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When You See Your Dog Doing This He's Trying To Tell You Something (Video)

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(N.Morgan) As dog owners we love having our best buddies around but sometimes we miss some of their cues or body language and totally miss the messages they are trying to send to us.

Here are some common dog behaviors and the meaning behind them.

When You See Your Dog Doing This He’s Trying To Tell You Something

1. Bringing things to you.

You may take this as a cue that your dog wants to play fetch when he/she brings you their favorite toy, however your precious pooch is trying to give you a gift. It’s a vestigial instinct from their time as wild wolves. They’re trying to give you something they think will help you survive, which is even cuter when you consider that it’s a toy. Imagine how baffling it must be when you throw it.

2. Making eye contact.

When dogs make eye contact with you, it’s a powerful way of showing affection- as long as it’s in conjunction with more submissive behavior, like rolling over.

3. Raising one leg.

When you see your dog raising one leg and looking straight ahead, you’d better get out of their way. He’s/She’s on the hunt. Probably for a squirrel.

4. Hunching to make himself look small.

This a sign the dog is afraid. If there’s nothing to be scared of, it means he’s probably been abused or mistreated somewhere along the way.

5. Chewing on your belongings.

This could be a sign your dog is bored or has a case of separation anxiety. Give her more exercise and some puzzle toys to play with.

6. Sitting on your feet.

Dogs sit on your feet and get under you for a number of reasons. It could be that she’s trying to be dominant over you or is comforting herself by being close to you. It could be a possessive move too, as if to say “this human is mine.”


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    • sarah

      The expression on the dogs face in the last photograph reminds me of the expression I see on Michael Obama, the President’s he/she ‘wife’s’ face, when it’s obvious the he/she’s disgusted with a thing.

      Not meaning any disrespect to the dog of course.

      The dog looks normal for a dog.

      When Michael looks like that it’s usually makes the he/she look like a man to me.

      • wiseoldlady

        The dog’s ears are a little too big, other than that…

        • G.M.

          I testified to my Dogs Soul passing through me when she died some time ago…anyway

          Morgan, You are a Woman are you not?

          I explained the new Star Wars Movie in my last comment – I would also take a close look at the Angels of God

          The Apple is the Aether

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#3(prelim),

      Charlie here. I am disappointed your video did not mention leg humping? Again, as a “prelim” angle I will let you go on this one.

      And did you donate a kidney yet? :lol:


      Charlie (I make my dog fetch doughnuts. What do you make your dog fetch?) :lol:

    • AnotherFella

      Maybe it’s because I grew up around some animals but that’s basic knowledge or at some point even common sense?
      Shouldn’t you kind of feel it when your pet looks in your eyes :eek:

    • Deputy Dawg

      The limits we as humans tend to place on animals is somewhat mystifying to me. It used to be they believed dogs where motivated solely by instinct, that they only responded to different pitches or tones within voice commands. Scientists now say that dogs have the minds and learning capability of a five or six year old child. I am convinced that even that assessment in inaccurate. I say you have to live in an animal’s communal environment in order to fully appreciate their true level of intelligence. I think you’d be surprised.

      I am currently the butler for a family of pugs. My wife is their maid. This family consists of a five year old male pug (my very best friend in this world) and his beautiful mate, the house mom who is three years old. They together have three one year old sons and my mischievous sidekick (Service Dog) a daughter of the same age.

      Honestly the family structure and hierarchy is really not much different than with human beings. They obviously have a language noting that particular responses are expressed consistently among the crew. Their learning capabilities seem to be only limited by the amount of time and effort you the teacher is willing to provide. I’m sure skills like math might be impossible to teach, however teaching the recognition of a particular value of paper money is certainly possible. For example I had one dog who when shown a one, a five, a ten and a twenty dollar bill and asked to choose the one with the greatest value he would consistently select the largest bill displayed. He would do it in the reverse as well. It was no trick he knew the difference between denominations and knew that the things he enjoyed money could buy.

      One time when he and I where out for a walk, (not on a leash) as we walked past a woman talking on a public telephone the thinking of this remarkable hound was sideswiped by the same kind of impulsive behavior that petty criminals often nurture. The woman’s purse was resting on the pavement near her feet as she ruffled through some papers she was apparently referencing in her conversation. This dog noticed like myself that there was a twenty dollar bill hanging out of her wallet that was visible inside the half opened purse. What happened next was nothing short of amazing. As we walked past the woman, I led a step or two in front of the dog. He realizing nobody was watching cunningly reached in the purse while still in motion clipping the clueless woman for her money.

      Because I was slightly in front of the dog it never occurred to me what he had done until we arrived at our location just up the road. We were actually headed to a local market to purchase the dogs favorite treat, an ice cream sandwich. As we arrived at the store I glanced back to give the usual instruction before I enter a building telling him to sit and stay. As I spit the words out I noticed he had a a twenty dollar bill hanging out of his mouth. I immediately made the connection! When questioned about what he had done there was no doubt he was ashamed of his actions.

      At that point it was obvious that walking back to return the heisted greenback would be useless as a considerable amount of time had already passed by then. I think in this dogs mind the twenty bucks was going to buy him a lot more than one measly ice cream, he wanted the works! He Got his ice cream but he aslo got a lot of scolding about what he did. I can assure you those words did not lay on deaf ears.

      A Dog Lover

      Because he

    • CharlesH

      I have a 2 year old male Pug and he does just about all those things. Got to love him!!

      • An Observer

        Hopefully not #4…Cause that means you’re a monster.

        Unless it’s when your trimming his nails.

        My dog acts like the end of everything has come, and he’s never going to see the sun another day as soon as the nail clippers come out.

        Despite the fact that hes regularly had his nails trimmed with no blood for years.

    • CrowPie

      When I first brought my tiny baby into the house I was the only human member that had raised a four legged baby before. The ridicule that was rained down on me when I talked to baby Attila (Attila the Hun) in full sentences was near unbearable.

      That ridicule stopped short in one hilarious moment, however, when Attila climbed into my lap and placed her tiny little paw on my lips, as if to say, “Ask me that list of questions you run through every few hours….I need something.”

      Everyone in the room was gap mouthed and stunned when I ran down the obligatory list and she ran circles of joy when I asked the question she wanted to hear…..and I was able to attend to her need in expedited fashion.

      Suddenly, the jeers stopped and human minds were stretched to accommodate the fact that these little babies are much more than just dumb animals. Their very smart with a sense of humor and a love for games.

      So much more than meets the eye.

    • Lucifer Morningstar

      Dogs are the best!




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