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X22Report: The Awakening Is Now Going Worldwide, the Movement Has Started: Charles Hugh Smith - Must See Video

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X22Report Spotlight

Published on Jan 23, 2019


Nuno Dias5 hours ago

The downfall of the west is being engineered by the following, Socialist Marxism, the “The Frankfurt School”, the “Kalergi Plan” the “The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion”, the left is Evil, and recently they have allied themselves with Islam to destroy, genocide western civilizations and its peoples, it’s very simple, … .


Reinulus Aurelius

Reinulus Aurelius6 hours ago

The only “movement” that really matters is the movement to arrest the Rothschilds and then focus like a laser on disbanding their global central banking monopoly! STAY FOCUSED


Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose6 hours ago

The hubris of the globalists has reached levels of insanity. They actually believed people would accept the rule of unelected, unaccountable, foreign bureaucrats? We cannot let up until they’re exposed for the scum they are and their plans are completely destroyed. Viva France! Go Brexit! Do not settle for half measures or compromise with the EU, burn it down!

Social 3state

Social 3state6 hours ago

Deplorable here… and proud of it.

Michael Yale

Michael Yale6 hours ago

Off with the elites heads heads, let them eat cake. Behead them all. We shall overcome.


Stunnaphi5 hours ago

Bring it down France!!!!! Go baby go!!!!

Clark Clifford

Clark Clifford6 hours ago

Has anyone in the UK tried to accout for voter fraud? I’m wondering what the margin in the Brexit vote really was.


Missbojangels5 hours ago

There will be Anarchy if they decide to hold a second referendum. I love in Manchester and I voted out and still want out! If France think they have something to riot about just wait to see what happens if they dare to this!! We are supposed to live in a democratic society and this is laughable It’s time to get rid of our corrupt government and the so called ‘banking elite’. Scumbag vermin

larry taylor

larry taylor4 hours ago

this is why they want to disarm the people in the us!!! they cant control people that are armed and able to resist.

Dennis Swanson

Dennis Swanson6 hours ago

Before trusting any politician read a history book.

A2 pet watch

A2 pet watch6 hours ago

1776 Worldwide 👍🌎👍 Thanks X22 👍☺

Allen Sachetti

Allen Sachetti5 hours ago

Elites controlling people. It’s been going on for centuries and you think people would wake up. Evil men and women ruling with impunity, UNTIL. Until the people wake up.and truly unite but this takes a Righteous Awakening and for that you need the Word Of God. People need to come to Jesus Christ. The US Revolution began after the Great Awakening. Look it up.

Tony Maclean

Tony Maclean5 hours ago

The UK people voted to leave the European Union. The corrupt UK government are trying to stop us leaving. This is not democracy.

Fae Selja

Fae Selja4 hours ago

Go to RT News for coverage about the yellow vests in France.

John Bird

John Bird4 hours ago

i have a question, can’t we put all the money owned by people going to GITMO back into the system.

Jane Reynolds

Jane Reynolds4 hours ago

Excellent interview. The central banks are the architects of what will result in the total lack of confidence in the markets due to the manipulation! Bingo!

Jim Jones

Jim Jones3 hours ago

Who has the answers? Who has the wisdom? Who should we turn to? “GOD” It’s As Simple As A Prayer – Time To Pray


Q U5 hours agoSheep go baa baa baa when they see the wolves coming. Doesn’t stop the wolves.

Liberty Flea

Liberty Flea6 hours ago

Ah.. so, if I get it well, more are getting awake now ? … Then maybe now Trump can stop dropping bread crumbs, and get in with the real stuff….

Bryan Nelson

Bryan Nelson5 hours ago (edited)

This whole “Q” phenom is just going to go in frustrating circles, until (AND IF !!!) DJT and his Q team start dropping some solid disclosure. In the absence of disclosure (like 911, Private money FED, ETs, 2018 midterm election fraud, 4AM drops Mockingbird Media, Free Energy, Big Pharma poisoning people, etc), the Q phenom is a waste of time.

bev lower

bev lower5 hours ago (edited)

if you want to know what’s happening with Brexit, watch the Nigel Farage Show. LBC (Leading British Conversation) on You Tube.

