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CNN's Jim Acosta Punked Bad by Trump and Strange Altercation With Mic Lady!

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Note to reader.  Everytime you see “(clip)” it refers to the corresponding video below.  It is truly a MUST WATCH and share.

How the international bankers work out the dog and pony scripting between Fake stream media puppets and political lap dogs, we’ll probably never know, but one thing’s for sure. If it weren’t for Trump CNN would only have a couple hundred….at best maybe a couple thousand viewers left. The Clown News Network producers probably clasp their hands and raise their eyes toward heaven in thanks for Donald Trump every night before they go to bed.

No matter how you slice it, this entire interaction is ratings gold! (clip)

Little Jim Acosta want’s to talk so bad he’s actually fighting to keep his microphone from this poor girl, for a couple more seconds. (clip)

This is just flat out true. I have many documented cases of CNN just out right lying. If you want more info on that check out my mainstream media nonsense play list. (clip)

This is so freakin’ unorthodox. That’s why people like this guy. He comes off as out of the box, no holds barred…just says whatever’s on his mind…completely smashing the mental mold of what people thought a president should be and how he should act. As for marks on originality acting in the position of unorthodox president… he gets an A+


April Ryan’s like, da hell you gonna talk to me that way…. Trump is just hitting on all cylinders today picking off Corporate fakers one by one. Talking to them like they’re children. Classic! If you’re gonna have a dog and pony show at our expense….it might as well be entertaining. (clip)

Thought you guys might get a laugh out of that. I upload at least one video every day… If you enjoy this content subscribe to my channel, hit the bell notification icon, give it a thumbs up and share it far and wide. Don’t forget to check out my shirt store and sign up to my private email list. All these links are in the description.



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  • Slimey

    Trump should have gone over there and SLAP the boy. Never ever punch a liberal. They are not worthy of a punch, but a SLAP. :lol:

    • wirkbot

      If he did that the other side would actually have something on him (assault). I would much rather have seen him drop one of the code/ trigger words that would have two members of his ever present security team on Acosta in 2 seconds to usher him out. It would be a good object lesson in “The safest place on the planet is in the same room with me”

      • Slimey

        Only a crybaby or a lawyer would call a slap an assault. We’s got to grow up man. :wink:

        • Equalizer

          Jim Acosta is a ANTIFA POS maggot.

          • Equalizer

            Jim Acosta is a Saul Alinsky “Rules for radicals” follower/Disciple just like Hitlery.

        • Equalizer

          ANTIFA and Soros Deep state are Now making their move on patriots with activated hits soon. Get ready Patriots.

          • Equalizer

            $oros funded, University professors, ANTIFA, paid Saul Alinsky thugs, American familys under attack by enemies within. Now get prepared.

        • wirkbot

          “Only a crybaby or a lawyer would call a slap an assault”

          And your point is?

          The other side is looking for anything to go after Trump legally, even though there is nothing there. Why give them the ammunition? Trump is leader and leaders delegate. No need to get his hair messed up to deal with a thug. He has employees for that. Presidents don’t do bar fights. Ex army rangers do that for him

  • Sue Rosenorn

    Acosta should have been banned a long time ago. He constantly pushes the envelope and doesnt know what boundaries are. He blocked that mintern from doing her job and should be punished for that. I can juast imagine he was the kind of date that wouldnt take no for an answer. He needs to be banned permanently. Good riddance!




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