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The Sun Is Not 93 Million Miles Away Video Footage Proof

% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

How can an object fly through the Sun and then how can the Sun appear below the clouds with a plane flying above? 

The readers on this site have some of the best explanations, once you can get past the name calling and see who actually refutes the central point.

How to Disagree.

And here is another video about the Sun that will make you scratch your head and question that is real and what has been sold to us as real.

The Point in case you missed is that the Sun is Way Way Way closer to us than 93 Million Miles as we have been lied to yet again yes by NASA.

Can a Camera named Dog Cam ever lie like the Nazis at NASA?

The Sun Is Not 93 Million Miles Away – Heliocentrism Challenged.

An even more Academic Challenge and perhaps the one Movie [The Principle] that started it all including the entire Flat Earth Movement in 2014?

The Global Lie Documentary.

Rob Skiba on Revolutionary Radio Project discussing The Principle movie as well as The Global Lie.

We have been receiving a lot of fan mail mainly from the supporters of and apologists for NASA, but we are not deterred and we continue our search for the truth.

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    • Anonymous

      The light in the sky in the background is not consistent with the position of the sun
      under the clouds, but cool UFO orb in the video!

    • Jacko

      Some people clearly just don’t want to understand our eyes play tricks on us. You simply can’t always believe your eyes. Therefor you “plane flies trough sun” bs is just stupidity. Shows how dumb you actually are…

      • Anonymous

        Sure, don’t believe your eyes, ears cameras, binoculars and telescopes. Just believe the stooge on your boob tube who tells you how to think and where to send your money and all will be fine.

        • ROSEBUD

          HAHA! Dorkus Anonymous fumbles again.

          “Sure, don’t believe your eyes, ears cameras, binoculars and telescopes.”

          Facetious, sure, but..
          This line comes from the same fool anon who, in response to the suggestion of using a real scope at an observatory, said:

          “When you are at that observatory, how do you know what you are really looking at?”

          You mean, Don’t trust your own eyes and scope?? Dorkus..

          Hah, gets even better as this guy then says “Just believe the stooge on your boob tube who tells you how to think…”
          Fair enough statement on its own but totally out of sync with Jacko’s comment..

          While at the same time this Dorkus Anonymous BELIEVES youtube videos that tell him WHAT To Think! Earth is Flat……. haha!.. Cuz a video sez so!!

          Keep on Putzin’..holy crap you’re pathetic.

          • Anonymous

            And people can see right through you. Go back to playing in your sandbox, little boy.

            • ROSEBUD

              Sure, sure.. keep at it anon/64/440..

              Soon, EVERYONE will be seeing you for what you really are.

        • truthlovingsoul


          excellent comment. these simpletons are the types who continue rearranging furniture on the decks of the titanic while she sinks into her watery grave.

          reign and distant cousin, along with most of the ball earth thumpers are all the same person.

          they do not have the testicular/ovarian fortitude to admit they were WRONG. like we were all wrong. they know better cuz TV SAYS SO!!!


          • FAT AXL!!!

            What I want to know is this…

            …how come every time you submit a post, TLS, I get a strong whiff of Thinning Veil?

            Some reason for that you might like to elaborate on?

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            TLS- Truth Loathing Soul, believing this fe nonsense doesn’t surprise me in the least.
            She/he/it roots for the plo and hamas too.

            • FAT AXL!!!

              Does the PLO even still exist?

          • ROSEBUD

            “reign and distant cousin… are all the same person. proven.

            You’re a fkn liar. proven.

    • DistantCousin

      No Mathematics Anywhere,
      Phantasy Speculation,
      Asking you to form an opinion with utterly incomplete Info.

      There are NO Flat Earth Navigation Charts,
      Especially for the South Pacific and Atlantic.
      You cannot make one that can be used.
      Or Prove Me Wrong!

      Go to a Major harbor anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere,
      Take your Flat Earth Map with you, Find a Ship’s Captain that
      will sail you to any distant Island. He has to know the position
      of Reefs and Shoals, and dangerous Currents. He has to protect
      his ship and bring it in the next harbor. They have been doing it
      for hundreds of years on Ocean Charts that fit a Globe.

