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Media Tying Trump to Epstein! Hannity Has FISA Docs! Heneghan

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Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb put out their latest intel briefing today.  Tom reports the Fake News is still refusing to put out the truth about a grand jury being convened in New York over 9/11!    This should be huge news of course.  They are also ignoring the Panama Papers which tie Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation to money laundering!  Tom reports something very serious now being discussed on Fox News and the rest of the fake news!  They are actually talking about “States of Emergencies” might need to be declared by President Trump!   What do they mean?  It’s very interesting they would be saying this now.


Tom reports, Larry Nichols promoted heavily by Alex Jones was always a Bush crime syndicate shill and after covering up the connections between Bush Scherff and Clinton for 30 years is now reported to have recently said on youtube, “There is a link between the Bushes and Clintons”   Wow, really Larry?  Thanks for the information you should have been saying 30 years ago – if you were real.  


The Fake news is desperate to tie Donald Trump to Jeffery Epstein and his pedophile island now!    Tom reports the deep state will happily sacrifice Bill Clinton if they can bring down Trump with Epstein.  Too bad it won’t work!


Yesterday, the Washington Post put out an article about Epstein and the writer, David Von Drehle pathetically tries to tie Trump to Epstein in these two sections.  You can see the evil this fake news reporter is doing here.  Trying to slide President Trump into the story when he has nothing to do with it! 


“This much The Herald documented to a revolting fare-thee-well. Left unresolved is whether Epstein’s extensive array of powerful friends may have helped him out, too. In the same “little black book” where he kept the names of underage girls around the world available for “massage,” Epstein also had contact information for President Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Michael R. Bloomberg, Prince Andrew, assorted Kennedys and so on.”


“Silent, too, is Trump, who once claimed a 15-year acquaintance with Epstein, whom he described as “a lot of fun.” Trump noted Epstein’s interest in women “on the younger side.”

And Clinton is uncharacteristically mute, though he used to spend so much time on Epstein’s private jet — dubbed “the Lolita Express” by tabloid wits — that, if it were an airline, he’d have platinum status.

That one of these men occupies the White House, while the other is touring North America on a high-dollar speaking tour with his forgive-anything wife, is all the proof we can stand of the demoralization of a generation of Americans. Two of our past four presidents have been chummy with a registered sex offender. It makes you wonder: What is this country doing unto itself, and when will we stop doing it?”

This latest evil won’t work though because God’s hand is on Donald Trump!   

Keep spreading the truth out there patriots and pray for justice!

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