this entire transition process for humanity.
  • This peaceful transition of power was originally scheduled to occur September 11, 2001.
  • All personal and sovereign debts worldwide will be zeroed out & paid in full using seized financial assets of the former global monetary authority housed at the Vatican Bank (a.k.a. Dark Nobility black screen accounts).
  • The Holy Roman See has completed the necessary legal relinquishment process, and have thus released control of humanity and the free world by their own choosing.
  • As part of this agreement, Pope Francis has also agreed to turn over all Vatican Bank assets back to humanity for said debt jubilee, currency revaluation as well as greater good humanitarian projects managed by the new AIIB Board of Governors. 
  • Also, the infamous London Temple Crown group (domiciled in the City of London, controlled by the Roman Jesuit Order) no longer lays claim to legal authority over the world’s judicial and attorney network, which includes all active bar associates (lawyers and judges) in the United States and Canada.
  • Pope Francis signed off on what is being called a binding “Galactic Agreement” this past Sunday inside the walls of the Vatican, witnessed by Christine Legarde and legal counsel of the IMF. 

Pope Francis was is the first and last White / Black Pope (Head of the Jesuit Order) in papal history.  This is highly unusual because the Jesuit Order swears by oath never to serve as Pope.

Throughout history, both the White and Black Popes were secretly subjected to the absolute authority of a hidden 3rd Pope, a Grey Pope, who oversaw all papal and global matters for this “Dark Nobility” family.

The Rothschild’s are just one family participating in world affairs as members of this Dark Nobility.

Pope Francis relinquished Rome’s Ultimate Papal Authority over any and all claims to the entire world’s assets, resources and population by his own free will.  Pope Francis will also be announcing his abrupt retirement due to “health reasons.”  But in truth, it’s part of the Roman Church’s unconditional surrender.

Former USA, Inc President Barack Obama will soon be revealed as Rome/CIA operative, and publicly be made to relinquish Presidential status, and be amnestied to a foreign country — Dubai it is rumored. 

Privately, Obamas resignation has already occurred and he’s just awaiting a public dismissal announcement.

Also the United States Congress, including all members of the Senate and House of Representatives, no longer hold legally authority to make any laws for the citizens of the New Republic of the United States.  They too will all be dismissed or removed.

The same punishment holds true for all members of the Supreme Court, who secretively pledged allegiance to Rome before taking their oath to serve the laws and people of the United States.Washington, D.C. is also no longer a sovereign territory exclusively serving the interests of the Holy Roman Empire under the control of the American Jesuit Order.Other sovereign diplomatic territories that have also been released of their international “safe haven” status such as Vatican City, City of Jerusalem & City of London. 

All Jesuit ordained operatives still in any of these “safe haven” territories are now being arrested, amnestied, exiled or exterminated depending on their individual agreements with the new global governance authority.  This clean up includes diplomats, bankers, lawyers, politicians and judges involved in the secrete conspiracy against mankind (known collectively as the cabal).The New Republic of the United States is now running all domestic and international affairs for United States citizenry.The New Republic also has a new digital currency called the Treasury Reserve Note (TRN), as well as a new local or domestic currency called United States Notes (USN).  The TRN/USN combo replaces of old Federal Reserve Bank notes at a 1:1 ratio. 

This truth became legal and official via international court rulings back in 2014, and implemented on government back screens in April 2015.Both new and old US currencies will be allowed to be used for a pre-agreed period of time as not to create confusion in everyday commerce.US citizens will not notice the currency value transition in country as much as they will out of country, where a currency revaluation will be severe in some countries.The new USN rainbow currency is already printed and is scheduled to be released into the public money supply at the same time as the global RV release.All past physically paper currencies of the world will methodically be taken out of circulation and burned, replaced with sovereign digital currencies, both international and domestic, and monitored perpetually via satellites, supercomputers and highly advanced algorithms overseen from an undisclosed mainland China location.