      Study history and the sailing routes used with the delivery of slaves
      from Africa to Brazil. Calculate distances on a flat Earth Map.
      Calculate Maximum Hull Speeds from the 1600′s. Calculate how
      many slaves could survive such a trip.
      Don’t believe me, Do something totally Perverse and use the Brain
      G-d gave You!!! Don’t remain a product of a pitiful school system!

      Don’t base your belief on pixellated tricks, the ships are navigating on
      a globe, it doesn’t matter what for pixellated tricks are trending on

      Remember “Keep Your Eyes On The Firmament!” because

      RR :cool:

      • Alan Schuetz

        ALL navigation charts are FLAT! So, take your pick… lol

        • DistantCousin

          Not one distance on a map of the Flat Earth
          in an East-West direction can be correlated to
          the distances on the charts that are used for
          navigation. Period. The distances between
          Africa and Brazil are roughly doubled. The South
          Pacific is unrecognizable. Don’t wave your
          ignorance around like some fool carrying his units
          “Colors” in some patriotic Cavalry Charge.
          Educate Yourself First.

          There was an old saying “Live Your Dream”.
          Flat Earthers have taken that thought to
          a level that was never previously imagined.

          RR :cool:

          • Anonymous

            Well said Cousin! Except don’t tell them to
            educate themselves. They have proven that
            to be an impossibility! And if they try to do
            that you know where they go! Yes, youtube
            for more dumb down classes!

          • Anonymous

            Most excellent again Cousin! Nice to see someone who
            understands the history of the decline! It started long
            ago, and I have been studying (as you surely have)
            where and when it all went wrong. So sad that it
            has all come to this, but it is a logical conclusion
            to the previous events, unfolding as we knew they
            eventually would. I guess I never dreamed that our
            society would fall quite this far, but here it is!
            Thanks for your knowledge and attempts to help
            those who are so lacking thereof, but we know
            it is a futile effort in the long run. But you are
            greatly respected as a warrior who tries.
            God help us all! We are surrounded by idiots!

            • DistantCousin

              In all respect,
              Thank you very much.
              My laptop is piled on my unfinished
              paperwork, and I am a very bad boy
              for taking the time to write.

              You say “In the long run” – - -
              You are correct – - but, I think of the
              line from the poem – -
              “Do not go gentle into that good night”

              Have a good day sir.
              Randolph :cool:

      • chefjim

        You are arguing with a desperate person. Anyone who would try to reverse reality by saying that the earth is FLAT has a major reason for lying like this. They are trying to make EVERYONE who asks questions about ANYTHING look ridiculous! They will also persuade the rest of the world who is living under the lies that REALLY exist to turn away from ALL truth and make the assumption that if this (flat earth) is where their truth searching leads, “I don’t want any part of it” and most people will believe that the twin towers (and bldg. 7) fell in on themselves by fires from an airplane strike. A majority of the population believes that EVERYTHING on youtube is hoaxed. They just want to ensure that these people continue to believe this and what better way than to say the earth is flat and go on and on about it!?

        • Anonymous

          You haven’t done a single experiment for yourself have you? You don’t need anything fancy and a large body of water will do. Go to a large lake. You need a view of at least 4 miles. On a calm day you only need to have about a 4 mile view to know that what you just stated is pure rubbish. Don’t try it on a windy day because with wind, there are so many particles flying through the air that it makes the lens view hazy and cloudy. On a calm day, there is no doubt that you have been lied to since you were in diapers. Maybe it’s time for some to shed their diapers along with their long absorbed brainwashing.

          • ROSEBUD

            “Maybe it’s time for some to shed their diapers along with their long absorbed brainwashing.”

            Tell that to your mirror, Dorkus!

            Believe! Flatly Believe! YouTube has Spoken.

