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Bill Cooper's Chilling Warning After Columbine Shooting, Watch for the Rose, That's When the NWO Will Make its Move (Audio and Video)

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by N.Morgan

The most recent school shooting in Florida has awakened a haunting prediction made by William Cooper shortly after the Columbine massacre.

“Watch for the rose presented at a future school shooting, it is then that the NWO will make its move”.

From Jim Stone @ http://JimStone.IS

Here is Bill Cooper’s broadcast after the Columbine shooting.

There is no wonder why he is dead now. In this (two hour) broadcast, he talks about “the rose”, and when we see it in a future school shooting that it was a symbol that the New World Order was ready to make it’s move.

We saw this rose come forward with the “valentines day shooting” in Florida, but everyone thought it was simply done because it was valentines day.

Not so, the rose, according to Cooper, is the symbol of the New World Order, the birth of their new world order, when it is finally realized.

Cooper also goes over how the shooting would be used to take our rights away, and how secret societies were involved with Columbine.

Keep in mind Cooper said this 20 years ago. Quite the warning I’d say, this truly is time to lock and load.

William Cooper Predicted Parkland, Columbine and Sandy Hook School Shootings

These orchestrated events are designed to terrify the masses and use that fear to get legislation passed that would otherwise never get passed or even considered.

The agenda is clear, destroy the 2nd Amendment, take guns away from the citizenry and enact laws that would make it the government’s responsibility to protect you.


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    • Knarlydawg

      WOW ……………. N. Morgan I never thought I’d see you steal another person’s posting and post it as yours. My post of this item, the rose picture. the “From Jim Stone @ http://JimStone.IS” and “″ are right off my Tuesday, February 27, 2018 ….03:17 posting. Oh yes I did see the obscure link to my post at the very bottom. Thank you so much ! ,,,,,,,, and you are so welcome for the material. Sorry but you just lost a fair amount of my respect for you.

      • Anonymous

        Wowie zowie!! An unscrupulous click ho? Impossible! Say it ain’t so! What next? Fake news? Heaven forbid! Remember the BIN sage advice to advertisers:

        “Advertise With Us! Start reaching readers who get their news FIRST from a trusted source,!”

        N. Morgan really does need to be more careful. The remnant of us left, who haven’t been beheaded by FEMA in a Walmart parking lot or perished in the many outbreaks of WWIII, are counting on getting that news the Jesuit Illuminati Jews have scrubbed from the rest of the web, now more than ever!

        Yes, my respect for the august body of “reporters” here (cough, cough) is also becoming tainted by this outrage you point out.

        • Anonymous

          OH, NOES!!!!! OH, NOES!!! I had heard that BIN was up for a Pulitzer because it’s news has been so trustworthy in this day and age of *** FAKE NEWS ***. I think it was supposed to be for its reporting of Nibiroobooboo as they have pretty much beat every scientific and astronomical journal there is in promoting this jewel. Followed closely by “My Basketball Coach Is A Bigfeets” and “We Are Entering Thirty Days And Thirty Nights Of Darkness”. Plus, “My Wal-Mart Is Now A FEMA Head Lopping Camp” is always good.

          I know if I had a corporation, say like Google, I would want to advertise in BIN. (cough, cough). :smile:

          • Anonymous

            Yes, just think of how Google could be growing, as if not to mention a banner that could be a revolution for the Bigfeets arch support industry! And not just Google! The latest from Versace in full body foil wear, the comments Zionist paid shills would have Ron Popeil’s Ronco Handy Head Loppers flying off the shelves, then there’s your Gucci bugout bag, in the novelty line Sister Haven windup, chattering Mr. Ed teeth, and let’s not forget the children, the Hodge’s Mr. Potato Head, then for iPhone the John Rolls One-Click Swipe a Whole Web Page and One-Click Scary Headline Morphing apps, FEMA Rail Cars One-Way Tour Guides, Chatty Nostradamus dolls that say anything you want to make of it, just pull the string…

            • Anonymous

              Brother Anonymous,

              You have given me a lot to think about here with your comment. For one thing, I had NO idea that Ronco made the headloppers. AND THAT’S NOT ALL!!! The Gucci bug out bags would be selling BIG TIME in the BINNERLANDS but I haven’t even heard about them!!! AND THE SCARY HEADINE APPS WILL CHILL YOU TO YOUR VERY BONE!!! As Sister Heaven would tell you. :smile:

            • Anonymous

              And now another jackass kike. I love it. This be BillyP. Trick Do Not Get It Twisted. Kike Fag.