All large global hedge funds, pension and retirement funds, investment funds and major corporate holdings have already been converted to the above mentioned gold backed/TRN/USN accounting system.All US banks, T1 thru T5, either have already or will soon be installing new CIPS terminals, software and international transaction codes that run on the new technology/system. Rates for revaluation of all countries confirmed signed, sealed, delivered, and loaded at banks.Banks have sent out their memos to their Wealth Managers.

They are prepared for the exchanges…all major banks in agreement.Obama not in Davos, but Iraqi president Abadi is.In the meantime, both CIPS and SWIFT systems will operate concurrently for a pre-negotiated period of time, with the CIPS system ultimately replacing the SWIFT system.Also, long suppressed energy, transportation, medical and life extension technologies will now be released for public research, development and usage… as well as for commercial sale.The global sovereign fiat currencies, known as the “RV”, will be revalued using a gold benchmark spot price already pre-set at the SGE.  The RV is but one aspect of this larger global reset or transition, all be in an important part of the comprehensive global reset process.The RV has intentionally been held back to accomplish other important aspects of the larger global economic and diplomatic reset plan, as well as keep the peaceful transition of global military authority a private matter.As soon as regular people start becoming millionaire and billionaires from the RV, it will most certainly send out a public signal that the global reset has indeed begun.  And once that cat is out of the bag, there’s no going back.Look for an official global reset announcement to encompass all of these massive global transitions soon.  Announcements and educational videos have long been pre-recorded by trusted voices in every culture/country, and are ready for mass media distribution at the appropriate moment–pending benevolent overseer approval, in harmony with the new human global governance consensus.Hard to believe?  Without question.  True?  Perhaps.  But all truth shall be known with absolute certainty very shortly.Nothing real is threatened, nothing unreal exists… therein lies the truth of God.

BREAKING NEWS – Hollow Earth Network


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    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Humm, let’s see…

    • spacetracy

      I hope this so.

    • WALTNZ

      I’m here in New Zealand , in my bunker , got 3 years of non perishables , and clean drinking water … so Im not concerned , got my private airstriip installed

      • Indian in the machine

        Wow… you sound incredibly prepared.

        • Louis

          Once again, Indian proves without a doubt that he’s out to lunch and probably isn’t coming back.

      • Anonymous

        N Z will be sunk like a ship. Hope you have underwater snorkels.
        Article is horse manure. Minute the Vatican meme is floated? Rest assured its just more zio-Masonic crap being defecated.
        ZioMasonic Pharisees were implementing The Plan long before there was even a Jesus Christ- much less JEWsuits, who came along 1500+ yrs later. Author is ignorant that JEWsuits were formed by a marrano jew “convert” infiltrator to Catholicism named Igatius Loyola. That was revealed by UK’s first jewish PM Benjamin Disraeli 150+ yrs ago in his books and papers. Most of his followers were called “New Xtians” as code word for his agenda- which was to infiltrate the strongest power and steer it for jews’ benefit: the NWO. Like the DONMEH Turks & Saudi Wahabs, these crypto jews have deceived the masses and lied history into a twisted fraud.
        FYI- Fed Reserve and its idealogical ancestors of Marx (another rabbi’s son who “converted to Catholic for nefarious purposes, like jewish Catholic “convert” Adam Weishaupt) took over Vatican Bank in 1832 when the Rothschilds finagled their way into ownership via fraud and swindle.
        WTFU and learn who the enemy is. Sick of the Alex Jones Karen Hudas army of fake zioninst “whistlblowers” shifting the blame elsewhere

        • Klemens

          The 3rd Temple (NWO-Temple) of Jerusalem will come.
          This will be the Temple of Satan!
          Israeli institute prepares priests for Jerusalem’s third temple


      • sitrep

        Do you think 3 years of non perishables will be enough?

        Do you also have stored fuel, if so, are you using a chemical stabilization additives?

