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The Solar Killshot, Comet ISON And Remote Viewing

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“Please listen to this,” urges YouTube poster protelec66, “and read below… it is very important information, another piece to the puzzle. I edited the original interview to keep it short and relevant for this video, also added the movie clip and pictures.”



During the top-secret Remote Viewing (RV) CIA and U.S. Army research program, trained viewers that were normally tasked with foreseeing the outcome of war related events began picking up on a future occurrence that appeared to mark a dramatic shift in global life. At first, these viewers, along with Major Ed Dames, the program’s senior operations and training officer, had feared their subconscious was foreseeing nuclear war. It turns out after years of Remote Viewing sessions, the event is in fact a series of solar flares that are so devastating to the Earth, it may cause the death of billions and change life on Earth as we know it. 


Ed Dames is a retired US Army soldier who worked as a remote viewer in Project Star Gate. He was trained by Ingo Swann in the Coordinate Remote Viewing protocols

Additionally, Ed Dames expressed concern that the ISON comet may be the factor which initiates the “solar kill shot,” which he has warned about for years. “All of these things are fitting like pieces of a puzzle,” he observed. Since the comet is due to pass by the sun in November, Dames surmised that late 2013 or early 2014 is when these predicted events may unfold. “Even Dr. Doom is beginning to get scared now,” he mused, “and when Dr. Doom gets scared, that should be a red flag to a lot of people.”  


Dames is notorious for making predictions regarding death and destruction on a large scale, earning him the nickname “Dr. Doom”. In 1987, while still working for Star Gate some of his colleagues played a prank by giving him notes to a fictitious session describing a man flying over the north pole – a description of Santa Claus, including sketches of reindeer and a sleigh. Dames interpreted this as being a warning of an imminent missile attack.
Other predictions attributed to him include the claim that the world would be destroyed by alien fungus spores in 1998. Another extreme prediction is “the killshot”: “a series of powerful, deadly solar flares which will be impacting the Earth in the near future. The web site gives a time of “within ten years” with an estimated death toll of two billion people. 

In 1993, Dames claimed that he and his team of remote viewers had remotely viewed UFOs landing in the New Mexico desert, which contains colonies of hibernating aliens from a dying planet, and learned that alien-human hybrid children were in existence “not far from Earth”. Reportedly, Dames has since denied making these claims
Dames was one of the first five who were trained by Ingo Swann in the Coordinate Remote Viewing protocols. Ed Dames was very surprised and enthused at the possibilities of the technology but he felt that the military would not embrace and contribute to the evolution of Remote Viewing. It turns out that he was correct because with the continuous turn over of administrators in the DoD, the RV program fell into chaos. Ed Dames was instrumental in taking the remote viewing technology out of military secrecy by forming the private corporation known as Psi Tech in 1989. The presiding INSCOM General and a special Forces Colonel sat on the Board of Directors of Psi Tech to ensure its safe entree into the civilian sector. It is reported that PSi Tech was using the professional remote viewers to continue to provide adjunct Intel to government agencies. Mr. Dames retired as a major from the Army in 1991. 
Soon afterwards, he became a controversial guest on an all night talk radio show by prophesying doom and gloom using his own remote viewing ability. His self claimed RV abilities have garnered more bad press to the field of remote viewing then any others. He has made countless claims that never come to pass.


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    • Chris Thomas

      The din of disinformation is beginning to drown itself out. Most people probably know by now that space exploration was never a civilian enterprize, but a military one. The truth about our solar system and beyond was never going to reach the ears of the general public, save those images that were not a threat to the military agenda. But since the Sputnik, Planet X has come on the scene, or at least in the know of the U.S. administration and the secret groups that controlled, and still control, what the U.S. public sees, hears and learns.
      Back in the early days of space exploration, the Pioneer Program series of space probes were used to survey the incoming Planet X at the time. This is because scientists since the 1700s knew that perturbations in the orbits of, well starting with Uranus and later on Neptune, meant that a large gravitational body had to be out-of-sight of telescopes of the day. So study in the direction of Orion (gravitational direction of the mystery body) lead to the discovery of Neptune, then finally Pluto.
      Meanwhile, back at the disinformation ranch, the back room boys dreamed up a plan: to blame the Sun for what they knew was coming. This was to buy them some time before the real SHTF. Today the myth continues with stories like the one above.
      I just wrote a blog post about this issue (The disappearing solar maximum.) where I expose at least two cover-up items and offer logic against “The sun is a nuclear bomb” threat-lie-theory offered up by these nefarious ne’er do wells.

    • LightandLife

      Ed Dames said in 2011 that his trainees could not see anything past201 3… just white light. Now he says he can’t see anything beyond 2014.

      I don’t believe the man knows what he can see.

    • LightandLife

      Ed Dames said in 2011 that he could not see beyond 2012 (I meant that when I made my other comment)… now he says he cannot see beyond 2014

      • Anonamoos in the hoose

        Ed Dames is a joke, whenever I hear that ‘ KILL SHOT ‘ I get images of a snake charmer with greasy hair trying to sell cure alls. And there are a lot of others like him also. Every year they loose more credit. But still they carry on. They have no shame.

    • greyface

      I have just looked at, Its just a business selling to idiots. One of the products is
      Remote Viewing the Lottery DVD

      Im not saying remote viewing isn’t possible but this is just money making of the weak.

      • greyface


        money making ofF the weak

    • Dr. Goodheart

      CIA Remote Viewers Predict Solar “Kill Shot” Coming To Earth Soon; via @AGreenRoad

    • You People Are Nuts

      Remote Viewing ?…
      …lol…silly little earthlings.

    • Usefuleater

      Dames makes the statement that ISON is probably the celestial body that will cause the killshot. ISON is due to pass us this Fall. In his next breath he is plugging his latest Hollywood production in conjunction with the Producers of “Precious,” about the coming Killshot. Who’s going to see this film or is it being produced for residents of the D.U.M.B.S. and Bunkers?

    • Watching you

      I think the Santa Clause one is all the proof you need.

    • bluemeanie

      “Mabus then will soon die, there will come
      Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
      Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
      Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.”

      Century II, Quatrain 62, The Book of Nostradamus

      Mabus = Obama.

    • youder6221

      Clearly this author is a governmental debunker. His information in his article is so out of wack and many un-truths makes me sick the low information people might even believe the false garbage written about Maj Ed Dames. But then, America did re-elect Obama and supported Obama-care.




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