Dimension 9

Dimension 93 hours ago

The trouble is…people aren’t hungry yet. Once the coming collapse kicks in…its over for the globalists and the elites…

Team Hunley

Team Hunley4 hours ago

Truly hoping to lessen our recession impact by driving a 9 year old vehicle, no gadgets or extras, no vacations, no new debt…oh, and some silver tucked away

Taylor Parker

Taylor Parker4 hours ago

Charles mentioned that the British & Americans are more passive as they take it up the Butt. It’s not being passive it’s simply being a Cowardly people. American’s are brave fighting one another, these left and right jerks, but are True cowards when it comes to standing up to a corrupt government.

Bennett Guinn

Bennett Guinn5 hours ago

Servants: SLAVES

Elle Dee

Elle Dee4 hours ago

Dear Mr.Charles Hugh Smith (guest) when speaking of Brexit, it is NOT “England” and it’s not “Great Britain” … it’s the UK . The full title of the Country is: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK for short) … which is made up of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England. If you say Great Britain, you’re leaving out N.Ireland. We are THE UK.

Pamela Wheelis

Pamela Wheelis1 hour ago

Way too many pronouns! Please identify the factions or it is too confusing.

Claire Casey

Claire Casey3 hours ago

Thank you for all your Great works WWG1WGA MAGA…MANY ARE GETTING ARRESTED.

kieran franey

kieran franey6 hours ago

I am first gold medal to Australia.

bart roberts

bart roberts3 hours ago

IT’s hard to Believe the Chinese People are going to Allow Policies like the (1) child policy to continue to Make Them LIVE Like livestock on a Chinese Farm!At some Point All over this World All the People are going to have to take IT Back from Tyrants and Kings!

Don Knispel

Don Knispel5 hours ago

Isn’t is the banks’ original plan to become the buyer of last resort, buying assets pennies on the dollar? Isn’t this all intentionally pre-planned?

colleen deyo

colleen deyo6 hours ago


Philip Aspinall

Philip Aspinall4 hours ago

Excellent report ,spot on

Tyler G

Tyler G4 hours ago

Outstanding report! 👍👍


sunwarz4 hours ago (edited)

I believe they planned the yellow vest protest but they ment to contain it better, they didn’t expect it to jump across the pond and to other countries, so they are really going to pump bs and sensor as much as possible! And no they don’t need workers, they need debtors! The banks, or IMF want to imalgomate all the banks into one, and become power of attorney over the world and all the assets and occupant’s, and world law!

Bryan Nelson

Bryan Nelson5 hours ago (edited)

I’m pretty close to concluding Trump is not on our side. I’m sick of NOTHING HAPPENING – particularly the lack of disclosure. If the military almost did a coup 3 or 4 years ago, but then drafted DJT to “do it the right way”, then don’t you think after 2 years in, it’s time for them to get this DONE ? WTF ? Do they enjoy going in circles ?

James the Ponderer

James the Ponderer5 hours ago

Yes, more and more people are aware. And 90% of them are playing video games, headed to the casino and focused on their TV for the Super Bowl.

lulu speers

lulu speers2 hours ago

Nostradamus predicted this great uprising in France. They are the leading force in Europe to end the illuminati Shadow gangs. Watch where this goes

kieran franey

kieran franey5 hours ago

Just tried to post this program to facebook and they are really trying to make it hard .

Susie Wood

Susie Wood2 hours ago (edited)

I’m a British “truly awful person”, just let them dare call a second referendum.

Cindy Ziegra

Cindy Ziegra4 hours ago

You have completely crystallized the driving force of what’s been going on. Thank you

Vox in Tenebris

Vox in Tenebris4 hours ago

Now we have Merkel and Macron signing the Aachen agreement (more symbolism), without any discussion with their respective publics, more determined than ever to quash nationalism. Merkel and Macron have to go, the globalist loyal are as Charles said, immune to the needs/ interests of their citizens and feel wholly unaccountable with regard to how they spend the taxpayers’ monies. To my mind, they are going for broke as they have nothing to lose at this point, they seem to be accelerating the ‘military union’ – which we in the UK are being swept into (under the radar) despite our clear decision to leave the EU. Mogherini stated some time ago, that she wanted to unify the police and military, the unification is taking shape via these agreements e.g. the UK and France with the Lancaster House agreement, France and Germany with the Aachen agreement and so on. I heard reports that French protestors were being targeted by gas canisters being dropped from helicopters, we have seen examples of the brutality of armed officers on the streets. The EU want military and this fiscal union, they have been trying to achieve it by stealth. What we are seeing now is a clear vision of the people becoming the enemy. For those interested in further information on the Aachen agreement, Vlad Tepesblog has uploaded a video on the subject today.