        Must be nice, I would have to win the lotto, to have something like that.
        Most everyone is building bunkers.
        Some are are selling bunker passports starting out at $30,000.

    • Saber

      I wonder what the Flat Earthers have to say about this :shock:

      • dagiles

        yep and I thought I was nuts…they are coming out of the woodwork

    • clambake

      Very poor outcome.

      NWO Asian style. One money. One government. One religion. Just with soy sauce.

      210 nation multi country world. No centralised governance.

      No representatives of Earth !!!!!!!

      This is bigger brother on steroids.

      • Klemens

        We do not know exactly what gone happen in the future. But we do need the help of Jesus Christ and his mother!
        “The Miraculous Medal” will protect you, and will not allowed that Satan will take you over.
        It is very important that every family member has got one Medal :!:

      • iamamerican

        You’re right, it’s sounds like NWO 2.0.

    • magusincognito

      “Privately, Obamas resignation has already occurred and he’s just awaiting a public dismissal announcement.”

      Last week you made a post or two indicating that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama was a good guy…on the Council of 9! So, why does he have to resign? According to your sources- last week -he is a good guy. FYI: inconsistency is, in fact, the root of confusion. Did you switch sources to a different channel? If so, why is the more recent channel better than the previous one? And how do we know that this channel is the good one? Fair questions.

      Please help us! We don’t know who to obey.

      All the best…

      • Anonymous

        “Please help us! We don’t know who to obey.” :idea:

      • Indian in the machine

        Both can be true… for a key player like him… even if he has galactic connections, he still has to answer for his earthly situation until it is resolved.

        • Anonymous

          Typical of you to play both sides, so you can “win at any cost”.

        • magusincognito

          Many say that Barry was a key player at the Gay Bath House in uptown Chicago. And others- who knew him in high school -are on record for saying that he was a key player in the drug and gay scene early on, as well. So, he was a key player, before he took the office of CEO of USA, Inc (without any experience). In fact, many have come forward and claim that his gay lovers suddenly disappeared (i.e. death resulting from accidents) exactly before he ran for office…almost all at once. Go figure!

          Of course, what we’re really trying to get to- after we get past the “key player” thing -is what have his actions/inaction done to our humanity given his position…both as President of USA, Inc and a member of the Council of 9. I would like to humbly volunteer as a witness that he employed the use of sorcery on many, many occasions against his viewers, the American people. That I can (and will, given the opportunity) attest to first-hand. The rest, which is quite a lengthy record, can certainly be attested to by those who were closer by. Of course, the Akashic records may be the best resource of all. They not only attest to what one says/does, but also to one’s thinking. Perhaps, you are right…both may be true. More exactly, he might have aligned his thinking with willing (minus all feelings) and just let it fly.

          However, this begs the question: If this Council of 9 member acts as such, what’s so great about them? Many are probably wondrin’ if any are worse…and for good reason(s).

          Do you think he cut over to the other side because he doesn’t want to resolve this stuff?

          • Indian in the machine

            He wants to resolve stuff and live…. kinda tricky where he’s at.

            • magusincognito

              Everyone claims they wants to resolve things, after they get caught. Typically, those who wait until then, don’t want to resolve things.

              Now, that you mention it, there are millions of souls who want to live who are terminated early (e.g. under the guise of planned parenthood; abortion). Barry is still pushing hard in that direction.

              In addition, those in the military also want to resolve stuff and live…kind of tricky where they’re at, as well. As war is essentially a continuation of (failed) politics, one might guess that stuff would get resolved so that they might live. And let’s not forget the sorrows that are spread through families..sometimes for generations. Is it me or would someone who truly wants to resolve stuff- and is in a position to do so -make it happen? And herein lies another inconsistency..what introduces confusion.