          • Anonymous

            Do you know what you need Trick51? How about some Goy nuts in you kike mouth. This be BillyP.. Kike.

            • Anonymous

              Hi, Billy! How was your Bar Mitzvah? Hope it went well. Sorry to keep your Mom out so late, but you know how it goes, Jew Boy. She is hell on wheels if you know what I mean. A Jewish goddess. :smile:

            • Sean

              @Anonymous & Itch51.

              MEEOOOWWW. :lol: girls please. :lol: Itch51 will this cat fight be live from the Mandalay bay hotel & casino?


    • Knarlydawg

      You plucked some things that were not in Jim Stone’s original post at his web site, so it was a bit obvious what was done.

      Now that I’ve vented my two cent’s worth ………. it’s water under the bridge.

      I will say that the message is more important than the poster so I’m happy to see the message getting the higher # of views in your piece.

      • Anonymous

        Ummm…I don’t know if you are brand new here, but this is the way BIN rolls. All reporters or most of them anyway just steal other peoples work and don’t give them any credit whatsoever. You arfe very lucky she gave you an obscure link because most of these click-ho’s don’t even do that.

        Sister Morgan must really love you, Knarly! But as to why you woulld respect any of these click-ho’s would be my question.

    • Anonymous

      “They” are lying thru their teeth. We totally cannot trust our government or the MSM. One must now wonder what is the connection to Google/YouTube and Silicon Valley’s lackey in Congress, Ro Khanna to the 17 murders in Florida:
      Youtube Removing Video of Parkland Student Who Claimed There Was Second Shooter

      Note – We Have Seen TWO Other Videos Of Male H.S.Students Stating They Definitely Heard Shooting. Going On In 2 Different Locations – Those Videos Are Now GONE
      Questions Emerge Over Florida Shooter’s “Full Metal Garb” – Feb. 26, 2018

    • Deputy Dawg


      In recent months the FCC has allowed left leaning media outlets and social media platforms to censor conservative voices. SIGN THE WHITE HOUSE PETITION. Help force FCC to put a stop to this unfairness.

      • Anonymous

        They are not censoring conservatives, they are censoring *** FAKE NEWS ***. :smile:

        • Deputy Dawg

          Are you honestly that ill informed? Bro, I’m being neither condescending or facetious when I say I feel sorry for you. You’ve obviously got real problems. God Bless!

          • Sean


          • Anonymous

            No, I’m not disinformed at all. I was just taught critical thinking skills in graduate school. I can truly say that I now know what “ignorance is bliss” means. But if you think that articles like “The Sun Is Not Going To Shine For Thirty Days And Nights”, and “Comet Ison Is Being Controlled By Aliens And Is Going To Destroy Da ‘Erf” are good, well then more power to you. Bro. :smile:

            • Anonymous

              Just what are critical thinking skills? For as long as I’ve been around BIN, I’ve never heard of such a thing. Sounds like deep state code words for Area 51, Project Blueballs PSYCLOPS mind control, to me. I know! You’re a comments section paid shill of the Zionist New World Odor!

              So, when is comet Ison going to destroy da’ erf, anyway? I thought that already happened, that nobody was left but crisis actors, including me. Oh! I get it! That was a false flag destruction of da’ erf! Never mind.

    • my2pesos

      Search for Anti-Matter ~ The Aromatic Transfer……………….Anagram Genius
      Searches for Anti-Matter ~ Father Scent air Maestro
      Searches for Anti-Matter ~ Arch-Foe star Terminates

      • my2pesos

        The Search for Anti-Matter ~ In State-of-the-art Charmer
        The Search for Anti-Matter ~ Earth Mines threat Factor
        Searching for Anti-Matter ~ Tears fragmentation Rich
        Searching for Anti-Matter ~ O! Mastering then Air Craft

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#3,

      Charlie here. Good report. As you know, NOTHING riles Charlie up more than the right of you (as a citizen’s Militia) NOT to bear arms. Well, I told a white lie. Taking away me doughnuts! :lol: :lol:

      People don’t understand as a citizen’s militia we have the right to the same arms as any standing army would have. From Bazookas, to machine guns and even to tanks! We can’t be an effective militia armed with only pistols limited to 3 rounds, or AR’s with only 10 rounds, as many Democrap traitors want us to have. Already, Trump is going after bump stocks when he should be going after communist Democraps that want to disarm you as treasonous!