Truly2 hours ago

The big problem is from the two different elites Rothchilds and Rockefellows. Greg Hunter did an excellent video on the 22 with Daniel Estulin!

winston 911

winston 9112 hours ago

Interesting how the lack of any form of leadership is the strength of Gilets Jaunes, whereas it was supposedly the downfall of the Occupy movement. I know the latter was infiltrated, but it appears that has not happened in France. Vive la France!

garry pollack

garry pollack2 hours ago

historically there has never been this many serfs, this well educated & w/the means to debate & take down the state…

Oea Smythe

Oea Smythe1 hour ago

..”The story is troubling because (a) probing potentially criminal money laundering is the job of the Justice Department which can impose criminal charges, not the job of the Fed which cannot; and (b) the Fed is notorious for slapping knuckles and imposing small fines. The Fed’s New York regional bank, which plays an outsized role in the Federal Reserve system, is a deeply conflicted regulator. And, let’s not forget that it was the Fed that secretly funneled $16.1 trillion of almost zero interest loans to the global banks from 2007 through the middle of 2010 and then fought in court for years to try to keep these loans a secret from the American people.”

Sally Miller

Sally Miller4 hours ago

This was brilliant and clear, thank you

Toxed 2loss

Toxed 2loss3 hours ago

With AI they won’t need “workers.”

Henry Homes

Henry Homes5 hours ago

The speed trap camera thing was about reducing the rural speed limit from 90kmh, to 80kmh, wherein within one year, a billion euros in revenues was sucked up by the french gov’t..


Zangetsu1 hour ago (edited)

Why French see Automatic Speed Cameras as a rip off? Because on the 1st January 2018, Macron has lowered the road speed limit from 90 to 80 km/h. Picture yourself constantly keeping your speed down to 50 mph!.. until you can’t/forget and get fined.


johnfarmingdale5 hours ago

Thumbs up this video!!!~

Henry Homes

Henry Homes4 hours ago

RT America reports on the Gilets Juanes.

Rambo Bell

Rambo Bell1 hour ago

It’s Time To Have A Silent Bank Run It Would Work Better


TheOlddantucker3 hours ago

The zionist bastards bankers will hang on a piano string!

Van Helsing

Van Helsing2 hours ago

Chuck Schumer is an actor guys. The actors Q was talking about. Look at his net worth… im worth more then him.

James Brozik

James Brozik3 hours ago

How about that = listened to full video + thumb up. IMPROVEMENT.

Iknowwhy 789

Iknowwhy 7891 hour ago

what happens when you find out your servant is your master?

casey winters

casey winters3 hours ago

Sounds like they are scheduling a trump recession

Daniels Sister Sue

Daniels Sister Sue3 hours ago

Reminds me of Charles Dicken’s ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ – Let Them Eat Cake. Guillotines!!!


Zangetsu1 hour ago (edited)

FYI the French author he mentions in the interview who’s also a geographer is with no doubt Christophe Guilluy.

Micki McInnis

Micki McInnis1 hour ago

exactly – this is the same playbook used in china – watch the footage on youtube about the “cultural revolution”

Mary C

Mary C4 hours ago

This video is one you have to go back to reference, because there’s so much information! Thank you for sharing! ✌God Bless you Patriots!


AP G3 hours ago

I thought the Queen signed the UK out of BREXIT??! I read that in a couple of places but no one is reporting that.

Robby Voseta

Robby Voseta4 hours ago (edited)

The global economy of debt is now at the beginning of a period of three consecutive stages that will last a year and a half to two years each and will bring the one world currency (666) and the seven years of tribulation starting in 2023 – 2026. The first stage will see a decline of 10% – 25% of the USD compared to all currencies and a deflationary spiral due to lower energy prices (expect oil to average $40 in 2019, $30 in 2020 and $25 in 2021) and lower everything prices (including declines of 15% – 25% in gold a d silver and real estate prices from Sydney to Vancouver). Stage two will be the de facto bankruptcy of Japan a-la-Greece and Club Med European Countries (possibly France also) and following a huge crash in stocks the entire world will plunge into a depression that will see a flight to safety in USD denominated assets and US debt. During the second stage (2020 – 2022) the USD will be adopted in most African and Latin American countries and lots of countries will economically collapse and descend to the total breakdown of society as witnessed in Venezuela today (Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Iraq, Egypt etc.) The USD will appreciate by 30% – 45% which will accelerate the imbalances in the global economy and finally lead to a hyper inflation in the US that will trigger an escape from US assets, a decline of the USD by 50% – 75% compared to the Euro and Yuan and that is the needed ‘excuse’ to abolish all fiat currencies and instead introduce the one world currency as Prophesied in Revelation 13:18