        • sitrep

          >Indian in the machine,

          You published this article, and cannot even answer a simple question.
          Yes, you use crap like “Both can be true… for a key player like him… even if he has galactic connections, he still has to answer for his earthly situation until it is resolved.”
          What BS, I am about fully convinced that you are just a distraction tool.
          It is obvious, by your articles, and answers to comments.
          Are you getting paid, or just think it is cool to spread this kind of dis-info, Prob both, Ehhhh, Right?

          You prob, getting stoned, rolling on the floor laughing when people post serious comments to these rubbish articles you publish. When they figure you out, prob be a good Idea to wear a disguise in public, they will be pointing at you, calling you out for mis-leading people. Giving people false hope is the worse thing you can do.

          • Indian in the machine

            Think again with your heart this time… your truth receptor is not bitter… so use it.

    • EruditeOne

      If what is written here is true (and I suspect it is true) then the chaos, fear, and uncertainty that’ll be seen may permit establishment of the mark of the beast in short order as electronic currency becomes the rule of order everywhere. It is too bad that Barack H. Obama may never be held accountable for any of his fraud, lies, theft and crimes.

      • Anonymous

        My friend, regardless of any ‘deals’ made, I doubt anyone CAN or WILL hold mankind back from holding these criminals accountable for their crimes and seeking our closure. As I’ve become fond of saying, there’s no place in the verse they can hide. We won’t be satisfied or fooled by clones. It has to be the REAL thing! This will be a world wide thing. It will be a COMPLETELY different world.

    • ELI YAH

      Jeremiah’s dual prophecy foreshadows the last 70 years of obscured Counsel Government and depicts the downfall of the Babylonian world power.

      Jeremiah 25:8-12

      Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts (YHVH of armies); Because ye have not heard my words (rebellion, disobedience, corruption, idol worship), Behold, I will send and take all the families of the north, saith the LORD, and Nebuchadnezzar the king (personified Antichrist ) of Babylon (economic and military world powers), my servant (instrument of GOD’s wrath), and will bring them against this land , and against the inhabitants thereof, and against all these nations round about, and will utterly destroy them (in 1945 CE ), and make them an astonishment, and an hissing, and perpetual desolations.

      Moreover I will take from them the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride, the sound of the millstones, and the light of the candle.

      And this whole land shall be desolation and astonishment; and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years (1945 CE – 2015/2016 CE).

      And it shall come to pass, when seventy years are accomplished (2015/2016 CE), that I will punish the king of Babylon, and that nation, saith the LORD, for their iniquity (corruption, tyranny), and the land of the Chaldeansi, and will make it perpetual desolations.

      For further information regarding ‘THE LAST DAYS’: please go to e.g.

    • Mark

      I will repeat my last comment again here:
      More BS Mohican… you will never learn… You should try to get the respect of your audience and not be cause for widespread mockery. :cool:

      • Indian in the machine

        Mark, even you though you display ignorance every time you open your mouth, I will tell you I am not mohican… why don’t you grow up and learn basic manners to your fellow man?

        • Mark

          Whenever you mention “Commanders”, GFL, Ashtar, and other knowingly false and meaningless information I’ll be here to criticize you. This type of information that you pass is a cancer that must be excised from the media. :cool:

        • Mark

          And just for the public to take note, what kind of Indian you are? None? A fake? Another asphalt’s little Indian? :cool:

          • srsly1

            Galactic Indian, from the greater Tribe of Asstar, son of Megatron.

        • Indian in the machine

          Mark, kindly explain why you would call some a mohican at least 100 times, who isn’t mohican? When you can humble yourself, then you are able to converse with me, until then, why would anyone?

          • Mark

            To your knowledge pseudo Indian, Mohicans were a wild native tribe of southeastern US which was totally extinguished by the white man. Use google … :cool:

        • magusincognito

          I agree, Indian in the Machine. His intentional deriding comments aimed at a very noble heritage is most unbecoming.

          • Indian in the machine

            Thank you magusincognito… I look forward to visiting with you in the physical at some point.

