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Russian Scientist Disclose We Live on Flat Earth Under the Firmament

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  • Andy

    i see imbeciles just can’t let go their man-made fairy-tales

    flat earth? firmament? you sheeple need very special medical attention

    • 2QIK4U

      ;) :D

  • CUB4DK

    ” Russian Scientist Disclose We Live On Flat Earth Under the Firmament”…I say that this Numb Scull Russian Scientist was on the Sauce!
    A little bit too much of the VODKA, not so good for the brain cells ….hehehe

    Cheers, Uncle Hexy :grin:

  • CaptainPicardX

    This is a bunch of govtm psy op meant to distract people away from real shit like Steven Greer disclosure project… Zero point energy

    The earth is not flat… The earth is in a middle of a dark energy vortex, which attracts all surrounding matter across a span of millions of years.. and eventually end in a sphere

    Not flat

    You fucking mentally ill maniacs

    • Anonymous

      UPVOTE :smile:

    • Andy

      not dark energy, electrical energy

      Electric Universe Theory – once you get past the wall of deceit and the ‘pseudo-science’ propaganda you will find EU Theory to be a 1000 times better fit to what we actually observe in the universe than the current gravity-centric (GC) cosmological model. Not only observationally better, but experimentally too, as hundreds of natural electrical phenomenon have been reproduced in the lab with stunningly similar results compared to what we observe in the universe


      failed GC prediction – comets are chunks if icy dust, remnants of the formation of the solar system:
      comets are not chunks of dusty ice which warm and steam off as they approach the sun causing their tail as the gravity-centric model stated> Comets are in fact chunks of rocks interacting electrically with the solar system and sun as the Rosetta probe proved – EU theory predicted comets would be solid rock decades before the Rosetta proven it right – EU made an accurate prediction and GC (gravity-centric) failed in its’ prediction

      GC failed prediction – solar systems form of a gravity-powered accretion disk
      we can take piccies up to 14 billion light years away and NOT ONE ACCRETION DISK to be found, we also find stars forming all the time with no accretion disks

      google if you’re curious to know truth

      naturally the tens of thousands of scientists still on the wrong, gravity-centric gravy-train want to make EU Theory look like pseudo-science. However the more you investigate, the more you see it actually fits and does not have to invent magical things like dark matter and dark energy to fill in the gaps

  • Jango

    Anyone who can use a calculator and do basic math can figure out the shape of the earth. It’s Not rocket science. But those that have been brainwashed with lies simply Cannot think and reason anymore as you can see by the above comments.

    • Justin Case

      No you can’t. Please explain your method of “proving” the Earth is a globe using math. I mean exactly. You are just saying that because it sounds impressive. It ain’t. The truth is you have no way to “know” the Earth is a globe or flat. NONE. All you know is what you have been told, just like the rest of us…

      • Jango

        You will find several mathematically based proofs at However with your attitude, I wonder if you will understand it. I hope you do.

        • Andy

          i wonder if you are capable of understanding that mathematics is nothing more than a language, and as with any language it can describe both fantasy and reality with equal aplomb

          maths in and of itself IS NEVER PROOF OF ANYTHING – observation and repeatable experimentation are proofs, nothing less

          and it seems you’re incapable of understanding the basic maths the Ancient Greeks utilized when they mathematically and experimentally PROVED the earth is a sphere AND rather accurately measured its’ circumference & diameter

          nobody has believed the earth is flat since then, except you religious delusionists

          i bet you recon NASA sent time travelers back in time to con the Ancient Greeks, so they’re in on the act too huh? :roll:

    • 2QIK4U

      Is that why NO MODEL of ANY FLATISM CAN’T MATHMATICALLY ACCOUNT FOR ONE SOLSTICE LET ALONE TWO… Your “simple math Should be able to figure that out….

      • Jango

        On my website I discuss it and show a mathematical answer to this.

        • 2QIK4U

          It can’t mathmatically account for both. One causes the other’s results to Change, again my statement stands

          • Andy

            he’s incapable of comprehending the simple maths the Ancient Greeks used to calculate the results of their observational experiments used to calculate the diameter and circumference of the earth some thousand of year before his fairy-tale was evenwritten

  • robertakonrad

    You watch the video, you see and hear it, you wish to unhear it. You want to find more go to space and stop spreading this nonsense! Like there’s nothing more interesting to discover :neutral:

  • wirkbot

    Responses to the latest flat earth theory video:

  • Anonymous

    Da ‘Erf is flat.

    Da Sun is a YUGE light globe only 96 miles from da ‘Erf.

    Da Stars are just itty bitty pricks of light behind YUGE black curtain.

    Obama, he been to Mars.

    Da Moon is only 21 miles away and der are aliens on the shady side.

    Nibiru going to smash us to jelly.

