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In the Face of Pure Evil - JFK Jr Returns From Exile as He Takes Revenge for Father's Assassination and Surprise Stomps Dagger into Heart of Bush/Clinton Crime Syndicate

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JFK Jr Then Decapitates Pure Evil With a Magic Sword, Fulfilling 55 Year Path to Avenge Father, President JFK  – Deep State Shills Scream In Horror – Blogger (AKA Google) Censors Public Comments and Blogger Statistics – Severed Head of de facto corporation “United States” Reels In Horror and Gasps for Final Breath

We can reduce our problem into two groups of people.  Those fighting for truth and the full disclosure of the fraud that is the “United States Inc.,” a foreign domiciled for profit corporation, and those trying to conceal the truth by stopping at nothing to hide the fraud as they have all committed Treason on every level imagineable. 

The exposure of the truth means all the bad guys likely hang via capital punishment or line up to receive their very own complimentary firing squads for which they win a once in a life time opportunity to be on the “business end” receiving their accolades for their crimes. 


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Below, you will find the evidence I have discovered leading up to the return of JFK Jr from exile as he exacts his revenge against the Crime Syndicate for assassinating his father, President John F. Kennedy.

(below) The Federal Statute that defines the, “United States,” as a Federal Corporation.

 Split into two photos, above and below (long page)

(above)But our American forefathers and the framers gave us an Un-incorporated Sovereign Republic, so what gives!?  The Revolutionary War was fought to kick both King George out of America but also to kick out the evil corporations like the East India Company who made both slave slaves and debt slaves.  That is why our American forefathers gave us an Un-Incorporated Sovereign Republic.

Now we look at the Oath of Office as listed in the Federal Statutes(below).

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(Above) Please notice that, “of America,” is missing, who stole, “of America,” and WHY?

Now we look at the Senate Oath of Office found on the U.S. Senate website, again, look at the words highlighted in blue:


 Same thing as before, who stole the, “of America” part?  Now look at the second paragraph!


(above) This is one of those, “AH HA!” moments.  The Oath of Office was changed by the end of the Civil War, and if you do not yet understand why, I will just say it is all bad.

(below) Please see the U.S. History of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Pay close attention to when, “under God,” was added.

(above) Please note that adding the “under God” paved the way for getting rid of the saying the, “Pledge of Allegiance” in Public Schools under the premise of “Separation of Church and State.”

In the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

 FYI, you will not find any Federal or State Statutes pertaining to, “Separation of Church and State,” it does not exist, therefore a big fat lie.

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The real reason the bad guys wanted to Pledge of Allegiance to disappear is the following:

 The definition of the word, “OF,” is “Separate than, not inclusive.”  Allow me to give you an example:
    Jesus “of” Nazareth: Jesus is from Nazareth, but does not represent Nazareth because of the word, “of.”
    On the other hand:
    Jesus “for” Nazareth: Now Jesus is representing Nazareth because of the word, “for.” We obviously are all familiar with this since grade school and class elections for class president and so on.

So, I now present to you two key pieces of evidence.

1)  Consititution of the United States:
   This is a document from a corporation called the United States but it does not represent it because of the word, “of.”  Obviously our forefathers and the framers of the real Constitution would not of made this mistake.  This is proof that this document is a fraud, a fake, and the real document was pilfered and lost to history, replaced with a fraud.  Below I will explain why the bad guys made such a big intentional fraud by using the word, “of.”

2)  United States “of” America
   Just as it says in our founding documents, “The states shall not delegate power to the Federal government, our founding fathers selected, “of” for the name to keep us remembering that the Federal government only had power to oversee international trade and that all the power resides with the states.  So the name, “United States of America,” by using the word, “of” says that the United States does not represent the individual states and that the federal government has no right delegating authority to the individual states.

The original constitution was called:
The Constitution for the united States of America

The reason the bad guys named it “Constitution of the United States,” was to hide the real meaning of the word, “of,” so that the bad guys could illegally and unconstitutionally consolidate power in the federal government to violate the “no tax on tax” premise of the original founding documents as well as perpetrate many other gross frauds, injustices, crimes against Americans, and crimes against humanity at large around greater Earth.

So our founding fathers gave us an Un-Incorporated sovereign Republic.  But in the beginning of the Civil War, when the Southern states walked out of congress, congress was disbanded as their was no longer a quorum (2/3 attendance) of states in attendance.  After the war, the nation was war torn, congress was still not in session, so quietly, behind the scenes, a British corporation named the “Virginia Corporation,” doing business as (d.b.a) U.S. Inc, was hired to provide 19 essential government services.  That corporation has corrupted its contract to now operate for maximum profit at the cost of real lives and living families destroyed.  The corporation went bankrupt under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933 and reorganized into “United States, Inc.”

Slowly but surely, all of our Common Law courts were shut down, all of our states, counties, and cities incorporated as the corporate thief engulfed them through fraud, receipt, bribery, blackmail, and murder.  The reason why the state of state corporations are named, “State of Washington” is to hide the true meaning of the word, “of” so that we would not put it all together and figure out the fraud perpetrated against We The People.  Thank God for the Internet, as word of mouth could never put down this evil beast without fast communication via the Internet and social media platforms.