            • sitrep

              Hey You, IITM, magusincognito was talking about you, knowing nothing about Indian heritage.
              Back in the day they would have planted you next to an ant hill for all the Dis-Info you are spreading around.

              How Much do they pay you for being a distraction tool?
              You should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously, do you want to be known as the Next Jim Jones?

              Who are you targeting, The Young? Ah Yes they always seem to go after the children.

        • Lucifer Morningstar

          @ fgt Jesu Christo cosplayer Yeah… no :evil:

    • ELI YAH

      @Indian in the machine

      Perfect timeing !

      The assembly of confederated nations united with the 8th head is the new superpower, » another “Babylon” (the meaning of Babylon is confusion) « will be the centre of prefigured prosperity and security and the centre of infidelity, “socialism-communism”, and false spiritualism. The head with the spirit of Antichrist is the summing up and concentration of the entire world evil that pre-ceded. It is the eighth head, but yet one of the seven (Rev 17:11).

    • truthseeker4809

      Sounds like the parasites are moving to China to suck their blood out after draining all the blood out of the US. I don’t like the part of digital global currency by the way.

      • sitrep

        You very well could be right, although anyway you slice it, one hell of a WAR has already started.
        All the countries are on High Alert, Mass Troop, and Equipment build up on all fronts.
        We may not see another Election.

        When they strike, they will hit hard, it will be a Blitkrieg on Steroids. Do not Fall for The Indian In Da OutHouse Dis-Info, as he is a mere tool for the Elitis, another low level puppet, whom receives false promises from his handlers/masters whom commands him.

        Yes, the war of wars has already begun.

        Why else have all the armies converged on their borders, why else have they placed Proxy Units within western Countries, under the Guise of one word “Refugee”?

        Indian In Da Out House is here to distract you from the truth!!!!

    • 1 darkstar

      Thank you so much, Indian! Been waiting for this for a long time!

      • Indian in the machine

        Yes, thanks for creating this new phase with your vision. :smile:

        • sitrep

          >Indian In the OutHouse,
          “Yes, thanks for creating this new phase with your vision.”

          A new Phase, What?
          So nothing in your Published Article is True? Now your Pushing your Dis-Info on people whom agree with you? They are humoring you, it is the polite way, Idiotizing The Publisher of this article, whom has used slauthering Dueshen Baggen trickery, thinking everyone fools.

          Ah, Indian In Da Out Hausen you please your Masters very much. Ah, yes as your reward you shall receive false praise designed with trickery Elitis Majix as you are a prisoner, You Have sold Your Soul, you should at least beg for forgiveness, and now is a good time to start.
          If you are sincere, there may still be hope for you, it is up to you.
          Notice as you look down, you only see one set of foot prints in the sand? Yes, you are now at the point, and so broken so weak, You are being carried, as you cannot walk.

          • Indian in the machine

            Surely you must have a false master, if you cannot see the gold in others. :cool:

            • magusincognito

              Those channelers sure see the gold in others! They’re getting $250-$350 per hour, plus books, e-mails, etc… I’ll bet some of them make more than…Billy Graham! :eek:

    • Neanderthal

      I do not know who you are.
      The copy and past master would do.
      You obviously know nothing.

      The US Treasury runs all for your information. It is called the ESF. Do some research little fella.
      Back to the cave.

      • Neanderthal

        Your boring me.

    • Anonymous

      The human minions, satanists, secret society members, and other parasitic energies, are now being systematically removed from this earth… and taken to another earth in another galaxy.

      My “willing suspension of disbelief” just became unwilling!!!

      • Indian in the machine

        If this generation agreed at the soul level, to experience the burning of the earth… until only love remains, no parasite squirms through.

