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Top Casino Myths and Conspiracy Theories That You Must Not Fall For

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Top Casino Myths and Conspiracy Theories That You Must Not Fall For | roulette | News And Opinions

The world of gambling is full of some bizarre myths and conspiracies, some merely illogical while others are downright hilarious. Betting is almost always connected to luck as people continuously come up with irrational theories and falsehoods that can adversely impact your bankroll if exploited the wrong way. Every player has his/her own set of personal superstitions (wearing your lucky trouser, carrying a rabbit’s foot, etc.) depending on their cultural background and ethnicity. Here are some of the most prominent and weirdest casino superstitions, debunked for you:

The Deal with Hot and Cold Tables

Choosing a table at a casino is a task that involves lots of speculation and thought. For you see, some tables are “good” while some are “bad”. Sounds ridiculous right? Trust a gambler to judge a mundane entity and label it just because it strengthens his convictions of a win. According to this theory, a table once declared “cold” will always remain “cold” and hence prevent the players from winning a good hand. Yes, blame it on the table and not your rotten luck. Each roll of the dice or deal of cards is, in reality, a separate event altogether independent of the outcome of the previous game. It is us humans who try finding a pattern in this completely random arrangement of numbers and facts.

Extra Oxygen is added to the Casino Rooms to perk you up

You don’t need us to tell you that this is absolute hogwash! I mean, just think about it for a second, oxygen is a combustible gas. It makes things more flammable. Pumping more oxygen in a casino packed with cigarette smoke and alcohol would burn the whole place down faster than you can say “Dracarys”. The myth probably stemmed from a Mario Puzo novel called Fools Die where oxygen was pumped into a fictional casino named Xanadu (Fictional casino, being the keyword here). Casinos, however, do employ other means to encourage gamblers to stay longer in the games. Having no windows, no clocks, free drinks, and jazz music make you lose track of time and thus spend way more than you intended. 

Slot Machine Myths

Slot machines are perhaps the most hyped up in casinos and betting houses. Most people believe that the machines visible from the entrance pay off more than the ones situated at the back. Also, the players have higher chances of winning the jackpot if they choose new machines when compared to an old one. This myth stems from the prejudice that most houses follow different pay-out routes as per their convenience. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but all slot machines in a casino have the same built-in pay-out structure. Slot machines work on the RNG or random number generator framework, i.e., each time you spin there is a brand new number code that’s generated. 

Roulette Wheels are Remote Controlled

Imagine a scenario where a person (or lurker, as many would say) ends up winning a big jackpot out of a machine you recently abandoned. A rational person would blame it on chance while an avid gambler would find a conspiracy behind it. Some players claim about casinos hiding magnets inside roulette wheels to control the spin and position of the ball in such a way to avoid big pay-outs. According to these people, it is apparently a technique applied by casinos to earn more profit without having to pay a lot.

Roulette machines function mechanically and are regularly checked for any defects by a maintenance team comprising of professionals. The spin of the ball itself is an entirely random action that no dealer can influence.

Switching Seats in a Poker Game

Many gamblers have a fixed spot during a poker deal that they like to stick with as it apparently improves their chances of grabbing a good hand. Some players also believe that changing your spot during a game can boost your chances of winning. Unfortunately, both of the practices serve no purpose. The cards are dealt and distributed at random; each game has a completely new set of probabilities adding up. Your seating arrangement does not influence the kind of cards you want. However, switching seats can prove to be a smart move if you want to read your opponents. For instance, sitting to the left of an aggressive or impulsive player gives you an advantage as you can gauge how much a deal would cost you and place your bet accordingly.  

The Bottom Line

It is surprising how conspiracy theories, urban myths, and superstitions have emerged out of a sport that’s so prone to accurate calculations and some plain ol’ common sense. The problem is that mathematical probabilities though rationally correct can only predict the long-term results. For most players, impressing the lady luck seems to be a more natural alternative to immediate gains.

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    • Max

      This is a very informative post! I didn’t know a lot of things, frankly speaking, I haven’t ever thought about them! I like gambling, and I prefer playing slots. As I don’t have a possibility to visit the landed casinos very often, in most cases I play them at a live casino. But it is a great pleasure for me to play in the real casino! You have ruined a myth about slots, so I’ll bear it in mind for my next visit to a casino. Thanks!

    • Savanah

      Nice article. I am playing casino as well and played one at . It’s a new option for me, I used to play poker and going to play more next year.




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