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Must See! What Shocking Thing Do CNN, NASA, the Occult & the Nov. 26th "Mars Landing" Have in Common?

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While we watch the national debt clock rise (see video) as it reflects an astronomical debt neither we nor any future generation will ever be able to repay, (thanks international bankers and political parasitic sock puppets) let me ask you a question. What if you were able to earn 56 million dollars a day? What could you accomplish with it? That would be 1.7 billion dollars a month, 20.7 billion dollars a year, in your pocket…and tax free. Of course using a calculator you could easily determine that, over the course of a decade you would have accumulated 207 Billion dollars…almost a quarter of a Trillion bucks!

And what if I told you that, rather than having to do anything to earn that money it was just given to you by a group of people who had the monopolized power to EXTORT such a large sum from people who had no say in the matter.


Well, that’s what we spend on NASA every year. 20.7 Billion dollars every year…a little over 56 MILLION dollars a day. NASA is literally a money pit that keeps getting deeper and deeper. The money doesn’t go to feed the poor…it doesn’t go toward housing the homeless…it doesn’t even go to patching potholes or fixing bridges or helping to find a cure for cancer…and I’m not saying that money should be extorted to do any of these things…robbery is still robbery no matter what excuse you use to justify it. But this massive sum of money…and this is just one small wasteful aspect of government, this huge some of money doesn’t go to benefit anybody but the recipients OF such funding. And what do we get in return? Basically we get images, doctored, pre-approved government issued images. Images and reports. Oh…and fireworks shows the dump tons and tons of government sanctioned carbon emissions into the atmosphere, while that same government aims to penalize us for our comparatively INSIGNIFICANT carbon footprints.

Well yesterday, I’m watching the counterfeit news network as they attempted to sell viewers on the idea that NASA and The Jet Propulsion Labortory landed a 1 BILLION dollar spacecraft on the martian surface. As an interesting side note, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, formerly Aerojet Corporation, was co-founded by occultist Marvel Whiteside Parsons a.k.a. Jake Parsons who was a protege of occultist Aleister Crowley a.k.a the Beast 666 or affectionately known as “wickedest man in the world.” )


Speaking of wicked, let’s get back to CNN. In this 9 and a half minute counterfeit news broadcast all we see is a room full of supposed technicians sitting at their computer consoles staring at screens while a voice reads off statistics about the supposed altitude of this 1 Billion dollar spacecraft in relation to the martian surface. When the woman’s voice says the touchdown of the space craft is confirmed, this happens. (clip) People in remote locations celebrated, the technicians celebrated and apparently people around the world celebrated. But they were only celebrating what amounts to nothing more than the televised image of people looking at their computer screens and listening to a voice spitting out altitude readings. And, evidently all it took for people to come out of their seats in astonishment were the words “touchdown confirmed.”


Late last night NASA tweeted a single image allegedly from the martian surface. I guess you could call this the Billion dollar photo.


Here’s how CNN sold it (clip) It would be difficult to top the dishonest practices of CNN and their highly paid news actors. A wise general rule of thumb, when watching any CIA-sponsored Operation Mocking bird broadcast from mainstream media, is believe nothing, question everything.



With all that money NASA rakes in each day…they didn’t even decency to treat their audience to any CGI. And really if you think about it, the only thing we have to go on that mankind has landed a spacecraft on Mars is the word of NASA, JPL and Mainstream media. So, did we land a spacecraft on mars? How the heck would I know? If I said we did, it would be a matter of faith or belief in what corrupt government agents and a dishonest media told me. And if people are honest with themselves…that’s all THEY have to go on as well. Can I confirm or prove it? No. Do I believe it? No. I CAN confirm and prove that they stole a BILLION dollars from Americans to SAY they put a spacecraft on mars. I CAN confirm and prove that governments lie, cheat, steal and do other evil things while they strip us of our rights. I can confirm and prove that time after time CNN unceasingly lies to their viewers. And I can also confirm that, at this point, anyone would be hard pressed to give any good reason to trust the government or the media….but I CAN’T confirm that we’ve actually landed anything on mars. And I don’t need to…we’ve got much bigger fish to fry right here on earth.


In regard to manned or unmanned space travel, I know that this guy…former astronaut Dan Petit, says we don’t currently have the the technology to go to the moon anymore, let alone to mars.. because, for some unknown reason we destroyed that technology. (clip)


Maybe we should listen to William Shatner who says that there’s no difference between Science and Science fiction…that they’re essentially the same. (clip)


And lastly, in regard to sending human beings to the moon, NASA Engineer Kelly Smith says that we have a problem with space travel concerning the powerful and deadly Van Allen Radiation belts. And if we don’t solve this problem, we can’t send anybody in this region of space. (clip)


So what do you guys think? Did we send a spacecraft to Mars? How about to the moon? If so, where’s the evidence. Leave your thoughts for the world and the google thought police in the comment section below. I’ll see you guys in the next video.









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  • Freeus

    Were already on Mars in some capacity, too many humanoid pics and moon has aliens living there. In the 70′s I knew a man that worked with Bell and they were teleporting cow so surely we are 100 years ahead by now. Also, remember the experiment they did with a bomb that hit the moon and it rang for hours after, it was a hollow sphere. They probably use extra money underground or their private accounts.

  • Slimey

    I know a friend who is a video editor, performer, TV show producer and concert promoter and he told me all photographs and video can be manipulated. :wink:




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