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God is destroying the TREES as A MESSAGE - The ONE Infinite Creator has cried out in a loud voice - And God Then Spoke Unto Me, and the speaking lasted all day. - Rejoice 'oh God's Children for God's hand has stretched out and drawn sword against your enemies - This is the Word of God, and God's Prophecy For What is to Come. - Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of a Tree and How It Relates To the Destruction of Babylon the Great, as new guards receive authority to rule, granted to them by God - AND SO GOD DESTROYS THE TREES, as God DESTROYS BABYLON the GREAT

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The ONE, Infinite Creator Announces the DIVIDING of the nations of earth from their binding into one world order, they are hereby divided, and God has done the division.

Here is the message from God today:

“I The ONE, Infinite Creator, do compel and urge you to listen, you must make a proclamation of my appointments, and announce that I have chosen the new guards, to be the new protectors of the realm, they shall be my Lieutenants during these final days, until the last day, when the earth and the heavens passes away, and from now until then, I have chosen my satraps (lieutenants) whom shall govern with my sphere of authority as my chosen.  All of these which I have chosen are of the lost twelve tribes of Judah, and each of them is of the 144,000 servant prophets, and so you can rest assured knowing that each of my Lieutenants are of one mind with me, The One Infinite Creator, and the nations which they free from slavery shall be much more agreeable to God, just like ‘after’ Sodom, and shall be more sufferable.

Carefully observe, and “CRY OUT” to all the earth, that Babylon the Great is falling, has fallen, and new guards shall now fight to take their rightful place, and that those who are slow to stride, whom fail, shall have their own estates divided amongst their heirs, as these chosen elect have become liabilities to Babylon the Great, she shall move to eliminate them.  For they are, “The Ten Kings Whom Do Not Yet Have A Kingdom,” and now they come, “Like a Thief In The Night.”

Do not be surprised when you see the Washington Monument fall.  As it represents the waters of the Jurisdiction of the Sea (Maritime Law), Satan’s jurisdiction, having drowned and enslaved all the people of earth from every nation.  I, God, The ONE Infinite Creator, I despise these giant phallus monoliths and their paying homage to Satan, and that they represent the enslavement of all my creations, all my peoples, and of the gentiles too, as they are also enslaved, and despite that many have not yet accepted me, I am waiting here for them to bend their knees and pledge themselves to me, and to ask for forgiveness and I shall make it so.

And so God is sending a sign to all the children of the earth, that time is short, you must all bend your knees and beg for mercy, and do everything in your power to raise up yourselves and others, by forgiving all, by forgiving yourselves, by selling your belongings and giving the money to the poor (but do it out of compassion, not of calculating).  

Just as the Trees are being destroyed by my destructive storms and tornados, so shall it be like King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the giant tree which represented his rule and his kingdom, and just as I destroyed Nebuchadnezzar’s tree and as I took away his right to rule, so shall I destroy the trees of America, and earth, just as I am going to destroy Babylon the Great’s Kingdom.  

THE CHOSEN ELECT SHALL NOW SEIZE THE POWER THAT GOD HANDS OVER TO THEM, his sphere of authority to rule as God’s lieutenants, but you must act now as God says you are in great danger.

You are witnessing the End of Days.
Repent Now.”

The above message was received from God over the course of the entire day, from 3:30am this morning until 11pm tonight.

(I ran out of time, there is more work to do on this message from God, but The Creator Dumped so much on me today, after 4 hours of typing, i’m only half way done, but the message needed to get out.  Below you will find an explanation how all this came to me, but there are parts missing because I need to go to bed.)

How I receive messages from God:
I told you long ago of how I was kissed on my forehead by a pair of lips that descended down from a purple 3/4 the size of my ceiling, just after the “the eyes of buddha” (The Face of God) had appeared to me, descended towards me at first as a distant star, that as it approached it became clearer until it was face to face with the wisdom of The ONE, Infinite Creator.  I saw another star descend from the purple flame, and it was a dove, and in its mouth it held an olive branch, and it disappeared into the flame.

And when the final message was sent to me, as the lips descended down unto me, i suddenly felt an energy shoot from my forehead throughout the rest of my body, like a massive super fast flood that washed over my body with the energy of a thousand orgasms, and bright lights that filled up my eyes of stars like the sands of the beach swirling on my ceiling and a thick purple fog that burned bright like a flame.

That energy that I felt moved across my body like a flood, that energy is what washes over me every time I am aligned with God, The ONE, Infinite Creator.  And so God picks and chooses when to disrupt my day, all various ways, and then i hear a voice knocking inside my head, “DO THIS,” or “WHAT DOES YOUR CLOCK READ,” or “GO DO THIS TODAY.”

And so I work my way through it, and frankly, sometimes, I am quite thick headed, but eventually, with enough pain, humiliation, suffering, and HUMBLING, lots of BEING HUMBLED.  If you think i’ve had the opportunity for this stuff to go to my head, “phew… forget about it.”