          • DistantCousin

            I ran the mathematics on what spherical believers
            call oceans in the Southern Hemisphere.
            Forget the silliness. Historical Events cannot have
            taken place on an ocean that matches the
            dimensions on ANY Version of a Flat Earth Map.
            Take your silly maps and your silly ideas in any
            Bar in any Ocean harbor. Explain reality to those
            who make their living on the Ocean. Count
            yourself lucky if you are only laughed out and not
            Thrown Out.
            You look out your window at America, and have no
            idea why it is in uncontrollable Collapse. Maybe you
            do not know who to blame, or you blame a conspiracy,
            which is basically correct. It never crosses your mind
            “How” it got so bad. It started over 40 years ago with
            the systematic slow-motion destruction of the
            Education System, and Human Respect between
            individuals. With destruction in these two areas, “The
            Future Was Wide Open!” For a Downhill Slide!
            Analytical thought is no longer required! Everyone has
            Down Arrow Me! Should I take it personally?
            When everything gets bad enough that you are desperate,
            remember what I have written here, and consider acting
            on it for your own sake. You can not stop this avalanche,
            but maybe you can make your own mind more clear.

            RR :cool:

            • Anonymous

              You are lying out of your hole.

      • Knarlydawg

        Please take the time to view the material offered in this post…….if you are actually seeking truth and not just an agenda pusher.

    • 14west1

      Who is paying for these people to post this nonsense? Is it a program to create even more doubt amongst the gullible masses? And who can believe this stupidity?

      • apache5

        YOU got it there is some body or group ( probably NWO or NSA type) who are doing the test of the waters to see how many gullible people there are or they are doing more divide and conquer or who knows what!! bottom line is seeing how many STUPID people there really is out there and that is the scary part!!

        • Mongoose

          They already know that we are all stupid. We all believed the globe that doesn’t make sense in reality when compared to observations.

          What they are finding out is that some of us aren’t so stupid as to keep on believing it.

      • Gryphon

        You’ve got it!
        The larger agenda is to discredit Before It’s News and its like, and by extension all thinkers, patriots and Truthers as, ‘kooks’ and nutcases…


      OK, now I’m off to the beach.. Hey Anon! Maybe I’ll see a kayaker 10 miles out on the ocean!

      • Anonymous

        Did you make it to the beach and take a telescope? Or just your toy trucks and little plastic shovel? Maybe Mommy will buy you a telescope for Christmas if you behave.

        • ROSEBUD


          Typical grade school response from you. As expected.

          You’ve grunted out one big pile of dung for comments on this site.

          How proud you must be.

    • Endtime

      OK, if the Earth is a pancake,where is the edge? What is beyond it? How thick is it? What is under it? What is it lying on? What is its support? Does it float in space? What makes it float? What is around it? Above it? Below it?
      Can one drill through it? Where would one arrive? Where is the sun? In the pancake, above or somewhere else? What makes it move? And so on et-cetera.

      The physics work marvelously for a global shaped Earth, but who can make it work for a pancake?

      • DistantCousin

        I live out in North Bavaria, not far from one
        of the deepest research bore-holes in the World.
        One story they whisper around here is that they
        stopped drilling when they came up with
        Turtle Blood and Shell on the end of the bit!!

        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
        RR :cool:

      • Vic

        Might as well ask you the same questions.
        Your ball earth, does it float in space ? What makes it float ? What is around it ? Above it ? Below it ?
        The edge of the flat earth is the Antarctic ice walls that hold the oceans. What is beyond ? As the Bible says, outer darkness.

        Your earth spins at 1000mph and nothing flies off it. The water sticks to the sides without dripping off.
        Must be your form of physics working marvelously.Start thinking for yourself instead of believing what
        all the ” so called ” experts tell you. Just look at the moon. Does it look 240,000 miles away, do you really believe the moon shines because of the sun ? Do you really believe that the atmosphere spins
        along with the earth at 1000 mph at the equator and hardly anything at the so called poles ? Do airplanes fly slower against the rotating atmospere ?

        Flat earth physics is totally believable. Water on the earth is always level. Water can not bend around the outside of an object- it is an impossibility. That is Physics! Even gravity is only a theory. Apples fall down to earth because they have weight and heavier than air.

