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Child Porn Legalized In Britain, Bring Back Public Hangings Now! PizzaGate

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      The lie is the police cannot keep up with the number of offences is because the political elite keep the funding of the police to a level that prevents the police from investigation and arresting offenders. The reason the police are under staffed by holding back needed funds is that the elite politicians want pedophilia in their country to placate the violent sexual ISIS/Muslim perverts on account of the fact the elite politicians have been engaging in a 10 year plan to get Muslims of that ilk to be friends of the UK, for the future is Miuslim regarding using them as proxy mercenary groups like they have been doing with the ISIS group being using them in syria as an example of their value and of course it is known from headlines the political elite have been inveigled into child sex as a blackmail scheme to keep them in line as a way similar to the mafia keeping its members under control by having new members make their bones by murder, the elite want pedophilia, they want the ilk of muslim to groom them for proxy mercenaries.

      • Andy

        police are supposed to serve two primary purposes – 1) prevent crime 2) solve crime

        our beloved pollyticians have corrupted our police forces the world over, they no longer prevent crime at all and only solve about 30% of crimes – what they do now is earn revenue for a bankrupt government

        the Australian govt takes in 2 BILLION annually in traffic fines, i’ve no doubt the UK would take alot more and the US more again

        all our global problems come down to ONE thing – corrupt career pollyticians and so the corruption flows from the top down

        the solution? retirees for pollyticians! QUALIFIED elder statesmen/women who have already done their career and already earned their fortune and are willing to spend a few years in service to their nation for nothing more than the average national income

        • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

          I had an active duty state patrol officer tell me, “We seldom prevent any crime. We’re just there to clean up the mess.”
          Not joking at all.

    • Anonymous

      There is an affiliate marketing link, at the bottom of the story, where you’re being prompted to move to Panama. Is the OP or filmmaker downloading, from there. Are you realistically going to visit BiN, go into a panic, and leave the country, so he gets a finder fee. :neutral:

      The vast majority of people, making protective comments, are not patriarchal, in practice, and do not shield their most vulnerable family members from the most culpable people groups. Far more mental energy is put toward fantasy purges, which haven’t been seen, for 150yrs, than toward the real household of the here-and-now. He is saying to hang, when he won’t discriminate, be a social engineer.

      Bet dollars to donuts.

      How would you live your life, if you thought that this has been the way of the world, for all times, that this is where you will be stuck, for 500 years, or into the unforeseeable future, or forever. These are the people, who you will have to live among, and everything you have to work with, is directly in front of you.


      Britain is a disgrace, just like America.

    • Pink Slime

      What?? If this is true then Britain will soon get attacked and lose the next war. The country will devastated and Britain will be DESTROYED.

      This once great country that once ruled the 7 Seas and nearly every country and set the standards of proper behavior has come to this?

      Where is the Royalty in this? One is marrying a divorced Negress, the other did OK but has gone nearly bald in few days, it seems. Their father preferred an old hag to a proper Princess and the Queen seems to have married a witless moron.

      Their country has been invaded by religious retards and they are inviting even more of them in. I guess child porn is something bright in their day. :arrow: :neutral:

    • Andy

      we can’t keep up with all the murders, so we’ll legalise murder threats

      WTF????? :eek:

      kids in child porn movies are sexually abused so those pedo freaks can get their jollies – jail those who watch such vile abuse of innocent children, because with them jailed there is no longer a market for child porn

    • kisakmsd

      Just because they didn’t make a law to “Legalize” it, not arresting people or even taking them to court is essentially the same exact thing, and let’s people know they can get away with it. You cannot deny that, secondly it’s like the comment below… If murder rates are high, are you going to stop going after murders? Get real people. :idea:

    • Cousin_Jack

      Britain is all about money now, we have no police because they’d cost money. They’re more bothered with solving the crimes of 30 years ago than they are now

    • AmericaWakeUpNow

      Well there is a lot of evidence showing that the royal family is very active in a global elite pedophile ring!!!

    • IronMonkey237

      I think there’s some disinformation here in the article when they are saying there’s too many people online looking at child pornography to prosecute. They are probably being told to say that from people above them so now there is a way of letting pedophilia become legal in the online sense of the term. Also all these “refugees” that have invaded their country are known for their raping children (and anything that moves) and that would cause this disgusting uptick in child porn too. I agree with the public hangings. Hang em high.




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