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Look What Actually Happened on "Election" Night. Pulling Back the Curtain

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Lemme ask you a question. Do you believe in magic? (clip) Do you want to be controlled. Do you want an individual or group of individuals exercising power over you? Last night, as most people know, was election night. And all night and for the past 2 months in the run up to the mid term election, this concept of a transfer of power and who will gain seats and take control, has been widely preached from CNN to MSLSD to CBS to Faux News, the Young Turks, the washington post, the LA times USA TODAY, the new York times and virtually every other outlet.


Control? Control over what? Power over what? Control and power over WHO?

Who will control the house. Who will assume power in the senate.


This fable known as government (propagated as foregone fact by every mainstream media outlet and virtually everybody you know on the planet) is the idea that a small group of mere human beings has the moral right to control or exercise power over other human beings in the form of making so-called “laws” that everybody else is required to follow under the threat of fine, force and violence if you don’t don’t do what they tell you to do or if you end up doing things they told you not to do.


Every election cycle a bunch of mere humans decide to come together to participate in the ritual know as the political process. They pick from among their number a candidate who will either head to washington’s district of criminals and occupy a seat in the house of representatives or the senate…or who will rise from the ranks of mere humanity and become a governor or whatever position is offered up on something called a ballot.


And all these mere humans who elevated those people who are “running for office,” go to something called a “polling” place where they push a button, pull a lever and get a sticker saying that they voted.


No doubt every voter who casts his vote has in mind the well worn montra… “my vote is my voice.”


What did the utter their voices to say? What did they vote for? They voted for another human to take a position where that so-called candidate (who again is a mere human) gets to exercise Control or Power over other mere humans. And again they get to craft something called “laws” which are written commands that people must follow or risk being punished.


Now the kicker is that, while everybody who votes believes that they have the ability to confer some legitimate power to control others onto other people…they actually don’t. The entire process is a construct build on belief… It’s not built on logic. It’s not built on truth or reality. In fact, it can be easily demonstrated that neither you nor I have the legitimate moral right to tell another human being (outside of your children) what they can or can’t do, where they can or can’t go or what they can or can’t posess. Go ahead, try it your self. Write down on the piece of paper a couple of laws or commands for your neighbors to follow and tell them that, if they don’t do what you say, you’ll have a couple of buddies come over, tie them up, take their money and throw them into a cage. You can even attempt to add additional credibility to it (like governments do) and tell your neighbor that 50 of your friends agree that you have the authority to control them and take their stuff. Then see what happens.



It would be one thing if the voter signed a contractual agreement to have some particular person or group of people boss that particular voter around…but think about how insane it is to imagine that you have the legitimate right to vote for an individual to boss OTHERS around. Others who don’t want to be bossed around and don’t want to participate in such a psychopathic make believe game. If you and I don’t have that right, and we clearly don’t, how the hell can we think that a bunch of us getting together have that right? You’d literally have to believe in magic. (clip)




And that is what election night is all about guys. It’s this elaborate hoax that we’ve all been taught to believe is legitimate. Don’t question it. Just believe it. That’s how things are, they tell us. This is how life works, they say. Just take our word for it. Those 435 special people in the house of representatives and those 100 people in the senate have the right to make rules for the rest of us to follow and we better obey them or we’ll be severely punished and rightly so, many believe. If we didn’t have these people in government lying to us, bossing us around, harassing us, threatening us and stealing our stuff, how could we ever be protected from those who try to boss us around, harass us, threaten us and steal our stuff?


They tell us society would descend into darkness, there would be blood flowing in the streets and people would be eating each other as bands of marauders pillaged and plundered us.


It’s truly the fantasy of psychopaths, built on lies and promoted by mainstream fakers and you just have to continue to trust them, take their world for it, turn your mind off and take on faith.


This message was brought to you by the unvarnished truth. If you believe that someone has the moral right to rule you and take your stuff and if you believe that there are people on this planet who have a legitimately higher claim over your life and property than you…please leave your detailed explanation and proof in the comments section below.


Because if there is no rational, SANE, logic-based, moral argument FOR the concept of government, how about we all start living lives in rejection of such pscycopathy? I’ll see you guys in the next video.



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    • desertspeaks

      no matter who you vote for ” presuming you’re stupid enough to play their game” you endorse every crime that they commit. War crimes, crimes against humanity, graft, theft, mass murder, etc.. on a scale that isn’t imaginable by the average voter.. YOU VOTED FOR IT ALL!

      • DK

        Your Republic is based on Romes so:”qui tacet consentire videtur” if the left and right are both controlled by the same party, there are also the indie’s who are not, they are out there each year and each year the majority of the voters reject electoral reform by voting Republican Democrat or not at all. The choices you get to make on an election are not just which color your shirt will be but if you want the present system to continue and the majority are happy with the silly season, the republican system of government, wars, spoon fed propoganda media and a slowly ever decreasing standard of living.

    • grayeagle40

      President Trump now has has a majority of Trump loyalists in the senate. Making it much easier to get his picks confirmed, many federal judges yet to be confirmed. Needed to drain the swamp. As far as the house is concerned, gridlock for the next two years. Investigations until the cows come home. No harm to the President or the country. Except for a lot of wasted money. Keeps the democrats happy & distracted doing their oversight responsibilities. Witty commentary

    • mic


    • HypothesisFree

      MUST SEE POST – “Your Vote Is A Hate Crime!”:


      Comment by heavenlyboy34 (a credentialed member who liked the post so much he added 20 points to the site reputation score for RicoCabaza, the member who posted this INCREDIBLE article):

      “Excellent – post is excellent, +rep”

      Please share this FAR and WIDE!

    • Raunchy

      Been saying the same thing for years , people think i’m nuts , your voting and paying for another human being to control you ?
      I tell them to think about that . they just look at me with those hollow sheep eyes .
      Very good article !




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