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Last Night All Out Nuclear War Almost Broke Out Which Brings up a Vital Question (Videos)

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WAR between China and the US is closer than ever before unless the two powers tread carefully, according to an expert.

United States and China ‘close to WAR’ as superpowers vie for global domination – DAILY NEWS

Source Dialy Mail

Last night “all out nuclear war almost broke out” which brought up a question ?

Source Paranoid Times

US and China ‘close to WAR’ as superpowers vie for global domination

WAR between China and the US is closer than ever before unless the two powers tread carefully, according to an expert.

US-China relations boffin Zhang Yancheng said the countries’ tense relationship risked throwing the world into a harrowing nuclear conflict.

He said: “A key issue for 2018 is whether we can avoid international conflicts and confrontation, and the relationship between China and the US will largely decide if the world can move past the current globalisation interlude.”

His comment were made at a panel on the relationship between China and the US.

Daniel Russell, former US assistant secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific Asia said the superpowers could be drawn into war over a major trade dispute.

He added: “The warning signs that point toward some sort of tough trade actions by the Trump administration towards China are unmistakable.

“Everybody loses by taking that step. When you factor in the prospect of retaliation, the situation gets a lot worse.”

China has beefed up its military as the threat of WW3 becomes a distinct possibility.

President Xi Jinping launched an onslaught of missiles in a brazen display of its military firepower amid unprecedented war drills at 4,000 army bases.

It came as tensions between China and Taiwan reach breaking point, with Beijing wanting to exert influence over its smaller neighbour.

His actions echoed North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un who has fired rockets – some of which are capable of striking the US mainland.

US supremo Donald Trump fears China will come to the secretive state’s defence if he launched an attack in a bid to cripple its nuclear weapons programme.

Kim has tested more nukes during his near seven-year-reign than his dad and grandfather managed in 63 years.

Source Daily Star





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    • dakota

      Wait to see what happens when the fallen angels don’t need any of these guys any longer.
      The fallen angels are not going to save the useful royal idiots (let alone all the joe shmoe, non blue blood useful idiots). They are going to kill all of them.

      • Anonymous

        :shock: :shock: :eek:

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      • my2pesos

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        • raisnbran

          his two worthless pesos is throwing the nonsense again–started drinking straight vodka—-oh gawd,save us from the worthless peso,please!!!!

    • Libsrloons

      I come to BIN for the fear porn

    • 2QIK4U

      Well thats all i need ! My bloody Samsung suddenly is a bomb!

    • digdug30

      In the UK the daily star is as unreliable as other tabloid newspapers like the sun and mirror, that being said which of them if any are reliable?

    • Bob DD

      Boring? Get the point clearly and concisely, without the computerized voice!

    • patann

      And I Heard In My Hearing, 01/13/2017, “one hour with the beast,” it’s why I keep reminding you, it is as the days of Revelation 17 and 18th chapters not only US soil, but all blood soil this world, beware, Apb,

      -According to bible prophecy fulfillment, Angel Gabriel 2004 and since Elohim God enforced the fall of Nimrod’s Babel and all kingdom to nation building before and since, no, we can’t avoid it. A seizure has been laid against or upon US soil to it’s world reign though that is no longer the issue, rather this act of normalcy bias that has me literally baffled at this inquiry. Will America by the hundreds of millions just sit idly by this immense, easy target just dreaming along such world leaders tug of nuclear war or did I just ask or answer a question, isn’t that what Americans do, dream their cataclysms away? Then you hear a cry as the days of four world rulers seen in a block, Asia, America, Japan and Russia, so 2002-2017, that fifty million will die, and America’s Trump soon become a Truexit along a commanded Moses day exodus he’s yet himself, to understand.
      -Does America carry itself like a nation in the kind of danger, my sources, God’s Throne/Word, it’s Christ Jesus, it’s Trump, Archangel, to heavens entire host has especially for the last thirty one springs warn and warn and warn that they’re now in? Not only giving them a timetable of set desolations to demolition gone into fruition expiring October/November 2017 but here lately beginning with November 25th. It is to cast this come last days little Miya girl of apocalypse either this curse or this divinity along a Matrix of ten day counts and the Bride is kind of up in the air literally wondering why it’s still here, well, why it’s still here physically? When spiritually Jesus’ Millennium descended into a Hussein world reign, 2016, so before America’s Trump even took office, I, know, lean not unto thine own understanding, just get Jesus and get out of it, beware, Apb The RAM,


      So basically it is business as usual?




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