    • THOTH

      I wasn’t going to say anything, until I read this, “New Republic Government interim President General Joseph Dunford will function in both roles until a successor can be chosen…”

      Whatever organization wants to appoint “Fighting Joe” Dunford as president, does not plan on doing the world any favours. Dunford is a 9/11 co-conspirator and should be tried for high treason.

      This “Intel” being purely unsubstantiated b/s, would be best case scenario.

      • Indian in the machine

        Thank you for pointing this out. I want to suggest that you do not judge another… some souls will do an instant switch… who are we to decide which soul is capable.. right? If someone was acting very evil, they can become very love.

        • THOTH


          If we are not to hold Dunfords actions against him, we would be setting ourselves up to suffer, again.
          I want to suggest that you not be naive..There is no reason to suspect he’s changed, and besides, when someone is involved in a crime of such magnitude, a change of heart means nothing. It’s called treason and traitors stretch ropes for that. He played a role in selling America out to the synagogue of Satan and needs to be held accountable, along with all others involved.

        • sitrep

          >Indian in the machine,

          “Thank you for pointing this out. I want to suggest that you do not judge another… some souls will do an instant switch… who are we to decide which soul is capable.. right? If someone was acting very evil, they can become very love.”

          Using your logic there is no reason to publish your article, because it is all a LIE.

          Your Logic, do you understand?

        • magusincognito

          One does not become wise in a day. In fact, one cannot eat enough food in one day to last a lifetime. And without this wisdom, there will be no change in character.

          Let us put the channelers aside for a moment and use Nature, Herself, to prove this, yeah? Does she not have to do a lot of work to produce Her fruits? What you are offering is that these same sorts- who are guilty of the world’s greatest atrocities -are simply going to bear fruits…without doing any work whatsoever. That is inconsistent with human spiritual evolution and I call on Nature, once again, as a witness.

        • Eagle Scout

          What a cute little bubble you live in, Indian.

          Bear in mind, of course, that no situation could occur unless the Creator imagined it. That includes unpleasant experiences. Surely you have a few questions for this Creator…

      • Eagle Scout

        @ Indian

        How convenient…

        • Indian in the machine

          Yeah convenient… is Creator’s plan supposed to inconvenience anyone?

    • freedomfirst

      I would hope this is not another cabal deception to bring down our defenses then clobber us with one big attack of surprise, stay prepared but pray this is the real event- PS where is ODAMA??? in HELL yet????

    • ELI YAH

      Revelation 13:13-17 (…)

      • And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark (differentiation to YHVH’s people) in their right hand, or in their foreheads (set apartness to the beast):
      • And that no man might buy (consumer) or sell (merchant), save he that had the mark (proletariat, non-citizens), or the name of the beast (citizen), or the number of his name (military, administration).

      These references reveal diplomatic moves by the ‘cowardly’ to seek security through alliance with the great powers. These people attempt to keep themselves together by means of an outward and visible tie.
      Such moves are roundly condemned by the prophets as apostasy from YHVH, their true and only Adonai.
      True unity must come from within. When outward unity is attempted the result will be, as in this case, separation, dispersion, confusion. Their new protectors will become their captors.

      As they submitted to the mark of the beast, so they must bear the mark of the avenging LORD.

    • NWO for Dummies.


    • Trumprider66

      When did China become so loving and benevolent? This is all either true or it ain’t, my Indian Brother. Which is it? Millions upon millions want to believe the world is about to become a better place to live, so I hope you aren’t pranking everyone. Shame on you if that’s what you’re doing.

      China? Really? :eek:

      • Indian in the machine

        Your heart knows… no one’s heart can be pranked. :cool:

        • sitrep

          >Indian in the machine,

          You have NO self respect, and it is obvious you hate everyone, You Spewing Dis-Info!!!!

          You are just like the current Government Leaders whom stand in the face of the Public masses, and directly using trickery words tell each, and every one of them how stupid/dumb they are, Right……
          Your doing the same thing, but guess what, everyone knows now.

