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Conspiracy Theory About Walmart Now a Proven Fact: U.S. Senator Denied Access…

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By Lisa Haven


When congressman Jeff Merkley attempted to enter a Walmart in Brownsville, Texas, he was surprised by an employee who denied him access into the facility.

The reason? Because the Walmart had been converted into a detention facility that housed children immigrants. Something that ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been screaming was happening since 2010, when Obama merged Homeland Security with Wal-Mart. All that and more below… 


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      • Anonymous

        You don’t happen to have a credible link do you? Like something outside of BIN and not an article written by yourself? Just wondering here, but I just can’t find any FEMA prisoners in my Wal-Mart. A lot of TV’s, though. :smile:

        • PaulTarsuss

          For you, the world HD.

          But I’ve heard it said, that the world is not enough.


          • Anonymous

            Hey, I was just asking a question here. Sorry. :smile:

            • PaulTarsuss

              Hey no problem.

              However, it’s not like BIN doesn’t have it’s share of trolls who make comments just like yours who simply can’t or won’t see the forest for the trees. Anyone who ‘actually’ clicked on the link I provided, will find an article FILLED with links to credible (to those with critical thinking skills) EXTERNAL sources of information.

              It’s easy to dog an article one has not read, it’s many links to FACTS remaining unexplored. It’s the bread and butter of the lazy mind.

              One thing the trolls ALL have in common, is that they dog on BIN and “BINNERS”, always ragging on the info….yet they N-E-V-E-R have the kiwis to provide even a glimpse, shadow, or even a whisp of remotely intelligent criticism as to exactly WHY they find the information inaccurate. This is the single most defining signature that instantly identifies one as a troll.

              For most trolls, this is because they ‘know’ that they would be buried in an avalanche of FACTS that highlight just how ignorant, dismissive, judgmental, or minion like a being they’ve let themselves become.

              No offense to you personally.

              For example, here’s a link to a non BIN affiliated website, (which most BIN articles contain, just FYI)….



    • Busta Myth

      WallMart OWNS one of the biggest Supermarkets in the UK …ze Germans OWN Two of the other biggest Supermarkets in the UK

      and the German Company BAYER…of the NAZI IG FARBEN AUSCHWITZ CARTEL from WW2 just bought Americas MONSANTO GMO POOP GROUP

      • PaulTarsuss

        Spoon served SSL encrypted html links from outside BIN, or it didn’t happen.

        You know HD’s personal rule.

        How unkewth.

        • Busta Myth

          What are you on about ?

        • Anonymous

          It’s not that I don’t believe everything that I read in BIN. You know, Wal-Mart FEMA camps, head loppers on death trains, Nibiru crushing us, and Yellowstone blowing up. I mean I believe all of this when I read it in BIN but sometimes I like a link to off site evidence. Just occasionally. :smile:

          • PaulTarsuss

            Truth is where you find it HD. That you whine about the lack of “offsite links” shows just what a troll you are, man.

            BIN is LOADED with them. There’s more TRUTH on BIN than the whole of the cwhoreporate media combined. But you wouldn’t know that because the lazy mind won’t be bothered to dig just a little for it. But that won’t stop you from visiting BIN….

            Because you loves your fake news, even if it’s just to complain about it.

            Life’s a gamble, tis true, but if one is always rolling craps, perhaps ‘vegas’ is not for you.


      • DK

        I now work for them(the UK version ASDA), the usual building dates from the 1970′s and is simply entered by fire doors released by magnetic switch from the inside and combination maglock from the outside keycard combo, the cameras date from the 1970s and are all but useless for identification. As little as possible is spent on maintenence so the buildings are not fit for the role with the large backlog of repairs with multiple egress routes for escapees and breezeblock walls you can ram a jcb through. To turn a walmart into a camp you essentially have to gut a building full of essential supplies akin to a warehouse rather than say move into an empty warehouse, remove the racking and install prefab accomodation which is all you have to do along with an electrified fence within the building. We have 6 empty warehouses within 2 miles of my ASDA. It is the sort of Democrat thing, to spend 10 times what you would save on energy efficency and frankly government is guilty of making plans it never puts money into and spending on many pork barrel things that lose money like water through a sieve. In an emergency the first thing ASDA/WALMART will do is close just like when in 2013 the SNAP cards stopped working not least because if they have taken any money from government the first thing they would do is run off with it and declare bankruptcy so not to be liable for the workforce.

    • jdpent01

      If they left the Store alone with all its commodities then their will be food, clothing, etc., but who would be sent there?, O contract with Walmart/DHS, can it be ended? How/what has the relationship been made between them? detention of what? Where and how many are there?, it has the capability of being good or bad pending how any why its used, if for OFA mass riots may be good, or for catastrophic events Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, meteors, etc. Apparently its under military jurisdiction, HDS. The public needs to know from the authorities exactly whats going on here

    • SkynetKiller

      Hey Lisa.

      I have a youtube Channel and would like to interview you via Skype to speak about specific topics. please email me if you would like my youtube channel is healthy truth TV. thank you [email protected]




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