A small number of patriotic men in high command discovered the, “Great Fraud,” and set to make things right.

The first man was Dwight Eisenhower, and his warning the American People against certain groups (military industrial complex) consolidating too much power.


Which brings us to JFK jr’s father, one of several men who discovered the Crime Syndicate and the evil plot to defraud all honest Americans.  John F Kennedy followed in the footsteps of Eisenhower and held council with him leading up to and during the JFK presidency.  Read JFK’s quote below from his speech on secret societies and governments keeping state secrets:

 (below) Amazing Speech and one of the reasons why he was assassinated as he was directly and openly challenging the Crime Syndicate.

 Famous Quote from JFK just 7 days before he was assassinated:

JFK knew that the printing of money by the federal reserve (a privately owned corporation that has actual private owners) was a total fraud and theft from We The People.  Inflation is a theft of two percent of our savings per year.  Add that to intentional stock market crashes and illegal commodity price fixing and you can quickly discover that the powers that be are actually taxing us in the 70% to 80% of every penny we ever make in our entire lives.

 Which brings us to JFK Jr who turned 3 years old just three days after his father was assassinated.  So he was too young at the time to understand what had happened, but he grew up with the conspiracy and he grew up knowing that powerful people stole his father from him and the Kennedy family.  Newly released photos taken during a secret like photo shoot have just been released depicting JFK Jr with a dagger tattoo on his arm(below):





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JFK Jr was allegedly going to run for the New York Senate seat in 2000 but his plane crashed on the way to Martha’s Vineyard in 1999.

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Strange occurrences and mysteries surrounding the plane crash, in which the bodies were recovered after several days, immediately cremated and the ashes scattered out at sea.

The ashes of John F Kennedy Jr were scattered at sea from a US Navy Destroyer, along with those of his wife and sister-in-law.  Or so we were told…

 JFK jr dissapeared with that plane crash, along with his wife (Caryoline Bessette Kennedy) and wife’s sister (Lauren Bessette).

Not sean as connected in any way until recently, October of 2017 revealed a mysterious insider on the worldwide web going by the name, “Q Clearance Patriot,” aka “Q” or aka, “Qanon.”

It became apparent that President Trump and Qanon were quietly working together behind the scenes.  (below) You see Trump pointing at a man holding up a “Q sign.”  Qanon then posted the picture saying that a VIP was at the rally, VIP being “Q.”  (below) on the Q sign being held up you can make out the website I already provided you, “” which posts all the Q posts in an easily viewable format.

Qanon started dropping posts revealing tremendously horrible corruption at the highest levels.  View old posts here at:

(Above) Scroll all the way down the page to start at the oldest posts.
The above site compiles the Qposts in a good viewable format, but the original posts are posted by Qanon on the board known as 8chan and can be found by visiting:
and then clicking on, “First time on QResearch? 8chan? Click here, newfag.”
.net/qresThen by scrolling all the way down the page and then click:
Q’s PostsQuick links to Q’s most recent posts.

The mystery of Qanon got even crazier when on April 8th, 2018, Qanon posted the following:

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“AS THE WORLD TURNS” refers to the television program that was interrupted when JFK was assassinated:


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The Qanon mystery becomes even stranger as we tumble down the rabbit hole to find out that the JFK grave site is shaped like a “Q.”

Then a mysterious man going by the name of “Vincent Fusca” appears frequenting Trump rallies and driving a Trump Van.  By the way, if you translate the meaning behind the words, “Vincent” and “Fusca” you get “Conquers Darkness.”  Vincent translates to Conquerer and Fusca translates to darkness, ie… Conquers Darkness.

(below left) a picture of JFK jr
(below right) a picture of Vincent Fusca

Interesting similarities I might add.




(below) an overlay of JFK Jr and Vincent Fusca.


(below) a side by side comparison(overlay) left side being that of Vincent Fusca and right side being that of JFK Jr.

Strangely, a close friend of JFK Jr also died just days apart from the plane crash but of Cancer.  (below) are all of their dates of death:

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(pic below) And here is the whole gang back from the dead standing directly behind Trump at multiple rallies.  I have had quite a few people get upset with me because of my last article, saying that I am, “putting JFK Jr and family in harms way,” but my response is simple,” but my response is, “This is obviously part of the plan,” they would not be standing behind Trump at the rallies on national television unless they wanted this to come out.  Connect that with all of Qanon’s posts and it is obvious, they are saying, “We are here to affect our revenge for JFK and two centuries of fraud against the American people!”

(below pic) is a picture of Carolyn Benette Kennedy with a slight overlay of the women in the crows (above pic on left side).

(below pic) is a closeup of the women who has appeared along side Vincent Fusca at multiple Trump rallies.


Compare to the smile below in this pic with JFK Jrt and his wife Carolyn Benette Kennedy.

Turns out that Trump and JFK Jr were good friends and apparently decided to take down the crime syndicate together and liberate not only America but the whole world too.


