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China And Russia to Attack USA! Very Soon! And I Do Mean Soon!

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January 17th, 2019

I was praying for America yesterday morning and praying for the Senators and Congressman; praying that the Lord would shake everyone concerned awake and make them realize this government shut down has to end.

I was praying out loud and asking for an end times podcast for God’s People to prepare them for…and I was about to say ‘these end times’ when I heard “War.” And “Overrun!” And I saw a flash vision of people running in America’s streets and our coastlines being overrun with enemy troops. And no one was able to run far before they were killed. Our people are no match for these soldiers, that was clear to see. They were large soldiers. Whoever they were, they were wearing brownish green uniforms and they were big men. It was obvious to me we were well outnumbered, whoever they were. Lord! What is this You are showing me??

My Child, there is much My Sheep must go through before the end of these times in your world. America is on the brink of war, though she does not know this outright. (It is not generally known to the public) 

Because her back is turned to Me, I will not protect her as her enemies overrun her and many, many lives will be lost. Many, many families will be unprotected as they do not know Me.
I heard “Collapse.” 

The eyes of America are on its government and while it is distracted, the enemies of America are preparing. As a predator strikes the weakest of the herd, so will they also strike America while she is in a weakened state and bring down her government. They will go for the head and as America has uncovered herself for all to see her flaunt her indecencies and her abominations, she has no protection and her enemies will succeed. I am already calling them forth.

Prepare, for war is coming to your streets in America, My People. This is only the beginning. Much is coming for My People in other nations as well. Nations that think they do not need Me will soon see their need for Me. Nations who have turned from Me, who have rejected My Ways and My Holy Word will soon see which of us is God, for I will show them My Mighty Power.

Pray for the protection of all you hold dear. Pray for the lost among you. Pray I will hide you in the shadow of My Mighty Wings. 

Glynda has included links to words she has been given in the past re War in the USA, along with this current post at her blog Here is one of those posts from 2015….

I Have Warned (July 11th 2015)

Life shall go on “as normal” for a time in this nation, but then I shall move swiftly in judgment. My judgments are righteous, My children, do not think otherwise.

When what you see seems harsh to you, remember I am a holy God. I have warned and begged this nation (America) to repent again and again and again, and My Word has fallen on deaf ears. The wicked have walked on, and now trample My people who are called by My Name, and this I shall not ignore.

I always show mercy to the merciful. My people who are merciful need not fear. I will judge the wicked swiftly, for still they defy Me, continuing in their filth. They will indeed know that I AM the mighty Jehovah, and they shall see My mighty power!

A storm comes to America, a storm that has been brewing for some time now, and I AM in the storm. My judgment is in this storm. This storm comes in response to the stench of evil that rises up to Me each day from that wicked nation – once beautiful to Me – that has turned from and defied Me in every way.

Pray now for your lost loved ones, My children, especially those who abide there, for America shall fall, and great will be the fall of it. In one day her judgment will come, and I shall take away her power utterly. From that day, she will know only weakness, and she herself will cry for mercy, as so many others have cried for mercy before her powers of war.

It is My power that does this. I AM the Lord.

Do not blame Trump for this, the Lord put him into power to bring this about. If Hillary was POTUS she would swing the doors wide open for the Chinese and Russians.

Learn how to be saved at you do not have much time…

Politically Irrevocable Glynda Lomax Jan 16. 2019

     A time of great sadness is coming to America. There is much death coming in an event just ahead that will sadden many hearts. 

     Pray, My Children – pray that I spare the lost from this event, that they not go to an eternity without Me, for it is not My Will they perish.
NOTE: I saw something in the spirit had happened and I heard the words “Politically Irrevocable,” but I can’t see the event. I see a big mess at the White House because of this – like a mess between the people there (though things are a mess there already) and it looks like our country has suffered a wound that cannot be undone, but I have no sense of what has happened, I just keep seeing the mess at the white house and hearing “Politically Irrevocable.”
About Glynda Lomax…..

  The Lord began giving me prophetic words and visions when I was in my twenties. I began to have visions and dream visions, which at that time related to my personal life, but it was not until 1996 that I truly got into an intimate walk with Him. 

  In 1997, I began to receive very vivid open visions as well as dream visions and prophetic words. In early 2008, the open visions came with a new intensity, so powerful that it felt as if a wall of wind had hit me as the visions opened up before me. In December of 2008, the Lord began to show me end times visions. 

  Just before 2011  began, He gave me several consecutive words in a short period of time for His people. I inquired of Him about receiving so many words in such a short time and He sent me a word the next day through a prophet that He is going to pour out His Spirit. That night He spoke to me to begin this blog to release them to His people. 