      Don’t understand Trump at this point. :mad: :mad: <- :roll:

      But the point, is America MUST and CAN NEVER be disarmed. That is why we REMAIN a free people. History has proven over and over again, from even a few short years ago, when tyrants get in control, they seek immediate disarmament of the people – THEN THE TYRANNY BEGINS! Millions are SLAUGHTERED unmercifoolly.

      Under NO PRETEXT are Americans ever to turn in their weapons or renege their right to bear them and you have NO legal obligation too. It's a necessary RIGHT, actually, to bear them. Because you can NEVER NEVER trust those you put in power.

      Even a Mr. Donald Trump! :cool: :cool:

      Another organization is warning that kids (Parkland students) are beginning to dictate the 2nd Amendment. A sign we are being ruled by women and children. Something I have warned about for years. No kid, (or Negro) should be telling US what to do. Sorry.

      And with that madam, I bid you adieu! Oh wait you're an Angle. A Charlie's Angle. The last one. You're a rare breed! Here, doughnut coupon. :lol: :lol:



    • Ideas Time

      The trolls are easy to spot. They use ridicule and sarcasm to taunt people. Ignore them.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone who does not think exactly like youl do and believe exactly what you do is a troll. That’s pretty obvious. :smile:

        • Anonymous

          KOS finally landed a trainee.

    • Anonymous

      Rut row. The the zio-fags got here first. Hey, Bitch51 were it you Manjewboy Toy. How about Get On These Nuts. This Be BillyP. Don’t get it twisted. Kikes.

      • Anonymous

        Hi, Billy. Hope you are having a great day. :smile:

    • CeeLeeRose

      Hmmm?-Very strange indeed, as I dont remember reading this in his book as it was many a year ago when last read?….My last name happens to be Rose…

      Ive unfortunately been enrolled in the MKULTRA/DELTA/NAOMI/ARTICHOKE-esque “Targeted Individual” program since 2010/2011-present. I am but one of MANY Americans being experimented on via DEW’s & other exotic weaponry/V2k-(Voice to Skull tech/Frey effect-Patent# 4877027-among many others)

      I happen to live on Whidbey Island, home of N.A.S Whidbey, an “Electronic Warfare” Naval Air Wing. T.I Aaron Alexis worked up there on base as a contractor before shooting up the Naval Yard back east due to exotic weapon targeting. According to our local Sheriffs report/Police blotter we seem to have a fair amount of people on this small-ish island all “Hearing voices” as well?

      During Oct-Nov-Dec of 2012 my numerous V2k “perps” were prompting 24 hours a day that I go do up a school for them, & that they would let me outtve “The program” give me a safe escape, freedom, drugs, money & girls if I did so for them-(ALL LIES)-.. The MCE “prompts” peter’d out around March as it FINALLY occurred to them it was a non-starter. The target was in a town named “Langley”. When I first moved to Whidbey island in 2004 I lived in a home within a neighborhood named “Sandy Hook” Coincidence? Not likely.. It was EASY to laugh off & tease my V2k perps as I have ZERO intent to hurt anybody or anything unless being put in a physical self defense type of situation. But the fact alone that some group of individuals WANTED this to happen here, to further erode our 2A rights & profit financially from the tragedy is absolutely disgusting. I believe they wanted a REAL one, closely followed by the NewTown FEMA CapStone exercise. That wouldve been enough to deep-six our 2nd Amendment. There was also an alternate individual out here on Island as well that weathered the storm just as I did….Their name will be kept anon until a future moment…

      The name “Adam Lanza” was mentioned to me via internal V2K chatter in >NOVEMBER< of 2012….I thought nothing of it @ the time as I was literally fighting for my life, & the V2k "Chatter" was a barrage of lies/names/stories/places & people. I was also to overhear the term that I was an NSA "Shooter on a shelf"…Which another U.K targeted Individual, Mr. Max Spiers-(RIP)- also heard via the same mechanism of action half way across the world….Imagine that?

      We had an individual named Arcan Cetin who did a mass shooting up @ the Cascade Valley Mall in Burlington, Washington in September of 2016. He lived here on the Island, in the same city the Naval base calls home-Oak Harbor…He also heard "Voices". He died in Snohomish Co. Jail before his trial…I drove past the crime scene on my way back home from the Vancouver B.C airport, returning from a trip to London the very day it happened….

      On Oct 24th 2014 a Washingtonian Tulalip tribal member named Jaylen Fryberg stole a registered, family gun & shot 5 schoolmates & himself dead @ Marysville-Pilchuck HS-(Maysville/Tulalip tribal lands Within eyesight of eastside Whidbey Island)- This shooting happened just one week prior to a hotly contested vote on Wa. State Initiative-594, a state bill to further regulate firearms….Coincidence? -Perhaps?….Covert Mind manipulation to commit such an atrocity?…Possibly?