        • sitrep

          Indian In Da OutHouse

        • Trumprider66

          When did China become so loving and benevolent? This is all either true or it ain’t, my Indian Brother. Which is it? Millions upon millions want to believe the world is about to become a better place to live, so I hope you aren’t pranking everyone. Shame on you if that’s what you’re doing.

          China? Really? :eek:

          You evaded the overall question. If this is happening, then why are we not seeing signs of it in the world at large?

          • Indian in the machine

            Okay bear with me, I’m not being a smartie pants…

            You evaded answering the overall question, because you have the ability to know the truth…. heart knows…. you heart will know if this info is true, or any info is true, BEFORE you can perceive it with the five sense. :idea:

    • KKD

      If Indian in the machine is/was as humble as he likes to think believes all this to be true…then he would not make time to argue the facts here with others. A person who would be “trusted” to deliver this intel, would known enough that not everyone is going to to like or agree with it. So why Indian in the machine, why keep on trying to convince people and defend your claims. Whoever or whatever your working for needs to better prep you on how to be a decent dis-info agent in this field of “Galactic story telling”

      How easy is it to take the NWO plan and paint it up as a new plan under the guise of whatever one wants…quite easy considering they all ready laid the groundwork for this ASHTAR and friendly aliens to save humanity years ago. Its quite reasonable and obvious you need to sides to entrap everyone. The NWO is pushing hard on both fronts here, they are pushing the end of the world agenda…doom and gloom, prison planet etc etc, then because others will dismiss this they need others on the Galactic Bandwagon, hoodwinked into the same plan, in a bid to seem nicer and more friendly that there is hope, and they will welcome it. But its all the same from the source or planners or whatever is running this. Levell Zimmerman….. think he may be in on it too as he also mentioned sometime ago that Obama was a good guy, “double agent” time traveler.

      Indian in the machine…..or agent in the machine.

      • Indian in the machine

        Brother, think again with your heart this time.

    • The phallus

      This is the biggest load of BS i have ever wasted my time reading…. If anyone believes that magical aliens will save them from whats coming, you are just fooling yourselves…. I am native American and i can tell you that it will not go down like ashtar supposedly wants it too… He is not a native American, most likely a Pakistani…. :idea:

      • Indian in the machine

        Incorrect… get updated peeps!

    • Anonymous

      OH boy, another believer of space aliens. No surprise, considering that title for the article. This sounds like something that the nut, Steve Quayle (who gives Steves a bad name) would say.

    • Blue_Star





      Just when I thought you were writing your own stories you come out with RUMORS. Your are really naive. You want to belive so bad. A big difference exists between manifestation and realty.
      “Man shuts down website as he finds channeled communications are from U S Government.
      Dinar is a scam. See Ambassadors Wm Mounts video on Dinar scam. You been had. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.
      Again I ask you. Give me 1 channeled message that has come to pass.
      channeled messages are a scam

      I really feel sad for you. You can’t write your own story. Everything is 2nd or 3rd hand wake up and do some research
      your looking very silly with your copy and paste. Do you not have any experience of your own. On the web the government admits to sending messages to people. Shelden Nidle would be one. Don’t yoU get it. It’s all to counter the new age movement.

    • magusincognito

      Being that we’re all going to be rich, we should all think nothing of emptying our accounts and paying these channelers ($250-$350 per hour) to speak directly…but really indirectly…with Prime Creator. I mean it’s only paper nothing and soon we’ll have new Galactic Federation money. Might as well spend it all now!

      Do we get a discount if we tell them that we were referred to by the Indian in the Machine? :grin:

    • Anonymous


      “Either you are open to truth or not, doesn’t matter if bozo the clown told you the truth, or your most trusted source.”

      ~Dieter Braun, blogger and vendor of $200 footbath plates officially sold by another person in Arizona

    • Klemens

      Herbert E. Martin: Whether in Panama or Paraguay, Merkel will be held accountable




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