urokim25 hours ago

terrible audio on the host, guest is fine

Tim Morgan

Tim Morgan1 hour ago

Good Info and with the MSM Blackout of EUROPE, it is good to know the world is awakening to this insidious cabal and the PEOPLE are sick and tired! Let the People take back their nations!

jeff mcarthur

jeff mcarthur3 hours ago

Two days ago a Guatemalan “refugee” confirmed on TV he works all day for 1/10 oz of silver . If we don’t wake up this will be US


WMG !2 hours ago

they’ve put up a wall on information.

Wolter Bijleveld

Wolter Bijleveld3 hours ago

Mercon was anointed by the leaders and won through voter fraud to nullify Penn.


TROY STIDARD4 hours ago

Rothchilds and all globalist need to be held accountable for crimes against humanity.. Trump end the fed. abolish IRS do a good house cleaning of congress shrink the govts of the world.. and shorter term limits and actually make the govt work for its people.. We tge peopke are being distracted with this shutdown …wall..gun control and what worries me the most is all the division in this country




Tony Lorain

Tony Lorain4 hours ago

This world is so divided. That there is no way out !! Civil war is going to happen here, just as it is in the UK The hate fire is building daily!! The EVIL that is REAL and alive is set on are destruction!! I do NPT think I could EVER look at a libtared again. With love or peace in my hart!! It is truly going to be a world divided!! With beleavers against non beleavers!! so how do we stop what is all ready here?? every thing that is EVIL is the new wright!! only JESUS can stop us from what is here!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !! GOD BLESS TRUMP !! WWG1WGA !!

Wolter Bijleveld

Wolter Bijleveld4 hours ago

It’s time for the guillotines.

Shaun Taulbee

Shaun Taulbee5 hours ago

I really like Charles Hugh Smith!


uhlijohn3 hours ago

Charles Hugh Smith is one of the best at cutting straight to the heart of issues, especially economic and political issues…you should have him on your show more often….

The Sharper Sword

The Sharper Sword28 minutes ago

Beware which light you awaken to… there is God’s light, and the counterfeit. If you dont know the distinction between them, I made a playlist for you: “Eye Remember The New World Order.”

robert will

robert will2 hours ago

My favorite X22Report guest.

Deez Nutz

Deez Nutz2 hours ago (edited)

The only “movement” that matters to me is the one from my bowels going on right now. Can someone timestamp for me when the x22 guy says fiat incorrectly, like FIE-AT instead of the proper pronunciation, FEE-YOT

Robby Voseta

Robby Voseta4 hours ago

I wouldn’t dismiss the EU by saying it is ‘falling apart’ because the rich Northern EU countries can at any time shed the burden of the ‘club med’ countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal). In any case the EU has China on its side because China shares its obsession with the big brother state that controls everything and everyone and so I think it is Japan and possibly the Club Med Countries that will be the first dominoes to fall followed by the US that will not survive once the USD declines 50% – 75% vis-a-vis currencies of countries that actually produce stuff that people demand.

Sarabella Gignac

Sarabella Gignac2 hours ago

We need to discuss reclassifying Democrats as terrorists the very act that they don’t want to secure our border legally …makes them Public Enemy #1! By not putting up a border & having our country overrun /our families harmed /Democrats are terrorists

Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson1 hour ago

Let them eat cake !

Stan Ambro

Stan Ambro1 hour ago

12:20 discribes New Jersey .

NorCal Chic

NorCal Chic2 hours ago

Awesome interview 👍👍👍

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  • Anonymous

    The Great Awakening began on 911 and hasnt stopped since. A bunch of amateurs coopted by a CIA psyop called QIAduh is pretending their bullshit has anything to add. QIAduh = faQe news for the so-called “alternative” media




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