If you do some searches on the Internet for #GREAT AWAKENING
You will find this is a huge deal.  The awakening of humanity to the #GREAT FRAUD

Qanon posted this prayer that is allegedly said every day in the Oval Office:





It now appears that there was an assassination attempt on JFK Jr and his family and that he, his wife, his wife’s sister, and his close friend (died of cancer days after crash) were all moved into some sort of hiding or witness protection program by the help of very high up powerful people, because we definately know that if they were put into the actual witness protection program they would not have lasted a single day as the entire DOJ and FBI are corrupt to the core.





You can see it in Trump’s eyes, “I got you.. you dirty scoundril… Gitmo awaits you Killary!”



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Here is a closeup of Vincent Fusca at the Trump Rally:



Notice the upside down flag on his breast pocket, the upside down flag is the International Signal for Distress:

(below) Vincent Fusca appears on the left side of Trump and the women who may be Carolyn Bessette Kennedy appears on the right side of Trump.  This is by no means an accident.  In the political world of rallies, the people who stand behind a politician while on TV are carefull picked out for the greatest impact and to minimize sabotage by opposition holding up bad signs and acting uncivil.



(below) This is not the best pic for this example, but Vincent Fusca was holding up this “Women For Trump” sign with the words, “RUBY  CUTE” written on it in black marker.  Ruby Cute is a computer programming term which means that one set of code overtakes another set of code by infiltrating it and then devouring it, rendering it useless and with a new changed outcome.  Which is exactly what the Qanon/Trump movement has done.  The military, Qanon, and Trump have ceased the CEO position of the United States Inc Corporation and are now devouring it from the inside to change its objective and outcome for the American people and Earth abroad.





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A phrase posted by Qanon often:


Where We Go One We Go All
is allegedly from the JFK sailboat and possibly also an inscription on the JFK tomb.
(below) is the site for the JFK memorial that all of a sudden comes up with nothing as of recent.









(below) Is a picture taken from the Washington Post Newspaper, so to prove the ideas we are delivering here are well known:


Vincent Fusca holding up a picture of a van (pic below) trying to deliver a message, not sure what message though. 


Maybe he is saying, “I’m the guy with the Trump Van,” as depicted in the two next pictures.





(below) Vincent Fusca wears a hat just like his dad used to wear:





Above and below pics have uncanny resemblance!





Then Qanon posts things like this:










And then Qanon posts things that we’ve known all along, like how the federal government is sucking are money out of our pockets and siphoning it away into slush funds that are used for black projects and horrible dirty deeds done dirty cheep the world over (below):









(below) Appears as though Trump is looking right back at Vincent Fusca (JFK Jr) and Carolyn Bennette Kennedy sees this and she is looking at the response on her husband’s face, sweet justice service ice cold!




(below) An example of how this story is growing despite censorship by all platforms such as Google, Facebook, Reddit, etc… people are going nuts over this topic:

Qanon explains the “military op” in play and why the wheels of justice are turning ever slow on this massive operation:



Qanon posted the below song, called “Magic Sword-In The Face of Pure Evil” when Trump and the Military shut down the FBI, CIA, NSA access to spy satelites and spy networks, rendering the bad guys without access, floating dead in the water, and listening to the below “Magic Sword” song blearing on their monitors.


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Magic Sword – In The Face Of Pure Evil



(below) The fight against evil even has artists making songs:
Artist Sings – Where We Go One We Go All

Excellent Thread on JFK jr and the evidence connecting Vincent Fusca to JFK jr’s return from exile.




(link for below article)

Here is the U.S. federal statute for defining Treason:


And (pic below) here is pictures of Guantanimo Bay, Cuba detention facility before and after President Trump taking office and performing a $500 million dollar upgrade to the facility.


Make sure to Make America Great Again by voting for Trump and Trump Candidates.  It is time we cast off our shackles and dance to the beat of the drum of freedom.

We are currently under high attack from Google(Blogger), Facebook, Reddit, etc… Please notify us if your comments are not posted, comments are not being allowed to post on this topic and the Deep State Shills are pounding away on JFK Jr right now so hard that it is obvious the story is VERY TRUELY REAL.


Sun Tzu NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News

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    • smoking gun

      this is the first time i have had any optimism in a looong time…if this is true, we are in for a serious ride…can’t imagine it being smooth
      best post i may have ever read…great job and THANK YOU

      • Busta Myth

        As they said in Nazi Germany and Commie Russia back in the 30′s and 40′s

        Don’t get on the Trains :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    • Killuminati

      So JFK Jr. faked his death and has been living under the alternate identity of Vincent Fusca? Do you realize how fucking stupid you are?

      • nomorelabels

        This is just another example of people being told pure BS because they want to hear it and believe it.

        Hoax, nothing more than a hoax. Amazing what some “believe” and then they are led into more nonsense.

        100% hoax.

    • nomorelabels

      Come on folks…the person many claim is JFK Jr. is a hoax.

      Honestly, they look nothing alike, other than the guy held his arms the same way.

      This is exactly how so much BS become “truth” when it isn’t. It is a hoax.

    • Arse

      Ok let’s see what happens with this story, let’s wait and see……….. :cool:

      • Anonymous

        It’s Nesara News. I have never seen a bit of truth from that sight yet, ever.




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