  This is how Wings of Prophecy began. In the scriptures Jesus said His sheep hear His voice (John 10:27). 

  I am no one special, and only wish to share what I have been shown and told in obedience to Him.

Please share this post with everyone you know!!!!


A New prophecy by Julie Whedbee…..


Message received Jan. 9, 2019

This particular message is one from Father, Yahuah Himself. For  most of my ministry, Father has spoken about His heart along with future events related to prophecy. Although He continues to warn those walking in disobedience to repent, He is not often extremely hard in tone or presentation. Remember, however, He is just, and He is Almighty, and nothing exists outside of Him. This is a message that I wish I did not have to write, however, in my obedience to Him and His words in Ezekiel, I will write it. My prayer is that it saves at least one soul from eternal damnation and separation from Father. There will always be mockers and scoffers and those who disagree with what is written here, but it matters not to me. My entire existence and purpose is to draw souls to Him and call men to repentance. 

Please pray for discernment, and ask if it is your responsibility to share this, whether anonymously or not, with those you know who are in this group Father is referring to. When you know truth, you are accountable for it. This message is for those living in willful sin. Let these words be a reminder to all who are still partaking of the world, in whatever manner, whether they are confessing to be followers of Yahushua or not.

Daughter, it is your Father speaking to you. It is I, the Great I AM. Do not be afraid to speak My words. I speak a most dire warning to all the inhabitants of the earth. I speak to anyone who has NOT heeded My previous warnings- those whose eternal destiny is damnation. Listen to your Father! Listen to the One who gave you the breath of life! Your failure to respond and repent from your wicked and sinful ways will cost you eternity! You know not of that which you will face when the breath of life is taken from you and your soul leaves your body. 

You who have ignored the continuous and countless ways I have desperately presented truth to you. You who continually and repeatedly choose the desires of your flesh over the food I offer for your spirit. You who act and live as if you can serve God and mammon with no accountability. The eyes of your soul feast on murder, anger, rage, fear and death; fornication, idolatry and lust of every kind fill your eyes, minds and your ears everyday. You do not even know the meaning of the word compromise. You entertain yourselves by feasting on blood and death. Therefore, I will give you over to your desires. I will not save you who do not want to be saved. 

You give your allegiance and are in covenant with another by the willful sin you allow to perpetuate. Do you have any idea what you are doing? To give allegiance to any other god but Me is certain death. Eternal death. I will not protect you or keep you from the hour of trial coming imminently upon the earth when you feed from his table, the table of the enemy. 

I am holy and I am just, and you walk with no intercessor, My Son Yahushua to plead your cause or to intercede on your behalf. Judgment is here and you will stand alone, naked in your sin, filthy and repulsive in the presence of the Great I AM, and you will already be judged by your words, deeds and actions and your refusal to live a life of holiness and obedience. Your witchcraft will not save you then. What witchcraft is this you ask, in your vanity and your pride? It is the vile and filthy things that fill your lives. You dine with devils. You invite darkness in at every turn and darkness will be your abode eternally if you do not repent. You have given the enemy permission to enter all aspects of your lives and he finds his dwelling place already within you.

I created My people and breathed My breath into you in order for you to glorify and reflect Me. Your agreements with satan and the permissions you have given him will turn your vessels from that which I desired to be used for My glory-  vessels of honor, into that which satan will use to destroy you. Do you hear what I am saying? Because he cannot create and needs an army to inhabit to wage war on My righteous ones, you will be used as his instrument, instead of you being My instrument. 

The moment in which he and his demons are plunged from My Kingdom and cast to this earth, he will be desperate for a physical place of habitation. Those who are not walking with Me will be those he then completely inhabits. Why do you think My warnings have been shouted so urgently now? Because that time is imminently upon you, and then satan will have his army, and literally, all of hell will be loosed on this planet. This world has never seen anything like this before- an unimaginable and purely evil army of darkness and death, countless in numbers, hunting down those they may devour. 

Why would I warn and warn as I have, if I didn’t wish any would perish? But when that moment of fulfillment of My words are here, you do not want to be one that is not completely covered by the blood of My Son’s sacrifice, because then, it is too late, and your fate is sealed. 

Are these words harsh for you? Or do you laugh them away as you have in the past? Do you suppose they are being penned by an insane writer who has lost all sense of rationality? 

Do you have the courage to remain in your wickedness and find out if indeed these words speak truth? Mocking the messenger of these words is only mocking Me. 

This may be the last time you hear these words.




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