    This is astronomy according to BIN. So yeah, da ‘Erf is flat. :smile:

  • philosophers-stone

    Interesting to see which supporters of a theory get angry, those that are willing to look at the flat earth evidence vs those that refuse to consider the possibility of a flat earth. Which of those opposed do you think have actually looked at the evidence, used their own serious consideration about living on a spinning ball spinning at a thousand mph and hurtling through space at many thousands of mph or have just assumed a ball earth because that is what they’ve been told to believe. Either way, why is it that the ball earthers get so worked up and start name calling ? is it because they can’t handle the idea that they have been lied to ? is it because they are scared to look at conflicting evidence ? is it because they are not mature enough to ponder a question without resorting to infantile attacks ? Flat or Round, I doubt many will ever know if they are unwilling to look at the data. Do they also believe in father Christmas, The Lockness Monster, UFO’s, Jesus, Elves, Poltergeists ? which are all fantasies to some and probably real to others. It seems to me that getting so worked up over something that they’ll probably never know for sure is as bad as those that say “My book is better that your book”, “my god is better than your god”, “my religion is better than your religion” … They may even go to war about it. Which end do you open a boiled egg – the round end or the pointy end. And some of us wonder why the world is in such a state. :cool:

    • raisnbran

      the erf is f up because of total nut jobs trying to sound normal like phil who is always fruit cake,a joke of a pathetic human–data?!!!! nut job data trying to promote a fake agenda–total bull shett for fools

    • Andy

      you need a name change – idiot sheeple stone

  • Paul Revere

    :idea: :arrow: BIN BLOCKING STORY! DOJ Agents just made 2 DOJ Boeing 757 FLIGHTS from Little Rock to DC with Clinton Foundation Documents! Agents were seen loading Box for hours! MAKE VIRAL – Paul Revere!

    YES Flat Earth. NATO flat map shows the earty! Feathers are the ICE that is 50k miles long. Not a single photo of a round earth exists! Why no satalities or space junk ever photographed? Why does the sun look bigger when in a airplane vs 3 miles up if its so far away? why no real around the world trips, only northern hemisphere? Why no direct fliights from AU to south Africa? Closer to fly direct then their stop to destination? Pleanty of gas….

    • CUB4DK

      ” Not a single photo of a round earth exists!” ….are You telling me that if the photo is Flat, so is the Earth??…what have You been Smokin’?? :lol:

      I guess I will take a photograph of my Beach Ball and show everybody my Flat Beach Ball…hehehe

      • Andy

        poor education perhaps?

        i often had to raise this point with my (then) 4 yr old daughter – i’d show her a picture of a car and ask what is that – naturally she’d say it’s a car, and i told her no, it’s not

        she’d look at me quizically and think a moment,,,, it’s a picture of a car :wink:

        half a dozen reminders over a few months and that step in thinking was learned and incorporated

        sadly you can’t re-live your childhood Paul

  • 2QIK4U

    What would SMARTER EVERY DAY say? You know the people that took that PHOTO OF THE ISS ! THEY WOULD SAY THERE VIDEO HAS BEEN USED FOR BULLSHIT. He might be so pissed he makes a video about it ! :D

    • Andy

      it was a staged, set-up, CGI, swamp-gas powered weather balloon fraud – anyone with an IQ below 80 knows that

  • abba

    I think someone has been watching too many science fiction movies.
    The whole idea of saying ‘the earth is flat” refers to the frustration of stupid people who
    follow false ideas rather than truth.
    The earth is oblong, almost entirely round except for the gravitational pull which slightly alters it’s shape.
    And it does orbit the sun…. sheesh. I wish this website didn’t promote outright stupidity so much. There are a few articles that are pretty good on occasion.

    • Anonymous

      UPVOTE ^^^^^^^^ :smile:

  • DJ

    Scientific experiments performed to demonstrate the shape of the earth. Entire documentary available.

    • DJ

      I’ll try to post the link again…somehow it was omitted from my previous post.

    • Andy

      why would you need pseudo-science experiments to prove what you can plainly see in any satellite photo? – the earth, like all other cosmological bodies, is a spheroid

      and if you’re going to claim those photos are CGI, then you are also stating the the photos from your phone are CGI and NOT REAL, FAKED – because both cameras work in exactly the same way – composite pictures, unless you’re capable of looking at 12 million 0′s and 1′s (for one frame) and converting them into a picture in your mind, the software must convert the 12 million digital 1′s & 0′s into a picture for you

      not faked, not CGI but composite and as real as every photo you have on your phone

      ignorance + imagination = fairy-tales

  • DJ

    If the link to the documentaryabout the scientific studies about the shape of the earth didn’t post. The name of the documentary found on YouTube is Convex Earth the documentary. NASA lies. We’ve all been lied to. Have the courage to see for yourselves and examine the possibilities that this is one of the biggest lies ever used to make humanity feel as though we are insignificant in the universe and that God is very remote and removed from our daily lives. We have been lied to our entire lives. This is the great delusion. Explore the possibility if the truth matters to you.

    • StillWaiting

      Or maybe you are just a crazy person who believes in stupid things =P

  • Man

    The same russians who launched sputnik, thw first dog and man and woman in outerspace….



    They had to start lying since the first doctored fake photo of the earth that they shocased from space had no stars and also the fake movies Kubrik did of the astronauts in space showed no stars. So at the conference they had to say they saw no stars. Then at some point through the years someone slipped and said stars, so they had to go along with that too.




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