        • Anonymous

          Totally absurd! “The earth spins at 1000 mph and nothing flies off of it?”
          Yeah Jupiter spins 3 times each day at thousands of miles per hour
          and nothing slings off of it! Duh, I wonder reckon why not? Do you
          think maybe because it also has the largest gravitational force of all
          of the planets? So let us now assume that gravity pulls all material
          downward from the large mass that each planet has. Duh!
          On a sphere, gravity will pull things towards it’s center of mass,
          (meaning the center of the planet). So if you have water on a planet,
          it is pulled towards the planets center of gravity, or it’s center.
          On a sphere, if you add water to it, no matter where you are standing,
          it is going to gravitate towards the center okay? It can’t slide off of the
          side, as you think.. You are thinking in 2 dimensions! Think in 3 dimensions!
          There is no place for it to slide. There is not more gravity in the south
          of the globe for it to slide toward.. How silly of you.. You can’t use a balloon
          to demonstrate this principle, as you are being influenced by gravity
          within a gravitational field. So you can’t demonstrate it using an existing
          gravity field to demonstrate a different gravitational field.. So you guys
          quit using that lame excuse as it (holds no water LMAO).. Go out into
          weightless space and try that, and you will see that indeed water will stick
          uniformly to a sphere, but ya can’t do it on earth with it’s gravity pulling the
          water towards it’s center of mass… So think in 3 dimensions, and think really
          hard! Gravity pulls things to the center of it’s mass, water included. The
          mass of the sphere spreads water (and everything else) out evenly
          across the sphere. It’s just that easy kids, now ya know!

          • Vic

            Gravity is only a theory. So, your gravity can hold everything down on the earth,
            yet it can’t hold down a butterfly from flying.

        • Anonymous

          And yes the atmosphere goes around the earth at the same 1000 mph.
          Why would it not? Just as gravity pulls things downward, the atmosphere
          is being pulled downward as well. Gasses do not just defy gravity and
          stay in their own little happy place as you suggest, but are also being
          pulled downward constantly. So weather is caused by the gasses in
          the atmosphere in a tug of war with gravity, and sunlight. They are
          in a constant state of variants, that pull them downward, and also
          heat causing them to rise. Low and high pressure systems are
          created by heat from the sun and also cooling by the arctic air
          flows. But just as water is drawn toward the center of gravity,
          so are the air molecules. Wherever they are at the moment,
          they will naturally go downward. Since a gas expands with heat,
          only so many molecules will be closer to the center of gravity
          and the rest are floating above, via convection. But they
          will stay with the mass pulling on them.. Since the earth
          is spinning, so will they spin with it!

          Now you flatbrains, have the matter of things spinning off the earth??
          The earth is very large.. Even though 1000 mph seems fast to you,
          it isn’t all that fast on a planetary scale. You need to think larger, for
          your brain to “get it”. Yeah, if you were on a merry go round at 1000 miles
          an hour, you’d surely fly off! But let’s take your merry go round, and
          make it 24,000 miles in circumference. Now get on it and see what
          happens at 1000 mph! Now because it is so big, 1000 mph takes it
          a long time to go around just one revolution doesn’t it? In fact it takes
          a whole day in relationship to the earth’s time frame. Now your
          thousand miles an hour turns into a nice slow pace.. And remember
          the wind will be going the same speed around the slow 24,000 mile
          merry go round with you, so you won’t be blown off of it by the wind.

          Have a great day! Just sit back and enjoy your ride on the 1000 mile
          per hour spherical earth!

          • Vic

            Gravity is only a theory. So, your gravity can hold everything down on the earth,
            yet it can’t hold down a butterfly from flying.

            You have no concept of mechanics and motion. The larger diameter of a wheel
            has a surface speed far greater than the surface speed of a small diameter wheel spinning at the same speed.

      • slcschaser

        Good questions, that is critical thinking the way it is meant to be. But you have to ask yourself: Do physics really work (as you mention) marvelous for a convex earth and how can i check this information for myself? We all understand that we alone cannot go into space our self, so we rely on money making machines called Nasa, Disney and ESA (and more big companies) who have the ability to make videos which cannot be checked for real and authenticity. Because they lack to upload real time video from space (not the cgi bullshit in a water tank) is a hint on its own. Something is very wrong.