      My targeting started shortly after outing via my LiveLeak blog that a FEMA/DHS Deputy Director-(Region 10/X-Wa,Or,Id,Ak) had a home here on the island within Langley city limits. One former AF Lt Colonel Dennis Hunsinger. As soon as I shared such. a for sale sign immediately went up on the property, & the sign/name on the private drive was changed. My gangstalking/organized harassment & V2K treatment started in earnest shortly after that LL blog post. My blog dealt with FedGovCo corruption, Zionist agendas, & pedo-rings @ local & high levels within our cities county, state & federal gov'ts. SOMEONE definitely didnt like what I had to share. My LiveLeak channel was self-terminated in 2012 due to extreme targeting…

      Then set-up bogus legal action was shortly undertaken by the Sephardic mother of a "Honeypot" daughter sent my way in April of 2012…Then in early 2013 a "Boston Brakes" style car accident, resulting in 4 broken lumbar vertebrae…No steering-No brakes-No airbag deployed @ a 55 mph 'accident" occurring on the Hebrew holiday "Purim" The very morning of the accident I was told via my V2k perps that it was my last day on the planet & that I had f*%#'d with the wrong people out here on the island…Five dead cats within a 2 year period with prior "Threats/Promises" Upon healing up from collision in April of 2013 yet another "Honeypot" was sent my way. Guess who? The tatted-up trashy daughter of two married FBI agents. Then an August/September 2015 trip to the E.R due to genital targeting. The pain made 4 broken vertebrae seem like childs play-again with a prior V2k threat/ & written promise "They" would do such to me if I didnt quit writing/commenting. The written "Threat" was made via a comment addressed to me (BMW) by an anon poster on the website "From the Trenches" in May of 2015. I kept writing that summer & paid the painful price for expressing my 1sr Amendment right.

      This last September before & during a trip to Austria/Bavaria my V2k perps were voicing 24 hours a day during Late August/September 2017 "We're going to take your guns away" X's 10,000 on a loop….
      I figured it was but yet another "promise" to take from me something I hold dear….
      After the Vegas debacle, Church shooting, & Parkland shooting, I now believe that it was a general statement for the American populace in regards to their 2A rights & not for me alone?

      What do all these school shootings/MCE's & cellular networks/Satellite communications share in common?

      ~They all started about when we were all busy getting plugged into the Cellular phone matrix. The human brain has no firewall when it comes to outside electromagnetic signals & frequencies…..REMEMBER that…A mind manipulation signal can be piggybacked onto a carrier signal & sent directly to YOU w/o you even having the slightest idea. Patents exist for R-emote N-eural M-onitoring via remotely acquiring an individuals EEG-(ElectroEncephaloGram)…..

      Can you say "Goodbye privacy/4th Amendment rights?"……Start practicing….Or start getting educated on the topic(s) & spreading awareness of these horrendous technologies….These technologies, both hardware & software are neutral in scope & breadth, & many actually have a plethora of positive applications, the only thing making them negative, or Service To Self oriented are the people that CONTROL, oversee & administer the military-grade technology….

      We have some serious "issues" out here on the island & within our nation that need addressing, or we are going to lose it, as we are on a razors edge @ the present moment…

      ~"The Warp & The Weft"~ A Targeted Individuals Story…LiveLeak UserName: "KrasnayaZvezda"


      • my2pesos

        I lived in your neck-of-the-woods from the ages of 5-14. (Nice place to grow up in the 70′s)
        Something in Common ~ Son Might O Mnemonic……………..(17)……….(AG +)
        Mnemonic: A device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assist in remembering.

        • CeeLeeRose

          Washington, or this freaky lil’ island?

          You caught a great time to grow up around here in the 1970′s…I caught but a smidge…Born 12/25/1974

    • jdpent01

      He is so wrong the middle class is not begging to do away with the 2nd 2ND AMENDMENT, just the opposite,no matter what happens.It was not an after thought that we have a 2nd amendment Its there for a reason, Government Tierney , citizens defense against rouge gov’t. and then some.

    • Canderson

      The Caesar UN half Moon also.

    • diane

      This nightmare has been going on in the form of targeting many americans. Is it not time that we look at this problem. We targeted people have been EMF, poisoned, drugged, microwaved, besides tracking and various implant devices.

      We need our follow americans to help us, please listen to us. Have us on your shows to share what is happening.

      This will to be allowed to be on your site minutes, you will see.




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