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10 Weird Ways to Get High (That are Actually Legal!)

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Humans have been getting high since we’ve been walking upright. With over 24,000 drugs on the market, there’s plenty of legal and illegal ways to get high. These range from life-threateningly dangerous to plain weird ways to get high.

As the saying goes “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” We did some digging and discovered some head-scratchers and WTFs. Some of these legal homemade ways of getting high are impressive.

Most of these are fueled by poor parenting if we had to guess. Keep a lookout for these 11 ways to get high without weed. Or not, because you might not be alive to regret it.

1. Nutmeg

Tis the season to be nutty? This household kitchen spice gets used to make pies and drinks taste like holidays. It’s also used to get high, thanks to the minute presence of myristicin.

This substance, when taken in large doses will cause mild hallucinations. The idea to ingest nutmeg comes from ancient Hindu traditions. Nutmeg off the shelf will cause vomiting in large doses, only fresh fruit works.

2. Pruno

Prison life is all about making the most out of your time and resources. Besides somehow sneaking illegal substances through or bribing guards, inmates need to experiment. Pop quiz, what do apples, candy, ketchup, milk, and bread make?

Hooch, my friends, delicious alcohol. Actually, the brew that comes out tastes more like sweet garbage. Inmates don’t mind, there’s 14% alcohol by volume after it ferments from the bread.

Needless to say, this sweet trash drink is one of the most popular weird recipes we’ve come across.

3. Spice

Also known as synthetic marijuana, spice is a chemical concoction that produces mixed results. It started catching on about a decade ago when teens were getting it from shady corner stores. It has a lot of street names due to the myriad of rebranding and repackaging.

Anyone can buy it online, in head shops, and in small convenience stores. The contents of spice change all the time to skirt laws. A liquid spice drug, for example, has grown in popularity recently.

The potency of this drug can lead to erratic behavior, hallucinations, seizures, and cardiovascular failure. Long-term abuse causes liver damage and an extreme addiction that is hard to kick.

4. Kratom

This drug is legal right now, but there’s definitely a fervor around banning it. Kratom stores and bars have exploded in the last few years. It’s a sort of weird, bitter-tasting drink with psychoactive elements like weed. 

Certain strains of kratom cause body highs, mind highs, and relaxation. Kratom is often served alongside another stimulant called Kava. This substance can enhance the high of kratom and cause a numbing sensation.

Kratom’s long-term effects aren’t understood, but it does have addictive qualities.

5. Salvia

Its popularity has died over the years, especially with kava and kratom stealing the show. Salvia is a hallucinogenic drug that is smoked or chewed. It has seen a recent uptick in use, thanks to vaping making it easier to smoke.

Salvia is much more dangerous than kratom or kava. Teens often overdose on salvia and become suicidal. This is not your dad’s mushroom high.

6. Bath Salts

The bath salt craze of the early 2000s was funny at first, but this drug is truly dangerous. It got its name from originally being disguised as bath salt products. The large crystals could pass as Epsom salts.

Bath salts are a cheap form of meth but can be found legally everywhere. They get ground up into power, smoked, or sometimes ingested. Tens of thousands of people end up in the ER from taking salts.

7. Whipahol

What started out as a fun way to add alcohol to a desert became another weird way for kids to get drunk. Whipahol is alcohol-infused whipped cream in a can. It got very popular with underaged drinkers due to the unassuming package.

Kids inhale this stuff and get drunker than they would chugging beers. The light cream contains more alcohol by volume and less water to balance things out. 

8. Poppers

Popping a popper is not a popular activity. These are nitrite meds inhaled for a huge high. It works fast and hard, putting a ton of stress on the heart. Poppers are technically legal, but not under this indication.

Abusing poppers can result in heart failure. It’s like playing Russian Roulette because underlying heart problems could be unknown until it’s too late.

9. Choking

Another popular activity among young kids in the 90s and 2000s. The Choking Game was a game of chicken that produced a high. No substance is needed here, just a partner or a rope. 

With a partner, kids choked each other until passing out. As you may have guessed, kids who play this game by themselves risk death. 

10. Tampons

Things get real weird when you run out of ways to get high or drunk. Rather than drink your beer, soak a tampon in it and shove it up your butt. The idea behind this nonsense is to get drunk quicker through absorption.

Another cool perk is no calories get metabolized. Yay! Well, and the fact that alcohol poisoning is much more likely, so not-so yay.

11. ASMR

We’re including this because it’s technically a way to get high for some. ASMR stands for Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response. This is the tingling sensation you get from a brush of the skin, soft/pleasing/rhythmic sounds, or emotional response.

ASMR videos have become the delivery mechanism to experience this sensation. People feel better, relaxed, and happy after an ASMR session.

More Weird Ways to Get High & Facts

If you’re inspired to learn more weird ways to get high, then congratulations, you’re a junkie. Actually, the pursuit of “feel good” substances and stories is what Weirdomatic is all about. It’s a great place to learn about weird facts.

Take a look through this weird health blog. You’ll find more information about drugs, lifestyles, and science of the weird. It should go without saying, but friends don’t let friends try drugs alone. 

Keep it weird, but safe, my friends.

Weirdomatic is the place where all weird things come to life through the amazing world of photographs – a corner of our wild imagination or the whimsical face of the reality?

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