        • Endtime

          Th Earth floats in the balance of gravity and centrifugal force.
          Around it is rather empty space plus a moon that by the same physics encircles the Earth and further out there other planets floating by the same means.
          Things do not fly of the spinning Earth because of gravity. Unless they get a kick by means of, e.g., rocket thrust. Then thy do.
          The moon reflects sunlight as very clearly seen in eclipses.
          Now explain to me how the flat Earth theory works.

          • Anonymous

            Do any of these people own telescopes? I didn’t think so!
            I know most of them think that the stars are all painted on
            a dome, but if that is true, WOW what a cool painting!
            Not only can you see the stars close to you, but pull out
            the telescope and you will see stars behind stars behind stars
            so far it’s unbelievable! What a cool painting huh? And it’s
            also animated too! Watch the planets spin around and around,
            in circles on the painting! How cool is that? And watch the
            moons go around as they orbit the planets too! Now that is
            one heck of a painting! Then that painting can spit things out
            at you too! Yeah, watch a meteor come shooting out of it
            like happened that one night and damn near hit my pickup truck!
            I had to swerve to miss it hitting me! Watched it fall out of the
            painting on the dome, and it comes all of the way down to
            the road and it almost hit me! That is the greatest interactive
            painting I ever saw! And if they are painted stars, what makes
            them twinkle? Hmmm, I have to think about that one.. On
            a normal painting, they would kind of stay the same, but they
            all twinkle and stuff.. Hmm, wonder how the painter got them
            to do that twinkle stuff? And talk about an animated painting,
            did you see it when Halley’s comet crossed by on it? That
            was another cool animation! I just want to know, how a
            painting can shoot meteors at you? Someone please explain
            it for me.. And tell the painter, that’s not funny trying to bean
            me in the middle of the night with his painted meteors.. I damn
            near wrecked my truck!

    • Anonymous


      Astronomy According To BIN.

    • Snowball

      Russia, Italy, France, Japan, China, England, they are not all lying.

      The earth is ROUND.

      Transglobe Expedition circumnavigated the POLES.

      please, stop feeding the animals, kids.

      • DistantCousin

        as you say, “Stop Feeding the Animals”
        I have to admit, the number of clicks is
        utterly amazing. Maybe “amazing” isn’t
        exactly the right word. Maybe “Inconceivable”
        or “Tragic” would be a little more correct.


    • Daniel Jackson

      Flat earth views really are for morons, you can fly around the world by aircraft and come back to the origin point of you trip. We can view the earth from space via satellite and prove it is an orb.

      You can aim a directional antenna at a station around the world from two directions, front and back, when conditions allow the signal to travel around the world both ways.

      If you want to believe the world is flat well that’s your choice, but I would not bet my soul on it.

    • Anonymous

      the clouds inside and out of the solar circle, top video, dont coincide. therefore, fake.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Yeah baby, the sun is just around the corner 9.3 miles, so just reach out and touch it.

    • Substantial Evidence

      Aw, how cute.

      You want science to be wrong so that you can keep pretending that fairies and unicorns might be real right?

      Hahahaha, oh you kids.

    • Rollo57

      One question has always bothered me, If the sun is where they say it is, and it’s hot [100 degrees] @ ground level, why when a plane reaches altitude say 35,000 ft, do the wings ice up?
      Surely it would be warmer, the nearer we got?

      • Substantial Evidence

        Because the air is thinner the higher up you go, so the heat cannot transfer through it as easy.

        Thats also why when traveling all the way into space, things dont burn up, the lack of air, means lack of heat transfer, and being the close to space, means cold.

        • DistantCousin

          There is a huge piece of the formula about the atmosphere
          that flatters leave completely out. That is drag coefficient.
          It is the main piece they leave out to ridicule atmosphere
          models. A vacuum has 0.0 as a drag coefficient.
          Hence an atmosphere has no resistance against turning at
          a speed identical to the ground. A weird formula would be
          the Drag Coefficient from Mountains, trees, and assorted
          aberrations, compared to a 0.0 drag coefficient for the
          vacuum of space. After thousands of years, it is guaranteed
          the air mass would move with vague consistency with the
          earth mass under it.