And so God woke me up this morning, and something was really wrong.  My wife was awake, lying on her back, her knees bent upwards to the ceiling, and everything about her was greatly tense.  A few rough words from her about “Why does my husband have to take on every nation and the New World Order all by himself,” the clock read, 3:15am.

Everytime God tells me to look at the clock, the time is written down.  Sometimes God will tell me to get information other ways, but much of the time, i get a number, and I then check the Biblical Concordance for that number. (The reason that God is doing this, is because The ONE Infinite Creator needs me to catch up on my scripture).

God woke me up alarmed, at 3:15am

Searching for, “Strongs 315″:
We find a potential message: = “I FORCE, COMPEL, CONSTRAIN, URGE”
The Son of Man say:
“I was already alarmed by the state of my wife, so I received the message and diligently received all of the messages over the next couple hours.
“And by the time i was finished looking over all of that at OH TOO EARLY o’clock in the morning, The ONE, Infinite Creator, told me to check the time on my phone:  It read, “3:23am”

Searching for, “Strongs 323″:
We find a potential message:  “A SHOWING FORTH = the proclamation of an appointment (to an office)”
And I instantly recognized this as important, because God has ended Babylon the Great’s rule, and God is handing over HIS sphere of authority to rule, TO NEW GUARDS, or, found in Revelations, “The 10 Kings whom do not yet have a kingdom,” but shall NOW RECEIVE THEM.

another meaning is found here:
This means, “AND THEY SHALL BECOME PROTECTORS OF THE REALM, as God has appointed them, as God divides up the nations that were all criminally bound together by secret contracts.

another meaning here:
This means, these kings shall become SATRAPS or LIEUTENANT for God from now until THE END OF DAYS, which is soon, and they shall carry his sphere of authority until then, to rule the nations, divided and separated from the NEW WORLD ORDER OF ROME, separated by the will of God.

THEN,… God, The ONE, Infinite Creator moved me again to look at the clock on my phone.  The time read 3:33.

Strongs 333:
The message i discovered found under “strongs 333,” is:  “A LEADER IS ISR.
- Which strangely enough has concordance connected to the fall of Jerusalem when conquered by Nebuchadnezzar and the King of Babylon took many of the house of David and of the Jewish families and of the Jewish Priests, and took them AS EXILES, as servants to Babylon, or Slaves.  And thus God’s children from the House of David were spread to the wind as exiles, and thus this message from God, IS RELATING TO THE 144,000 servant prophets of God, they are from the 12 Jewish Tribes, and have been scattered across the world.  So God is saying that “The Ten Kings Whom Do Not Yet Have a Kingdom, ” are of the 144,000 and are likewise exiles from the 12 Jewish Tribes.

The above word is from the origin, “atar,” which means, “TO SHUT UP, TO CLOSE, TO BIND.”

Nebuchadnezzar conquers Jerusalem and takes Jewish exiles with him, (including Daniel).  By clicking on EZRA 2:42 on the screen above we get the following link, describing all that Nebuchadnezzar took with him from his besieging of Jerusalem.

And so I moved on from searching upon “Strongs 333,” and I went off to look at Rumor Mill News as I was getting tired, but, then the spirit of the ONE, Infinite Creator moved over me again, and the clock read, “3:44″

And so I realized that the ONE, Infinite Creator was telling me i’d missed something, and to go back to the previous search.
So, searching, “Strongs 333,” again, i found:
Meaning: = TO OBSERVE CAREFULLY, as in completing a process, which intensifies.
I took this to mean that I have more work to do regarding, “MENE MENE TEKE PARSIN, and who is to receive God’s authority to rule as Babylon the Great falls from grace.

A side note, 333 is the international distress signal, SOS In Morse Code: 3 dots, 3 dashes, 3 dots.”

And so God is telling me, “PAY ATTENTION, lest you lose your focus, you have more work to do, you must CRY OUT FOR THOSE KINGS whom do not yet have a kingdom, TO SEIZE THEIR KINGDOM.”

But I also found this, so I may have indeed missed something as here again, is another, “Look Again,” message found this time under Strongs 333, as well as Strongs 344, “To Turn Back, Return.”  I will keep going over these to see if I did indeed miss something, but so far the picture is becoming clear.

