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Son of a B! Absolute Proof More Than One Shooter! Listen to This Video! Undeniable! (Video)

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The second shooter was not even near the casino!This video capture leaves NO ROOM FOR DOUBT! Absolutely more than one shooter. You can hear the shots nearby and far away! MUST SEE/HEAR THIS! I am now a BELIEVER , I get it: we citizens are being SO lied to, and the dead shooter sure was a patsy!


You can also see the muzzle flashes in the her rearview mirror. MUCH more shooting then captured in any of the other videos I’ve seen. This capture is PRICELESS & should be shown on national TV! Share this with everyone you know! Truth must prevail!

UNREAL & Unseen footage Vegas Mandalay bay…. wait for it

Source BP News


Source SGTReport

Hillary slammed for ignorant gun remarks after Vegas tragedy

Source Fox News


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    • Busta Myth

      Hmm, sounds more like an Echo to me

      sound will bounce around in amongst tall buildings and that second sound (the echo) seems like it the exact same length as the first sound which is obviously much much closer to the camera

      the chances of having two separate blasts of machine guns (from supposedly two shooters) with the same length (aka amount of bullets) is probably pretty slim

      echo echo echo imo

      • Pink Slime

        Agreed. I have experienced this echo myself. If it echoes off angled walls it can make that angled wall seem to be where the noise is coming from.

        Sorry, but it’s true. Witnessed this phenomena myself where I live. :twisted:

        • The Real Deal

          Shut up, asshole. You have witnessed shit. Just be quiet for a little while and stop trying to know everything, or one up everyone. F*cking putz. If you listen to more than 5 seconds of the video, you can hear shots fired in the distance. The video is 18 minutes long. If you can muster up the time to watch an 18 minute video without being a bitch and trolling this site for that long, you might learn some shit.

          • Pink Slime

            Is there an echo here? Thought I heard one? :lol:

      • Arte Vespule

        Sure it could be echos. BUT. Watch for the muzzle flashes you can see around the 4th floor or so. Certainly no where near 32…

    • 2QIK4U

      Ignoring the echoes you can still easily tell more than one is overlapping. Not often but it seems the gunmen got to excited and revealed themselves with poor timing plus he would be the quickest reloader in history and old to! WoW Pensioners with Grey hair and fat guts aren’t very nimble

      • Anonymous

        Yeah and one of them sounds like an M60. No way did he sneak one of those past the Hotel Camera and security.
        Sounds like just recordings to me.

    • jdpent01

      jdp…Just like the 9-11 event corrupt powers will prevent the truth from coming out immediately.

    • Everette

      Hitler called for gun control before he started his manicure of the tribe of Judea . If we really want to solve this problem , then I will give what needs to be done . The night before Isis bragged they were going to do something like the night club shooting in Vegas . The supposed lone shooter was 30 years old when he joined the Muslim brotherhood so Isreal news states . They even give his new Muslim name he received . Ok back to Isis . Russia and Iraq who shot down our helicopters for carring goods to Isis troops told the American people Obama and Hillary started Isis . Heck to prove it 6.1 trillion dollars was missing from the pentagon before O nut case left office . Isis got new Toyota pick up trucks , surface to air missiles , modern American weapons . Where the hell did all that come from ? Obama and Slithering Hillary that who . So Isis is claiming responsibility for the Vegas shooting . So like all cases we must go to the head people responsible for its creation and actions . That being Obama and Hillary . Then we must jail them until trial for Treason . Then those paying for America destruction like Soros and the elite bankers , the Pope , the queen and Hitlers daughter Angel Merkel must also be dealt with . All evil factions that pertisapated in trying to bring down America must be dealt with . I don’t care if most of congress and the senate is in volved . If we do not deal with those creating the cause first then this carnage will continue . They all must be removed and dealt with ! If not expect more crap to come ! Plain and simple ! Notice they want your guns ! Why ? Because just like Hitler it’s easier to round you up with less fight and murder you , because they will have guns ! This event is an evil agenda and those that created it and caused it must be dealt with . Heck save the tax payers money and sent out our elite team like we supposedly did with Ben Ladin ! This evil has got to stop ! Oh and about the drugs that was also mentioned , the Bush and Clinton cartel helped establish it in America ! They got paid well to bring in the Mexican drug cartel . See the biggest reason Clintons , Obama , Bushes and the pope want gun control is so you have no power to stop their murdering , stealing and destruction of whomsoever they wish ! It’s said Hillary has 49 dead people from her list alone . Obama was setting up drones to take out Americans ! I think I remember 30,000 now flying in America spying on us and capable of missile strikes and gun fire . And these asses want gun control ??? Hang their asses for Treason !!! Help put a stop to evils against Americans !




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