          This is my next project.
          RR :cool:

          • Anonymous

            Yes Cuz, I have tried to explain that to them
            a dozen times over the last year or so. That
            the atmosphere would always spin at the
            same rate of the earth, with all of the
            items sticking up above ground over
            a long amount of time. Just goes in one
            ear and out the other, as usual.

        • Nanar

          you also have heat transfer by radiation, otherwise we would be living on a ball of ice even with an atmosphere.

    • I.P.Dailey

      :arrow: :arrow: :shock: WATCH, your view count SKYROCKET! With the BEST CLICK BAIT available on the internet!
      Most Everyone wants to ARGUE with you, about THE FLAT EARTH!! (While the actual HEBREWS, may only have the truth :lol: :lol: )

      • Knarlydawg

        I. P. 2

    • Nanar

      If the sun was indeed a small thing like 400 miles above us, any plane flying up there would be cooked by radiation and instead of having a temperature decrease when going up, you would be nicely crunchy fried.

      the power to heat the world of such a small thing would be enough to roast us where we are standing, not even counting radiation, further more, light distribution would not be as it is.

      For f***s sake, think a little bit.

      • Anonymous

        Experiments with shadows have shown the sun and the moon to be roughly 3000 miles up and circling us just like the Yin and Yang symbol. Airplanes fly at about 35, 000 feet. Big difference.

        • Nanar

          Shadow of the sun varies with season and also where your are on earth… Same for the moon (except the season part).
          I’m keen on seen the trigonometry and applied logic to reach such a conclusion.

          There has been experiment with shadows by greek mathematician and philosopher (don’t remember his name). Shadow measurement at 2 distinct locations (greece and egypt) at the same time in the year… He concluded that the earth was round and put into question “earth center of universe thingy”… And that was way before Copernicus and likes.

          Besides, would it be a ying yang rotation around earth, you’d have no eclipse so…yeah…bummer.

        • ROSEBUD


          Really now… the sun is roughly 3000 miles up? Airplanes fly at about 35,000 feet..

          Big difference. sure sure..

          Plane flies through sun in your first youtube vid here. yeah ok, tell me another one.

          Nothin but truth here, right? I guess clouds are 3000 miles up also. and that’s one enormous plane, relative to the sun.

          “Youtube is better for getting to the truth.” – Anon/64/440

          • The Clucker

            I doubt Anon 64/440 will respond to that. It sure is hard to trump common sense, but these flat Earth folks sure are a persistent lot.

        • ROSEBUD

          Still cracks me up thinking about this.. The sun, 3000 miles up..

          That’s roughly the distance from Maine to California. Less than a six hour flight.

          Takes me about 17 hours to get from NYC to South Africa. Holy Crap.

          I coulda gone to the sun, and back, and to the sun again in that amount of time. wow!

    • Daughter of the Church

      Flat-earth is often attacked by means of “sciences”.
      Sciences cannot prove that the earth is neither a globe, nor flat. It is evident that all space programs are multinational hoaxes, and that the strange multinational antarctic treaty appears to have been made in order to hide something big. We are therefore now back to the beginning.

      Can people from the science community be fooled? not necessarily. Mathematics may be exact from different starting postulates. An such it is for geography or astronomy. The numbers may match within the black board, but with completely different results outside of the black board. For example an architect may built a perfect structure on sand. The tower of Pisa is such an example.
      God almighty might have held the tower of Pisa in one piece for centuries until now in order to prove that an architect had done a honest job within his trade, while not knowing his world around.

      • Nanar

        Well you know, also simple observation can be used. For example you could watch a cruise ship leave shore with binoculars and see it “vanish bottoms up”.
        And no, not all space programs are “hoaxes”, if you had a telescope you could even see the ISS up there. It’s actually pretty cool.

        So yeah, science did show the spherical nature of earth by indirect observation before it was confirmed.

        I’d easily admit that if nobody had explained it to me, I would have probably never seen the round earth by myself (probably would not care also).

        ps: theology is also a science.




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