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You Will Now Live in a World Where Even Comedians Are Censored by CNN!

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(clip) from video.

Well…Don Lemon’s – publicly shame Kevin Hart for things he said 10 years ago – campaign, worked. Kevin apologized again. But will this be enough for the LGBTQLMNOPXYZ community and Don Lemon? I think you know the answer to that question.

Don claims to be concerned with saying offensive things about the protected LGBTQ class because, in his words, this is a matter of life and death. (clip)

But Don here who has a rather large megaphone himself (although his audiences is rapidly dwindling) can also be the ultimate change agent. Because, while he wants everybody else to walk on egg shells and censor their speech for groups he’s concerned about…so as not to offend them… Lemon and CNN spends much of their time going out of their way to offend not only Trump but all of his supporters. Don spends night after night promoting the destructive and divisive left vs right paradigm which leads to irreparable damage to this population. More damage than could ever come from a comedian saying things that make people laugh.

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear… means saying pretty much whatever you wanna say.”

So Don says Kevin Hart reached out to him and they talked off the record then he plays this clip of Kevin from his SIRIUS FM radio show. (clip)

So now we’re gonna censor comedy acts because just a few people like Don Lemon are hyper sensitive?

So Don responds like this: (clip)

Oh Kevin Hart apologized everything’s all better now, right? The small minority of hypersensitive LGBTQers who want to censor speech that hurts their feelings got what they wanted. A comedian will now watch his P’s and Q’s while he’s on stage. You can dip a statue depiction of Jesus in urine and call it art, you can write disgusting things on walls with blood like spirit cooking occultist Marina Abromovich does, heck you can even own and display massive amounts of pedo art and put the owners of that art into high political places…But you better watch your language when it comes to talking about people who have certain sexual preferences. Is this really what we want? Is that the world we wanna live in? Walking on egg shells for fear that somebody somewhere might get offended?

Don plays another clip from Kevin where Kevin basically says, I’ve apologies…I’m moving on…if you don’t accept my apology I can’t control that and It’s not my life dream to be an ally for the LGBT Community. Don says, he’s an American he can do that at least now he somewhat feels what it’s like for LGBTers to face backlash…an we shouldn’t become the bullies we’re fighting against….the only problem is that it’s clear that Don uses his position at CNN as a bully pulpit.

But What I wanted to point out about this video is Don’s stats and some comments under the video. As of the recording of this video this CNN segment

This video, launched on Jan. 7 has over 80k views an extremely high dislike ratio….and some interesting comments.

He never asked for you to accept him. He said he hopes you all accept his APOLOGY and if you don’t he can’t control it. That is how a rational and mature human being takes things. The biggest issue with gay people is that they want others to accept them and their lifestyle and can’t comprehend what it means to just move on through life not having that acceptance. You don’t need to be accepted. You don’t need others to understand. If you are truly happy with your life and your choices then no outside influences should be able to ruin that.

If you are THIS determined to be offended, nothing he can say will make a difference.

No one has to be forced into supporting any cause.

This agenda driven madness is complete BS. Date whoever you want, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to be a cheerleader for your sexual preferences.

Everyone speaks about having the right to freedom of speech but the truth is only if it doesn’t offend someone. Before long you Won’t be able to say anything. Maybe the world should just be Quiet now!

If he doesn’t want to be part of the gay agenda stfu

Stop trying to force the life style on other people

this guy Don Lemon has the thinnest skin ever…….

please leave KEVIN HART alone. He has been apologized. Let it go.

Oh give it a rest.

No man wants his boy to grow up to be gay… one…

Kevin said he was sorry and said he knows words can hurt. Move on, let this go. You guys are spending way to much time trying to box Kevin into something. I’m bisexual and it feels like you are bullying him into doing what you think he should do say and be. Move on!!

I feel like this is turning into a Gay bully shake down.

That’s it for this episode of Mainstream propaganda insanity. Leave your thoughts for the world, the google thought police and the bullies over at CNN in the comments section below.

If you enjoy these videos…You know what to do….

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  • Slimey

    What is a PHAGGOT little a ss like Don Lemon telliing Americans what to do?? What has this nation c um too? Bending over for phags?? :mad:

    • Rockledge

      I believe you are trying to use the word “fags”.

      Seriously man, go back and take 8th grade over. How can you be taken seriously when your spelling is atrocious?

  • Rockledge

    What amazes me is how big of pussies the entertainment industry is. Why doesn’t one of them finally stand up and say “yeah, I said that shit, and it was funny, and if you don’t fucking like it pick up the remote and click me off of your TV”.
    The first guy that does that, I will buy every CD and video he does.
    It is one thing that the freaks of this world are a bunch of crybabies and pissed at God for not making them perfect, it is quite another that otherwise seemingly intelligent dedicated people roll over every time one of them whines.

    The united states has turned into a place that isn’t fit to raise a kid in.




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