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5 Strange and Interesting Drug Facts That Will Completely Shock You

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The impact of breakthroughs are never known when they happen.

Drugs are not an exception to this. Many people across history have created strange, interesting, and even frightening results in the name of drug research.

The number of these events are staggering. Here are 5 of some of the more weird of drug-related events.

5 Strange, But Interesting Drug Facts

The history of drug use is bizarre and frightening. Here are 5 of the more bizarre drug-related moments in history.

1. Project BLUEBIRD

In the 1950’s, the CIA funded research into interrogation techniques using LSD and Morphine.

This research used LSD to attempt to induce amnesia and identity loss. They were first titled Project BLUEBIRD and later titled Project ARTICHOKE

The Project was a product of the high paranoia about the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The CIA brought in the top researchers psychiatry, neuroscience, and pharmacology to work on the project.

Many of the victims of the Project’s experiments were children. 

The Project remained a secret until the Freedom of Information Act in 1967.

2. Steroids: A History

In 1889, Prof. Charles Edouard Brown-Sequard injected himself with extracts from dog and guinea pig testicles. The following research into the side effects produced the foundation of Anabolic Steroids.

Nazis attempted to refine the power of Anabolic Steroids. They attempted to increase aggression in German troops. 

After the war, chemist Leo Ruzicka perfected a version. His version saved many POWs and Concentration Camp victims from severe muscle wasting. His work earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.

3. PCP Warfare

Before its use as a street drug in the 1960’s, surgeons used PCP as an anesthetic for surgery. They stopped it due to side effects of disorientation, delirium, and mania.

Researchers began studies to induce schizophrenia-like effects in test subjects.

This research grew into the U.S. Army conducting studies of PCP as a form of chemical warfare. 

They found no useable effects. The Government banned PCP from such research shortly after.

4. From Aspirin to Heroin

Felix Hoffmann, a German chemist, invented Aspirin in 1897. 11 Days after that discovery, he made a second one.

Felix Hoffman discovered the chemical process to create Heroin.

Bayer, the company Hoffman worked for, sold Heroin as a cough suppressant and treatment for morphine addicts. They sold Heroin from 1898 to 1910. In 1910, the dangers of Heroin became public, much to Bayer’s embarrassment.

5. The Opium Era

Pharmacies sold a large amount of Opium derivatives as over the counter medicine throughout the Victorian Era in England.

Parents used Opium to quiet crying children. Most of these children took ill or died.

One positive effect that Opium did have was its relief for Tuberculosis patients. Opium eased cough and diarrhea of victims. It also took the edge off of pain and stress caused by the disease.

Seeking Help

The danger of drugs can be fatal if not kept in check. Unless prescribed by a physician and taken at a controlled dosage, all drugs pose a threat.

This danger can be a serious matter. When faced with these threats, intensive outpatient treatment is a much needed service.

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But Wait There Is More

This has been a trip down another lane of weird history thanks to! 

The history of drugs is certainly one of the weirder aspects of life. Many well-meaning ideas turned out disastrous. Thankfully, many things turned out for the positive as well.

There is so much that can be learned from both the odd and the unknown. We at Weirdomatic love the weird and bizarre. Finding odd things to share is a delight. Want to know more? Learn more today!

Weirdomatic is the place where all weird things come to life through the amazing world of photographs – a corner of our wild imagination or the whimsical face of the reality?

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