Then God again moved me to look at the time, and I was having a tough time keeping up.  At this point I was writing down numbers, and the clock read, “4:00.” (IMPORTANT, note the “4″)

“Strongs 400″ search result definition:
= TO CRY OUT  (note: This is one of two references to CRYING OUT you will see, so God is placing emphasis here.)
- As in when Elizabeth (pregnant with Prophet Elijah) and she met Mary (pregnant with Jesus) and Elizabeth cried out when her baby kicked inside her ‘FOR JOY,’ and “She cried out”, and prophesied,

Read the whole story here, its just beautiful, when you feel your eyes pool up, and gasp for air, FOR JOY, that means God is with you, in that moment, telling you, IT IS TRUE, if ONLY YOU WOULD BELIEVE, then you could HAVE THIS FEELING with you ALWAYS.
The story about Zacharias visited by angel Gabriel, to tell this very old man, that his very old wife was going to become pregnant, and so good ‘ol Zach, he did not believe Gabriel at first, so Gabriel took his ability to speak until the prophecy of the birth of Elijah was fulfilled, and she met, Mary while pregnant, at at Mary’s greeting, Elizabeth, wife of Zachariah, she “CRIED OUT (for JOY) and she prophesied!

“Strongs 400″
 -  Food, As food necessary to survive the exodus from Sodom, as in food necessary to survive the exodus from Egypt.  And food is what all of you should be preparing to have if you are not right with God, always good to be prepared.

4 Killed Freeway Crash
Date of Crash: May 22, 2019 (Same Date as 4 Tornado deaths, below)

Strongs 710, we find:
“Better left on the left”:  - meaning when you give with your left hand, do not let your right hand know.  Which means, if you are keeping track like a mental score chart, you would be better off to not do that.

Strongs 4, we find:
Meaning: “Fruit,”  -  There are 3 occurrences of the word and all of them are in The Book of Daniel in  “Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of a Tree:”  In this story, 
A dream about a Tree that represents the Greatness of the King of Babylon and the greatness of his kingdom, and his pride overtakes him and he offends God, and God takes his Kingdom from him, as represented by the Tree in the dream, that it is completely destroyed, the fruit scattered, the limbs chopped down, the branches chopped down, the beasts and the birds scattered.  LOTS OF TREES BEING DESTROYED THESE DAYS, you will please note that God spared as many as he could and took only enough lives to send his message.  

The Son of Man say:
“And so the Tornados over the last few days are the signs to God’s children that the 144,000 have been numbered on their foreheads and that Babylon the Great is now falling, and that The ONE, Infinite Creator has withdrawn the right to rule, thus taken away the sphere of authority to rule, taken it away from Babylon the Great, and now given it to 10 others, and unto “Ten Kings Whom Do Not Yet Have a Kingdom Yet.”  Please note the appearance of the 4 again(below), and all the dates are the same, May 22, 2019, all occurring just a couple days after I asked God to harm the trees and the land, so that we could have confirmation of things taking place in the heavenly realm:

4 Deaths Today Killed by Tornados
Date of Deaths from Tornados: May 22, 2019 . (Same Date as 4 Car Accident deaths, above)

The Son of Man say:

“Behold.”  Revelations 4

All the humans on earth are now being spared easy deaths so that they can be purged of their sins, all would be wise to kneel down on both knees and pledge your life to God, this just means that you believe in God, you accept that there are no other Gods, there is only THE ONE, INFINITE CREATOR, and that you are asking for mercy.  And The ONE, Infinite Creator shall grant mercy upon you.  But then you must follow the simple commandments, and do good works for your fellow brothers and sisters, and by doing all this, you will be saved.  But if you do not kneel before God and pledge your life to God, then you shall die and not be resurrected, and we would like you all to be with us.  But if you fail to kneel and ask for mercy, you shall not reincarnate for a 1000 years.  It is written.
FOOTNOTE ABOUT MY WIFE, and our UNBORN BABY BOY, who is most desired by the Dragon:
This whole thing has been tough for her.   You try convincing your wife to throw away a $600,000 a year business after it took 8 years to build it, and last year was the first year you made over 75$ collectively as a family.  That is what I have sacrificed to be here with you.  That is what my wife has sacrificed to be here.  I now I finally realize WHY.   God showed me today WHY it was necessary for my wife to suffer, how the Virgin Mary was able to give the maculate conception (where she HAD NO SIN, which allowed Jesus to be born WITH NO SIN).  Suffering wipes away all sin, God has said it many times in many different Biblical works.  That is how Mary did it, SHE SUFFERED GREATLY(allowing her to be without Sin, Original Sin = Gone).  As my wife and I have suffered greatly, and thus we have been burned free of our sins, so that we could now conceive the baby male child as written in the scriptures of the End of Days.  When the nurse went to check the baby’s heart beat, she instantly found it on the first try, allegedly it takes a while often to find it, but she instantly went to the right side as though she knew, as thousands of studies have shown that boys form on the right side, and girls form on the left side, and i am referring to where the egg first attaches on the placenta.   If anyone noticed, NASA discovered the JellyFish Universe that was mentioned in Revelations 12, as “AND THE TAIL OF THE DRAGON SWEPT A THIRD OF THE STARS OUT OF THE SKY AND FLUNG THEM TO EARTH.”

Here is a post and a video by Jacob Israel on the subject.  I am hoping for Jacob Israel, although he is going a little soft right now, I feel he will turn into A GIANT of a SERVANT PROPHET of GOD.

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News

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