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MSM Host Admits Live on Air: We Lied and "We're Gonna Do it Again"

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Are you kicking yourself cause you didn’t get on the bitcoin train?

Let’s go over some interesting, and for some fake news organizations, very embarassing facts from the past week.

This week the bitcoin price soared to over 11k dollars.

Back in July of 2010, if you plunked down just one ben franklin for bitcoin, which at the time was selling for 8 cents, you would have been the proud owner of 1250 bitcoin.

Today, at a price of 10,600 dollars, that 100 dollars would have become over 13 MILLION in a little more than seven years.

If you invested 1000 dollars, you would have had over 132 Million dollars at your disposal.

Of course, hindsight is 2020 and there is no use living in regret for the things we could have done.

But just remember, unlike fiat currency which gets it’s value by the declaration of private international bankers who’ve taken over our money supply, crypto-currency value is based on a proof of work all recorded in a public ledger.

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    • Equalizer

      Fuc these TRAITORS!

      • Equalizer

        America, stop these lying satanic corporate media industrial complex pedophile traitors. They want your children.

        • Equalizer

          Have all of you liberal spineless worms forgotten what country you live in??? This is AMERICA. We are all “legal” immigrants fighting for freedom, liberty and justice for all humans. NOT justice for the treasonous wealthy…Clintons, Soros, Bush’s or Obamas. We are Americans. We will all fight together as one or die together separately on our knees. Wake up libtards.

          • 2QIK4U

            Damn right heath ledger. Wake em up

    • Don - 1

      When crypto coin holders want out at some future time, no one will given them real money. At that time the BitCoin will be worth about 5 cents…if that.

      Tulips guys…..nothing but tulips.

      • DK

        Since it is being used for trading in goods and services, they will have to go first. If you look at all the alt coins from litecoin down every single one has to be traded for bitcoin and noone in the real world will trade goods for them other than Dogecoin. The old proof is True + True = True, True + False = False.

    • spure

      nice find watson!

    • 2QIK4U

      Bitcoin will eventually screw everyone over because there always has to be a king. Then collapse the Kingdom and you own the world. Plus you all complain about the new world order and they’re taking away our Cold hard cash so we can privately do what we want with OUR money… Fk all cryptocurrency. Money. Gold. Or im getting seeds of all sorts and dissapearing and won’t need anything we regard valuable.

      • DK

        Our cold hard cash has been taken away every coin reissue since before Newton, because of Greshams law. Only when Newton took over the Royal Mint did good money and trust return. Since then there has had to be a reissue to replace the currency depreciated by wear and tear along with substantial fraud by the general public who find cheating more profitable than earning.

    • Ideas Time

      The people who are smart will cash in and convert it to food. guns, ammo and seeds. Like dot com extensions it is all electronic and worthless in the real world if the system collapse.

    • Just Dandy

      Time to make a list of all these satanic a holes on an online registry and then check it twice, before Santa Claus comes to town. I think if there was an actual list of satanist that could be referenced on a website these dick heads would look for dryer ground and get out of media!

    • cj

      “We lied and we’re going to do it again”? Are there some journalistic standards that need to be legally followed? No legal consequences for knowingly lying?


      I can’t believe how many morons watch this show on MSNBC.

    • cj

      How would that work at your place of business if you say to your boss…”we lied and we are going to do it again”?

    • adam

      I can understand shows,documentaries created before they air,it news is suppose to be live,truthful and unedited.Its appalling to attempt to call others morons,when their saying how stuffed they are and the mistakes they made with a turkey they probably haven’t even bought yet,and stuffed on something they haven’t even laid their eyes on.REALLY do these people have any morals or even the concept of journalism.So many real journalists gave their life,their freedom,their wealth for truth it’s an absolute disgrace the mockery they are doing to real journalism.In my opinion they should never be allowed to have a podium hooked to masses for deception ,it’s a crime.the word Moron in actuality should be directed their way.I use to think everyone had morals and some common sense but now it’s becoming apparent it’s a gift.what kind of example do they even set for their own children.Sad really




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